Looking for a carring but mean Keyholder / Emlalock

Discussion in 'Personal ads - Looking for a keyholder or sub?' started by HerPlesureFirst, Apr 29, 2019.

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    Hey there,

    i am a 29 year old male from Germany working as a Software Developer and live by myself. I'm Interested in Tease and Denial, chastity and Ruined Orgasm for quite some time now and Actively looking to get something going for about 2 Year now. I made some experiences but not much, my longest lockup has been 2 days and i only did it twice. I Always felt sensation in small stimulation and i love the thought of being kept on edge for a long time, before being release ruined or denied... i have a rather sensitive head. I am also into Facesitting, pegging and among other things i especially dislike puplic Humiliation, extreme pain, and Financial Domination. I Would say i liked to have a loving mean FLR/Keyholder. I might lack some experience but i am eager to change that and i am loyal and 100% honest and are looking for someone in it for the fun but i will take this seriously and rather communicate any problem then just skip out. I also i tend to get extremely desperate and frustrated really quick so if you like to play with that i might be your fit

    As i am not the best in self control i would love to test myself in a Emlalock Session going between 2-4 days withouth pillory and friend links. Maybe with some nasty chatting in between and a Task Wheel of Fortune. And if we both like it schedule further orgasms.
    I know the stages are low but if You are a Female Keyholder and interested Kik or Pm me ;)

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