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Discussion in 'The Foyer' started by LittleOne4U, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. Hi, I am new here and would like to take a moment to tell all a little bit about myself, my journey and my relationship with my wife/mistress.

    We've been married for about 20 years now and about a couple years ago after playing around with light bondage, we found that my wife liked being in charge in bed while we found out that I had a submissive side to me. So after some trial and error we decided, and a lit of discussion, it was decided that we would try out me wearing a chastity cage. Then we went through the research to determine which cage would be best.

    We have tried quite a number of cages, which were:
    1. CB-6000S
    2. Metal cages obtained through Amazon (be CAREFUL if you order one there!)
    3. Birdlock Mini (we use now)
    It was not the easiest process to settle on a cage that did not pinch, chaff or just fell off when I was as my smallest. It was not till we got the Birdlock Mini that I was able to wear the cage longer than just a day or two. The Mini was not the easiest to put on, but it fit the best, was the most comfortable and allowed me to wear it for extended periods. And the Birdlock company is a great company to work with. When I somehow broke my Mini, they quickly replaced it, no charge!

    Now I've been locked up for as long as a month (of course I am let out to clean up every few days). And before some naysayers come out and say that they can get out of the Mini, here is my thought on that. My wife/mistress trusts me to honor her desire for me to be caged. I would be disrespecting her if I were to try to take it off when she was not around. And how would me trying to cheat her wishes help my relationship?

    So if anyone has questions about the caged/cuckold life style, I am always will to give my thoughts on what you are going through and maybe the benefit of my experience.

    Stay safe...stay true!
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  2. Your off to a great start in the world of Chastity. You've already learnt that the strongest cage isn't made out of plastic, rubber or even steel. The strongest cage is your submisive mind. Continue with your journey.
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    Welcome to the Mansion, it's always good to have someone who is in the middle of their journey and happy to help with advice and experience. I do hope you enjoy your time here.
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