Green Eyes Pink Satin - Chapter 2 - Agreeing The Unthinkable

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    "I command and you obey" Joanna said with a nervousness in her voice. She was following the advice on the email from Miss A. She didn’t know where this journey was going to take her, but surely it was a better place than where she came from.
    Silence. ralph didn’t say a word. Blindfolded and shackled to the washing line, hands behind his back. It seemed a very nasty thing to even do to ralph but Miss A insisted he had to have no way out. Joanna has spent the last couple of evenings being tutored by Miss A in all things to make this evening work. How to tight to close the cuffs, how to mix the powder, how much rope to leave from the collar. She wouldn’t be here without her. She also helped Joanna prepare a speech for the next stage, when, not if, ralph agreed.
    There was something strangely intoxicating about seeing ralph in his jeans and t-shirt shackled in the garden like a pet. Joanna has not a clue what to do if he said no. What if it rained? What if the neighbours did see him? They were hollow threats, or were they? Miss A told her to trust her gut and not panic, not follow her immediate reaction to stop everything. Let it play out she said. Joanna took a deep breath
    “So, ralph, what is it to be? A night in the cold or a cosy chat inside agreeing to follow my every order? My every whim? To be my loyal and faithful husband by my side for ever more?”
    Ralph couldn’t really argue with that. It was true that he could do better sometimes. Also he could follow an order if he had to. He hadn’t been the best husband in the last couple of months, but what husband is? He was cold, felt strange from a fuzzy head, and completely disorientated from the sounds and feelings whilst blindfolded. He was sure he was in the garden, and step one was to get warm, get inside, hopefully bend over his wife in the maids outfit and get his way. Again.
    “Ok. Soz for being a fool, Jo” he stated. Big step, the first frills of his future virtually decorated his body. Every agreement took him a step closer to a life of being a subservient maid but he had no idea. “I’ll do it, you know for fun. For tonight.” Satin, silk, lace. “I’m sorry for the last week” heels, nylons. “You looked super hot earlier Jo” hmm not quite there yet but it’s a start.
    “Ok.” Joanna took a deep breath. She had this scripted carefully and knew this play. She’d been through it a thousand times. “I’m going to undo the leash and led you in. Nothing funny, you still need to convince me you are serious. I’ll treat you if you play fair” Joanna was nervous, ralph was physically bigger - the next two steps of the plan were to remove the physical nature from this and level the playing field.
    Joanna took the rope from the clothes line, and gently pulled it until it was taught. She’d never walked a pet but assumed you gave a little tug when there needed to be. “Come on ralph we have work to do”
    Joanna took ralph to the middle of the living room. She had prepared it whilst the date drug had left him compliant. A chair was in the middle with straps for the arms and feet. Again, Miss A has insisted it was the only way. ralph was motioned to sit with a firm push on a shoulder and he found the seat. “Jo, this is silly, can you let my arms go and take this blindfold off. I know you are still in that sexy uniform. Let me have a look” she wasn’t, but this was the plan. He would be more compliant following his cock.
    Joanna knelt down, rubbed his jeans a little. ralph opened his legs a little and thrusted with his hips. She took the first Velcro strap and wrapped it round his ankle to the chair leg. Again with the second, hand still rubbing his jeans. Ok step 1 she thought. Getting closer to his ear, she whispered “play along. It will be fun” and started to undo the cuffs behind his back. Moving quickly she attached his wrists to then chair arms. Now he was stuck again. Miss A had said the next step was important he saw. It would be commital.
    Joanna removed the blindfold and ralph blinked furiously as he accustomed to the light. Joanna was in jeans and a cropped top. Breasts hidden away, nothing sexual displayed. ralph now attached to the chair, aroused and ready for action. Joanna moved across to the table and picked up the big scissors, came back knelt down again and started to cut off the clothing. Symbolic. You don’t own clothes it meant.
    ralph sat there just letting Joanna do it, puzzled but playing along as she said. Kinky it a kinda way he thought. If only he knew it would be the last time he wore male clothing outside of work. Soon ralph was in his underwear and soon after that he was naked. Joanna has done everything perfectly. ralph’s penis was erect, time for the finale.
    Going back to the table Joanna picked up the chastity cage Miss A had told her to buy, same as Candi’s and he bag of ice. Going back to ralph she applied the ice.
    “Ok ok ok Jo, that’s enough. That’s cold and that hurts. Get off now” Joanna carried on. The real ralph coming through made her want to try harder. Joanna waited 5 minutes as per instructions before looking beneath the bag of ice. Wow tiny little wick of a cock sat there. “Yeah alright, see how you like it with ice on your bits!” ralph tried jokingly laugh.
    Big gulp. Deep breath.
    “I’m now going to put this on you ralph. It will mean I am in charge and you will have no choice but do as I say. You allowing me to slip it on, shows me you want to obey me. Want to serve me. Want to be with me.” Miss A had said it was symbolic that he watched it all. He needed to see it disappear for what would be a very long time. The shiny solid metal sleeve slipped effortlessly over his shrunken penis. Joanna followed instructions to leave it without the lock applied for now. Just the heavy weight of the metal holding his penis down. It was time to seal this contract.
    She began to explain; "I'm not punishing you - I'm protecting you from your perfectly normal lack of self-control.
    I'm not denying you sexual pleasure. In fact, when I do release you from your male chastity device, sex will feel better for you and your orgasms will become much more intense.
    I'm not denying yourself the sex life you deserve. While you're locked up you’ll use your mouth and fingers to provide me with sexual satisfaction on a regular basis.
    Hundreds of thousands of married couples are in the male chastity lifestyle. It’s not kinky. In fact, the odds are that several of your friends already have their husband’s crown jewels locked away.” She looked in his eyes. They were focused, they were staring right into her soul. “Over time, you will start to feel like more of a man, because you will know that all of your sexual energy is going towards pleasing your Mistress. You will like the fact that you no longer feels like a little boy who can’t help but play with his little pee-pee when I'm not looking. Instead, you will be saving yourself for me”
    So now, ralph had to make the final step. Like a marriage vow, he had to say the oath, slip the ring on the finger, say I do. ralph listened intently and had no argument. It made perfect sense, he just had no words to come back with. It was a rational well thought out argument and he was also turned on by this role playing. He thought it through and nodded. “ralph. I need you to ask me to close the lock. It will be your agreement that you want to do this.” Joanna was nervous, a no now would mean plan B, no one wanted plan B...
    With a dry throat, ralph muttered the words that would change his life forever, turn him from the man of the house, from the front runner, bread winner, alpha male. “Close it” that’s all he said. “Close it what?!” As Joanna had rehearsed. “Close it M.. m.. Mistress”
    Click. That was it the lock had shut. He was about to find out Miss A had the only key.
    “Ok, that’s it. You are now under my control. I will undo you in a moment. You must know first, I don’t have the key. It’s safe. And if you behave, you will see it again.”
    ralph spluttered “what?! Bloody hell! What you playing at you stupid bitch?!” Joanna had been prepared for this too. Stood up, took her coat, turned the lights out and shut the door. She was staying with friends tonight. ralph would be more compliant in the morning. Tired, hungry and a whole night feeling the cage. Tomorrow was a big day, ralph was going to begin his transition into his new role. House maid for Joanna.
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