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Discussion in 'Chastity device discussions and reviews' started by subhub1, Dec 14, 2008.

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    Just had to let you all know about the new toys i have ordered/am about to order, Mistress has decided i am ready for a ball gag and a blindfold mask which are on their way to us. But, the best part is Mistress has told me to order a dildo harness and dildo.

    Having checked out Tickleberry's web site i am soon to order their Male Chastity Dildo Harness with a suitable dildo of Mistress's choosing. Mistress simply loves the idea of me in my CB3000 with a long hard dildo sticking up for Her to ride.

    I am only guessing here, but i hope Mistress decides to have me in my CB and harness/dildo, secured to Mistress's bed awaiting Her return while She enjoys a night out with Her friends.

    5 or 6 hours left alone, bound, cock locked with an 8" dildo sticking up waiting for Mistress, wondering what She is doing & with who, all the time knowing She will ride Her new toy and leave me excited and denied for another night....pure bliss.

    On a slightly different note, Mistress has mentioned that the 'strap on' could very easilly make me excess to requirments in Her bedroom.

    To quote Mistress 'If a strap-on works for me i dont really see any point in you have erections anymore, i might need you to do some research into how i get you doctored'


    While Mistress has me in chastity i become progressively more obedient as the days go by, if Mistress had me 'doctored' would i be constantly obedient or would i lose interest with out the testosteone flowing ?
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    Well.. hormones might decrease the testosterone but it would still have some effect... you would still be needy - just not as much perhaps. Maybe Mistress plans to use the dildo on you as well. With practice - it could be the only way you are allowed a cummy... I think that might be quite good for you.

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