Hidden Fantasies Chapter 2

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    Chapter Two - My Wife and Marriage

    I met Carol just after I graduated college and started work as an engineer. The money was pretty good, and I started to go out and enjoy the nightlife.

    For the first time in my life I was able to date women on a consistent basis. I enjoyed going to dinner and slow dancing. Sometimes I would take off to spend the weekend together with one of the ladies.

    Carol was a real estate agent I met at a happy hour. My coworkers and I were celebrating the completion of a major project. Since I was the lead engineer on the project, I was buying most of the drinks. I saw Carol and asked her to join us.

    Carol was one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. She had a nice figure and shoulder length black hair. She was wearing the typical realtors uniform, which consisted of blouse, blazer, and skirt. She also had a nice pair of high heels. Her professional dress did not diminish her femininity at all.

    She joined us and we all had a good time. I asked her out, and we started dating. For some reason, we both stopped seeing other people. I guess it was because we were both entering the high stress phase of our careers.

    Eventually we were engaged and married. We settled down into the typical two income earning family. Of course we had all of the material things, a nice house, cars, furniture and swimming pool.

    However, we eventually got into a sexual rut. Carol and I only had time for sex on the weekends. She was never the aggressor in our lovemaking and she would only occasionally wear something sexy for me. I would even, on occasion, go down on her and lick her to orgasm. She went down on me once, and didnt really like it.

    Looking back I could see that she was usually tired from doing housework in addition to her job that fatigued her so much. We were both raised in traditional households where women did most of the housework. For some reason I did not notice this aspect of our relationship at the time. I know I should have helped out more around the house. However, now I do all of the housework.

    I guess that every guy develops his own stash of pornography after he leaves home for college. My personal stash was more of erotica than porn. It had lots of letters and stories. I usually enjoyed the stories on female domination.

    I dont know why, but reading those particular stories and letters would get me quite aroused. I would even fantasize about serving Carol as her personal sexual slave. I would imagine her dressed in the sexiest lingerie, lounging on the couch while I sucked her toes.

    I even wrote a letter to one of these magazines about how I would love to serve Carol as a servant, maybe even a French maid, but never had the guts to mail it. My life would have been a whole lot different if I had thrown that particular letter away.
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