Precis of my Chastity eBook series... a modern take on the premise of Cinderella like no other!

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    Tales of a male submission in a Female-Led domestic setting, involving... strict chastity, bountiful sph, gnawing blueballs frustration, stern CP, ouchie CBT, bashful 24/7 CFnm, and of course as you would expect in a modern twist on the Cinderella story, endless lists of menial chores, laugh out loud humiliation and merciless tease followed by denial measured in months not days... GUARANTEED no Fairy Godmother coming to rescue the poor lamb from his happy ever after!

    Like Coca-Cola recommend a Coke is 'best served chilled' I always recommend my femdom chastity erotica stories are 'best read locked'... all on Amazon, via the free Kindle App for iOS & Android devices.
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