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Discussion in 'Badass Workroom' started by NowIveDoneIt, Feb 24, 2024.

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    I ordered my second BAWR in early November and received it roughy 2 weeks ago. One thing I didn't like about my BAWR 5 was how the front of the cage's bars show through dress slacks. So I asked if they could eliminate the two forward cross bars and instead recess them flush with the vertical bars. They wanted $150 to do 2 full flush bars covering the whole tip so instead I had them just flush two bars around the urethra (no extra charge). I'm happy with how it came out and it is now invisible through pants. I also downsized from 80mm to 70mm and to 38mm wide vs 40mm. I purchased 2 rings- a 50mm straight ring and a 50mm ergonomic. I am trying out the ergo one finally so hopefully all goes well. I also went with the small Burg style lock. Titanium of course. (I can't see going SS when titanium is only $100 more)

    IMG_7419.JPG IMG_7418.JPG IMG_7417.JPG
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