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Discussion in 'Online chastity and self locking' started by Wonderlust, Feb 20, 2019.

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    Hello, I have found that being chaste can be liberating on the mind and thoughts. On that note, I like to tell you all that I am in the middle of a session and also that I am for now a solo player.

    Been a Locked/Keyholder means that what happens is up to me. My fantasies run wild and at times I am taken to new horizons which to explore once I am free. These horizons tend to be for the most part so rewarding; really making it worth the wait! Others on the other hand not so much...more meh than anything else.

    In order to pick the best horizons I usually like to have some structure on how my session is going to be; this not only builds the anticipation for me but it also allows me to set some sense of commitment for a clear goal. Improvisation is also welcomed as it keeps things interesting and fresh.

    The way a session is usually started is by what I like to call the penalty. The penalty is a passive condition or ritual that I perform in a daily basis that will improve in the long run either a habit or aspect of my life that I would like to change for the better. For example, waking up a seven every morning, one less cup of coffee per day, or maybe no porn from x hour until x hour. The penalty also reminds me of what I going through and helps to reinforce my commitment to see the session through to the end.

    Next part is the ordeal. This part is one in which limits are tested and commitments are put to the test. Following a rigorous daily exercise routine, open up to others, blog, or seek new sexual pleasures are all fair game as are others. Lastly comes the resolution in which a final task is completed in order for the lock to be officially opened!

    Anyway, I just wanted to express some of the musings I have had while on my journey in chastity and to know myself. I am curious to know if there are others out there that are structured and rigorous or maybe freer spirited letting the situation and mood dictated their path. Thank you for reading!


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