Is it for the best?

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    Hello, like most of you know im only 18 years old. Ive had my dog (a Jack Russel Terrier) since I was twelve years old. Ive had a good bond with this dog growing up playing soccer and running with her. She was mainly the dog I got after my old one got hit by a car while I was on vacation. I was heartbroken and this dog made up for it. We also got another one aswell to keep her company while I was at school and they always played. But since ive moved and im older now and my parents divorced (don't worry that was for the best aswell) Im not going to be home alot in the future and my mom could only take one dog with her, so I kept the first dog. but she began to become lonesome without any attention anymore and my dad and I couldnt get the money for her shots, although it seems kinda sad. Instead of putting her in a shelter (like most do) Shes living with another very happy family now with a 3 year old son on 3 acres of land to roam whenever she wants. Ive always been an animal lover and I couldnt help but have some flashbacks since I was younger. But I think after that though even if I get sad, that shes having more fun now and their son gets to grow up with the playful dog I raised since she was a month old. Sometimes you gotta let go. I really wanted to be with her until she grew older. But sometimes its for the best.
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