Georgia on Her Mind--Part I

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    Georgia on Her Mind

    This is another story from the fantasy world of dollyanne. Dolly will continue if there is any interest.

    Georgia on Her Mind--Part I

    It happened on a Friday night8:10 p.m. to be exact. It happened in Atlanta, Georgiain the rain. It happened when traffic swelled the rain-slicked streets from desperate happy-hour revelers racing toward the suburbs, coming from the last call, and buzzing from the alcohol. It happened to Danny Simpson. And, it couldnt have happened at a worse time or in a worse place. Not as far as Danny was concerned. Because, as it happened, Danny was on his honeymoon.
    And, if there was anything worse than spending the first night of your honeymoon in a jail cell in Atlanta, Georgia, Danny Simpson didnt know what it was.
    But he was about to find out.
    He had taken the silver Lamborghini to the mini-market to buy condoms. Kimberly insisted on them. Damn! Why didnt he remember to bring them in the first place? He knew she didnt want to get pregnant. He had popped a little blue Viagra pill and hurried back to his bride, driving fast, slicing through the traffic in the muscular machine driven by a need, a hunger, and a major hard-on to consummate his marriage. She would be waiting in the honeymoon suite, sprawled out on blue satin sheets, wearing the yellow butterfly lace-trimmed crotchless panties and the wedding white peignoir he bought for her. He would savor her smoldering sexuality with his eyes, breathe in her vaporous cloud of vanilla perfume, feel her creamy, silky, white skin, hear her yearning fuck me moans. Then he would kiss her succulent, yielding red lips, and move down to her
    Oh shit! Thats when the flashing red and blue lights came up behind him, and the arrogant pig-bellied Georgia Highway Patrol cop hiked up his pants, swaggered over and told him to get out of his car. Thats when he had to walk the line in the rain, take the breathalyzer test. And thats when he was slapped with the DUI charge.
    Sure, hed had a glassmaybe twoof Champagne at the reception. It was a wedding for Christ sakes. His wedding He was entitled. But, as far as he was concerned he was as sober as a sparrow on rainwater. He had walked that line perfectly.
    But now, instead of the Ritz-Carlton luxury, he was sitting in a 9x6 cell on a lumpy swayback mattress with an ugly brown blanket covered with stains of unknown origin he didnt want to think about. There was no sign of color anywhere. He was behind gray steel bars, enclosed by gray walls, his feet resting on a gray concrete floor, with a single colorless gray iridescent light overhead. He felt fortunate that there was a yellow-stained commode and rusty sink in the corner.
    Some color anyway. Must be an upgrade.
    He would have laughed, but thisthis was ridiculous. Jailed on a phony DUI charge on his honeymoon. What the fuck!
    He was wearing a green one-piece jumpsuit, sitting in the lower bunk of the jail cell, with his hands cuffed behind him, wondering what happened. This was not the plan. He was supposed to take the next three weeks off for his honeymoon, and cuddle up in the honeymoon suite of the Ritz-Carlton with his new bride, Kimberly. Then they would go house hunting to start a new life in a new place. But things changed. Oh, how things changed.
    Then there was the humiliation of the strip search when they checked him inintake they called it. Strip! they told him. Everything. He removed his patent leather shoes, black striped trousers, starched white shirt with gold cufflinks, then hesitated.
    Everything, they said again.
    He reluctantly slipped off his sexy Calvin Klein bikini stretch underweara surprise he planned for Kimberly. He stood in front of them stark naked, feeling humiliated, and feeling more than self-conscious in his pasty white skin compared to the other prisoners. Too much time indoors, too much time behind a desk.
    The Viagra kicked in and gave him a boner. He couldnt help it; he had been saving up for his bride. He tried to hide it, but they told him to raise his arms high.
    Was all this necessary? What did they think he was going to hide in a soaking wet wedding tux, an Uzi? They fingerprinted him, weighed him in at 150 lbs, measured his height at 57, noted his age as 25, his hair as blond, his eyes blue, and his complexion fair, no outstanding tickets or warrants. They seemed to enjoy measuring his Viagra-stiffened penis at four and one quarter inches. Four point two five inches? they asked out loud, as if they couldnt believe he was really that small. But he was, and he felt two inches tall.
    They took his wallet with cash and credit cards along with his Mont Blanc pen and car keys and sealed them in a plastic bag. They smiled when they found the electronic key card for the honeymoon suite, and kept it out, saying they would need to return it to the hotel.
    They even took his clothing measurements like a tailor for Gods sake! What was that all about? These prison uniforms didnt exactly come from the pages of GQa short-sleeved one-piece green Velcro jumpsuit with no pockets, white cotton boxers and socks, and a pair of cheap canvas navy step-in shoes in place of his black patent leathers. They looked like they came straight from the discount shoe department. They also issued him a white towel, a Bic throwaway razor, shaving gel, a toothbrush, and a small tube of toothpaste.
    He had to admit it had been a little scary when they first brought him in. They paraded him handcuffed past every prisoner in the cell block until they reached the last cellA-25. He had to endure name-calling and lewd remarks as the guard led him past, Whos the new girl?, Come to papa, pretty, pretty. Hi, sweetheart, welcome to Hell. Some even rubbed their crotches at him when he looked. He tried not to look.
    Sure he was slight, he had a 28 waist, wide hips, and skinny arms like a nerd, but they didnt have to rub it in. He knew he was a nerd, not a hung stud by any means, but girls found him cute anyway.
    Of course, the Lamborghini and fat back account from cashing out of the software startup didnt hurt. Thats why they had the honeymoon suite at the Ritz-Carlton for $400 a night. And thats why Kimberly, 24-year-old gorgeous former Miss Georgia contestant, said yes when he asked her to be his new bride.
    KimberlyGod, whats she going to think now?
    Right or left?
    Danny snapped his head up and saw a Hulk Hogan of a man wearing a red bandana on his forehead with silver earrings dangling from both ears. He looked like a muscular refrigerator with tattooslions, snakes, and naked womencovering arms that were bigger around than Dannys thighs. Thats just what Danny could see. Lord knows what he had on the rest of his body. And, at about 240 lbs, 63, he dwarfed Danny.
    But that wasnt the worst part. The worst part was the iron pipeabout two feet long and two inches in diameterthat he was slapping into his calloused palm. An iron pipe that would break anything it hit. Including bones.
    I said, right arm or left arm?
    What? Danny said, looking puzzled.
    Which arm do you want me to break? the man said. Right or left? Your choice.
    Danny couldnt speak. With his hands cuffed behind him he couldnt even defend himself. Not that he could have anyway against this giant. IuhdontI mean I dontneitherI dont want a broken arm, he finally managed.
    An elbow then, the hulk said. He tapped Dannys elbow with the pipe. A sharp blow here would put you in the infirmary for whata day, maybe two? Then your ass would be back here in a cast and sling. Hard to defend yourself with your arm in a sling.
    Danny looked at him with his mouth hanging open, speechless. Was this guy for real? He didnt remember seeing him when he came in. Whered he come from? Is this his cell too?
    Of course, two broken arms would be shit wouldnt it? Talk about fucked up. Youd belong to pretty much everybody here. Wed be feeding you like a baby. And Id be tucking your sweet pussy ass in every night, he said, striking his palm sharply with the iron pipe. And of course, theres always the knees. Youd be crawling like a baby for the rest of your miserable life. You want that, babyface?
    No, Danny said quickly. Please, dont hit me. Please, Im only here for the night. My wife, shes coming in the morning to bail me out.
    The man spat on the concrete floor near Dannys slip-ons. Some drops of spit landed on the toes. Danny flinched.
    You believe that shit? the man said. You think youre out of this joint just like that? Whatd they tell you$500 bail, one night in the ole slammer, then lickity split, youd waltz out of here Scot free?
    Y-yes, Danny said. Thatsthats what they told me.
    Aint never gonna fuckin happen, sweet thing, the man said rubbing the pipe lightly across Dannys chest and nipples. Danny tried not to move. Know why?
    Danny looked at him like he was a Cobra about to strike.
    NoInoits just a DUI, he said finally.
    Theres a reason they give the fresh meat to me, babyface. Damn good one. They throw me a bone, I throw them a bone.
    W-what? What are you talking about? Danny said.
    I mean, Mr. smart-ass college boy, I get the fresh meat, they get the wife, he said. Simple as that.
    Danny looked around for helpa guard, anyone.
    The wife? I dont under
    Whats not to understand? You married girlie boy? he asked.
    Danny winced. He didnt like being called, girlie.
    Sure you are, he said, answering his own question. Hear shes a real shit brick house looker, some kind of beauty queen, a real hot piece of wet pussy. That right girlie? Shes hot pussy?
    Iuhwere on our honeymoon. We uhnever
    You telling me you never made it with her, never poked her honey pot? You disappoint me. You a sissy girl? A faggot?
    No, nopleaseIm not He looked around the cell for help again. Pleaseleave me alone, he said, whimpering now.
    Only one way Im going to leave you alone, sissy girl, he said. And thats if you cooperate with Spike here. You gonna cooperate, sissy? You gonna let Spike be your protector?
    Pleasedont hurt me, Danny said. W-what do you want?
    I want you on your knees is what I wantnow. He pointed the pipe to a spot in front of his feet. Danny slid off the bed and kneeled on the cold concrete, his hands still cuffed behind him.
    Take it out, he said, loud enough for the other inmates to hear.
    Spike put the pipe against Dannys head.
    You know what I mean. Take it out with your teeth, sissy girl. You know you want to, you know youre going to. Its the price you have to pay for my protection.
    Danny felt the hardness of the iron pipe against his temple.
    Give that sissy girl to me, Spike, someone yelled from one of the nearby cells. Ill fuck her pussy ass.
    Fuck, yeah. Send that bitch down here, someone else yelled. Shes prime fuck meat.
    See girlie? You know what we got here in this zoo? Spike said. Forty five animals in cell block Aforty two blacks, 1 spic, and 2 honkiesthat would be you and me. Theres fifty up in Cell Block B. Hard cases, murderers, rapists, terrorists, psychopaths. The most violent and dangerous are up there, including the Crips. You can thank your lucky stars youre down here. Youd be eaten up and spit out in two seconds up there. Used to be fifty in this cell block too. Three are 6-feet under and two are in the infirmary for a long time. A very long time, sissy girl.
    Danny lowered his head like he was praying.
    They dream about girlie girls like you showing up in here. That smooth white skin, that pretty face. He rubbed the pipe across Dannys cheek. Youre their wet dream girl. You want me to give you to those horny animals? You wanna be their dream girlie? Spike said.
    NoIno I dont.
    Then you know what to do. Do itnow.
    Danny had little choice. He leaned forward and reached up with his teeth and grabbed one of Spikes jumpsuit snaps in his teeth, the one fourth from the bottom. He pulled on it until it came undone. The plastic snap was hard and hurt his teeth, but he got it undone.
    Dont slobber, girl, Spike said.
    Danny worked on the next one down, got a good grip on it with his teeth, and tugged it until it unsnapped. Then he did the next two until he was all the way down to Spikes crotch.
    Good job, girl, Spike said. Now take it out with your mouth. You bite me and, like the man said, youll be prime fuck meat. He tapped the iron pipe against the side of Dannys head to emphasize his point.
    Danny saw the large bulge under Spikes white cotton boxers. There was slit in the front. He debated whether to pull them down with his teeth or to go through the slit. The slit looked too complicated and it would involve direct contact, so he went for the waistband. He used his teeth to pull them down and Spikes bulging cock jumped out, hitting him in the face. Danny recoiled.
    Suck it, girl, he said. I aint joking here, sissy. You take out a mans cock with your mouth, what does that make you, sissy girl?
    What does that make you?
    Say it.
    A cocksucker, Danny finally said.
    Louder. What are you sissy?
    Danny spoke louder. A cocksucker.
    Whoa, bro, give us some of that pussy mouth, someone yelled.
    I want to hear you say it loud, so every man in here can hear it, Spike said. Say, Im a sissy cocksucker. Say it loud and clear.
    Danny did and several inmates rattled their cages and hooted.
    We sho nuff hooked us a new girl, someone said.
    God damn! another said.
    Fuck! a voice yelled. Fuck that girls pussy mouth.
    Danny heard cages rattling like wild apes trying to escape captivity. Except they werent trying to escape. They were trying to get to him and they were so riled up that Danny thought they would probably rip him apart if they got him. Spike was the only thing between them and him.
    Suck it, girl, Spike said. Before I break both arms and turn these fuckers loose on you.
    Danny had never sucked a cock before, but he had thought about it, even dreamed about it. And he had been sucked many times by girls who flocked around his Lamborghini. Even Kimberly had done it to tease him, saying she was saving herself for the honeymoon. It wasnt really sex, she said, it was just helping someone in their hour of need. Or, in Dannys case, his two minutes of need.
    He took Spikes cock in his mouth.
    Watch those teeth, Spike reminded him.
    Danny was repulsed by the idea of sucking a cock, but he started to work on it the way he remembered girls doing it. He just wanted to get it over with. He salivated and got it wet. He used his tongue and mouth, trying to hit the right spots. Spikes cock was leaking and the shaft was slick and slimy.
    Slurp, Spike said. I want to hear some slurping sounds. I want everybody in this cell block to hear slurping sounds. Danny slurped, and then salivated and slurped louder. He was getting into it now. Even getting turned on from Spikes domination, getting a boner. He slurped as loud as he could.
    Fuck, yeah, someone said. Im gonna bust a nut.
    Spike was thrusting now, gripping Dannys hair in his fist, and fucking his mouth like a pussy. Danny was helpless. He gagged, and that spurred Spike on more. He thrust harder and deeper.
    Moan, slut, he said. I want to hear some fuckin moaninglike the slut you are. Cmon sissy, moan like you want it.
    Danny was no longer in control. He felt light-headed like hed taken a sex drug. Spike was rubbing the iron pipe on his head, messing up his hair, and down his back under his jumpsuit. It felt cold on his spine. Then he rubbed it across his nipples. They sprang erect.
    Danny moaned and gagged. His moans were real now.
    Fucking tease, someone said. Fuck that pussy slut.
    Finally, Spike grabbed Dannys blond hair and pulled him close and started thrusting harder to the back of his throat. Then he came in Dannys mouth.
    Danny gagged and coughed, but Spike held him in place and kept thrusting and coming. It felt like a cup of hot cum.
    Swallow it, Spike said, holding Dannys nose. All of it.
    And Danny did, crinkling his nose at the bitter taste of it.
    Good, sissy, Spike said. With a little practice youll be a first class little sissy girl cocksucker. Youll do nicely.
    Dannys eyes were closed in shame. The taste in his mouth was like rancid soap. He didnt like being called a sissy, or a girl, but least of all a sissy girl cocksucker. He never felt more degraded.
    What are you? Spike said.
    Danny knew, but didnt want to say. A sissy cocksucker, he said softly.
    Say it loud and proudyou know how. Dont forget youre a girl too.
    Im a sissy girl cocksucker, Danny declared to everyone in the cell block.
    Cell bars rattled.
    Oooweee, someone yelled. Cant wait to get some of that sissy girl pussy. Whats her name, Spike?
    Whats your name, sissy girl? Spike asked.
    Spike put the iron bar on Dannys head like he was anointing him. Not any more, he said. I hereby christen you, Danielle. Thats your name long as youre in here. Hell, thats your fuckin name for life. Anybody call you anything different, you correct them pronto. I mean anybody. You hearin me, Danielle?
    Yes, Danny said.
    Dannys deceased, Spike said. Youre Danielle. Youre a girl, and in here youre going to become a Queen, a woman, and a wife. Youll live for one thing onlysex, giving it, taking it, wallowing in it. It is your purpose. It is how youll be used. From now on youll shit, breathe, and eat as Danielle. You use any other name in here and youre history. Tell everyone here what your name isnice and loud. Use a high pitched voice like a girl. You are a girl now. Tell them, Danielle.
    Danny tried to raise the pitch of his voice and speak out loud.
    My name is Danielle, he said. But it came out weak.
    We cant hear you, pussy girl, someone yelled, rattling their cage.
    My name is Danielle, he said louder trying to sound as much like a girl as he could.
    Several of the inmates mocked him. Hi, Danielle, baby. Wanna fuck? Kiss, kiss, doll-face. Come here pussy, pussy!
    Well have to work on that voice, Spike said. From now on youll always speak like a girl. And I expect you to get better. I dont want my girl sounding like a man in drag.
    Danny couldnt believe he was going to have to speak like a girl. He needed to get out of there as soon as possible or he would be completely humiliated.
    Tell them what your purpose is, Danielle, what you live for.
    Danny hesitated, but Spike prodded him with the pipe.
    II liveto be usedforfor sex.
    All day, all night, Spike said. Remember it, Danielle. These guys dont have girlfriends or wives, but now they have you.
    Danny winced at the thought. Was he going to be everyones girlfriend? He had to get out of there.
    Tell them what you love, Danielle. Tell them you love Spikes big cock. Be convincing, baby.
    I love Spikes big cock, Danny said, in his new girlie voice.
    Welcome to the Red Light District, someone said.
    Danny shuddered. Red Light District? What the fuck is this?

    To be continued...?
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    Very nice dollyanne, please do continue.
    Mistress Michelle
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    Georgia on Her Mind--Part II

    Thank You, Mistress Michelle. Dollyanne hopes You are recovering well and this story is perking You up!

    Georgia on Her Mind--Part II

    See, that was easy now wasnt it? Spike said, smiling, unlocking the cuffs. Danny was so dazed at first he didnt think it was unusual for Spike to have the keys. It seemed natural that he would. But, after he thought about it, it made him wonder.
    Isnt this a prison? Whats he doing with the keys?
    Youre a fast learner, Danielle, but I own your ass now. From now on, I do the thinking for both of us. Youre nothing more than an air headed bimbo, and youll do as your fuckin told. Thats what it takes to survive in here.
    Danny was hoping not to have to survive in here, to get out as quickly as possible.
    Youre my wife in training, Spike said, as if Danny had enrolled in a college course and Spike was the instructor. Only now he was pacing and sounding more like a drill sergeant. You need to keep this place tidy, Danielle. I want the beds made, the floor swept, and the toilet spic and span.
    Dannys jaw dropped. Was he hearing what he was hearing? Hes going to be a wife?
    Spike seemed to read his thoughts. Youll make someone a good wife in here when youre properly trained.
    Wife? There it was again. Danny couldnt believe his ears. Hed heard about prison wives, but that couldnt be happening for real. Not to him. Not here. Not now.
    Ive already received several offers, Spike said. But I think youre worth more.
    Dannys vocal chords froze. He couldnt speak. This was sounding too real.
    Youll pick up the dirty clothes and keep them laundered and fresh too, Spike said. Except your hose, panties, and bras. Youll hand wash those.
    Hose? Panties? Bras? What the fucks he talking about?
    You can hang them up to dry on the bed rails. Itll be good advertising.
    Advertising? For what?
    Then Danny started to get it. Spike wanted him to be seen as a woman by the whole prison population. Thered be no doubt about what he was.
    And, it goes without saying that youll provide sexual services whenever I want. It doesnt matter if youre in the mood. What matters is if Im in the mood. Understand?
    Danny nodded. He didnt want to speak for fear the sound of his words would turn this nightmare into a reality.
    I heard through the grapevine that the Crips want to make you a patch carrier.
    Danny broke his silence. Patch carrier? What's that? He wasnt sure what a patch carrier was but he was sure it was something he didnt want to be.
    Theyll tattoo their ownership patch on your ass. Then youll belong to them. Itll be like your married to all of them.
    Danny felt himself hyperventilating. Allof
    Dont worry, Danielle. There are only a dozen of them here. Some prisons have fifty or sixty. Of course, if you get transferred and are wearing their patch, youll belong to them too. Spike smiled, a little too crooked, Danny thought. Basically, once youre a patch carrier, youll serve as their woman for life.
    Danny thought things couldnt get much worse. He was only in here for a DUI for Chrissakes. Now, Spike was having him serving dozens of gang members as a private whore for life. He would even be marked as their woman when he got out of here. This must be a joke, Danny thought. But then again, maybe not. Maybe he shouldnt take any chances.
    I would rather
    Spike glared at him. Yes, Danielle? Youd rather what?
    Danny had trouble getting it out. II would rather be a wife, he said finally.
    Well see, Spike said. Depends on the offers.
    Danny looked down. I want to I wanna be your wife.
    There, he said it, and he couldnt believe he heard himself say it.
    Spike laughed. Youre my girlfriend, and a wife in training, he said. Everyone here knows that. They know youll be up for sale. The quicker you learn, the quicker youll become a wife, or a patch carrier, if the price is right.
    Please, Danny said, begging now. He dropped to his knees. Please make me your wife. Please. He felt so humiliated, reduced to pleading like this.
    Maybe, Danielle, maybe. Spike said. But first you have to be well trained and prove your worth.
    My God. Danny realized Spike was going to train him, whore him out, then sell him as a wife or a patch carrier. He couldnt let that happen, but he was powerless to stop it. At least for now. He had to get out of here, and fast.
    And yeah, Spike added with a big grin, this is the Red Light District like they said. And guess what? Youre the new whore on the block. Now, kiss my cock good night.
    Danny had a fitful sleep. He heard prisoners shouting and arguing who was going to get the new girl first. Somewhere a radio was blasting out a rap tune to the lyrics, Give us good head, pussy girl, sleep in our bed, pussy girl, or youll be dead, pussy, pussy, pussy, girl.
    Then came the nightmares. He was an innocent girl getting ravaged all night by a gang of black apes. He woke up groggy at 5 a.m. hoping that Kimberly would be there first thing to bail him out.
    Spike jumped down from the top bunk. Lets go, Danielle, he said. Shower time.
    Danny had forgotten about Danielle.
    No, IKimberlyIve got to wait for Kimberly, Danny said.
    Spike slapped him. Speak like a girl, dammit!
    Dannys face stung. Yes, sir, he said in a girlie voice. He wasnt sure he would get the hang of this, but he didnt want to get slapped again either.
    Nobody goes anywhere without a shower, Spike said. No shower, no breakfast. No breakfast, no visitors. You want to smell nice for her dont you, Danielle. You know, one honey pot to another.
    Sure you do, baby.
    The electronic buzzer sounded and the cell door clicked open. Danny didnt want to leave the cell. Bring everything, girlyour razor, gel, toothbrush, toothpaste, underwear, towel, and socks, Spike said. Danny was confused but he grabbed everything.
    Spike seized his hand and dragged him out. The other prisoners were out of their cells ogling him. Not a white face in the bunch.
    That the new bitch? someone asked, as they lined up on the blue line to be counted.
    Dios mio, a Hispanic guy said on seeing Danny. You gonna fix her up for us, Spike amigo?
    Lets go honey, Spike said, dragging him by the hand toward the showers.
    Danny was embarrassed to be treated like Spikes girlfriend, but he was glad to get out of range of the other inmates.
    They came to the shower entrance. A sign said, MaximumNo More Than 6 At Once. Danny was hoping for one person at a time. One person in private. Not an intimate community of six naked prisoners.
    Strip, Spike said. You cant shower like that.
    Danny hesitated, then remembered where he was and resigned himself to stripping. He removed his shoes and socks, then his jumpsuit and boxers, and handed them to a burly black guard. He was embarrassed standing naked in front of the guard, embarrassed to stand naked in front of anybody. He felt more self-conscious than ever of his wimpy white body.
    Name? the guard said.
    Spike whispered in Dannys ear. Tell him, Danielle.
    Danielle, he said. Danielle Simpson.
    The guard beamed like hed won the lottery. Danny noticed that he was much bigger than Spike, maybe 66 and looked stronger than an Olympic ox on steroids. The kind that would pull a train locomotive with his bare teeth. The big ox took their clothes and handed Spike a couple of things. One was a pink tube of shaving gel. The other was a Bic razor, also pink.
    Give him your old razor, Spike said. You cant have more than one. Danny did and followed a nude Spike into the shower. A nude Spike he had sucked off last night and who had made him tell the whole cell block he was a sissy girl cocksucker. It seemed like eons ago. He asked about the shaving gel.
    For you, Danielle, Spike said. Youre using pink from now on. Damn sure aint my type.
    W-what? Danny said as Spike pushed him into the shower. Do they allow?
    Like I told you, Danielle. They throw me a bone, I throw them a bone. Lets get started.
    Spike turned on the water for the shower on the end. Danny went to the next shower and started to turn it on.
    No, Danielle, Spike said. We use the same shower.
    But therere
    We need the showers for the men, Danielle. Youre my girl and we have to share.
    Danny came meekly over to Spikes shower.
    Raise your arms, Spike said.
    My arms?
    Do it.
    Danny raised both arms like he was being held up. Spike lathered up Dannys armpits.
    Girls are always smooth here, Danielle. He shaved them both bald with the razor and felt them with his hands, tickling Danny. This is how I want you to keep them, Danielle. Nice and clean.
    He gave Danny the pink shaving gel.
    Lather up your legs, feet and all.
    Danny sprayed the gel on his palm and lathered his legs for Spike. Spike shaved everything front and back from Dannys toes to his crotch. Danny didnt have a lot of hair, but what little he had was now gone.
    Dannys legs felt cool and odd.
    Spike ran his big hand over Dannys legs, making him flinch. You have pretty legs and thighs, Danielle. I want them always kept smooth. No stubble, ever. Now, turn around.
    Danny did. Your back is nice and smooth already. Thats good, girl. He twirled Danny back around. Lather your chest. Get the breasts and nipples good. Be careful. We dont want to cut them. Spike grinned.
    Danny did as he was told and Spike shaved his chest paying special attention to the area around his nipples. Danny froze as Spike shaved around each nipple.
    Now the crotch, Danielle. Lather it up.
    Not thereplease, God.
    Do it, Danielle. I like my girls totally smooth, we dont have all day.
    Danny reluctantly lathered his crotch area and closed his eyes. He didnt want to watch. Spike grabbed the can. More, Danielle. Like this. To Dannys embarrassment he got hard while Spike added more lather to his genitals. Youre nice and small like a girl should be, Spike said.
    Spike shaved Dannys crotch and scrotum. Keep still, Danielle, or youll have an even smaller clitty. He laughed.
    Danny kept still and clenched his fists as Spike shaved his entire genital area clean. Spike surveyed the work. Looks good, Danielle. Some girls like a little triangle or landing strip, but I prefer my girls to be bald. Looks more naked that way, dont you think?
    Danny couldnt speak. Hed never felt more naked.
    Turn around and lets do the rear, Spike said.
    God, no.
    Danny reluctantly turned around. Lather up good, Spike said. Or, Ill have to do it for you.
    Danny didnt want that so he lathered his rear end and Spike shaved both sides. Bend over and spread your cheeks for me, Spike said. We need to get it all.
    This was worse than the strip search, but Danny complied. He bent over and spread his cheeks, though they were wet and he had to get a good grip. He hoped no one would come into the shower while he was in this humiliating position.
    Spike started shaving. You need to keep your pussy area clean, he said.
    Pussy area? Danny didnt like the sound of this.
    Two naked black prisoners walked in at that moment. Danny was horrified, but didnt dare budge.
    Hurry up dammit!
    He was turning into a whimpering mess and resistance was futile. Spike was too strong and insistent and Danny knew hed get his way, so he accepted his fate. He didnt want to be spanked or slapped in front of the other prisoners.
    I do it the first time, but you do it from now on, Danielle. I want you kept smooth as a babys behind. Youre my girl now.
    When Spike finished Danny was totally denuded below his eyebrows. Spike ran his rough hands over Dannys legs and thighs and felt the smoothness of his rump. Danny jumped from his rude fondling and got goose bumps.
    Nice, Spike said. You clean up nice, Danielle. He gave Danny a fresh sponge. Now you wash me. Use lots of lather and make it sensual, darling. I want to other guys to take notice. We can sell this.
    Sell this? What the fucks he talking about?
    Four more prisoners filed into the showers and leered at him as Danny washed Spike. They were all black. One reached out to touch his smooth skin, but Spike slapped him away so hard, Danny thought he might have broken a bone in his arm.
    You gonna share, bro? a large black man said, standing under a shower opposite them, an icy expression on his face.
    Maybe, Spike said. Depends. Danielles got some learning to do. Right now, shes my bitch. Any of you scumbags touch her and its a one way trip to the infirmary. And I mean one-way. Believe it.
    He turned to Danny and whispered in his ear. I want to see a big smile from you, Danielle, on the way out. You give everyone here a seductive look and a big girlie toothy smile. Make them want you.
    Danny did as he was told, smiling at everyone shyly. No way did he want them to want him. He just wanted Kimberly to be waiting with the bail so he could get out of this nightmare.
    Spike stopped outside the shower area. This is where we dry off, Danielle. There are towels on the shelf there.
    Danny took a towel and started using it on himself. Spike seized his wrist. No, Danielle. Thats my towel. Dry me first. Get on your knees to do it.
    Danny blushed several shades of red, but he kneeled and rubbed the towel over Spikes body. Get everything, Spike said.
    Prisoners were filing in and out while Danny was on his knees drying him. It was embarrassing, but not as embarrassing as what happened next. When he was finished, Danny started to use the towel on himself again.
    No, girl. You air dry. Wrap that towel around you chest high, the way you girls do, and kneel here, honey. Hold on to my leg and press your cheek against me until I say youre dry.
    Danny almost fainted. What? I cant
    Do it, Spike said. Or, youll get the pipe.
    Danny hesitated. He didnt know which was worsethis humiliation, or the pipe. He decided the pipe was worse.
    He knelt, with his arms around Spikes big thigh like a Roman slave girl, and pressed his cheek against his thigh like a possessive girlfriend, willing himself to dry fast. Meanwhile, it seemed like every prisoner in the cell block saw Danny in that demeaning position. They commented on how Spike was training her well and made lewd remarks about the new jailhouse pussy and cunt.
    Youre dry now, Spike said at last.
    Danny jumped up and they left the shower. The big guard handed him a fresh prison uniform. Pretty things for Danielle, he said with a toothy grin. From the womans wing. It was pink! Danny stared at it like it was from another planet.
    When he unfolded it, something fell out. He expected it to be a pair of white boxers and socks, but it wasnt. Whats this? he said, holding up a pair of lace-trimmed pink panties and a pair of sheer thigh-high ladys hose with pink bows on top. These look like womans things.
    Not womans things, Spike said. Girls things. Theyre for you, Danielle. Youre a girl now. You need to start acting like one. This will help remind you. Put them on and wear them at all timeseven in the yard. I want you to talk the talk and walk the walk. Youll be a woman soon enough.
    Danny couldnt believe this was happening. They couldnt be trying to turn him into a woman, could they? Can they get away with that? Then he realized, maybe they could. This is a prison after all. No one has rights here. But, a woman? Him? No way. He should be out of here soon as Kimberly pays the bail. In the meantime, he thought hed better play along, make it look convincing. Then hed have the last laugh.
    Spike took a tube of cream from the guard and handed it to Danny. For your skin, Danielle. Itll keep it soft and silky, stop razor burn. Rub it on before you dress.
    Danny stared at the tube like it was packed with viruses.
    Let me, the guard said, taking the tube from Danny. I can combine it with the search. He had a goofy smile and Danny thought his tongue was hanging out as he squirted a gob of cream into his hand. He rubbed it all over Danny with vigor and got very familiar with Danny in all the wrong places. Youre a little girl, he said, when he got to Dannys manhood. Danny had never felt so humiliated. The big man seemed to enjoy it. Was he gay?
    Danny could picture the dumb ape as a bodyguard or a bouncer at a strip club. He would intimidate most menmost sane men anyway. And the fact that he was blacker than roof tar just added to the picture. Even so, he was turning Danny on with his rubbing and Danny hated it. He was beyond embarrassed. He wanted to disappear.
    There, the guard said when he was finished. You ready for some fine caressin girl. He handed Danny a new bundle of things. They were all pink to match his new razor and shaving gelpink toothbrush, pink toothpaste, even a pink towel.
    Spike held his hand like a girlfriend as he dragged him back to the cell wearing the new pink towel like a girl with panties and hose on under it.
    T-that guardis heis he gay? Danny asked on the way back in his best girlie voice.
    No, just bi, Danielle. He goes both ways, like you.
    Like me? Am I bisexual?
    Hes built like a mountain, Danny said, getting more used to his girlie voice. Sure wouldnt want to meet him in a dark alley.
    Me neither, Danielle. Me neither.
    This frightened Danny. Was Spike, his great white protector, afraid of the big dumb guard? If so, why? He was hoping not to be there long enough to find out.
    Dannys smooth skin felt cool under the towel, like he was totally naked and exposed, and the panties and hose felt funny, like they were a constant reminder of how naked he was. He would be mortified if anyone saw him like this, but even more so if they saw how he was dressed underneath it. He wondered if that was the way girls felt under their dresses.
    He would tell Kimberly that the pink jumpsuit was just a temporary thing. And if she noticed his hairless arms, hed tell her it was part of the prison routine. She didnt have to know what really happened in there, and he sure as hell wasnt going to tell her that.
    Breakfast time, Spike said.
    Danny stayed close to Spike when they marched single file to the cafeteria. Hed heard that prison food was awfulnothing but macaroni and cheese and corn beef hash. But he was pleasantly surprised by the mealpancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, with toast and juice, and a small apple Waldorf salad. The coffee was decaf. It made sense. He figured that caffeine would make the natives too restless.
    Fierce-looking guards with clubs roamed the floor and other guards with machine guns watched from an elevated catwalk around the perimeter. This place is definitely a prison, Danny thought, still in shock that he was there.
    Keep your head down," Spike said. Dont look at anyone, Danielle. Prisoners will off you if they think youre staring at them. Stay close to me and sit where I sit.
    He sat down at a long table next to Spike with his tray and started to dig in. He was famished.
    Spike snatched the fork out of his hand. Ill take care of this nasty food for you, Danielle. He took Dannys pancakes, eggs, and sausage, leaving him only the toast and the small salad. Youve got to watch your girlie figure, Danielle, lose a few pounds. Until it gets where we want it, youre on girlie food. Here, you can have my salad too. Spike shoved his small salad onto Dannys tray. That should take care of you. Besides, the state of Georgia has dietary restrictions on the caloric intake of female prisoners.
    But Im not female, Danny protested.
    Danielle, the more you think, act, and believe youre a girl, the better chance you have of surviving. Now, eat your girlie food.
    When do we get her? a rough-looking black man said, looming over Dannys shoulder. He had eyes of steel and a face like crushed black walnuts.
    For you, itll be double, Spike said.
    The hell it will. The man reached out and grabbed a fistful of Dannys hair. Whatcha wearing underneath, honey, he said. Lets have a little peek-a-boo.
    Spikes arm struck out like a rattlesnake and seized the mans forearm in an iron grip. He started twisting.
    Nobody fuckin touches her unless I say so, Spike said.
    The man grimaced in pain as Spike kept twisting. Danny thought he heard something crack. The man released his grip on Dannys hair. Okay, okay, he said.
    But Spike didnt let go. The man went to his knees on the floor dropping his tray.
    I said okay, dammit!
    Then Danny did hear a cracka sickening sound, and the man shrieked like a wounded animal. Two guards appeared and dragged the man away.
    Danny shivered as the man shouted, Ill get you, you fucking whore, if its the last thing I do. Youre fuckin mine.
    Spike went back to his breakfast for two. Danny was still shaking.
    B block, Spike said. Names Duke. Serial rapist. Killed two women who refused to cooperate. Danny shuddered. Hell be in the infirmary a couple of days. Nobody messes with Spikes girl without payingone way or the other.
    Danny recovered and ate his toast and salad in silence and started to feel grateful for that, and for Spikes protection. The guards clearly didnt mess with Spike either.
    Spike escorted him back to the cell and Danny kept his eyes down and clung close like a frightened girl to her protector man. He knew his well-being could depend on it.

    To be continued...?
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    dollyanne certainly has a wicked imagination!! Love the story, please continue!
    Mistress Michelle
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    Georgia on Her Mind--Part III

    Yes, Mistress Michelle. Dollyanne has quite an imagination-- it frequently gets her in trouble! Here's Part III:

    Georgia on Her Mind--Part III

    Danny was resting on the bed when the bell rang.
    He jumped up. The cell door buzzed open. “Morning exercise,” Spike said. “Let’s go, girl.”
    Spike led Danny by the hand into the corridor where everyone was lining up single file. A guard walked down the line. “What’s he doing?” Danny whispered.
    “Counting,” Spike said. “They count us going and coming. Get used to being counted.”
    “Forty-four men and one girlie,” the guard announced, smiling at Danny in his pink jumpsuit. Danny looked down. He knew he was the “girlie.”
    Since they were in the last cell, Danny thought they would be at the end of the line. But no, they were at the head of the line. The guard led them with Spike in the lead and Danny right behind him. They went through a locked steel door and Danny heard a commotion to the left.
    “That’s B-block,” Spike said. “They’ll be joining us in the yard.”
    When they got to the last door before the yard the guard halted them. Several other guards were waiting there. They waved at Spike to advance. He did and they patted him down.
    A search!
    Danny was suddenly aware of his panties and hose. Spike went through the door and into the yard. The search didn’t look that bad. “Next,” the guard said. “Stand on the X.”
    Danny did. “Down with the monkey suit,” the guard said. Danny panicked. What was happening? They had barely searched Spike. He unsnapped his jumpsuit and faced the leering prisoners. He felt like a hundred eyes were on him. “Let me,” a deep voice said. It was the black Mountain Man from the showers. He was putting on a pair of latex gloves. “All the way down,” the mountain man said. Danny hesitated a moment too long. Mountain Man suddenly seized his jumpsuit and pulled it down until it was around his ankles. “Faster, next time damn it,” he said.
    Danny stood there in pink panties and sheer thigh-high hose in front of God and everyone. Wolf-whistles came from the line of prisoners.
    “Cut that out,” one of the guards bellowed, “unless you want to loose your yard privileges.”
    Danny was hoping they would all loose their yard privileges.
    “Open your mouth,” Mountain Man said. Danny did and Mountain Man put a finger into his mouth and ran it around his tongue and teeth. “Okay,” he said. “Raise your arms.” He did and the guard felt his bare armpits and rubbed his hands across his bare chest and nipples, then back and stomach. Danny felt himself turning red. Mountain Man pinched his stomach as if checking his fat. “Nice,” he said. “Soft and plump. But, you need to slim down more.”
    The guard reached for Danny’s panties and his heart nearly stopped. He thought he was going to pull them down, but he didn’t. He put his hand inside them! He was feeling around inside his panties like he was feeling him up. He was feeling him up! In front of a hundred salivating prisoners.
    Danny tried not to get hard but he couldn’t help it. “Nothing there,” the guard said. Laughter erupted among the prisoners, but Mountain Man glared at them and they stopped.
    “Turn around,” Mountain Man said. “Bend over, hands on ankles.”
    Danny couldn’t believe it. How could things get much worse than to be so obscenely displayed to a hundred horny men.
    Then things got worse. Mountain man slid his hand to the rear and pinched Danny’s cheeks. His finger touched Danny’s rear opening and Danny jumped. “Best place for girls like you to hide things,” he said. “He put a gloved finger inside Danny and blood rushed to Danny’s face. His ears were on fire with embarrassment. He closed his eyes and tried to transport himself elsewhere. Anywhere but here. It couldn’t have been more humiliating standing in front of a hundred men in panties and hose with a rough guard probing his most intimate places like he was a girl.
    “Looks clean,” the guard said, finally. Then he rubbed Danny’s bare thighs and his legs through the hose. “Nothing here either,” he said.
    When he was done he leaned over and whispered in Danny’s ear. “Next time you wear a bra,” he said, “and we’ll go easier on you. I’ll let you go this time. But good girls should not expose their bare breasts to the horny men like this. It’s not ladylike. You tell Spike that.”
    Danny nodded. He was speechless. A bra? He couldn’t imagine being made to wear a bra in front of all these men. Panties and hose were bad enough. But a bra? Would that leave any doubt that he was becoming a girl? He knew he had to get out of here as soon as possible.
    They opened the door and he snapped up his jumpsuit and went down three gray iron steps into the yard. Spike was waiting.
    “What took you so long, girl?” Spike asked.
    Danny said nothing. He looked at the yard. It was square with a worn dirt path around a center grassy area that was also square. The wall on three sides was red brick thirty feet high topped with razor wire. Two machine-gun-toting guards surveyed the yard from towers in the corners.
    “There’s a second wall behind that one,” Spike said. “Hungry Pit Bulls are in there. No one has ever escaped.” Danny could hear barking and growling on the other side.
    Spike started walking around the path and Danny followed, sticking close on Spike’s right shoulder. He looked tiny next to Spike like a girl should next to her man. Prisoners filed into the yard he hadn’t seen before, though he recognized some from B-Block. There must have been a hundred men, some walking, some huddled in groups near the wall, some stretching or doing pushups.
    Some congregated in a sandy area in the center of the wall.
    “That’s the beach,” Spike said. “It’ll be a good pace for you to suntan in the afternoon. I’ll see if I can arrange it.”
    Suntan? Here?
    Spike stopped, spotting something in the grass. He leaned down and picked some Daisies. “For you, Danielle,” he said, handing them to Danny. “Carry these while we walk. I want these guys to know you’re my girl.”
    Danny took the yellow flowers and blushed.
    “Hold them with both hands like a bouquet,” Spike said.
    Danny did. He felt conspicuous and embarrassed. None of the other prisoners were holding flowers. It made him feel more like a girl than ever. Even more than the pink jumpsuit and panties and hose. He kept his head down and tried to avoid eye contact as they continued walking around the square.
    Two rough-faced guys pulled alongside them and ogled Danny holding the flowers. “Saw your nice panties in there,” the tall one said. The other one laughed. “Good legs too.” Danny tried not to look at him.
    “This the new girl, Spike?”
    “Yeah,” Spike said, grabbing Danny’s elbow and squeezing. “Tell them your name, honey. Introduce yourself.”
    Blood rushed to Danny’s face. “M-my name’s Danielle,” he said in a girlie voice.
    “That’s a pretty name,” the bigger of the two said, smiling. Danny took a quick glance and noticed a long scar down the side of his face like an old knife wound.
    “I’m Ty, and this here’s Mad Bill,” he said. “Nice to make your acquaintance, Danielle.” He bowed toward Danielle as they walked. “You set a price on her yet?” Ty asked Spike. “She’s a little cutie-pie.”
    “She’s still in training,” Spike said. “Aren’t you, Danielle?”
    “Y-yes,” Danny said, blushing and trying not to look at them.
    “Pretty flowers,” Ty said.
    Mad Bill smiled showing a mouth full of crooked yellow teeth. “Hope you learn your lessons well, Danielle,” he said. Danny cringed inside.
    “Yeah,” Ty said. “We like perfection in our girls.”
    “Don’t worry,” Spike said. “She’s a natural. Way too good for you scum.”
    Ty frowned. “Oh yeah? We’ll see about that.” He put two fingers to his lips and put them lightly on Danny’s lips. Spike glowered at him. “See you around, darling,” he said. They went on ahead, walking fast and laughing, occasionally looking back at Danny.
    “B-Block scum,” Spike said. “Ty’s a fuckin’ double murderer. Killed his wife and her boy friend. Caught them in the act. Used a deer-skinning knife. You don’t want to know what he did to them.” Danny was practically glued to Spike’s shoulder now. No way did he want to be in the yard alone with guys like that thinking he was a girl.
    “Mad Bill’s a rapist. Did twelve co-eds in the University dorms before they caught him. Some were in broad daylight. Nobody knows how many before that. Tied them up, scared them shitless, and raped them senseless. Most were afraid to testify. Out of their minds. But a couple did. He’s certified.”
    A worried look crossed Danny’s face. “Don’t worry, Danielle. I won’t sell you to them until I think you’re ready.”
    Sell? To them? Danny shivered. He didn’t think he’d ever be ready for that. He has to get out of here.
    They made several more loops around the yard. Danny held on tight to the flowers and avoided eye contact. Then the horn sounded.
    “Time’s up,” Spike said. They lined up to exit the yard. Danny was behind Spike, pressed close. He wanted everyone to know he belonged to Spike. “They might let you keep the flowers,” Spike said. “When they search you just smile and hold them tight to your bosom like you want to keep them.”
    Another search? My bosom?
    Danny couldn’t believe all the searches he was going to have to endure. He’d never suffered so many indignities.
    The second search was just as bad. Spike went through with no problem but Danny had to strip to his panties and hose again in front of the other prisoners and suffer the same indignities from the guard. Only this time he had to keep holding the Daisies. Mountain Man took one and tucked it over Danny’s right ear. “That looks good on you,” he said. Then he whispered, “Don’t forget the bra next time, honey, lest you want these searches to get worse.”
    Danny made a mental note to mention the bra to Spike as soon as he could. Spike escorted him back to the cell and Danny clung even closer.
    Danny sat on the bunk hoping they would come for him any minute to see Kimberly. Visiting hours started at 10:30 a.m.
    “I’ll have a surprise for you when you come back, Danielle. You’re gonna like it.”
    Danny was hoping not to come back. “She’ll have the bail,” he said. “I don’t think I’ll be back.”
    “Oh, you’ll be back, Danielle. Trust me. You’ll be back. A bone for a bone, remember?”
    Danny shivered. Not if he could help it he wouldn’t.
    “Here’s what I want from you, Danielle. You listening?”
    “Yes,” Danny said, only half listening. His mind was on getting out.
    “Your hot pussy wife Kimberly’s going to get a visit from a nice guard named Rufus tonight.”
    Danny perked his ears at this.
    “You remember the big guard at the shower this morning—the one you said was built like a mountain?”
    How could Danny not remember? The big smile on the black ape’s face and the way he rubbed him down with glee and gave him a boner on purpose, then humiliated him about his size? “Uh, yes,” Danny said.
    “That’s Rufus,” Spike said, smiling.
    “Your fate depends on her being nice to him. You tell her that, Danielle. You tell her to be nice, and I’m not talking about tea and crumpets, here. You get my drift?”
    Danny nodded, wanting more than ever for Kimberly to have the bail money.
    “Rufus is my number one man. I want him to be first. Anything goes wrong and I fuckin’ give you to the animals. Understand?”
    “Y-yes,” Danny said, hoping to be long gone in a couple of hours.
    “What are you going to ask her to do?” Spike said, moving the iron pipe under Danny’s jumpsuit and rubbing it on his smooth skin and across his nipples. Danny flinched but tried not to move. His nipples responded, and he knew his face was turning scarlet.
    “Tell her to be nice to Rufus,” he said.
    “No,” Spike said, tapping him firmly on the arm with the bar. It wasn’t a hard tap, but it hurt, and Danny saw a red spot there. “You tell that whore to be really really nice. And you emphasize the really really part, okay? Say it.”
    “I’ll tell her to be really really nice to Rufus,” Danny said.
    “You tell her to give him what he wants. Your getting out of here in one piece depends on it.”
    “Give him what he wants,” Danny parroted. He was learning the game.
    Then it hit him. “He isn’t going to…going to…have sex with her…is he?”
    “No, Danielle, of course not. He’s going to fuck her. Having sex is for sissies like you.”
    Danny’s face flushed hot. He remembered the condoms. There weren’t any. “No…please…she…she could get pregnant. We knew that. That’s why I was getting the condoms. We weren’t ready.”
    “Well, accidents happen,” Spike said. “Think of the benefits. If she has a cute little Rufus junior, you can keep it if you want. Or, we can sell it to a nice family for five or ten thou. Just another profit center, Danielle. Could be lucrative if she’s good and fertile.”
    Danny felt the nightmare getting worse. He had to get out of here fast.
    “You be sure to tell her, Danielle. You don’t and you’re dead meat. I’ve got eyes and ears all over this prison.”
    A guard appeared at the cell door. “Danny Simpson?” he said.
    Spike hid the iron bar behind him and leaned over to Danny.
    “Tell him,” he said. “Tell him your name.”
    Danny looked down. “Danielle,” he said weakly. “Danielle Simpson.”
    “Must be a misprint,” the guard said. I’ll get it corrected in the system.” He smiled at Danny. “Come with me, Danielle, you’ve got a visitor.”
    When Danny got to the visitor’s room the guard stopped in front of the entrance. “In here,” he said. He pushed Danny into a small room not much bigger than a walk-in closet. “Strip,” the guard said.
    “You heard me. Strip. Nobody sees visitors without a search.”
    Danny couldn’t believe this. He was being strip searched in a closet not more than fifty feet from Kimberly! He unsnapped his jumpsuit and pulled it down.
    “All the way off,” the guard said.
    Danny had to remove his shoes to get the jumpsuit off. He stood in front of the guard in nothing but pink panties and thigh-high hose with pink bows.
    “Does she know about this?” the guard asked.
    “N-no,” Danny said, wondering what was going on.
    The guard grabbed his hand and pulled. “Let’s show her,” he said, opening the door.
    “Please…no…please….I can’t let her see me like this.”
    “Maybe I can be persuaded,” the guard said, smiling. “Maybe not.” He held the door partially open.
    Danny knew what he wanted. He dropped to his knees. “Like this?” Danny said.
    “You’re getting warm,” the guard said, closing the door.
    Danny did what he had to do. He gave the guard the best persuasion he had in him, even better than he gave Spike. He was learning things he wished he never knew.
    That was good, girl,” the guard said, zipping up. “I’ll expect it to get better and better each time. I’ll spread the word to the others about how good you are. You’ll get plenty of practice.”
    This was one skill Danny didn’t want spread around, and he sure as hell didn’t want plenty of practice.
    When he was dressed, the guard pulled Danny out by the hand and announced him so everyone could hear. “Danielle Simpson,” he said in a booming voice.
    An attractive young blonde raised her hand tentatively and a red-faced Danny went over and sat down. He took the handset from the cradle and looked through the glass at his beautiful new bride. To Danny, seeing her was like seeing a cold glass of ice water at the end of a long trek across an arid desert. He blushed, knowing he was wearing girl’s pink panties and sheer thigh-high hose with pink bows, even though she would never know. She was already holding her handset.
    “Did he say, Danielle?” she asked. “What was that about?”
    “No, no,” he said in a high-pitched voice, then he caught himself and brought his voice lower. “Well, yes…they got my name wrong, but look, honey, that’s not important. Did you get the bail money?”
    “I miss you too, baby,” she said cooing into the phone and smiling at him.
    “I miss you so much,” he said, looking around. Look, hon, we’ve only got ten minutes. Did you get the bail?
    “Your lips are red all around, hon. Do you have a cold? Are you all right in there?”
    “Maybe I’m getting one,” he said, trying to wipe his lips with his hand. Or, maybe I just sucked a guard’s big dick right over there while you were waiting.
    “Why are you wearing pink, hon? You’re the only one.”
    “It’s just temporary,” Danny lied. “I’m in a special holding cell.”
    “And your arm, what happened to your arm, hon?” she said pointing at the red spot.
    “Oh, I ran into something,” he said. “The bail—did you get the bail?”
    “Hon, your arms are shaved,” she said.
    “Yeah,” he said, feeling himself blush. “It’s a medical thing to cut down infection. The bail, hon. You’ve got to get me out of here. This place is…”
    He covered his face with his hands.
    “Poor baby,” she said. I saw a bondsman and he says we can get you out by next week, maybe.”
    “Next week!”
    “Quiet over there,” a guard bellowed from the wall.
    Danny lowered his voice and leaned toward the glass. “Hon, I’ve got to get out of here now—today. I can’t go back in there.”
    “He thinks the charges were trumped up, hon.”
    “Of course they were trumped up! I wasn’t drunk. Just pay the five hundred bucks and get me out of here.”
    “No, hon. The bail is temporarily denied, pending hearing.”
    “What? Denied? For a DUI?”
    “No, the drug charges.”
    “Drug charges? What drug charges?”
    “Hon, they found five grams of marijuana and a small bag of cocaine—about two grams they said—in your car.”
    “What? How—?”
    “It was in the glove compartment, hon. I’m getting a lawyer to clear it up.”
    “They’re framing me, dammit! You know that, right? They’re trying to keep me here so they can…”
    “One minute,” a guard announced.
    Danny looked at the clock on the wall. The second hand was racing.
    “So they can what, hon?”
    He felt the panties and hose under his jumpsuit and squirmed in the chair. “They’re trying to…” he couldn’t say it.
    “Listen, hon,” she said. “A man named Rufus is coming by tonight. I’ve still got the Honeymoon Suite, you know.” She looked at him with big Doe eyes.
    “Rufus?” Danny's eyebrows shot up. Was Spike right? Was this the same Rufus—the big ape—who handed Spike the razor and gave Danny the panties and hose? Who humiliated him in front of a hundred horny prisoners?
    “He says he has some new information. A way to help get you out sooner.”
    “Oh, God,” Danny said. He had to think fast.
    “Fifteen seconds,” the guard said.
    “Something wrong, hon?”
    “No, nothing’s wrong. Just be really really nice to him, hon. Okay?’
    “Yes, of course I will, hon.”
    “No, I mean really really nice.” He winked at her. She looked puzzled.
    “Give him what he wants, okay?”
    “You okay, hon?” she said
    “My getting out of here may depend on it.”
    A guard grabbed Danny’s smooth arm. “Time’s up, Danielle, let’s go.” The guard smiled through the glass at Kimberly and tipped his hat.
    Oh my God, Danny thought, he forgot to tell her about the condoms. He turned to mouth the word to Kimberly, but she had already stood up and was leaving. He yelled out, “Get some condoms, honey!” She didn’t turn around. She couldn’t hear him through the glass. The prisoners and guards in the room all turned to stare. His voice went quieter. “Condoms,” he said, almost to himself.
    The guard laughed and shook his head. “Nobody in here uses those things,” he said. “Condoms are forbidden. You could get arrested for that.”
    Danny’s nightmare just got worse.

    To be continued...?
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    Please continue dollyanne
    Mistress Michelle
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    Georgia on Her Mind--Part IV

    Thank You, Mistress Michelle. Dollyanne hopes You are doing well. Here's Part IV:

    Georgia on Her Mind--Part IV

    The guard took Danny to the closet for another search. You have to be searched going in and coming out of reception, the guard said matter-of-factly. Danny wondered how anything could be passed through a steel barrier and thick plate glass. He didnt have to persuade this guard like he did the other, but he did have to suffer a humiliating search, getting totally naked and being prodded and probed everywhere.
    Whoa, whatve we got here the guard said, when he saw Dannys panties and hose. You somebodys woman?
    Danny blushed. I belong to Spike, he said softly.
    Youre smooth and soft as a girl, the guard said, ogling Dannys legs and rear-end. Spikes going to make you a wife I reckon, the guard said. Girl like you better think about becoming somebodys wife in here. It could go easier on you.
    Im going to be Danny checked himself before saying, Spikes wife. What is he thinking? Spikes getting into his mind. Hes got to get out of here. Thats what he needs to focus on. Be someones wife? No way. He shuddered at the implication of it. On the other hand, maybe the guard is right and it would be safer, especially if he has to be here a while. HmmmSpike would keep him for himself. Something to think about if he had to think about it.
    The guard escorted Danny back to the cell. Spike was there, waiting.
    You tell her? he asked.
    They denied my bail, Danny said, his hands covering his face.
    Of course they did, Spike said.
    They said they found drugs.
    Of course they did, Spike repeated.
    I dont do drugs, Danny said. Never have, never will.
    Thats good, Spike said. But theres always a first time.
    Not for me there isnt.
    The important thing is did you tell her about Rufus?
    Yes, Danny said. I told her to be really really nice to Rufus and give him what he wants.
    Good, Spike said. Its not totally necessary, because Rufus always takes what he wants anyway, but it might help.
    Danny lay on his back, closed his eyes, and sighed. Im here for another week, he said.
    Dont conk out on me now, baby, Spike said. Spikes coming to your rescue. Wanna see your surprise?
    Danny opened his eyes and looked up. Hed forgotten about the surprise. He felt like he had enough surprises for the day.
    Spike held up a pair of shiny black high heel pumps, a pair of pink satin sissy panties with white ruffles, a full-cut bra, and a white leather mini-skirt. Dannys mouth hung open. Got you a complete outfit, Spike said. He held up a pair of black seamed hose, a racy yellow slip kind of thing, and a blonde wig. Then he took out a plastic box from a hiding place in his mattress. Waitll you see this, he said. He opened it up and showed Danny. There were several compartments. Makeup, he said. Everything you need, Danielle, to be a real girlie. Theres jewelry, perfume, lipstick, gloss, eye shadowI dont know what half the things in here are. But I do know someone who does.
    Danny sat up and bumped his head on the upper rail. His mouth was still hanging open, speechless. Oh, and theres this. Spike held up a yellow bikini with purple polkadots. A teenie weenie yellow polka-dot bikini, he said, laughing.
    At lunch Danny had his usual salad and water so he could, as Spike said, watch his figure. No one molested him, though he received a lot of stares and suggestive smiles. Some of the prisoners puckered their lips at him. He wondered if the word was out about his use by the guards. He hoped not. Spike would kill him for sure. He stayed wife-close to Spike the whole time. When they returned to the cell he wanted to rest, but the bell rang and the celldoor buzzed open again.
    Party time, Spike said. This is when we get to mingle with the other prisoners.
    Mingle? Danny didnt like the sound of that.
    Dont go into anyones cell unless they invite you, Spike said.
    Cant I just stay here and rest? Danny asked. I dont feel like mingling.
    No, Spike said. But you can go to the beach and work on your tan if you want. You could use some coloring. He held up the yellow purple-polka-dot bikini. I can arrange it, he said. And youll need this. He held up a blue beach towel, a tube of suntan lotion, and a pair of girls sunglasses. Youll look like a fuckin movie star on the beach. Put them on and Ill call for an escort.
    Danny wasnt sure which was worse, being paraded into the yard in a little bikini or mingling with the prisoners. He finally decided that sunbathing would at least allow him to rest. He put the bikini bottom on and Spike helped him with the top.
    Its got a little padding, Spike said, to give you the right shape. And the bottom is a Brazilian cut. Itll give you great tan lines. Make you even sexier to the men.
    Danny didnt want to be sexier to the men, but he did want some rest, and going outside might be nice.
    Youve got to lose that little bulge though, Spike said, nodding toward Dannys crotch. Spike produced some tape and, to Dannys total embarrassment, proceeded to tape him down and back. There, he said. Your figure is already shaping up.
    Danny slipped on the pink flip-flops, the dark sunglasses, and held the beach towel draped across his arm looking every bit the pampered movie star.
    Spike banged his pipe on the bars and called the guard.
    Dont forget this. He handed Danny the tube of suntan lotion. Youd better put this on all over if you dont want to be burnt toast. Its peak sun time out there.
    The guard turned out to be a black woman. She was plump with an attractive face. This is Doris, Spike said. Doris meet Danielle. Danielle, meet Doris. Shell take care of you.
    She led Danny into the corridor where the mingling prisoners saw him. Some wolf-whistled. Would you look at that, the sluts going to work on her tan for us. Yeah, another said. Thinks shes at a fuckin resort.
    Danny tried to ignore them. Doris led him out to the yard and dispensed with the search. Theres no one to pass things to, she explained.
    Danny stretched the towel out on the sandy area called the beach. It was against the wall between the two guard towers. It felt good to lay down.
    Dont mind those guards up there, Doris said.
    Danny looked up at both towers and saw the guards staring down. For all he knew, he had already sucked their cocksthe bastards.
    Then he remembered the suntan lotion. He squeezed some on his palms and rubbed it on his legs.
    Here, let me help you with that, Doris said. Just lay back and close your eyes.
    He did, but then heard a commotion above them. People were shouting. He looked up and saw prisoners hanging onto the bars and leering down at him. It was B-Block. He didnt realize they could see into the yard. They yelled and whistled at him. Look at the girls playing, someone shouted. Spread your legs, baby, someone else yelled. Give us a show.
    Danny decided to give them a little show since they couldnt touch him. Serves the bastards right, he thought. He spread his legs wide for Doris.
    She rubbed the suntan lotion on as sensuously as she could, taking extra care around the edges of the bikini bottom and top. Danny felt himself leaking under the tape. Make that bitch cum, someone shouted.
    It felt really good, like a gentle massage. She rubbed it on his back and neck and put a little on his nose, cheeks, and even his ears. Now, dont stay out here too long, Danielle. You dont want to burn your ass.
    Thank you, Danny said. This feels good.
    Ill be back to collect you in a little while. Make sure you turn over and do both sides.
    Yes, maam, Danny said.
    He rolled onto his back and spread his legs a little to get more of his thighs. Might as well give them a little show, he thought. They were definitely reacting.
    Wait till we get our hands on your pussy ass, whore.
    Yeah, you fuckin little cock tease.
    Danny smiled. The sun felt warm and, in a way, it felt good to be a girl teasing the guys like that. The guards would be horny as hell, but that was okay. They would just cum quicker and be easier. He realized that he was already thinking like a whore. The prisoners were three stories up; they couldnt touch him. Some of them probably hadnt had a girl in years. Let them eat their hearts out. Let them suffer. He spread his legs a little wider and rubbed around the edge of suit to tease them even more. They were going wild. When he was ready to turn over he got to his knees, doggy style, and wiggled his butt at them, as if inviting them to fuck him. He put his head down and moaned for them. Take that you bastards.
    Fuckin bitch. Dirty cock tease.
    He lay on his stomach and spread his legs again. Despite the commotion he was tired and sleepy.
    He awoke, feeling a pain in his side. Wake up, bitch. Someone was kicking him in the side.
    Doris, he said, opening his eyes.
    Doris aint here, cock tease.
    He sprang upright. Prisoners swarmed all around him. B-Block! Must have been fifty of them. Most were black. They were on their yard break. Where was Doris? Doris! he shouted, looking around.
    A big prisoner pushed Danny down with his boot on his stomach and held him there. He glanced up and saw it was Ty! Doris done gone home, bitch. Some kind of family thing. Dont you just hate when shit like that happens? She aint coming.
    Danny was desperate. Spike! he yelled. Spike, where are you!
    Aint no Spike here, someone said. You know a Spike? he asked another rough looking black man. Dont know no Spike, he said.
    Looks like we got ourselves a girl, someone else said. Yeah, a mascot.
    Ty moved his boot to Dannys crotch and pressed down. Dont worry, girlie, well be fair and pass you around. Everybodyll get a piece. He started rubbing his boot around in a circle right on Dannys taped clitty.
    Danny felt himself trying to get hard, but thank God he couldnt because of the tape. He was leaking though. He was sure of it. Oh, God, theyre trying to make me cum, he thought. Trying to make me cum like a girl.
    They huddled around him like vultures so the guards couldnt see. He felt a hand under his top, rubbing his nipple. Kiss me, honey, someone breathed in his ear. It was Mad Bill, crooked yellow teeth and foul body odor, grinning like hed caught a rabbit! I like special girls like you, he said to Dannys horror. Then he puckered his lips and tried to kiss Danny.
    Danny turned his head away, but felt a pain in his ear as Mad Bill twisted it back. Now, be nice girl, he said. Wouldnt want to pull this pretty ear off.
    Oh, God, please, Danny said in desperation.
    Please what, Mad Bill said, grinning and tugging his ear harder.
    Pleaseplease, Danny said again. Mad Bill twisted and tugged even harder, making Danny wince in pain. Please what? he said again.
    Pleasepleasekiss me, he said finally, not believing hed said it.
    And Mad Bill did. He laid a passionate hungry kiss on him like he hadnt kissed a girl in years. Danny realized that to him, he was a girl. A girl to be kissed and fucked.
    Kiss me back, Mad Bill said coming up for air.
    And Danny did, the way he thought a girl would.
    He couldnt believe how he was responding to these ugly black brutes. He was their white girl, and they were going to use him any way they wanted, right there in the yard!
    Hands grabbed his ankles and stretched his legs apart. Other rough hands rubbed his bare thighs and calves. Ty was still rubbing his boot on his crotch in little circles. Theyre trying to make me cum, he thought. And theyre going to succeed!
    Danny was already feeling like he would burst a hole in the tape.
    Get over here, James, Ty said.
    Danny saw James out of the corner of his eye. He looked like a muscular basketball player. At least 6 foot seven. Put it in her, Ty said, holding Danny down with his boot. Deep as it will go. Eleven inches if you can do it.
    Danny couldnt believe what he was hearing. Eleven inches? As deep as he could go? Were they going to rape him right here?
    James knelt down as Danny struggled, but strong hands held him down. James had a baggie in his hand. Coke! He inserted it into Danny with his long fingers. Danny writhed and wiggled trying to get away, but it was no use. They held him in place.
    You deliver this to A-1 on your next whore walk, Ty said. He pressed down hard on Dannys crotch as James pushed the bag in farther. Understand me?
    Danny nodded. He was feeling pain and fear at the same time. Mad Bill was still kissing on him, but he understood. They were making him their drug courier!
    Dont get caught, and dont tell Spike about this, Ty said. Or, youll be in the hole, or be dead, one or the other.
    Danny nodded again. He didnt want either.
    Someone reached under his bikini and ripped off the tape. Ty put his boot under the bikini and pressed down again. Danny winced. Youre going to cum on my boot, whore. And then youre going to lick it off. Then youre going to get on all fours and wiggle your ass like you were doing a while ago to tease us. Only, this time were going to fuck you like a doggie bitch and get that special delivery a little deeper.
    Dannys eyes widened in horror. He didnt see any way out of this. They were going to make him cum and then they were going to fuck him!
    Ty reduced the pressure on his clitty. Hump my boot, whore. Or, Ill stomp down and youll be singing soprano.
    Danny didnt need to be told twice. He humped Tys boot. When Ty raised his boot, Danny arched higher like a dog reaching for a bone, desperate to rub himself on it. Look at the whore, someone said. Shes in heat.
    Danny felt a mouth on his nipple, sucking and licking it. A hand went under his bikini bottom and squeezed his ass cheeks. He was getting lightheaded, losing himself in the debauchery of it. He was a girl. Their girl. And they were ravaging her and making her like it. They were going to make him cum like a slut, right there in the yard in front of all the B-Block prisoners and in full view of the guard towers! Danny humped furiously. His tongue was in Mad Bills mouth. He was close.
    Then it happened. He came in his bikini and on Tys boot like a total slut, pressing himself against it like it was his lover. His clitty seemed to pulse forever. He had been saving up for Kimberly, for their wedding night. Now, it was spilling all over Tys boot. Hands and mouths were all over him when he collapsed. Ty put the cum-covered boot to his face. Lick it off, he said. All of it.
    Danny looked at the gritty boot, filthy from the yard, dripping with his own cum. If you dont lick it off, Im going to stomp your pretty face, he said. And were still going to fuck you.
    Danny started licking the cum slowly and sensuously, trying to avoid the dirt, and hoping to delay getting fucked. Hoping for a miracle.
    Just then the door to the yard flew open and more prisoners filed out. Hey, someone shouted. Get away from her you fuckers!
    It was Spike! Danny was never so glad to hear Spikes deep voice.
    Spike ran over and threw men to the ground. He kicked Mad Bill away and pulled Danny up. The men quickly dispersed. Danny was shaking. He started sobbing into Spikes chest.
    What the fuck you doing out here? Spike said. Wheres Doris? Are you okay?
    IItheyDorishad to go home, Danny said between sobs.
    Spike escorted him out of the yard. Danny was covered in sand and had bruises and hickeys where the men had held his breasts and neck. He was also quite red from the sun, except where the suit covered his bottom and top.
    But the worst part was the big wet cum spot on his bikini.
    Looks like youve been having fun out here, Danielle, Spike said. Maybe we should let B-Block play with you more often.
    Dannys sobs increased.
    On his way out, the guard made him strip for a search. Danny looked like he was wearing a white bra and bikini from the contrast with his sunburned skin. They could have hidden some drugs you know where, the guard said.
    The drugs! Danny had forgotten about them. They were still in him. He was going to the hole! He knew it for sure. The guard would find them.
    The guard slipped on latex gloves and made Danny bend over.
    Make it quick, Spike said. She doesnt have anything in her pussy.
    Well see, the guard said. He slid a finger in and felt around. He was being a little too thorough, Danny thought. His heart was pounding. Now he was wishing that James had even longer fingers.
    Come on, Spike said.
    Suddenly the guard withdrew. You go on, he said to Spike. Ill take her back to her cell shortly.
    All right, Spike said. See you soon, Danielle.
    Youre going to the hole, the guard said. Look what I found. He held up the coke-filled condom. That much cokell get you three months minimum.
    Danny couldnt breathe. The hole! He had heard the stories. This couldnt be happening. B-butbut they put it there. He said, pointing toward the yard.
    Dont make no matter, the guard said. Dont matter if your mama put it there. Its there, and rules are rules.
    Danny tried to think fast. He had to get out of this. Three months hole time! He did the only thing he could think of. He smiled at the guard and starting rubbing his nippled chest like a girl. Is there something I can do for you, hon? He said in his most seductive girly voice. He couldnt believe he was doing this. What was happening to him? He was practically raped in the yard and now he was acting like a whore.
    You a whore? the guard asked.
    Ill be whatever you want me to be, baby, Danny said, continuing to smile and rub his chest.
    Show me, the guard said. Suck my dick and well see.
    Danny sunk to his knees and fumbled to open the guards zipper.
    Not here, the guard said, pushing Danny away. Follow me.
    He led Danny to a storage closet and pushed him in. Danny smelled dust and oil. He saw mops and brooms, buckets, and detected a strong odor of cleaning fluid.
    Danny felt faint.
    Here, the guard said, unbuckling his pants and dropping them. To Dannys surprise, he was naked underneath.
    And, if its not the best Ive ever had, youre going to the hole, and fast.
    The guards veiny dick became big and swollen. Danny gasped. He couldnt
    breathe. The guard turned around and bent over. Rim me first, and make it good, he said.
    Danny was in denial. He wasnt really doing this. But he had to stay out of the hole. He had just licked his own cum off a filthy shoe, and had been kissed and fondled by a foul-smelling brute. Surely, he could do this. Girls did it every day. He leaned forward and stuck out his tongue. Then he passed out.

    To be continued...?
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    I just love My morning story!! Thanks dollyanne!!
    Mistress Michelle
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    Georgia on Her Mind--Part V

    Thank You, Mistress Michelle. You are an encouraging reader! Here's Part V:

    Georgia on Her Mind--Part V

    Danielle was in the hole. She couldnt see because of the black hood. It had only breathing holes and an opening for her lipsticked mouth. But she could feel and smell the cold concrete with urine and cum coated slime. Her wrists were tightly manacled to a steel collar around her neck so she couldnt touch anythingespecially herself. Her ankle was chained to an eye bolt in the concrete floor. The chain, about three feet long, gave her some mobility, but not enough to explore the cell. She could feel the floor sloping toward the center to some kind of drain. She had felt it with her free foot. She knew she was dressed in a nightie, hose, heels, and thongs. But they had put it on after hooding her, so she didnt know what color.
    The thong was tight and held the vibrating butt plug in. It might have been attached. She knew it operated remotely because the guards liked to come by and activate it so they could watch her squirm and laugh. Often, they left it on until the batteries ran out, making her cum in her panties.
    Her bunk was attached to the back wall and she was sure it faced the door. It was nothing more than a wooden plank with eyebolts strategically positioned for restraint. When it was time for bed she would be restrained spread-eagled on it. Once restrained they would remove the butt plug, replace the batteries and re-insert it.
    Then they put ear buds into her ears. An audio played as the plug vibrated. It was a sweet little-girl-like voice: Your name is Danielle, you are a whore, you are a sex-toy, you want sucky-fucky-milky, sucky-fucky-milky, and nothing more.
    Danielle heard footsteps outside the cell door. She knew what to do. She was a quick learner. Assume the position. On her knees, forehead on the concrete, sissy-pussy sticking straight up facing the door, legs spread. She chanted: Danielle wants sucky-fucky-milky Danielle wants sucky-fucky-milky
    The food slot slid open. Someone was there. She heard breathing. She had been hosed down, shaved, lipsticked, and perfumed recently. That meant visitors.
    They didnt talk much. Sometimes nothing at all. The door buzzed open and footsteps came in. She kept chanting.
    She flinched from a warm hand on her pussy. They removed her plug and lubed her up. She kept chanting. It was the only thing she was allowed to say unless given permission. And that rarely happened. She found out the hard wayhard strokes of a cane.
    A finger entered her, then two, spreading her and getting her well lubed. She moaned with her chanting. They were going to fuck her. She knew it. Would it only be one? She hadnt heard other footsteps, but sometimes she knew there was more than one. Would they do milky too? She hoped so. She wanted that. Needed that.
    They lubed her clitty. Yes! They were going to fucky-milky. Her chanting sped up, her heart raced. She wiggled her pussy as her little clitty hardened. She moaned with need.
    Was it Rufus? She hoped so. He did fucky-sucky-milky the best. She would know in a minute. She would feel him, hear his breathing and grunts. She would know if it was him. She had learned to distinguish the guards, though she didnt know their names. Some were big, some were fast, some were slow, some talked dirty, some grunted and groaned. Rufus was a grunter and groaner. And, he was big and he always milked her. Not everyone did, but he did, and she liked that. He cared about her.
    Whoever it was began milking her, stroking her clitty slowly, making her moan and chant louder, making her lose her rhythm. Please fucky milky please fucky milky, she said rapidly, with a tone of desperation.
    Then they stopped and she felt something poking the entrance to her sissy pussy. It wasnt a finger. Too big! It was a cock! A big cock. It had to be Rufus. She thrust her pussy backward to receive it, she wiggled to entice it. She chanted, Please fucky milky, fucky milky please
    The cock slid into her, stretching her, and she froze. She heard a moan and a grunt. It was Rufus! It had to be.
    He slid in and out while stroking her clitty. Rufus was the best. He knew how to milk her, how to make her cum when he came. And he did. He grunted and stiffened and they came together, he in her pussy, and she on in her panties.
    She knew what was coming next. He retracted his cock and raised her up so she was facing him on her knees sitting back on her haunches. She couldnt see with the hood on, but she felt the cock on her lips. It was slimy and she licked it and took it into her mouth to clean it and make it hard again. It did get hard again. She wanted to feel it with her hands, feel its rubbery hardness, its size and heft. But she couldnt. Her hands were shackled to her collar.
    He fucked her mouth like a pussya mouth pussy. Touching the back of her throat harder and deeper, poking at the entrance. He wanted her to open up, to accept him deeper, to deep throat him. She was well trained in that art and she did it proudly, taking all of him without gagging. He grunted and came again in her mouth. It was him. No doubt about it. It was Rufus! She knew his taste. She swallowed. Then, she cleaned his cock again as she felt it shrink.
    He zipped up and she turned around so he could put the vibrating butt plug into her with fresh batteries. She heard him set the doggie dish in front of her. Her dinner! She didnt know what it was, but it was tasty with a texture like tapioca. She always slurped it all and lapped from the water bowl side to quench her thirst.
    She wanted to rest, but it was awkward. She climbed onto the wooden platform with her leg dangling to the side. The ankle chain was too short to get both legs on it. So, she tried to rest, spread out like that, her butt plug vibrating obscenely under her thong.

    Wake up, Danielle.
    Danny opened his eyes and looked around, squinting. His head hurt. Where was he? In the hole? He saw Spike leaning over him. It was his cell. He was back in his cell, on his bed, one leg hanging over the side.
    I thought we lost you for a while, Spike said. Youve been out over an hour, Danielle. The guard said you passed out while he finished the search.
    Then Spike straightened up and his tone became angry.
    You were acting like a wanton whore, Danielle.
    Danny said nothing.
    You cant just give it away to those bastards. Theres money to be made here.
    Danny sat up, wondering what Spike was talking about.
    Theyre all going to want to share you now, Spike said, looking like he was thinking. This could affect your Spike suddenly stopped and faced Danny. You were teasing them werent you? While they watched?
    Danny didnt want to admit it. YesI guessa little, he said looking down. I didnt mean
    So, they got all worked up, Spike continued. He started pacing again. And when they found you still there, they grabbed you.
    Uhyes, Danny said. He could see that Spike was understanding now.
    Maybe we can capitalize on this. Spike paced a couple more times. We could sell you to the whole cell block, he finally said.
    The whole cell block? Sell? Danny cringed.
    Maybe for a week.
    A week? No way did Danny want to spend one minute, let alone a whole week with those B-Block brutes.
    The price would be high. Maybe not quite as much as we could have gotten individually, but still good. Theyll ask for two weeks, Ill offer three days, and well compromise at a week.
    Danny didnt like the sound of this. He had to get out of here, and fast.
    Weve got to make you more attractive, Spike said. And we dont have much time.
    Doris appeared at the cell door.
    Just in time, Spike said. Our problem may be solved. He grabbed the box of cosmetics. Shes going to fix you up real good and show you how to use this stuff.
    Danny felt nauseous, like hed been hit in the stomach with a baseball bat.
    Doris was all business. She had Danny strip off his jumpsuit and remove the pink panties and hose. Thatll be your day wear, she said. Now, pay attention, girl. Youll be dressing and making your own self up in the future. I cant do this for you every time.
    She put a glossy tanning cream on his legs and thighs to give them a sun-kissed shine. You want soft, smooth, silky skin, Danielle. Makes you look young and fertile to the horny men. This cream adds a little shine to your legs and gives them a subtle tan. You have nice legs, baby. Long and shapely. Show them off, girl.
    She slipped the frilly pink panties on him and patted his front. Nice little clitty you got there, Danielle. Youll want to keep this tiny thing tucked out of the way. Danny started to get hard, but, with great effort, managed to will it to stay small.
    She had him sit while she painted his toenails red. These have to dry so well do them first. While the toenails were drying, she attached some press-on nails to his fingers. They were already a high-gloss red. Youll feel more dainty and feminine with these on, honey. Danny wondered whether hed be able to do anything with those things on.
    After the toenails dried and the fingernails hardened, she put the hose on him and straightened the seams. Make sure you get these seams straight and watch where you walk, Danielle. Nothing looks worse on a girl than laddered or crooked hose. Youll look plenty sexy in these, she said. These are full-fashion. Youll love the way they swish and slide up and down your legs as you walk. Very sensuous, baby. The hose did feel good on his legs.
    These are breast forms, honey, till you get your own. She held up a perfect pair of perky, jiggly breasts. These babies are 38Ds, theyll look nice on you. She squirted some adhesive on the back of one of them. This is medical glue for attaching things to the skin, she said. Takes a special solvent to remove. So, Im afraid youll be wearing these a while until I can get the solvent. Dont try to pull them off, unless you want to lose some of that pretty skin. She pressed it over Dannys nipple and held it in place, then did the other one. Danny felt like there were two big lumps on his chest. He wondered if that was what girls with big breasts felt like.
    There was a pink corset with garters he hadnt noticed and she put that around his waist. It went from his hips to just below his nipples. She tightened it, putting her feet on his butt and pulling hard. Twenty four inches, she said after she measured it. Not bad, Danielle, for starters. Wish I had a waist like that. Cute figure, but itll get even cuter. Dannys back was as stiff as a plank and he could barely breathe. She attached the garter clips to the hose, one in front, one in back, and one on each side. Get ready to swish and slide, she said. The corset also had a built-in bra that fit over the breast forms. Now you got yourself a nice narrow waist and some big jiggly boobs, she said. Guys are gonna love you. Doesnt matter if its fake. Guys are all about visual.
    She attached a blonde wig to Dannys head and combed it out with bangs over his forehead. Most men like blondes, Danielle, but black men love them. I guess its the contrast. Danny didnt want to think about that. This one falls at the shoulder, she said, and curls in a little, matching your cute oval face. Youll need it until your hair grows out and we can give you a permanent.
    She slipped the camisole with spaghetti straps over the corset. It had a silky feel and a plunging neckline to show off Dannys new cleavage. Its the latest fashion, Danielle. All the young girls are wearing these or just the corsets alone. Guess they want to look like whores.
    She had him sit again while she made him up from the makeup kit. Its all about the big three, she said. Eyes, lips, and cheeks. You have big blue bedroom eyes and nice full lips. Those look sexy on a girl, Danielle.
    Danny didnt think of himself as being sexy.
    This is concealer, Danielle. Hides blemishes, beard, those little imperfections all girls have. Your face is pretty smooth, so Ill just use a little. Next, well blend in the foundation. Blend it over the concealer, then well add some light powder to set and absorb any oil. Now, for the cheeks. Well add this blush to highlight your wonderful cheek bones. But dont overdo it. You dont want to look like a clown.
    Next, she did Dannys lips. Put some lip liner around your lips to give them a heart shape and add volume. We call that a cupids bow because it snares your lovers. Very kissable and good for cock sucking. Turns your mouth into a pussy. You can use red or black, which can be real sexy. Im using red this time, she said, as she went around Dannys lips with the pencil. Some girls actually have this tattooed on permanently. You might want to consider that too.
    No way, Danny thought.
    She took out a tube of red lipstick. Red is the come hither color, Danielle. The rumps of female chimpanzees turn red when theyre ready to do it. Its a signalmeans youre ready for sex. She began to apply the lipstick. Danny felt funny, like he was a girl being made up at a cosmetics counter. There are lots of reds, Daniellecherry, ruby, rose, darks and lightsand youll learn to distinguish them all and use them to your advantage. Red is a girls best friend. This ones called fire-engine red. She applied three coats and handed Danny a tissue. Use this so it wont be lumpy or uneven. Danny pressed his lips on the tissue. Lightly, hon, she said. Dont want to lose all the lipstick. Leave some for kissin.
    She got a tube of lip gloss next. Lip gloss can be real sexy, Danielle. Makes your lips look fuller and extra kissable. This ones a high-shine gloss. Youll be glowing in the dark, baby. She applied the lip gloss to Dannys lips and stood back to admire her work. Ummmlooks sumptious, Danielle. The chimpanzee rump look is coming back.
    Lets do the eyes next, Danielle, sweetie. Eyes are important, maybe the most important thing. Thats why we have eye liner, eye shadow, eye lashes, curler, extensions, mascara, and eye brow shaper and pencil. Lots of things for the eyes. Its all about giving you big beautiful bedroom eyes, Danielle. She looked at Dannys blue eyes. You almost have that already, baby. She took out the eyeshadow brushes and colors. You can blend these colors like an artist, Danielle, to get the effect you want. Im putting pink on your eyelids, and blending it into blue to your brows. Looks nice with your blue eyes. Next, she added black eyeliner. The eyeliner goes close to the lashes to the corner of your eyes, Danielle. Then she tweezed Dannys eye brows. Danny wondered how permanent all this was and how quickly his brows would grow back. You look so feminine, Danielle. Definitely sexy eyes. She attached some long lashes and brushed mascara on them. This will give you that dolly look. You can bat those big lashes at the boys, hon. Let them know youre interested.
    She attached some clip-on gold hoops on his ears. Well have to get these pierced, she said, so you can have more choices and look more feminine. You dont want them falling off when you get intimate with the men.
    No way was Danny ever going to get intimate with any men. He just wanted to get out of there. Still, Danny couldnt believe all the things that went into looking feminine. He was impressed. No wonder girls took so long to get ready.
    Then she put the white leather mini on him and slipped the black open-toe high heel pumps on Dannys feet. She had him stand and he didnt dare move. His red toenails were on display and he felt like a mannequin in a store window.
    Hold still, hon. She wrapped a black velvet choker necklace around his neck and fastened it. This hides your Adams apple until its removed.
    Removed? Danny shuddered at the thought. But before then he planned to be out of there.
    She held up a tiny bottle of perfume from the makeup kit. The final touch, she said. She looked at it. HmmmObsession, nice scent. Reels the studs in for miles around. She put a little behind Dannys ears. Just a little dab will do ya, she said, laughing. This is powerful man bait.
    She held a mirror in front of him. Danny was stunned. He had become Daniellean alluring sweet-smelling blonde with shiny red kissable lips and thin arched eyebrows. A girls face, a girls figure, in girls clothes. Except with the mini, the camisole, the heels, the hose, he looked more like a streetwalkeror, a high-class whore.
    He couldnt believe the transformation. Hed heard about guys going to jail dressed as a man and coming out wearing a dress. Hed heard how guyswhite guys especiallyslight white guys like him even morehad become the obedient slut girlfriends to their black protectors so they could stay alive. But didnt all that take years? Hed only been there a day. He wouldnt just be wearing a dress when he got outhed be decked out in full fashion hose and corset with garters, glamour heels, with 38D bra, with full makeup and painted nails. And, the thing was, he felt exquisite. His whole body from head to toe oozed sensuality. His clitty was hard and pulsing and he felt so much like a girl he couldnt stand it. He had heard about such thingsboys being turned into girls. Could it be happening to him in front of his own eyes? It seemed so easy to turn him into a girl. The girl in the mirror wasnt just pretty, she looked like the kind of girl he wanted to fuck. But it was him! He wanted to fuck himself! How could this happen in a civilized place like Atlanta, Georgia?
    Thank her, Spike said.
    Thank you, Doris, Danny said, trance-like.
    My pleasure, Danielle, hon she said, smiling. Well do this again a few more times until you can do it yourself.
    Danny only half heard her because he was still marveling at his girlie appearance. The fact he was blushing ear to ear made him even more attractive.
    And thanks from me too, Doris, Spike said.
    Thank you, Spike. I can sure use the money.
    Theres plenty to go around, Spike said. And plenty more to come. Danielle heres hot to trot, dont you think?
    Yeah, Doris said. They will want to ravish her for sure.
    Thats the idea, he said. The sexier you make her, the more we make.
    Ive got some ideas for later, Doris said. Shell be dripping so much sex itll drive those animals up the wall. Theyll be cumming all over themselves.
    Or her, Spike said, laughing. Cant wait to see it, Doris. I like your style.
    Doris left him with Spike.
    Walk, Spike said. I want to see some wiggle.
    Danny tried walking in the heels, nearly toppling over several times. Spike caught him, and the corset kept his upper body straight.
    We need more wiggle, Danielle, Spike said. I know what will do it. Bend over.
    Danny did, not knowing what was coming.
    Spike took a small black butt plug and lubricated it, pulled Dannys panties down, and inserted the plug slowly and carefully until it popped into place in a blushing Danielle.
    There, that will help you wiggle, he said, patting him on the rear. Youll keep this in, Danielle, until were ready to replace it with a bigger one.
    Danny was humiliated, but he couldnt help but wiggle with that plug in place. In that whore outfit, wiggling felt like the right thing to do. The only thing he could do.
    Showtime, Spike declared, opening up the cell door.
    Danny hadnt noticed that Doris left it open when she went out.
    Walk down to the other end of the cell block and back, Spike said. Smile and wiggle all the way.
    Out there? Danny said, not believing what he had just heard.
    Itll give them a tease, Spike said. Up your value. Believe me, theyll be panting like rutting pigs in heat. He shoved Danny into the corridor. Dont worry, theyre locked down.
    Remember what I told you, Take small steps and put one foot directly in front of the other like a runway model. Feel your thighs rub together and wiggle that pussy ass. Thats your money maker. And dont forget to smile, he said. And dont get too close to them. Anybody grabs you and theyre toast, but dont let them grab you, okay? It reduces the number of customers.
    Danny stood there frozen.
    And go slow. Let them get a good look at you. You look ready to fuck, Danielle.
    He gave Danny a little shove and he took a step to keep from falling over.
    Here she comes, scumbags, Spike announced. The beautiful Danielle, our jail house sissy whore. But dont touch. This is just a taste of her delights. Any fucker wants a piece of this action will have to pay big time.
    Danny couldnt help but go slow in the heels, and couldnt help but wiggle with the runway-like walk and the plug. And Doris was right about the hose. They felt sensuous sliding up and down his smooth legs as he walked. Strutting in his heels, rubbing his thighs together, the swishing of the hose, his breasts poking outit was all turning him on. He knew he looked hot, like Danielle the streetwalker. All this made it easier for him to smile at the apes in the cages. If they wanted a show, he would give them a show. After all, they couldnt touch him. Thank God. He strutted down the corridor wiggling and smiling like a Broadway whore. The only thing he worried about was showing a bulge, and leaking. Good thing the mini-skirt was leather. It would hide a lot. He smiled when he realized he was already thinking like a girl.
    The apes went wild, rattling their cages, and shouting obscenities at him. Some even exposed themselves to him.
    Get over here, you fuckin bitch. Ill show you a real mans cock.
    Cmere cocksucker, get that ho mouth wrapped around this piece of sweet meat where it belongs.
    Waitll I get my hands on you, sweetheart. You gonna be my slut girl friend for life.
    It put an extra wiggle in his walk to know he was such a tease. They couldnt touch him and he had Spike to protect him. He smiled and licked his glossy red lips as he passed the sea of panting black faces. It was fun being a sexy girl.
    Theyll be no mercy when we get ahold of yo ass, a large black with a mean look said.
    Danny quickened his pace. He was getting more used to the heels. Why do women wear these things? He knew the answerto look and feel sexy. It was doing that to him too: shortening his step, giving him curves, pushing out his butt, making him wiggle.
    When he reached the last cell he saw a big Hispanic man smiling at him. The man didnt say anything. Just made some clicking noises and puckered his lips in a kiss toward Danny.
    Danny smiled back, licked his lips sensuously at the man, puckered a kiss back, then turned and reversed his path through the gauntlet. If anything, he strutted more, wiggled more, smiled and licked his lips more than he did on the first pass. If Spike wanted them in heat, then by God, there would be volcanic lava flowing in the corridor after this.
    He was exhausted when he got back to the cell. Spike was waiting, wringing his hands together.
    Good girl, Danielle, he said. You got those fuckers worked up. Its a good start.
    Danny was breathing hard. Good start? How could he get them more aroused than that? They were ready to jump all over Danielle. And they would have too, if it hadnt been for the bars. He just wanted to get out of these girlie clothes and go to bed. Tomorrow, Kimberly would get him out. He just knew it. He was innocent.
    But Spike had other ideas.

    To be continued...?
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    I think I will remove Atlanta from My list of places to visit :)
    Mistress Michelle
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    Georgia on Her Mind--Part VI

    Sorry, Mistress Michelle. That part was over the top. Atlanta is a great place--it's just those little speed trap suburbs You have to watch out for! Here's Part VI:

    Georgia on Her Mind--Part VI

    Danny carefully folded everything and placed them in a locker at the end of his bed. He was nearly undressed when Spike spoke up. I have another surprise for you, Danielle. Doris brought it by while you were strutting your stuff. Spike reached for a red bag sitting on the top bunk. It was from Fredericks of Hollywood. In all the excitement Danny hadnt noticed it.
    Spike pulled out a lime green lace-trimmed transparent babydoll nightie with matching thong panties and a pair of lace slippers with three-inch heels and a big green flower on each toe.
    Danny was in shock.
    Put this on, baby, and model it for me.
    Danny couldnt believe this but he was tired and wanted to go to bed. He did as he was told and slipped on the panties so the thong held in his butt plug. He pulled the babydoll over his head and tried to pull it down more, but it only covered half of his ass.
    Beautiful, Spike said. Twirl for me.
    Danny did a twirl for him in the center of the cell and the babydoll flared out like a little tent. His breasts poked out in front. They looked real. Its all about the visual, Doris had said.
    This is what youre going to wear every night from now on, Danielle honey. Babydolls. Ill have Doris get some more styles and colorspink, purple, blue, white, black.
    Danny was aghast, but he was too tired to protest.
    Put on those pretty slippers and walk for me, baby. I want to see your wiggle in that outfit.
    Danny did as he was told and paraded back and forth in the cell wiggling in front of Spike. The plug was still in so it accentuated his wiggle.
    Ummm, Spike said. We need to do something about that bulge.
    Danny looked down. He was hard and poking a little tent in the green thongs. He was turned on partly from his walk in front of the rude prisoners and partly from the sensuous babydoll he was wearing.
    Spike took some duct tape and tucked Dannys little clitty under and back, then taped it in place. There, he said, pulling Dannys panties up. Much better. Smooth and flat like a girl should be.
    Danny looked down again and couldnt believe what he saw. Without the bulge, he did look like a girl.
    Hate to waste all that wonderful makeup and those beautiful breasts and wiggly ass, Spike said. You look hot as hell, Danielle.
    Spikes eyes lit up. Lets show your lovers, he said. Theyll go wild over this.
    Lovers? Danny said.
    The other inmates, hon. Dont think of them as clients. Think of them as your lovers. Youll be more passionate that way. Besides, they soon will beall of them. Well, those that can pay. The quicker you realize that, the better off youll be, Danielle.
    He rapped the iron pipe on the door of the cell and it buzzed open. Did he own this place, or what? Spike seemed to be able to open the cell door anytime he wanted. Now, get out there again, he said. Priss, prance, wiggle, and show them your beddie bye outfit. He pushed Danny into the corridor teetering atop his heels in the sexy nightie.
    NopleaseI cant go like thisplease. Theyre going to want to
    Exactly, Spike said. I want them in a lather so hot for you theyll pay a Kings ransom. Now go. Okay, guys, he shouted down the corridor. Danielles getting ready for beddie bye and wants to say nighty nite to everyone. Here she comes. He pushed Danny down the corridor. Smile and wave at your lovers, he said, and blow them a kiss and say nighty nite as you go by.
    Danny was mortified. He didnt just look like a girl nowworse, he looked like a total whore. He was wearing thongs for Christs sake and his little clitty was taped up. The 38D breasts poked out of the nightie jiggling lewdly and showing off the erect nipples. The butt plug and heels put a real wiggle in his walk and his flat front looked just like a girls fuckable pussy. He took the walk of shame and tried his best to smile and blow kisses.
    As Spike predicted they went wild, rattling their cages like big horny apes, talking dirtier than before, telling Dannynow Daniellewhat they were going to do to her when they got her. He blew them kisses and said nighty nite as he wiggled by, trying to smile.
    Cmon, over here suga, lets go beddie bye.
    Ummmbabyyou lookin fine. Come wrap your cock-sucking lips around this.
    Im gonna rape your pussy ass into next week, you fuckin bitch whore.
    You my cunt slut now, you white trash ho. Come to papa, motherfucker.
    Danny was never more frightened or more excited. If it hadnt been for the tape he would have had a major boner. As it was, he knew he was leaking like a lubricating girl. These men were lusting after him. Him! Hed never been a lust object before and it strangely excited him.
    His heart was racing when he got back to Spikes cell. The animals were still raging and rattling their cages and Danny was sweating like hed just been gang fucked by the whole cell block.
    Okay, Danielle, you can go to bed now. Those horny fuckers are gonna be spankin their monkeys all night dreaming about you. You can take that plug out now.
    Danny was glad to hear that and he removed it carefully.
    Well replace it with this, Spike said, holding up a bigger onelonger and thicker. You need to stay in training. He spread some KY on it. I want you pre-lubed and plugged every night so youll be ready to serve.
    Danny felt the new plug stretching and filling him even more, but he was so tired at that point he could have slept with anything.
    When he pulled back the blanket to get in he noticed new sheets. Pink!
    Satin, Spike said. And the pillows white satin too. Doris thought they would be more sensual for you to sleep in with your nightie and give you proper girlie dreams.
    Danny couldnt believe he was going to be sleeping next to pink satin sheets, his head on a satin pillow, his skin as smooth as a girls, in a girls nightie with a butt plug fucking him all night long.
    This has to be a dream.
    Take this too, Spike said. He handed Danny something that looked like a pacifier, except it had a replica of a black cock attached. It was only about three inches long, but a good two inches in diameter. Its a lollipop for girls like you, Spike said. I expect it to be sucked down by morning. He put it in Dannys mouth. It stretched his lips into a big O and touched the back of his throat.
    And youll need these too, Spike said, attaching a headset to Dannys ears. Itll help you get a good nights sleep, Danielle, honey. Have sweet dreams. Tomorrow, itll be time to show them what youre good for.
    Danny was tired. He closed his eyes and slurped on the cock-shaped sucker. It tasted good. The tape began to play.
    A soft feminine voice sang over and over:

    Im just a silly girl, a silly silly girl,
    A tarty tittie, flighty, flitty, silly wittle girl,
    Im just a dolly girl, a piece of candy girl,
    A Barbie bunny, yummy cummy, bibble bubble girl,
    I want to suck and fuck and tease and please and flirt,
    Makes my itty bitty cocky clitty leaky creamy spurt

    The next morning Danny didnt remember what he dreamt about, but he had one of the most peaceful dreamy nights of sleep he could ever recall. He felt like silky fingers were caressing his smooth skin all night. The cock-sucker had tasted good, like ambrosia. He almost wanted more of it. And he was in a jail cell dressed as a girl!
    Shower time,Spike said.
    Danny slipped out of the satin sheets. He removed his nightie, then realized that the breasts were still attached. How do I?
    Cant remove em til Doris comes, Spike said. Assuming she brings the solvent with her.
    B-but, I cant go like this.
    Sure you can, Danielle. Girls have breasts dont the? And youre a girl. Everybody here knows it.
    Danny hoped Doris would come soon. Otherwise, hed be going to the shower and to breakfast wearing breasts.
    She didnt come.
    After breakfast and his usual body shave and humiliating rubdown by Big Rufus, Doris came and got Danny ready for another walk of shame in his streetwalker outfit. Only this time, Spike made him also take the elevator up to cell block B and strut his stuff down that corridor too. He wondered if Spikes intimidating influence extended to B-Block. They were even wilder up there and Danny feared for his life. They were meaner and rougher looking, all covered in scars and tattoos and who knows what else. If anything, they were as dirty as the filthiest biker gang. He didnt think he would actually be glad to get back to A-Block. He was exhausted again, more from the volume of jeering and obscene cat calls than anything. They left no doubt in his mind what would happen if they got hold of him.
    He needed to get ready to see Kimberly.
    You cant see your visitor dressed like that, Danielle, Spike said.
    No, I cant, Danny agreed. He started to take off his wig.
    Not that, Spike said. The skirttake it off. It makes you look like a whore.
    Danny thought that was the point, but he removed his mini-skirt and expected Spike to help him out of the corset. Instead, Spike held up something in front of him.
    This, he said. will make you more ladylike.
    Dannys jaw dropped. It was a black satin mini dressa very elegant number with built-in bra and spaghetti straps. Spike removed the camisole and slipped it over Dannys head and smoothed it down. It was short but not as short as the miniabout mid-thigh. It fit perfectly over the corset, hid the top of his hose, and gave him a nice figure and cleavage effect.
    There, now you can see your visitor.
    Youre kidding! Danny said. Not like this. I cant let her see me like thisa dress, hose, heels, corset, wig, and makeup. Ive got boobs for Christs sake. Spikepleasewhat will she think?
    Shell think youre beautiful, Danielle. You need to show her what you are, who youve become in here. Youre Danielle and thats what you need to tell her. Thats what youd better tell her.
    A guard appeared at the cell door. He was a different one. Is the word out already? There was no time for Danny to talk Spike out of it. Danielle Simpson, you have a visitor. The guard snickered as he looked at Danny in the little black dress all made up. You must be Danielle, he said, smiling. Lets go, sweetie. He grabbed Danny by the hand like a girl and pulled him unsteadily on his heels into the corridor.
    I cant, Danny said. I cant do this. Not dressed like a girl. He tried to appeal to Spikes mercy as the guard dragged him down the corridor to a flurry of obscenities and wolf whistles from the caged animals desperate to ravish him.
    The guard took Danny directly to the little search closet just outside the visitor reception. He couldnt threaten to expose Danny to Kimberly as a girl, since he was clearly dressed as a girl. So he threatened something worse. He would reveal him as a cocksucker by having him give a blowjob that would smear his lipstick and leave him with a cum-stained dress. He would have to visit Kimberly with cum on his face. There would be no doubt about what he had been doing. Danny pleaded.
    Pleaselet me give you a handjob.
    No, the guard said. I want what the other guards are getting. They said youre a good cocksucker.
    I am, Danny said. But let me do you on the way out. Ill be really really good.
    Wont work, the guard said. A different guard is collecting you. Hell want his treat too.
    Danny tried to think. He was desperate and starting to panic. There was only one thing he could think of and he was hoping the guard wouldnt go for it.
    Please fuck me, he said. Im a virgin.
    The guard smiled. Danny turned around and bent over so he wouldnt mess up his hose on the floor. He raised his dress to his hips exposing his pink frillies to the guard. He thought if he acted like a wanton whore, it would turn the guard off.
    Please, he begged. Youre the first. I want to feel your big dick in my pussy. He backed up and rubbed his ass on the guards crotch like he thought a whore might do.
    Please fuck me, honey. Ill be your own private whore. Please
    He felt the guard hesitating. Maybejust maybe.
    But the guard couldnt take any more. He grabbed some lube that had been stashed in the closetprobably for this purposeand squirted it into Danny to prepare him for his fucking.
    Danny panicked again. He was really going to do it! He tried to stand up but the guard pushed him down and finished the lubing. It felt cold and slippery. When he was ready he penetrated Danny easily. Danny was mortified. Luckily, the guard wasnt very big and it was all over in two minutes. Only time enough for a little pain.
    Danny hoped Spike wouldnt find out he had been violated as he pulled up his panties and straightened his dress.
    Kimberlys mouth flew open in shock as Danny, now Danielle, sat down in front of her. Danny felt himself blushing bright red and couldnt speak. This time he wasnt just wearing panties and hose. He was wearing that plus a dress and heels, fake boobs, a blonde wig, and was fully made up. Not to mention hed just been freshly fucked like a girl by the guard and sissy pussy was sloshing with lube and cum. He tightened his butt to keep from leaking and his lipsticked mouth opened, but he couldnt speak. Kimberly was still in shock and was staring at him like he was an alien who had just stepped off a visiting space craft.
    Dannywhats going on, Danny? Or, should I call you Danielle?
    Iuhin here, Im Danielle, Danny said Its a protection thing. It keeps me safe.
    You have boobs, she said. Bigger than mine. Does that keep you safe?
    Danny blushed. Just temporary, he said. They like to play dress-up in here.
    So the pictures are real then? I didnt believe them.
    Danny was taken aback. Pictures? What pictures?
    You know. Kimberly looked embarrassed and lowered her voice, leaning forward. Pictures of you, as Danielle, with other menother inmates.
    What? Danny said. How?
    They said they were taken with a cell phone camera. The quality wasnt that good and I couldnt be sure. I didnt want to believe them. So that was really you? Dressed like a little whore, parading in front of the inmates? So its true what theyre saying?
    Danny could sense anger welling up inside her. WellI had tohad to protect myself, honey, he said, trying to think fast. Listen, hon, theres some very bad men in here. Killers. Im trying to survive.
    So Rufus and the others are part of that, part of your survival plan, DanDanielle?
    No. I meanwell, yessort of. Its just temporary, hon, until you can get me out of here.
    So you dont mind if Im getting fucked all over our honeymoon suite by a black mountain man, while youre in here playing sissy girl?
    No, please, honthats the last thing I want. Its just thatits just that
    Just that what? Just that you want to save your sissy ass? I thought you were a man, DannyDanielle. I thought I was marrying a man, not a pathetic little sissy. At least I get to know what a real mans cock feel like. Now I dont feel so bad fucking that black man, Rufus. In fact, I think Im going to enjoy it even more from now on.
    Did you know I extended the honeymoon suite for another 30 days, hoping there would still be time for us to enjoy it when you got out? This is going to cost you a bundle, Danielle.
    NoI should be out of here
    Not any time soon, Danielle. Im going to be out there having the time of my life while youre in here playing sissy girl whore. Have you seen some of those men, Danielle. Ill bet you have, up close and personal. Ill bet youre a good little sissy girl for them, Danielle.
    Nopleaseyouve got to understand
    Whats to understand? She motioned for the guard against the wall to come over.
    Yes, maam, he said. What can I do for you?
    Whats your name? she asked.
    Dawson, he said. Sergeant Dawson.
    I just want to know, Sergeant Dawson, do you find my sissy husband attractive?
    Dawson looked Danny up and down and smiled. Well, yes, he said. We dont get many like heruh, him, in here.
    Sit down next to himher, she said. I want to see the contrast.
    Dawson sat next to Danny on the bench and scooted against him until their legs touched. He was big man, at least a head taller than Danny, and had a rugged athletic look to match his muscular body. Danny was afraid to move.
    Look at that, she said. Next to him you look like his little girlfriend or wife, dont you, Danielle?
    No, no, Danny protested. Im not
    Kiss him, she said, nodding toward Dawson. I want to see. Like in the pictures.
    Dannys face flushed.
    What? Here? NoKimberlypleaseI cantnot here.
    Is it okay? she asked the guard.
    Okay by me, Dawson said. Wont hurt anything. He put his arm around Dannys waist and puckered his lips.
    Danny pleaded. Pleasedont make me do this. PleaseKimberlyhoney
    Do it, she said. Now, or you wont get any more help from me to get you out of here.
    Danny shook. He had little choice. He knew he could do this, but it was embarrassing as hell to do it in front of Kimberly and anyone else who might be watching. He looked at the guard, then leaned in to give him a quick peck and get it over with.
    But Dawson had other ideas. He pulled Danny tight to him and began French kissing him in front of Kimberly. Danny tried to pull away but couldnt. Dawson held him in an iron grip. Dannys eyes widened as Dawson removed his hand from his knee and ran it up under his skirt. It slid under his panties and came to rest on his clitty. Danny was in shock. He didnt think Kimberly could see that since it was under the table. Dawson began stroking him.
    My, God, hes trying to make me cum in front of Kimberly!
    Danny finally managed with great effort to disentangle his lips from the guards. He was breathing hard. Dawson still had an arm around Dannys waist and his other hand under Dannys skirt. He grinned at Danny as he masturbated him harder and faster under the table.
    Danny couldnt do anything about it. He tried to control his breathing to look normal. But he was on fire and he knew he wouldnt be able to hold out. The guard leaned in and whispered in Dannys ear. His breath was hot. Cum for me bitch!
    He needed to cum, he wanted to cum, but not here, not now, not like this in front of Kimberly. His eyes started to glaze over as the guard stroked him. He didnt want to look Kimberly in the eye. Not like this.
    Look at you, she said. You look like a love-struck girl.
    Danny bit his lip and rolled his eyes as the guard made him cum under his skirt in his panties. He squeezed and stroked and drained every last ounce of cum out of him.
    Finally, after what seemed to be forever, the guard removed his hand, but to Dannys horror he saw white globs of cum sticking to his fingers. He stuck a cum-coated finger in Dannys mouth. Danny took it quickly so Kimberly wouldnt see the cum. The guard stuck every one of his fingers in Dannys lipsticked mouth for cleaning.
    My God, Kimberly said. You are a slut. It must be true what they are saying. Thank you, Sergeant Dawson for opening my eyes.
    My pleasure, maam, Dawson said. He looked at Danny and smiled. Ill be back to collect you shortly, sweet cakes. He got up and resumed his guard position against the wall, grinning like a satisfied cat.
    I wouldnt have believed it if I hadnt seen it with my own eyes. Youre a total whore.
    Iyoudont understand, he finally said. His heart was racing and he was sure that his face was turning multiple shades of red. He was still leaking into his panties and he worried that it would stain his dress. He reached under his skirt discreetly to tuck himself.
    Whats to understand? she said. Ill bet youre going to suck his cock as soon as I leave, arent you, Danielle?
    No, noits not what you think.
    Not what I think? I think you want to be a girl. Things have changed as of now. You want to be Daniellefine, youll be Danielle, the little sissy girl whore, and Ill have all the real men I want whenever I want.
    Noplease Dannys eyes were tearing up.
    Two minutes, the guard announced.
    Do you know what he makes me do, Danielle?
    Danny looked up, his eyes wide.
    He makes me suck his toes and lick his ass before he fucks me. Degrading me turns him on. Do you like that?
    Nonothis is awful. Youve got to get me out of here. Weve got to
    He wants to visit me every night like Im his wife. He says he plans to bring friends too, and Ill have to suck and fuck and talk dirty to them just like I do with him. Do you want that, Danielle?
    Ill tell them they can have me whenever they want. In fact, Ill tell them they can have you whenever they want. How would that be, Danielle? You would like that wouldnt you?
    That would betheyre already
    They already have you whenever they want, dont they? Ill bet youre a good little prison whore, Danielle.
    Danny decided to tell her. I belong to Spike, he said. He protects me. But I have to pay for it. He plans to rent me out for money. I have to perform oror else
    One minute, the guard said.
    He took me and gave you to the guards, so they give him what he wants. A bone for a bone, he says.
    Im seeing some good boners, Danielle, and I think Im going to see some more. This has really opened my eyes.
    Please, honits not as if Im cheating on youIve got to get out of here.
    Ten seconds.
    Why? This looks like a good arrangement to me. Maybe we should do this a while longer. Maybe I like what Im getting. Maybe you really want to be a girl, Danielle. Maybe we need some time to think about this.
    Noplease understand
    Hed heard of pressure put on inmates to make their wives available to the other prisoners for conjugal visits. But this was different. His new bride Kimberly was being made available full time to a black dumb ox of a prison guard, in their honeymoon suite no less. Meanwhile, he was available to the prisoners and the guards as a sissy whore.
    Fix your makeup, she said. Youre a mess. If youre going to be a girl, at least have some pride.
    Times up. A guard grabbed Danny by the elbow, hung up the phone, and winked at Kimberly. She smiled back and puckered her lips at him as he hauled Danielle away.

    To be continued...?
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    Very very good dollyanne!!
    Mistress Michelle
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    Georgia on Her Mind--Part VII

    Thank You, Mistress Michelle! Here's Part VII:

    Georgia on Her Mind--Part VII

    Ready for your search, Danielle? Dawson said. In here. He shoved him into the search room. You got me good and horny out there, he said. Finish what you started.
    Danny felt ashamed to allow himself to be degraded like this and turned into a common whore. But what choice did he have? So he did as he was told, and Dawson came quickly. Danny swallowed it all and licked it up so he wouldnt get it on his dress or in his hair.
    Damn good, Dawson said, zipping up. Bettern most whores Ive had. Your wife is right, youre a real slut. Ill pass the word.
    Danny was horrified. He realized he was getting a reputation for being a good cocksucker and now hed be doing every guard in the place. It was not a skill he had expected to develop, but he felt a small amount of pride in being better than most whores.
    Youre a mess, Spike said, when Danny returned to the cell. Look at your makeup. Your lipstick is smeared all over your face.
    Danny stared into the steel mirror and was shocked. He looked like a whore who had just given a sloppy blow job. And the truth was, he had. But he hadnt realized how messed up he was, like a cheap slut. He lowered his head.
    It was a guard, wasnt it? Spike said.
    Y-yes, Danny said. He gave me no choice.
    Well, guards are free, Danielle, but I dont want you to look like youre doin 'em for free. Itll cheapen you. Thats what you have that purse and compact and makeup for.
    Danny felt sheepish. He hadnt thought.
    Next time you fix yourself up, Spike said, before you come back here. I want you looking hot at all times for your lovers.
    Sorry, Danny said. He still looked down. He shouldnt have disappointed Spike. Kimberly was right, he needed to start taking pride in his appearance.
    Dont let it happen again, Spike said. Put on your nightie and get some rest before lunch.
    Danny did, though the lunch bell rang before hed barely closed his eyes.
    That night after dinner Spike was beaming. You have your first date, he said.
    Date? Danny had a worried look.
    Yeah, Manny, the spic in A-3 down at the other end. Drug dealer. Supplies the guards for free. Hes trading coke for you.
    W-what? Cokefor me?
    Thats right. Dont get your panties in a dither. All he wants is fifteen minutes of kissy feely and maybe a little thigh fucking. Paying five grams. Good deal, dont you think? We have to pay for these nice things you know.
    Trust meits good. He heard about your performance in the yard. That was good advertising, Danielle.Youd better come through, its our first deal. Put on your green nightie, the panties and slippers, and get made up now.
    No butsdo it now. Doris showed you.
    Danny hesitated. Spike reached under his mattress and pulled out a thin stick about three feet long. Dannys eyes widened. Spike whipped it through the air.
    Nice cane, dont you think? Spike said. I havent had to use this on you yet. Bend over and grab your ankles, girl. Lets see if it still has some sting in it.
    Danny had second thoughts immediately. Ill do it, he said quickly in his best girly voice. No need for that.
    Bend over I said. I want you to know what this feels like. Youll learn not to hesitate next time. He flexed the cane and ripped it through the air again. Danny winced at the sound. He bent over, grabbed his ankles, and braced himself. He wasnt ready when the first blow came.
    Another blow landed on Dannys opposite ass cheek.
    Danny tried not to cry out. His eyes watered from only two blows.
    Spike whipped the cane hard on both ass cheeks with rapid machine-gun-like strikes.
    Please Danny pleaded. "Oh, God...please..."
    You gonna obey me without hesitation, Danielle?
    Yes, Danny said.
    Spike landed another blow and Danny jumped. Yes, what?
    Yes, sir, Danny said.
    Spike put his hand on Dannys ass with his big thumb at his opening. This is your pussy, Danielle. Its what youll call it from now on. You dont use it for any purpose without asking permission from me. Okay?
    Okay, Danny said, hoping not to get another blow with the cane. He hoped Spike wouldnt find out that his pussy had already been used by the guards.
    Spike reached under and cupped Dannys little package, giving it a squeeze. And this is your clitty. Its what youll call it. Its what it always has been and always will be. Its not big enough to be a real cock, is it? Danny bit his lower lip trying not to get a hard-on from Spikes hand. He was afraid to move.
    No, sir, he said. Spike literally had him by the balls.
    Youll see some real cocks, some real big dicks in here, Danielle, and youll be proud of your little clitty and especially proud of how your tight sweet pussy can be used to please real cocks.
    Spike removed his hand. You dont shit or piss, Danielle. Girls dont do that. Girls dont use the toilet, the bathroom or the restroom. He put his hand on the dirty sink basin. This is the Powder Room, he said. And that, he said, pointing to the commode, that is the Little Girls Room.
    Danny nodded, still bent over and looking at him upside down.
    Youll ask to go to the Powder Room if you need to freshen your makeup, or to the Little Girls Room if you need to powder your pussy or clitty. Got that?
    Yes, sir, Danny said.
    Say it then, Spike said.
    May I go to the Little Girls Room? Danny asked.
    Spike gave Dannys ass a stinging blow with the cane. No, dammit. Its May Danielle go to the Little Girls Room to powder her pussy? Say it.
    Danny repeated it several times until Spike was satisfied.
    You do not touch that clitty, Spike said. I see you touch it, I cut it off. You do not rub it, you do not stroke it, you do not lay a finger on it. Its only for use by others, to play with if they want. Its only for others to stroke and feel, not you. You will learn to cum without touching your clitty. You will learn to cum like a girl, like a slut. Thats the only way you will get your jollies from now on, Spike whipped the cane through the air, making Danny flinch. Or, if youre lucky, when your clitty is rubbed and stroked by your lovers, Danielle. And you will cum only if and when they want you to. You may beg them to play with your clitty, Danielle, and they may or may not. But you will learn to beg well, or you wont get relief. Ever. Youre a girl now.
    Danny was shaking.
    Get over there to the Powder Room and make yourself as pretty as you can, put on the fresh green nightie, and prance and wiggle down there to Mannys cell like the whore you are. You give Manny the best kissy feely you can.
    He struck him again. Understand?
    Danny jumped from the blow. Yes, sir, I understand, he said. Tears rolled down his cheeks and his ass was covered in bright red stripes.
    Now get your ass in gear.
    Danny got up, thankful the ordeal was over, went to the Powder Room and quickly touched up his makeup as best he could, put on his blonde wig and gold hoop earrings, slipped into his transparent green nightie and matching thong panties. He actually felt proud of his new skill to make himself pretty. He was putting on his black heels when Spike interrupted him.
    No, wear the green slippersthe lace ones with the three-inch heels and the green flower on the toe. Youll look cuter.
    Danny put them on and stood up for Spikes inspection. He was expecting Spike to tape his clitty back, but he didnt.
    Put some cream on your bare legs. I want them to be extra smooth and soft. And, plug yourself. I dont want that bastard getting any ideas.
    Danny lubed and inserted the plug and rubbed the creama combination of aloe and cocoa butteron his legs and thighs and on his stinging ass cheeks too. It felt good and smelled good too, like a girl.
    Now remember, he didnt pay for a blowjob or a pussy fuck, so as much as you might be tempted, dont do that. Okay?
    Danny nodded, knowing there was no way hed be tempted.
    And dont touch him with your hands. Everything else is fair game. Kiss him like you mean it and let him feel whatever he wants. Now, go.
    Danny felt more than naked, he felt vulnerable and exposed without his girl clothes holding his flesh in. The corset, the hose, the ruffled panties and bra served as a kind of barrier, a protection. But not now. He was wearing thongs and a short babydoll that only covered half his ass, and his little clitty wasnt even taped up. His breasts and nipples stuck out obscenely and he concentrated hard not to tent his thong, but all he managed to do was to create an embarrassing wet spot. He rubbed his naked thighs together as he walked, putting one foot directly in front of the other like Spike taught him. His skin felt smooth and soft from the cream. He tried to purse his red glossy lips into a sexy smile. His ass jounced and wiggled as he strutted like a model. His breasts jiggled. He couldnt help it. The plug, the heels, the rubbing of his thighs together was turning him on. He felt fuckable.
    He wiggled as fast as he could toward cell A-3. He tried to smile at the black men he passed, but they were all up front rattling their bars and yelling at him. Nasty obscene things that he didnt even want to think about. Some had their cocks out. He tried not to look but he couldnt help but notice how big they were. Every one he could see made him feel like a little boy. They taunted him as he jiggled past. His clitty shrunk from fear, then got hard again as he rubbed his thighs together. The wet stain in the front of his thongs grew.
    Whores beggin for a good fuck, someone yelled.
    Yeah, its fuck the slut time. Come here sluttie, sluttie.
    Cmere bitch, Get your supper right here ho. Some fat meat for yo pussy ass.
    You wanna suck on this, baby?
    Danny hurried trying to block out the noise. He finally arrived at cell A-3. Manny was waiting for him smiling, his barrel chest shirtless, his muscles hard and bulging. Danny froze about three feet away from the bars. His heart raced. Manny was a big Hispanic man, attractive, in a rugged way, with wavy black hair, brown hairless chest, and muscular tattooed arms. He was alone in the cell.
    Hi, Danielle, Manny said with a grin. He gestured in a loop with his fingers. Twirl for me little chica.
    Danny hesitated, then twirled around once letting the babydoll fly out. He blushed.
    Nice, Manny said, showing his white teeth. Come closer, la puta. We dont have much time.
    Danny moved a foot closer. He thought he was still out of range, but he wasnt. Mannys long arm darted out and grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him hard against the bars. Mannys other hand cupped his ass cheek.
    Danny reached out and held on to the bars to brace himself. He tried to pull away, but Manny was too strong.
    Youre a shy one, Manny said. I like my girls shy. Bet youve never been kissed.
    Danny was speechless. Manny brought Dannys face flush against the bars and started kissing him hard on his red lips. Danny was aghast, but he couldnt move. Mannys lips were wet and his long tongue snaked into Dannys mouth. His eyes widened in shock. Mannys other hand grabbed a chunk of Dannys ass cheek and pulled him closer. He breath was smoky-sweet. Manny brought his other hand down and dropped his pants. He was naked! And hard!
    Manny held Danny in the kiss and grabbed Dannys thighs with both hands, pulling his legs apart and lifting him off the floor. Danny held on to the bars for dear life. Manny rubbed his cock against Dannys clitty through his panties. He thrusted and rubbed, thrusted and rubbed, dry-fucking him. Despite trying not to, Danny was getting hard! Mannys cock slipped underneath Dannys panty leg and went inside. He was bucking against him, big hard cock against little leaking clitty. Mannys kiss became more passionate, more desperate. He ripped Dannys nightie.
    God, hes going to come!
    Mannys finger went perilously close to Dannys pussy. Then it slipped in! Danny gasped. It slid in deeper. Manny was fucking him with his finger on one end and his cock on the other. Danny was plastered against the bars splayed out like a green bug in heat. He fucked back like a girl possessed.
    Anyone watching would have seen a panicked, nearly naked girl in a torn green babydoll nightie being totally defiled through the bars by a muscular Hispanic bent on cumming.
    Finally, Manny came. Strong spurts of cum shot onto Dannys panties and his stomach. Manny thrust his finger hard and deep into Dannys pussy and Danny came too, mixing his cum with Mannys. They stayed locked like two mating praying mantis bugs, twitching cock to clitty for a full minute. Manny kissed and nibbled and sucked on Dannys neck, giving him hickeys. Danny couldnt believe he came like that, without even touching himself, like a girl. Like Spike wanted him to. Fuck!
    That was good Chiquita! he said. I think I will want to use you often. He had something in his hand. It looked like a knotted condom filled with cum. Hold still, he said. This is Spikes payment. I put a little extra in there for you. A tip. He smiled and held Danny tight to the bars. Then he reached around and inserted it in Dannys pussy pushing it in as far as it would go. Dannys eyes widened in shock and humiliation. The coke!
    There, Manny said, when he got it in as far as he could. You make a good courier. He smacked Danny on the ass. Im sure Spike will want to rent you out as a courier. Dont get caught, girl. Or theyll put you in the hole. He released his grip on Dannys thighs and lowered him to the floor. He pulled something out of his pants and before Danny could resist he thrust it into his mouth.
    Swallow, Manny said. Its a little something to make you feel good. He did.
    Danny could barely move. His legs felt like rubber. The muscles in his arms quivered. He knew his makeup was a mess and cum was on his nightie, in his panties, and running down his legs. Droplets of white cum were splattered on the floor around him. And he was carrying five grams of coke in his pussy. He didnt want to be seen like this, but he had no choice. He had to run the gauntlet of jeering animals to get back to Spike in A-25. A long way. He just wanted to fly there.
    Take them off, Manny said. Danny looked at him puzzled. The panties, take them off.
    Danny stood there like a frightened animal. He felt totally degraded. Manny reached out and seized Dannys panties in his huge fist and in one giant pull ripped them off. Danny could smell the cumhis and Mannys soaking the panties.
    II c-cant go back like this, he said. He stood there naked except for the transparent nightie, covered in cum, running in rivulets down his leg.
    You want them back, you come get them, Manny said.
    Danny felt a warm glow all over from the pill. He stepped toward Manny. You feeling good yet, chica? I think you are, I can tell.
    Dannys vision was blurred. His lips felt tingly and amorous.
    Kiss me, Danielle, and Ill give them back. Kiss me like you want me, darling.
    Danny moved closer, leaned in and gave him a little peck.
    Manny laughed. You call that a kiss? Come on, baby.
    Times up, Danielle, Spike yelled from the other end of the corridor. Get your pussy ass back here.
    Come on, baby, Manny said. Give Manny a big good bye kiss. Manny puckered his lips. You know you want to, honey.
    Danny leaned in again and kissed him full on the mouth. Danny worked his lips against his, opened his mouth wide, and curled his tongue around Mannys. He gave him a wet, hungry French kiss. Manny put his finger in him again pushing it in deep, then pulled away.
    Ummmthats better. You want Manny bad dont you, girl? He handed him the cum soaked panties.
    Danny flew down the corridor, despite the heels, despite the coke in his pussy, holding the wet panties against his little clitty with one hand, and trying to keep his boobs from jiggling with the other. He ran through a hail of obscenities, looking more like a frightened girl than ever.
    When he got to Spikes cell he ducked inside and tried to calm his breathing. His chest pounded like a locomotive and he was covered in cum and sweat.
    Looks like the big spic got his moneys worth, Spike said, looking him over. Danny was shaking. He couldnt speak. Hed never been so humiliated or gotten so excited. He came without touching himself for Chrissake!
    Do you have the payment? Spike asked.
    Danny remembered the coke and nodded.
    On the bed, legs up. Spike said. Danny got into the humiliating position. To Dannys horror, Spike reached in and extracted the coke with his long fingers.
    Good girl, Spike said. Close your eyes. Danny did. When Spike told him to open them again the coke was gone.
    Come here, Spike said. Danny went to him and put his head on Spikes chest. His head was spinning and he felt like he was floating on a cloud. Spike held him in his massive arms like a little girl, to steady him, and Danny sobbed into his muscular chest. Now, now, Spike said, hugging him. You did good, girl. Youve got to get cleaned up and ready for bed, honey. Weve got a big day tomorrow. Danny put his arms around Spike and held him tight. Whoa, Spike said, He gave you some coke, didnt he, baby? Danny nodded. Shouldve known. Bet youre feeling damn good about now.
    Danny felt warm and safe and looked up at Spike with glazed over bedroom eyes. Fuck me, he said.
    And Spike did.

    To be continued...?
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    This just gets better and better!!
    Mistress Michelle
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    Georgia on Her Mind--Part VIII

    You are very kind, Mistress Michelle. Thank You for the encouragement! Here's Part VIII:

    Georgia on Her Mind--Part VIII

    The next morning Danny dreamt he was riding on a train. The sleeper birth rocked back and forth to the rhythm of the tracks. He opened his eyes and saw Spikes outline shaking him.
    Wake up, Danielle. Shower time. We cant be late.
    Dannys head felt like a water balloon about to pop. His arms and legs had turned to heavy stone. He didnt want to move. The cock sucker in his mouth was totally sucked down. He was wearing his nightie and the large butt plug. He couldnt remember all the events of the previous night, but random images flashed through the circuits of his brain. In them he was a smiling whore getting fucked into eternity.
    He spoke with a slur. Cant I jus lie eer and sleep?
    No. We gotta get a move on. New customers are waiting. Words out about you, Danielle. You were hot last night. We got to capitalize.
    Capitalize, Danny repeated, not knowing what he was saying.
    Spike lifted him up and dressed a dazed and groggy Danny for the showers in his jumpsuit. He left the butt plug in. You were wild last night, Danielle. Dont you remember? You were flying high on a cocaine pill that bastard Manny gave you after he used you like a whore. Youll have a little headache today is all. Youll be fine once we get you under some hot water and get some coffee in you.
    The guard, Big Rufus, was at the showers again smiling ear to ear. He gave Spike the shaving gel, razor and several loofa sponges with soap. Have fun, he said, leering at Danny.
    Spike put Danny under the hot water and steam and life oozed back into his pores. He felt lighter and could breathe deeper. Though his body hair hadnt grown much, Spike shaved Danny anyway. A girl needs to stay silky smooth, Spike said. He used one of the loofas with the scented soap on Danny and Danny felt his circulation coming back. Now, do me, Spike said. Danny lathered up the loofa with the soap and ran it over Spikes body.
    Slower, more sensuous, Danielle, Spike said.
    Danny slowed down and tried to be more sensual.
    Get all my orifices, Danielle, he said. Get them clean. The underarms, the groin and the feet and ass are the dirtiest areas on the body, Spike said. Do the groin first. Danny did and Spikes big spike got iron hard. Thats it, Danielle. Easy and slow. Youre a natural.
    Danny blushed with Spikes big rod pointed out so obscenely and got a small erection himself.
    Manny came in and smiled at Danny. Hows my little chica this morning?
    Danny didnt speak. He kept on washing Spike.
    Aye, Chihuahua, he said, staring at Spikes boner. Next time Ill have to buy a wash
    Next time you pay double, Spike said. Manny shrugged, like paying double meant nothing to him.
    Three naked black men filed in, filling the shower stalls. Two black brothers, James and Leon, came over to the showers opposite Danny and Spike. Were ready, James said. Send her over here.
    Spike gave Danny two fresh loofas and the soap. They bought a wash and were still negotiating on a visit to their cell tonight, he said. Do them sensuously, Danielle. Dont make them cum, but get them close, okay. I want them so hot for you theyll pay triple if I ask.
    Danny stood there holding the loofas, still in a drug induced haze. Spike shoved him toward James and Leon. On your knees, James said. A slut like you gotta learn her place in life.
    Yeah, Leon said. On your knees, bitch.
    Danny sank to his knees in front of the big black men and lathered up the loofas.
    He started on James chest first until Leon piped up. Do us together, he said. You got two hands.
    So Danny kneeled between them on the wet concrete of the shower floor and sponged their muscular chests with each hand. The contrast between the white soap and black skin was striking. There bodies were chiseled and ripped, their skin hairless and shiny, their deltoids and shoulders heavily developed. They were clearly athletes, weight lifters, or both. He worked his way down to their pubic area and lingered there a little longer and slower, giving them a good tease like a girl would do.
    It had the desired effect. They started getting hard at the same time.
    He moved quickly to their legs and feet, then to their arms, and had them turn around to get their backs. When he got their rear ends he played around a little, bringing the sponges slowly down their crack and underneath to their balls, then slowly back up. When they turned around again their big cocks were jutting out like steel rods at a forty-five degree angle. He marveled at their size and power and wondered if he was getting penis envy like a girl. Why couldnt he be equipped like that? He started sponging along the length of their shafts and noticed they both closed their eyes. He lathered up some more and squeezed and stroked. He was having an effect on them and he felt the power. Is this what girls feel? Their cock heads were getting swelled and shiny and he thought they might be getting close, so he stopped. Their eyes popped open at the same time.
    You aint done, bitch, James said. Whatd you stop for?
    Shes done, Spike said. You guys want more, you gotta pay more.
    Damn, Leon said, Were gettin ripped off.
    Spike leaned down and whispered something in Dannys ear. Danny shook his head and lowered his eyes, but Spike said, Do it, Danielle. He turned to James and Leon. I want you boys to have a little taste on me. Do it, Daniellenow.
    From the tone in Spikes voice, Danny knew hed better do it. He leaned toward James, kissed the tip of his cock, then put his mouth over the head and held it there, squeezing and tonguing in place for about 10 seconds. Then he withdrew and did the same thing to Leon. They both moaned. Damn, girl, Leon said. Thats what Im talking about.
    Thats it, Spike said, pulling Danny away. All you get unless you want to pay for a visit.
    James conferred with his brother then looked down at Danny.
    You wanna be our slutty little fuck toy tonight, missy?
    Danny was scaredscared to say yes, scared to say no. He didnt move. Spike leaned over and whispered to Danny. Say it, Danielle. Its what they want to hear. Say it loud and clear.
    Danny hesitated then saw Spikes clenched fists. He lowered his eyes and looked at the feet of the black men. I want to be your fuck toy, he said.
    Whats that baby girl? You wanna be what? Leon said, cupping his ear like he couldnt hear.
    Danny shouted so loud he thought even Rufus could hear over the sound of the showers. I want to be your slutty little fuck toy tonight!
    Believe me little dolly, you will be, James said. That and more.
    James turned to Spike. All right, he said. Well buy her ass for tonight. But we want it all, no holes barred.
    Yeah, we know youve done had her, Leon said.
    Had me? How could that have happened? Unlesshe looked at Spike, wondering.
    Thatll cost you double, Spike said.
    They conferred again. Danny felt like a piece of merchandise being haggled over.
    All right, but we want her the whole night, James said.
    Spike hesitated, then said, Triple and you just bought yourself a sissy whore fuck toy for the night.
    Dannys mouth opened in disbelief. Spike was selling him to these black brutes for the whole night. Lord knows what indecencies he would have to endure. And he would have no choice but to obey them. They could rip him apart with one hand, probably with one finger.
    Done, James said, smiling. Clean the bitch up and bring her around after supper. We want her pretty in pink.
    Whatd they mean, you had me? Danny asked Spike on the way out.
    Last night, you asked me to fuck you, Danielle. So, I did. You were more than ready. You liked it. Responded like a girl. I would have sworn youd done it before. Told me you loved me. He added, The whole cell block heard it.
    Dannys face was beet red. I dont remember
    You were drugged, Spike said.
    Drugged? How could
    Manny, he said. Hes a drug dealer, remember? Ill give you some of Mannys stuff before I deliver you to these bastards, so youll be all right. You probably wont even remember them.
    Danny had a hunch he was going to remember them all right, remember them big time. But no way was he going to tell them he loved them.
    Big Rufus was waiting for them to exit the shower, beaming more than usual. He took extra time searching Danny and rubbing him down and made sure to give him a boner. It seemed to be his biggest joy. Then he handed Danny fresh prison clothes. The panties were different. Danny thought he recognized them as he put them on. They were an elegant pink lace style...
    Thats when it hit him like a sledgehammer. Butterfly lace crotchless thongs! They were Kimberlys panties! He should knowhe bought them for the honeymoon. He looked at the hose. They were Kimberlys white wedding hose with little white bows along the top. And there was a garter toothe blue satin one. The same one Kimberly wore at the wedding.
    W-where did you get these, he asked Rufus.
    Kimmie pie, Rufus said, smiling like a proud papa. Souvenir. She thought you could use them. Shes naked most times now.
    Kimmie pie? Is she Kimmie pie now for this big ape?
    Did youdid you he couldnt get the words out.
    Rufus just smiled.
    Spike leaned over to Danny. Of course he did, Danielle. He fucked herfucked her senseless. Fucked her into next week. And youd better believe she loved it. He owns her now. You should see the size of his cock. He may look dumb, but he knows how to use it. Like I said, hes my number one man and I wanted him to be first.
    Danny was blinded by fury, but he was too afraid to do anything about it. Then Rufus handed Spike something. It was a portable audio cassette player, the kind they tape confessions on. For tonight, Rufus said. Play it for the zoo. Theyll like it.
    Spike led Danny away wearing Kimberlys pink butterfly lace crotchless thong panties, blue satin garter, and white wedding hose with little white bows on top underneath his pink prison jumpsuit.
    Things are looking up, Danielle, Spike said. Rufus is happy, your Kimberly is happy, and weve got our first real paying customers on the hook for tonight. That makes me very happy. Were going to make some real money out of this.
    Yeah, things sure were looking up, Danny thought. What about me? Fuck. Im in jail being turned into a jail house sissy whore and about to be fucked by two giant black man who plan to treat me like a fuck toy all night long. My wife is in my honeymoon suite, the one Im paying for, entertaining a horny black mountain man of a prison guard with a big cock whos dumb as a jungle ape, but knows how to fuck. And this is all about money. Thats what Spike wants, the greedy bastard, money!
    Thats when it hit him. How he could get out of this. He had money. Of course! Why didnt he think of this sooner? He could just buy Spike off!
    Wed have to ask, Rufus, Danielle, Spike said, when he heard Dannys proposition. And I dont think hed go for it. Hes not in this for money.
    Why Rufus? Whys he so damned important? Isnt Spike running the show?
    Will you ask him? Danny said.
    When the times right. Spike said. But like I said, Danielle hon, I dont think hell go for it. Otherwise, they would have sold you to Manny as his wife. Hes loaded.
    Sold me? Damn, whats this guy Rufus want, if not money? Danny was determined to find out.
    Meanwhile, I dont want to turn down good cash for a pig in a poke, Spike said. And weve got our first good cash rolling in tonight.
    Kimberly didnt show up for visitation and Danny was upset. Was she with Rufus? Did Rufus fuck her senseless and into next week all night in his honeymoon suite? The one hes paying $400 a night for? And did she like it? Was she being Kimmie-pie for him?
    Instead, Doris showed up to get him ready for his big debut night.
    Did you bring it? Spike asked her.
    Yes, got it right here. She took a long clear plastic tube thing and handed it to him. And this, too. She handed him a new butt plug, a bigger one in black.
    Danny saw it and winced. He worried that it would be too large. But that was the least of his worries.
    Get on all fours, Danielle, Spike said. Put your head on the floor in your hands, spread your legs, and stick your pussy in the air.
    Danny was humiliated doing this in front of Doris, but he did, knowing what would happen if he didnt.
    Spike lubed up the tube, kicked Dannys legs farther apart, and inserted the nozzle slowly into his pussy. Does that feel good, Danielle?
    Danny gritted his teeth. Its okay, he said, wiggling his ass to make it go in smoother.
    Youre going to feel a little coldness enter you now, Danielle.
    Spike squeezed the enema bag until it was totally empty. Danny felt like he was being filled up with a cool gel.
    Okay, lets plug her up.
    Doris handed Spike the big plug and he inserted it carefully. Danny felt it stretching and pulling more than ever, and then he heard a sucking sound as it slipped past his sphincter and popped into place.
    Just stay in that position and dont move, Danielle. Youre gonna feel a little cramping, but dont worry about it. Itll get more intense and youll feel like going to the Little Girls Room. But youll have to ask properly, Danielle. Youll have to be a lady in front of our company. Dont disgrace yourself.
    Danny never had an enema before and didnt know what to expect. It wasnt more than a couple of minutes when he felt funny, like he was pregnant or something.
    Hell, I almost forgot, Spike said. The tape. He pulled down the cassette player and pressed play. Rufuss deep voice came on. Spike turned the volume all the way up so the entire cell block and all the guards within earshot could hear.
    Is this thing on? Rufus said on the tape. He thumped the mic a couple of times. Say something to Danielle, Kimmie pie.
    Hi, Danielle, Kimmie said, sweetly, through the static. Hope you are enjoying being a little sissy whore there. Im in our honeymoon suite. Remember? The one youre paying for. Were enjoying ourselves here and Im being really really nice to Rufus just like you asked me too.
    Danny buried his face in his hands and groaned. Maymay Danielle go to the Little Girls Room toto powder her pussy? he said.
    Spike laughed. We just started the tape, Danielle. You havent been there nearly long enough. Your pussy needs to be thoroughly cleaned and nicely stretched.
    Danny clinched his fists and tried to meditate, tried not to think about what he was feeling, tried not think about the tape, tried not to think about what was going to happen tonight. But the feeling in his gut was getting more intense, and the more he tried not to think about things, the more he thought about them, the more he obsessed on them.
    Kimmie continued on the tape. Have you seen the cock on Rufus, honey? Im sure you haveyoure probably swimming in nice big cocks therebut in case you havent, Ill describe it to you. My hand is on it now. Ill use my sewing tape to measure it. Ummma little over ten inches longmaybe ten and a half Id say. Andlets seeummmabout seven inches aroundgive or take. Have you had one that big, hon? Ill bet you have, you little sissy whore. Whats yours? Maybe four inches long and four and half inches around? On a good day? Hardly a cock at all compared to this one, is it, hon? Its a clitty, maybe.
    Danny shifted around in more agony. Some of the inmates shouted out that theirs was bigger than that puny Rufus.
    Danny repeated his plea more desperately this time.
    Not yet, Danielle, not yet, Spike said. Just a little bit longer. Were almost there.
    Heres what it sounds like when you suck it, Kimberly said on the tape.
    Danny heard slurping sounds, like the ones hed made with Spikes cock. Kimberly moaned. Rufus did too. Youre my Ho now, baby, Rufus said.
    You look ready, Rufie, she said in a horse voice. Please fuck me now.
    Not yet bitch, Rufus said. How bad you want this black cock?
    Really really bad, she said. Kimmie pie wants it bad.
    What you gonna do to get it, he said.
    Anything, Rufie, darling, anything you want. Pleaseplease fuck your Kimmie pie with it.
    You Rufies playtoy? You do what Rufie say?
    Yes. Play with me, Rufie. Do Kimmie pieplease
    You do Rufies friends same way you do Rufie?
    Yes, you know I will Rufie. Your friends are Kimmie pies friends too. Whatever they want they can have. Just like you, honey.
    Who do you belong to?
    You Rufie. Im yours. Your bitch.
    Suck me some more, bitch.
    Kimberly did, and Danny didnt feel he could hold it much longer. The cramping was unbearable and he felt so bloated he thought he would shoot the plug out like a rocket. But it was in solid.
    Please Danny said. Pleasemay Imay Danielle usepowdergo to the Little Girls Room and useand powder her pussy?
    Like Rufus said, not yet bitch. Spike put his hand on Dannys back to steady him and keep him from jumping up.
    Please fuck me, Rufie, please Kimberly begged.
    Fuck that whore, someone yelled. Fuck her good.
    You my cum slut whore? Rufus asked.
    You know I am, Rufie darling. Ill be your cum slut whore forever and ever.
    Dannys pain was intense. Please fuck her! Fuck Kimmie pie, dammit!
    What about Danielle? Rufus said. You still want her?
    Kimberly laughed. Shes a girl, nothing more than a slutty sissy whore girlie, she said. I dont do girlies, especially sissy whore girlies with tiny four-inch clittys.
    What we gonna do bout that? Rufus said.
    Maybe we should cut it off and turn him into the girl he wants to be, she said.
    Oh God, Danny said. IveDanielles got to go to the Little Girls Roomgot to go nowto powder her pussyplease!
    Maybe, Spike said. What are you going to do for me, Danielle?
    Danielle willwill suck your cock. Danny felt a desperate yearning now. He was ready to explode.
    Of course you will, Danielle. You can do that any time. And you will. But what are you going to do tonight?
    Danny thought hard about the answer. Im going to be a fuck toy for James and Leon.
    A good fuck toy, Danielle? Slutty and nasty?
    YespleaseIll be the bestthe sluttiest and nastiest fuck toy theyve ever had.
    Danny heard Kimberly gasp and the headboard banging against the wall on the tape. Oh Rufie, darling, youyou fill meyou stretch me soooo muchyou open meeeeeeup and touch meso deeeepoooh Gaaawd.
    Arent you forgetting something, Danielle?
    Danny couldnt think, couldnt breathe, his stomach was going to burst.
    Your manners, Spike said. Did you forget we had company? Isnt there something you want to do for Doris, for all of her hard work in helping you be a pretty girl?
    Illlick her pussy, Danny said.
    Who will? Spike said.
    DanielleDanielle will lick Doriss pussy really goodreally really good.
    What else, Danielle, what else will you lick?
    Whatever she wantsher assher ass and pussyher nipplesanythingplease Danny pounded the floor with his fists.
    Oh, Rufie, fuck me, FUCK ME! Kimberly said.
    Danny tried to will Rufus on. Hurry up and make her cum, dammit! Fuck Kimmie pie hard!
    And Rufus clearly did fuck her hard. There was no mistaking her oohs and aahs in rhythm with Rufuss slamming of her into the headboard on the tape. And no mistaking the fact that Kimberly was thoroughly enjoying itreally really enjoying it.
    I want to fuck you, Danielle, Doris said.
    Danny couldnt believe what he was hearing, but at this point he was ready to agree to anything.
    Do you want her to fuck you, Danielle? Spike said, calmly.
    Oh, GodGod yesplease fuck Danielles pussy, DorisOh God, pleaseplease let Danielle go to the Little Girls Room now toto powder her pussy to get it readyto get it ready for Doris to fuckplease
    Oh yes, YES! Kimberly yelled and shrieked to an enormous orgasm. Then the headboard stopped banging on the tape and Danny could hear little kissing sounds from Kimberly, and heavy breathing from Rufus.
    The prisoners hooted and hollered like they were at a football game and their team had just scored the winning touchdown.
    Okay, Danielle, Spike said. "I think youre ready. Go to the Little Girls Room and powder your pussy now. Spike took his hand off Dannys back.
    Danny leapt up like he had been shot out of a cannon and ran to the Little Girls Roomthe yellow-stained toilet in the corner of the cell. There was nothing ladylike about it. He desperately pulled hard on the plug and when it came out with a pop and threw it into the sink he felt instant relief. He sat there covering his face with his hands in shame as he became more and more relieved and cleaner and cleaner. Spike gave him a towel.
    Very good, Danielle, Spike said. Now, show Doris your appreciation.
    Danny felt weak, but he fell to his knees and crawled submissively on the concrete to Doris. She leaned back and left the work to Danielle. Danny pulled her panties off with his teeth. She was gushing wet and Danny licked and tongued her hairy black pussy and ass to several thunderous squirting orgasms.
    Just when he thought he was done, Doris said. Turn around, Danielle and back your pussy up here.
    Danny did. Doris gave him a jar of KY. Lube your pussy good, she said. Danny was never more embarrassed as he lubed up to prepare for Doris to fuck him. He smeared the KY on liberally inside and out until he was sloshing.
    Then he felt something hard at the entrance to his pussy.
    Thisll get you ready for James and Leon, she said. And she plunged the big strap-on black dildo into his pussy, easy at first, then quickly to the hilt. She stayed still for a minute, making Danny squirm, then she began rotating the dildo around and thrusting it slowly in and out. Dannys pussy was on fire and his clitty was leaking, but he didnt dare touch it.
    Doris reached under and rubbed his clitty. You like this, Danielle?
    Oh, God, yes, Danny said. His eyes rolled to the back of his head, and his forehead fell to the floor.
    She stroked him some more. You want to cum, Danielle?
    Yespleasemake Danielle cum.
    You want to be Doriss cum slut, Danielle?
    Yesmake me your cum slut, Dorismake Danielle your cum slutplease
    Then work that pussy for me, baby. Show me you want it.
    Danny thrust back and forth, sliding his pussy on the big dildo like a girl in imminent volcanic eruption.
    Thats it, baby. Youre Doriss cum slut now, arent you, baby?
    Yes, Danny said. YesyesI am
    She gave his clitty one last slow stroke that brought forth a long low desperate moan like a braying calf from Danny, then she pulled her hand away.
    Danny was shaking. He clenched his fists.
    Doris pulled the dildo out with a sucking pop.
    You tell that to James and Leon tonight, she said. Tell them how much you want to be their cum slut, and they might rub your clitty for you, Danielle. If you beg them nice and sweet, honey.
    Danny was a quivering mess. His pussy gaped open and felt exposed like a barn door open to the world, with cool air pouring in. His clitty throbbed and twitched, begging for relief.
    Shes ready, Doris said. Get her the pink nightie.

    To be continued...?
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    This is driving Me crazy dollyanne, I cant have sex for 4 more weeks!!!!
    BUT....I am truely enjoying My morning excitement!! :)
    Mistress Michelle
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    Georgia on Her Mind--Part IX

    Maybe this will help you have a speedy recovery, Mistress Michelle. Dollyanne hopes so! Here's Part IX:

    Georgia on Her Mind--Part IX

    Spike dressed Danny in the pink Sheer Marabou Babydoll nightie from Fredericks with the matching sheer triangular G-string thong panty. The furry marabou trim accented his breasts beautifully and fell tantalizing close to the edge of his ass cheeks.
    Doris made Danny as sexy as possible starting with sparkly pink toenail and fingernail polish. She rubbed on lip plumperLip Venom she called itbefore applying pink lipstick with high gloss while Dannys nails dried. She put extra medical adhesive on the breastforms and also used it to glue on the wig to withstand extra passion, she said. She went with the gold hoop earrings, and made Dannys eyebrows thinner and more arched. A little eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow, and rouge on his cheeks, and Danny was once again Danielle, as delectable and edible as cotton candy at the circus.
    Danny was still reeling from hearing Kimberlys fucking on tape and from his own fucking by Doris. His clitty tingled and leaking but he dared not touch it. To his embarrassment a large wet spot was forming in the front of his pink G-string.
    Spike had a pill in his palm and a cup of water from the sink. Take this Danielle. Itll help you. Its called a Roofie. He laughed. Just like Kimberlys Rufie.
    Danny ignored the irony of that and washed the pill down. Is this Rohypnol, the date-rape drug? He didnt care. He was willing to try anything that might help him through.
    Spike pushed him into the corridor. He was a ravishing sight in the sheer pink marabou babydoll, wet thong panties, and pink three-inch heel Glamour Girl marabou bedroom slippers. The corridor and cells were spinning around him.
    Ill give you a safe word if things get too rough, Spike said.
    Thafe word, Danny lisped, his face blank.
    If you want them to stop or want to come back just say, fuck me, Spike said.
    F-fuck me, Danny repeated.
    Thats it, Spike said. Say it loud to get their attention. The louder the better.
    Fuck me.loud, Danny said, reeling in the corridor.
    A-4, Spike said. Next to Mannys cell. Youre Danielle, the whore.
    "Im Danielle, the whore. Got to get to A-4." She stumbled down the corridor toward A-4. "Yeah, where the mean looking guy was, who said he would show me no mercy. Look for the mean looking guy. Must be JamesA-4, and LeonFuck me. Im juth a thilly girl."
    She started and stopped and wobbled down the corridor to the usual din of cat calls and obscenities. She felt out of ither mind was blank like a vessel to be filledshe was Danielle, a sissy girl whore going to turn a trick. When she stopped in front of A-4 James and Leon yanked her into the cell before she had time to think.
    Were all Viagrad up for you, Danielle, James said. Were ready to party all night with our slutty little fuck toy.
    And they did.
    Danielle came in and out of consciousness as thousands of imageslike scenes from dozens of porno movies where she was the star swirled around her brain. Some were fleeting; some were burned in permanently. All she could remember was that was the night she became a real woman, docile and obedient, spreading her smooth legs wide, raising her aching pussy in the air, whimpering submissively for more, locking her quivering legs around their backs, saying fuck me loud, begging to be their cum slut. She had been stripped, strapped, straddled, and spread. Her kisses were hungry, nasty, and dirty. She was thoroughly dominated and defiled by what seemed to be a gang of endless men. Hard men. She was used mercilessly, and bent into every position like a kama sutra rag doll. That was the night when Danny went away and came back as a she, when Danny became Danielle for real, the slutty little sissy whore fuck toy.
    She thought like Danielle, acted like Danielle, and begged to be fucked like Danielle. She was Danielle. She couldnt get enough cock and cum. She was a whore who had been thoroughly fucked and filled.
    She couldnt remember how she got back to the cell or how she ended up in bed between the satin sheets, but she woke up with Spike standing over her shaking her shoulders.
    Wake up, Danielle, we have visitors.
    Danielle rolled over wanting to sleep some more. Every muscle and orifice in her body felt like it had been prodded and poked with a red hot fire poker. But Spike was insistent and kept shaking her. We have visitors, Danielle. Wake up.
    Finally, she opened her bloodshot eyes and saw a watery outline of two figures standing in the cell. She rubbed her eyes to clear her vision and suddenly jumped up, opening her eyes wide. What she saw took her breath away. She couldnt speak and her throat felt like it was being squeezed by a Boa Constrictor. She took the spent cock sucker out of her mouth and hid it under the blanket.
    Danielle was in shock. Kimberly was standing there in her cell next to Big Rufus. She was wearing white short shorts unzipped to the top of her pubes, sky high heels, and a bright yellow tube top that could barely contain her ample bosom. Stenciled across the front in blue letters was, Kimmie Pie. She looked like a million bucks. A shiny jeweled piercing drew attention to her bare navel. But that wasnt the shocking thing. The shocking thing was the jeweled black dog collar around her neck with the chain dangling from it being held in Rufuss fist. She looked like a slave girlRufuss slave girl! The jewels in the collar spelled it out clearly: RUFIES SLUT.
    Danielles voice was shrill. Kimberlyw-what are you doing here? she said. How did you get here?
    Kimberly looked up at Rufus as if asking for permission to speak. He nodded. Thank you, Master, she said.
    Master Rufie brought me, she said.
    Danielle couldnt speak.
    Looks like you had a big night, Danielle, Rufus said.
    Danielle looked down. Her breasts poked out the pink marabou nightie. She was caked head to toe in dried crusty cum. Her pink thongs were hanging lewdly around her neck like a cum-soaked panty necklace. She was covered in hickeys. Her butt plug was in place. She couldnt have felt dirtier. She needed to bathe, she needed to dress in fresh things, she needed to fix her makeup for Chrissake. My God, she was thinking like a girl. She was even referring to herself as she. What was happening to herhim?
    She quickly removed the dirty panties from her neck and tried to cover up her titties with one hand and her crotch with the other, like a girl. Youre not supposed to be here She was blushing and wanted to run and hide, but there was no place to go.
    Master showed me the videos, she said. I wanted to see for myself.
    Videos? Danielle said. She didnt remember any videos.
    Digital camcorder, she said. Good quality too.
    You were a hot little girlie slut with that Mexican, Rufus said.
    And an even hotter whore with those six black thugs, Kimberly added.
    Six black thugs? Danielle said
    You were doing stuff I havent even tried, she said. I was envious, Danielle. Cant wait to see you do that again. Master and I played them over and over. You were one hot little sissy slut whore.
    Danielle was groggy, dizzy, still in a dream. She couldnt think. She felt ashamed but strangely proud that she had done something that Kimberly was praising her for. Kimberly had never used the word hot toward Danny before. But Danielle was different. Danielle she envied. Danielle was hot.
    I talked to the Warden this morning, Kimberly said. He wants to see you later, Danielle. I think he might have some good news for you.
    Danielles mind was still not in gear. Okay, was all she could say. Kimberly reached into her purse and took out a camcorder.
    We have a surprise for you, Danielle. It was Masters idea. Were going to create a website and put these videos and pictures on there. Youre going to be a star! Were all going to be stars!
    Yeah, Rufus said. And were going to make one right here.
    Here? Now? Danielle said, her mouth hanging open.
    This is great, Spike said. Ill operate the camera.
    Rufus led Kimberly by the chain to the bunk bed. They had Danielle kneel on the floor in her marabou nightie and put the pink thongs around her neck again.
    Crawl over here and undress me, honey, Kimberly said. Prepare me for my Master.
    Y-your what? Here? Now? B-but
    Spike had the cane in his hand and Danielle didnt want to be spanked in front of Kimberly. She crawled over and reached up to Kimberlys tube top. Pull it down, honey, Kimberly said.
    Danielle pulled it down baring Kimberlys perky breasts and erect nipples. She kept pulling it down until she got to Kimberlys shorts. They unzipped easily since they were already started. Danielle slipped the top and shorts down at the same time and Kimberly stepped out of them. She was stark naked except for her collar and heels and the jewel in her navel. Then Danielle got another shocker. She was shaved bare!
    Danielle looked at her as if she was seeing her for the first time. Her breasts and nipples were so succulent and suckable. Her skin so smooth, her pussy so soft and inviting. Her waist was narrow and she had curves in all the right places. Danielle was seeing her in a different light, not as a husband looking at his new bride, but as a girl looking at another girl. And what Danielle saw was that Kimberly was all woman, the beautiful woman that Danielle wanted to be. Her blonde hair was silky and long and she looked like Lady Godiva standing naked in the cell.
    Make me ready, hon, Kimberly said, pointing directly in front of her.
    Danielle hesitated. Spike swished the cane through the air.
    Wet, Rufus said. Make her wet.
    Danielle finally understood and began licking around and on Kimberlys bare pussy like a starving cat. Kimberly moaned. I believe you have found your calling, Danielle. Lick me good, slave girl.
    Slave girl?
    Really really wet, Rufus said.
    Kimberly was gushing wet, but Danielle kept on. She couldnt believe how soft and slick Kimberlys pussy had become. It was red and swollen. Danielle envied her and wanted so much to be her. She kept lickingone girl to another. Kimberly tasted so delicious. Maybe she had found her calling.
    Finally, Kimberly pushed Danielles head away. Im ready, she said. Now, make Master Rufie ready.
    Danielle turned and Rufus stood there naked, his big black stallion cock sticking straight out. He looked enormous to Danielle, but his cock was so beautiful, so smooth and shiny and big. She wished that she could please it the way Kimberly could.
    Suck, Rufus said.
    And Danielle did. She put everything she had into it. Everything she had learned from Spikes training until she felt Rufus was on the edge.
    Guide him in, Spike said.
    Danielle looked and Spike was operating the video camera. He had been filming them the whole time!
    Number two, Rufus said.
    Kimberly bent over and grabbed her ankles presenting herself to Rufus.
    Guide him, Danielle Spike said. I want to get this. Guide your Master into that slut.
    Danielle seized Rufuss big cock and guided it like a missle into his wifes dripping pussy. Then she watched as Rufus stretched her wide open. He slid in slowly to the hilt like a sword into a sheath. It was an awesome sight. Oh, how Danielle wished to have a pussy like that! So wet and hot and pleasurable to a real mans big cock!
    Rufus stayed still for a minute until Kimberly started to wiggle and thrust backward against him. Then he began to slide in and out.
    Fuck me, Master, she said.
    Help them, Spike said. Do your duty, Danielle.
    Danielle was mesmerized by the sight of Kimberly giving all her passion to this big black man so completely. She wasnt sure what to do.
    Lick balls slut, Rufus said, breathing hard.
    Danielle felt like she was on a drug. She leaned in and began licking Rufus gently all around. Rufus quickened his pace and it was hard for Danielle to keep up.
    Oh, Godlick me too, honey, Kimberly said.
    Danielle positioned herself underneath so he could lick them both in one long stroke with her tongue. He was even getting Rufuss shaft on the upstroke covered in Kimberlys juices.
    Spike was filming everything.
    Suddenly, Kimberlys legs quivered and she was gasping for breath. She was comingcoming on Rufuss big cock!
    Danielle kept licking as Kimberly groaned and shook.
    Then Rufus stiffened and grunted and thrust faster, going harder and deeper. Kimberly was shaking and squealing. Rufus held her waist tight as he thrust as deep into her as he could. He grunted as he came in hot fertile spurts deep in her womb.
    Danielle kept licking, afraid to stop.
    Rufus pulled out slowly, bringing a gob of cum out with his cock.
    Clean, he said to Danielle.
    And Danielle did. The smell of sweat and cum and natural female juices was overpowering. Kimberlys swollen pussy was practically steaming as juices oozed out. She lapped up everything like a hungry puppy until Rufus said, Enough.
    Danielle knelt there in her pink nightie, her head down, the strong taste of cum and pussy juice in her mouth, feeling ashamed and inadequate. Kimberly came over and kissed her full on the mouth. Mmmmthat was so good, Kimberly said. You were so good, honey.
    Was I? Danielle managed a shy smile.
    Yes, hon. Im so proud of you. so proud of all youve achieved in here. She kissed Danielle again. I cant wait for us to be girlfriends.
    Rufus turned to Danielle. Lay down girlPut your panties on and Ill rub your clitty for you, slut.
    Danielle put her pink G-string on and lay on her back in the middle of the cell on the concrete floor. The big man rubbed her clitty slowly and expertly through her panties like he had done after showering, only better. Danielles knees buckled, her legs spread in and out, then went as wide as she could get them. One of her hands was on her nipple playing with it while the other was covering her mouth as she tried not to cry out.
    But she couldnt help it. Rufus was relentless. To her shame, Danielle came in her g-string and squealed like a girl in front of Kimberly from Rufuss big hand. Kimberly came over and scooped up cum from her panties with her finger and fed it to Danielle. Eat and swallow, she said. You will learn to love it like I do. And Danielle did.
    Rufus tugged on Kimberlys chain. Dress, ho. Time to go.
    They dressed and started out with Rufus leading Kimberly with the chain and collar like a slave girl. Kimberly blew Danielle a kiss as she left. Thank you, honey, she said. Its been a great honeymoon. Dont forget to see the Warden, baby. He has a little surprise for you.
    Danielle lay there, totally spent, her body comatose. Her pink marabou nightie was soaked in sweat and cum dripped from her panties onto the floor. She couldnt move, and she couldnt believe what had just happened. It had to be a dream. It couldnt have happened. Not here. Not in her cell. Things couldnt get any worse than this.
    Kimberly poked her head back in again. I almost forgotnice tattoo, honey! Master Rufie wants me to get one too.
    Danielle sprang up and looked at Spike. Tattoo? Then she looked at herselfher arms and legs, but didnt see anything.
    Its on your left ass cheek, Danielle. Leon did a good job He does all the tats in here.
    Danielle stood and tried to look at her ass. She thought she could see something there, but couldnt make it out. Her vision was still cloudy.
    Spike gave her the compact mirror from her makeup kit to look at it and she nearly fainted when she saw what it was.
    A huge black cock sticking straight up, and spurting white cum. A naked girl with puffy red lips kneeling down with her arms wrapped around it. She was planting a kiss on it lovingly, like she was worshiping her lover. Underneath the obscene picture, in bold red letter script were the words, Sissy Whore Fuck Toy.
    Danielle felt dizzy like she was going to pass out.
    Not bad for your first one, is it Danielle? Spike said.
    Danielle kept staring at the mirror trying to make the lewd picture go away.
    Dont worry, it wont hurt you, Spike said. They use the best long-lasting inks.
    She rubbed it vigorously, but nothing came off.
    Consider it permanent, Spike said. Even a laser cant remove that beauty.
    Danielle couldnt believe she was going to be branded like this for lifeas a sissy whore worshiping black cock. She couldnt think of anything more humiliating, more demeaning than this. She fell across the bed in a whimpering lump.
    Watch those piercings, Spike said.
    Piercings? Danielle turned over halfway.
    They havent fully healed. Youll need to clean them with alcohol every day.
    She looked at herself again. She felt them before she saw them. Her nipples had gold rings in them! No wonder she was feeling sore there. She felt her ears and there were real earrings in them.
    Youll wear push-up bras from now on to keep your nipple rings exposed and available, Spike said. They also did your ears, your nips, and gave you a guiche. Thats the little silver ring in your perineum, just above your pussy.
    Danielle felt down there with her fingers. There was a little ring there and it gave her a tingle when she felt it.
    They wanted to give you a Prince Albert to attach to it to hold your clitty back, but there wasnt enough time. They said they can do that on your next visit.
    Next visit? Danielle said groggily, hoping she hadnt heard right.
    Its free work, Danielle. Even better, theyre paying big time for you. Its like theyre paying to tat you up and pierce you like a play doll. I can buy you some new things with the money.
    Spike paced back and forth energized. You were a big hit, Danielle. They want you again. So does Manny. He heard you all night and is so horny he could spit. So is everyone here. Your price just went up. Spike rubbed his fingers together. We need to get you some more things, he said. Here. He tossed a Fredericks of Hollywood catalog on Danielles bed. Pick some things out. Circle them. Weve got to strike while the irons hot.
    Danielle picked up the catalog and riffled through it. The girls looked like a cross between porn stars and movie queens. The lingerie and dresses were beautiful. The names were so alluring. Names like Sensation Satin, Liquid Dream, Brazilian Lace, and Glamour Girl. The colors were so feminine, like sea breeze blue, carnivale purple, mint green, coral blush, robins egg and morning glory blue. She took a pen and started circling things that were modeled by the prettiest and sultriest girls. Mesh lace babydolls, sexy teddies, pink lace top stockings, black fishnet thigh-highs, slinky transparent gowns, realistic breastforms and bras, G-strings, thongs, and butterfly panties, waist cinchers and glamorous corsets with garters, short spaghetti strap silk chemises, high heeled mules, pumps, and slippers, stretchy plunging neckline mini-dresses.
    She could have gone on forever and ordered everything in the catalog. In fact, she practically did order everything in the catalog. She was especially enthralled by something called a four-pad panty girdle. It was padded in all the right places and would give her the curvy hips and perky round bottom of a natural girl. She double circled it, though she didnt think any of it mattered. She would probably be long gone before anything ever showed up. In some ways she regretted it. Girls things were so delectable and feminine.
    After we conquer A-Block, we need to tackle B-Block, Spike said. There are some mean fuckers up there, Danielle, but by then youll be ready for them. Youll be able to take on the whole cell block.
    Danielle sighed and clenched her little fists together. A-Block was bad enough, but B-Block? Could she survive that?

    To be continued...?
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    Hummm.....Now that Kimberly is involved My pets going to be all excited too! LOL
    Mistress Michelle
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    Georgia on Her Mind--Part X

    Dollyanne hopes Your pet enjoyed that part, Mistress Michelle! Here's Part X:

    Georgia on Her Mind--Part X

    “It’s movie time,” Spike said. “Let’s go.”
    “I can’t go like this,” Danielle said.
    “Of course not, Danielle. Clean yourself up in the Powder Room. Fix your makeup. Put on the white wedding hose, the blue garter. Slip into a fresh nightie—the blue one would look nice—with the matching thongs and the matching high heel slippers.”
    Danielle blushed. “But I can’t…not in front of all those men.” She started whimpering.
    Spike put his big hands on her shoulders and shook her. “Danielle, look at me.” He shook her again. “Look at me, girl.”
    She stopped whimpering and looked up at him.
    “What are you, Danielle?”
    “Tell me Danielle. Tell me what you are. You know it. You know what you are. Say it…say it out loud and proud.”
    It was as if something snapped in Danielle. Some light bulb as bright as a searchlight deep in the recesses of her psyche switched on and lit her up for the first time. She could see herself so clearly in that moment as if she was standing in the only patch of sunshine in the room.
    “I’m a whore,” she said quietly.
    Spike smiled. “Yes, Danielle. But not just any whore. You’re special. You’re my whore. You have the power to make every man in here want you—even pay for you. You’re a beautiful slutty wanton whore, and you should be proud. You can and you will go in there, Danielle. It’s what a whore does. The guys will love it.”
    Spike reached into a bag and pulled something out. “I got this for you,” he said. Danielle looked. A leash and a collar!
    “You’ll wear this from now on.” He buckled the collar on her. It said “WHORE” in silver letters on black leather. He locked it with a small padlock and attached the chain leash. “You’re ready,” he said. “Let’s go.”
    Spike led Danielle by the leash to the rec room where the movie was playing. She stuck close to Spike, aware of the hungry stares of the predatory prisoners. She was wearing her robin’s-egg-blue sheer marabou babydoll and matching G-string panties with Kimberly’s wedding hose and garter. She was fully made up with her blonde wig and gold hoop earrings—pierced this time. She had taken pride in her makeup skills, making herself look like a girl, though a whorish girl. She wore hot pink lipstick with high sparkle gloss, outlined with black lip liner. Her lips were plump and her cheeks were highlighted in a rose blush. She had brushed on baby blue eye shadow blended with a touch of pink to match her babydoll and her eyes. Her blonde wig was formed into two pony tails sticking up in a pixie schoolgirl style. They were held in place by fluffy pink bows. Her long eye lashes were lined in black and brushed with mascara. Her nails were hot pink. Her clitty was taped and tucked. Her face was in a continuous blush, but she was sure that she looked good enough to eat. If it wasn’t for Spike, the men would pounce on her and ravish her in a nanosecond.
    A guard at the door collected money from the inmates. He handed them a ticket in return.
    “Does it cost to see the movie?” Danielle asked.
    “No, Danielle, it’s a raffle. You buy a ticket for $20. The winner is chosen during the show and gets a special prize.”
    This sounded ominous to Danielle, and she wanted to be as inconspicuous as possible. “There’s some chairs open in the back row,” she said.
    To her embarrassment, Spike led her to a row of folding chairs directly in front of the pull-down movie screen. Everyone in the room had a good view of her pixie pigtails and smooth white ass with its lewd spurting black cock tattoo peeking out of the blue marabou nightie. She tried to look straight ahead at the screen. The guard in the corner also stared straight ahead, like he was guarding Buckingham Palace, not noticing that a nearly naked sissy girl in a blue nightie and thong panties was front and center in a room full of horny prisoners.
    Spike put his hand on her leg and started caressing her bare thigh in front of the other prisoners. She blushed. He spread her legs in the chair, showing the other men his control over her. His hand went from thigh to thigh. He stroked the black cock on her ass like it was a real cock. She didn’t dare move though his stroking was making her clitty leak.
    Danielle was glad when the lights dimmed and the movie started. “Action on Peachtree,” was the title and Danielle wondered what kind of movie it was. She soon found out.

    The opening scene shows a young woman standing on the corner of Peachtree and 10th. She’s dressed like Danielle—in a sheer marabou blue babydoll with matching G-string, high heels, white lace-top wedding hose, blue satin garter, and long silky blonde hair. She’s a hooker.
    A black Lincoln pulls up and she leans into the window, showing her bare white ass to the camera.
    Some words are exchanged and the girl gets into the car. The next scene is in the car. Her head is bobbing up and down on a big dick attached to a large black man in a dark blue suit. The woman works vigorously and expertly uses her tongue stud and, in no time, the man cums in her mouth. When he’s finished, she cleans off his cock with her tongue and kisses the tip. The car stops and she’s rudely shoved out into the night on another corner. She fixes her lipstick, retrieves bills from her panties, and waits for her next trick.

    Danielle was breathless. It was her! It looked like her on the screen! The prisoners wolf whistled and hollered. “Fuck her!”
    Spike’s arm was around Danielle’s neck and his hand dangled down to her breasts. He flicked her nipples with his finger through her thin nightie. It tingled her piercings.
    “Get up there, Danielle,” he said, giving her a little shove.
    “What? Like this? I c-can’t—”
    “Remember what you are, Danielle. Stand next to the screen facing the audience. Do it now before the next scene.”
    Spike lifted her out of the chair and pushed her toward the screen. The prisoners whistled at her this time.
    “In the corner of the screen,” Spike said. “Do what the girl in the movie does.”
    She stood facing the audience at the edge of the screen in her nightie just like the girl in the movie. The prisoners chanted and stamped their feet. “Fuck that whore!”

    The girl in the movie puts on a headset to listen to music. ABBA’s “Dancing Queen” starts playing and the girl on the screen moves sensuously to the music.

    “Dance, Danielle,” Spike whispered to her. “Like the girl on the screen.”
    Danielle looked at him, then started swaying with the music.
    The girl on the screen adjusts her garter and Danielle could see Spike urging her on, so she adjusted her garter too. The girl feels her boobs so Danielle did too.
    Then the girl turns around and bends over and grabs her ankles, exposing her pussy to someone. Danielle hesitated. She could see Spike mouthing, “Do it” through clenched teeth. She turned around and bent over and grabbed her ankles feeling a hundred horny eyes boring into her bare G-stringed obscenely tattooed pussy. She was sure there wasn’t a soft dick in the house. Her clitty was definitely leaking.
    Spike got up and handcuffed each wrist to her ankle.
    The movie stopped and the lights came on. “Intermission,” someone said.
    Danielle wanted to straighten up, but she couldn’t. “Don’t move, Danielle. Keep it like that,” Spike said. “Give them a show. There are some B-Block guys here.”
    She had no choice.
    Several guys pinched Danielle and spanked her upturned cheeks with salty buttered popcorn hands as they walked by. Spike didn’t intervene.
    The drawing was held and the winner whooped in excitement. Danielle didn’t hear what his prize was.

    The movie starts up again and the girl on the screen is still bent over just like Danielle. A black man in a blue suit, the same one who was in the car, comes up behind her and caresses her ass. Then he takes his hard cock out and starts fucking her.

    “Take your prize,” someone in the audience said.
    The black man who won the drawing got up and moved behind Danielle. He put his hands on Danielle’s ass like the man in the movie. Then he took out a tube of Astroglide and squirted it on her and worked it in. Danielle felt the coolness of the slick liquid. She knew she was going to be penetrated in front of a whole roomful of horny men. She was going to be fucked like a whore. But it was okay. She was a whore. It’s what whores do. She felt calm and serene like she was in a movie. The man took out his cock and squirted lube on it too, and stroked it until it was long and hard.
    “Fuck her,” someone said. “Fuck that pussy.”
    He slid into her pussy slowly at first, going in inch by inch, until he was balls deep. He slapped her ass like the man in the movie. Danielle moaned in unison with the on-screen whore. It was difficult to tell them apart.
    Danielle thought there was something familiar about him. His right arm was in a sling. Where—? Then she realized in shock. It was Duke, the guy from the cafeteria. Duke the serial rapist and killer who swore to get even. He leaned over and put his arm around her waist and wrapped his hand around her taped clitty. She knew Spike couldn’t see. He squeezed.
    “You like this, bitch?”
    “Y-yes,” she said, in panic. He squeezed tighter and whispered into her ear.
    “I could crush you like robin’s eggs, little girl. I want to hear some enthusiasm.”
    She was totally in his power. “Oh, yes…my God, yes,” she said.
    “I’ll stay still while you do all the work and fuck yourself on my pole. If I don’t like it, I’ll rip this off,” he said, giving her another squeeze for emphasis.
    She did as he asked, backing up against him fucking him and moaning.
    “You’re mine now, aren’t you, bitch?”
    “Yes,” she said, moaning and not missing a beat.
    He started rubbing her through the tape. She was leaking. “You’ll visit me in my cell whenever I want you, won’t you, slut?”
    She felt pain mixed with pleasure. “Yes…oh, God, yes,” she said, feeling herself on the verge of cumming.
    “You’ll do me and whoever I ask you to.”
    He grunted and thrust hard, cumming at the same time as the man on the screen. She came too.

    “Clean me,” the man in the movie says.

    Danielle didn’t need to be told. She went to her knees, her hands still cuffed to her ankles, turned around and cleaned Duke’s wet cum-coated cock with her mouth and tongue. It was a sensuous act. The men in the room fell silent for once. She kissed the tip of his cock. It got hard again. She sucked it, looking up at him. “God damn,” someone said under his breath. She could feel cum leaking from her pussy with the lube. She sucked him until he came again in her mouth and on her face.

    The credits begin to roll in the movie as the final song plays:“Georgia on my Mind.”

    Duke’s legs buckled. Danielle smiled. She looked over at Spike and he was beaming like a proud papa. She had done well. She was the most popular girl at the dance. She was the only girl at the dance. She was a whore.
    Spike stood up and made an announcement. “Everyone who wants gets a 30-second taste for free,” he said.
    The prisoners knocked over chairs and jostled each other nearly coming to blows to get a place in line. Spike instructed Danielle on what to do and she dropped to her knees in front of the movie screen.
    “My name’s Danielle,” she said, to the first man in line. “What’s yours, honey?”
    “Charles,” he said.
    “May Danielle please suck your cock, Charles.”
    “You know it, sweetheart.”
    “Remember, only 30 seconds,” Spike reminded her. Some men had trouble with the 30 second rule and had to be forcibly pulled away by Spike. To do all 100 men including the guards took Danielle an hour. The men went away hornier than ever and some bought units of Danielle’s time from Spike. Most were men who never dreamed of being with a man, but with Danielle it was okay, because she was a woman.

    To be continued...?
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    Oh dollyanne, you have Me so excited!!!
    Naughty girl LOL
    Mistress Michelle
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    Georgia on Her Mind--Part XI

    Dollyanne is glad You enjoyed that part, Mistress Michelle! Here's Part XI:

    Georgia on Her Mind--Part XI

    Danielle sat across from Warden Johnson in her little black dress, wig, earrings, full makeup, corset, hose, and heels. She looked sweet and elegant. Spike had insisted that she look like a proper lady when she saw the Warden.
    She looked around. The Wardens office was impressive. Solid oak desk, wall to wall carpeting, trophies in glass cases, certificates hanging on the wall, pictures scattered about of the Warden with various luminaries. On the table behind him was a framed photograph of an attractive blonde woman. She was beautiful. His wife, she presumed.
    May I call you, Danielle? the Warden said.
    Yes, Danielle said. She felt herself blushing.
    You are lucky, Danielle. We are one of the few penal institutions in the great state of Georgia to house both males and females. We are called a transitional facility. I understand from talking with your wife Kimberlya very beautiful woman by the waythat you wish to transition. Why you would want to do so with a wife like thata former Miss Georgia contestantescapes me, Danielle. But, as I told her this morning, we are a transitional facility and we do like to accommodate our guests.
    Danielle smiled, but laughed inwardly at the mention of guests and wondered where the Warden was headed.
    I see you are here on DUI as well as drug possession charges, the Warden said, looking at the folder in front of him.
    Im innocent, she said, frowning and batting her eyelashes.
    Of course, Danielle. All of our guests here are innocent.
    I wasnt drunk, she said, sitting up in her chair like a proper lady and pulling the hem of her dress down. Just a glass of Champagne at the reception was all I had.
    Well, thats up to Officer Hansen, Danielle. He was the arresting officer in your case. The Warden pressed the intercom button. Julie, will you send in Officer Hansen, please?
    Danielle looked up in surprise as Officer Hansen came in. He was a rotund round-faced man, close to 250 pounds, with a large gut, just as she remembered him. He half waddled, half swaggered into the room resplendent as a fat man could be in his full Georgia Highway Patrol uniformblack leather boots, gun belt, nightstick, wide brim hat, and steel handcuffs dangling from his belt. She couldnt see his eyes for the reflective sunglasses, but she knew from his bulk and his swagger that it was him.
    Do you remember Danielle here, Smitty? the Warden said.
    Smitty removed his sunglasses and looked Danielle over from head to toe paying special attention to her breasts and legs. No, cant say as I do.
    Well, this here report says you arrested a one Danny Simpson for DUI on Friday, April 27, at approximately 7:15 p.m. Is this that Danny Simpson?
    Smitty laughed. Shes obviously a girl. No, I would remember a pretty one like her.
    See Danielle, we have a problem here. I think SmittyOfficer Hansenhere could easily be persuaded to withdraw this report and the DUI charges against you. Isnt that right, Smitty?
    Smitty slipped his sunglasses back on and grinned. Damn straight, he said.
    Whatre you saying? Danielle asked with a questioning look on her face.
    Im not saying anything in particular, the Warden said. Not putting anything in writing. But Im going to leave this report here on the corner of my desk. Theres a shredder over there against the wall. It gets a lot of use. Im going to leave now to get some coffee so you and Officer Hansen can discuss this. If the reports gone when I come back in a half hour or so, wellIll just assume you came to terms with the Officer here.
    He went to the door. Ill leave you two lovebirds alone for thirty minutes or so to discuss the disposition of this report. He winked at Smitty. Im sure you find that Smitty has an open mind, Danielle.
    He did. And an open zipper. He wasted no time in handcuffing Danielles hands behind her and dropping his pants to the carpet with a thud revealing a gross overhanging beer gut on top of pale spindly legs. His rolls of fat were already sweating like a pig from the weight he was carrying. His cock was uncut, massively thick and veiny with a bulbous purple head drooling a string of sticky pre-cum. His balls were as big as navel oranges.
    He stuck his big dick without ceremony into her red lip-sticked mouth. He cupped the back of her neck and pulled her to him roughly until her head and nose rubbed his sweaty gut and pubic hair. He used her lips and mouth like a pussy, fucking her face like a grunting Neanderthal. He was rough and crude, but she was a whore and milked him well.
    After only ten minutes he stiffened, then withdrew and jacked off in front of her face. Open wide, slut, he said. She did and he sprayed cum like a dam bursting, into her mouth, face, eyes, and hair. She felt a thick rope of cum dangling from her chin dribbling onto her dress. He scooped it up with his fat fingers and fed it to her like pabulum. When he was finished she licked and cleaned him thoroughly, slathering and kissing the shaft and tip. The whole thing took twenty minutes from start to cum-splattering finish. His shirt was soaked, his face red, his breathing labored, like hed just run a marathon.
    Youre one hellofa nasty cocksucker, bitch, he said as Danielle finished cleaning him up. Two bad we dont have more time. I would fuck your pussy ass until you were as senseless as a white trash alley whore. He rapped his big dick across her face in a bitch slap to make his point.
    Wanton sex and sweat filled the air. She wasnt elegant anymore. Her mouth was lined with the thick taste of cum. Her lipstick was smeared across her face and chin, her dress was wet and stained down the front and in the lap, leaving no doubt about what happened and what she was. If she hadnt thought of herself as a whore she would have felt totally humiliated.
    When the Warden returned he saw that the report wasnt on the desk. I see you two have resolved this issue, he said, sitting down. He looked at Danielles wet dress. And from the looks of it, you had fun doing it.
    Danielle couldnt believe it. The DUI charges were history. Is this how girls do it?
    But there is the little matter of the drug possession charges, Danielle. Im sure you understand the seriousness of these charges. Drug possession in the amounts you had calls for mandatory sentencing of five years I believe.
    Five years! Danielle gulped. No way did she want to spend five whole years in this place. But she was beginning to understand that a game was being played here and that she was the prize in the middle.
    What can I do? she said.
    The Warden leaned back in his chair and smiled. Well, as we all know, Danielle, evidence has a way of disappearing sometimes. Hell, weve even had people sneak into the evidence room and smoke marijuana cigarettes right then and there. It just goes up in smokepoof, gone. The Warden waved his arms in the air.
    Danielle looked at him with disbelief.
    Your wife, Kimberlya very beautiful woman by the way, if I havent already said so, Danielleyour wife Kimberly made an interesting suggestion this morning that I believe we should consider.
    The Warden punched the intercom again. Julie, could you bring in those forms that Kimberly signed this morning.
    What forms?
    Julie brought them in. There was something about Julie, Danielle thought, but she couldnt quite put her finger on it. There was a lot of wiggle in her walk. And that blonde hair
    We have this Power of Attorney here, Danielle. Its already been signed by your wife Kimberly and duly witnessed. It gives her exclusive power over all your affairs. We think its important while you are going through your transition that she have that power, Danielle. Transitions are tricky and sometimes our guests need others to make certain decisions for them, such as medical. Dont you agree?
    Danielle was having trouble comprehending this, but she couldnt fault the logic. Anything to get rid of those drug charges. I guess, she said.
    Good, the Warden said, putting the form in front of her. Just sign here, Danielle. Oh, and its okay to sign Danielle. Weve already arranged with a friendly judge to have your name legally changed. Kimberly said you wanted that. Youre now officially Danielle Bunny Simpson.
    Bunny? She wondered where that come from?
    Danielle signed the form, Danielle B. Simpson. She didnt know what got into her but she drew little hearts above the two is.
    Thank you, Danielle, the Warden said, taking the form. Now, as you know, Danielle, transitioning is an expensive proposition, what with medical and housing, and prescriptions, and training and such. We need to make sure these expenses are properly paid, and you might not always be in the best condition to guarantee that. He put another form in front of Danielle.
    This is a Transfer of Assets. It basically turns over all your assetsstocks, bonds, bank accounts, credit card accounts, investment accounts, personal and commercial property, things like thatto Kimberly in perpetuity.
    Danielle hesitated. Turn over all her assets? It wasnt like they were going to a stranger. After all, Kimberly would have them and Kimberly was her wife. Did he just say her wife? And there were those drug charges. She signed the form.
    Thank you, Danielle. I assure you you are doing the right thing. He put the form into the folder with the other one. Now, unfortunately, Danielle, you are not properly licensed to drive in this state, and we had to confiscate your car.
    What? Danielle said. They cant be confiscating the Lamborghini!
    You need to get a new drivers license, Danielle. And, as you know, under our drug dealer act, we must confiscate property belonging to dealers such as yourself.
    But I
    I know, Danielle, youre innocent. They all are. Youre not a drug dealer. But with those amounts in your possession, Im sorry, thats what we have to do.
    Im afraid youre going to have to start over, Danielle. Well provide job assistance. There are many secretarial and cleaning jobs available, as well as personal assistants. Im sure youll be able to find something.
    Meanwhile, Im assigning you to Officer Hansen for the next year. He will be your remedial parole officer. Itll be up to him to decide if you are rehabilitated enough to re-enter society. I suggest for your sake that you follow his rules and guidelines to the letter.
    Officer Hansen looked at Danielle with a big grin. Drool leaked from the side of his mouth.
    Youre not eligible yet to transfer to the womans wing. But as soon as you complete your transition, and assuming you get a favorable recommendation from Officer Hansen, then youll be transferred there to serve out the rest of your term.
    What? I thought
    You thought the drug charges would be dropped? Not that easy, Danielle.
    Officer Hansen raised his hand to interrupt. Yes, Smitty?
    May I make a suggestion, Warden? As you know, my ex-wife is currently serving time in the womens wing for her outrageous false accusations against me, and Im in need of some help around the house. I could use someone like Danielle to do wifely duties. I think it would reflect well on her record if she were to perform this kind of service to the community.
    She would take the place of your ex-wife then?
    Smitty grinned under his sunglasses. Yes.
    I like that idea, Smitty. It might help her transition. What do you think about that, Danielle? Do you think you could be a good proxy wife to Officer Hansen here for the next year or so?
    For the next year? She couldnt imagine spending another minute with this slob, let alone a whole year.
    I dont
    It wouldnt pay anything, of course, the Warden said. Youd still need to get a job for that. But it would give you a place to stay and a way to practice your transitioning skills.
    But Kimberlywhat about
    Oh, I think I know someone who will take good care of her while you are busy transitioning and working. Youve met Rufus, havent you, Danielle?
    Rufus? Yes
    Rufus is a good man, and Danielle, I have to tell you, he loves white women and loves to take care of them.
    Ill bet, Danielle thought.
    But, first things first, youre going to need a job. Julie, can you send my son in here.
    Rufus entered, smiling. Hi, Daddy, he said.
    Danielles jaw dropped in total shock. Rufus is your son?
    Yes, Danielle. I thought everyone knew that. Adopted him when he was a tyke. My wife is fond of black men you know. Just like your Kimberly.
    Just like Kimberly? Danielles heart pounded in her chest, but things were becoming clear. So thats why Rufus has such a fondness for white women.
    Are you enjoying your birthday present, son?
    Yes, sir, Rufus said, smiling. It was more than I expected. Thanks Daddy.
    Was Kimberlywas Kimberly Danielle couldnt get the words out. She was hyperventilating.
    She was a nice present, dont you think, Danielle? Rufie loves white women, and Kimmie is beautifula former Miss Georgia contestant. Of course, you know that. Rufie got so excited when he saw her on TV during the preliminary swimsuit competition. I knew then she would make the perfect birthday present for our Rufie.
    Danielle was more than speechless, she felt as if she had just been turned to stone.
    Is your brother, Spike, behaving, son?
    Spike, Rufus, brothers?
    Yes, sir, Rufus said. Hes worked wonders with Danielle.
    I knew Spike would be a good trainer, the Warden said. Im glad I gave Danielle to him. It gave him something constructive to do rather than killing everyone in the cell block.
    It was a good idea, Daddy, Rufus said.
    Do you have those forms you and Kimberly signed, son?
    Mom has them, Rufus said.
    The Warden pressed the intercom button. Julie, can you bring me those forms that our son and Kimberly signed this afternoon?
    Julie is Mom? Danielles mind was doing somersaults.
    Julie came in and left a folder on the desk. Danielle studied her. The blonde in the photo? The one who likes black men?
    The Warden took out the forms and looked at them. Danielle had seen those same forms. When she looked closer she saw that they were identical to the forms she had signed earlier to turn everything over to Kimberly. Except these forms were signed by Kimberly to turn everything over to Rufus!
    Looks like everything is in order, son, the Warden said. Kimberly has given you a Power of Attorney and has transferred all of her assets over to you. Since Danielle earlier did the same thing for Kimberly, that means all their assets are yours, son. You now own your first white couple, just like your Dad owned your Mom and I.
    What? Danielles mouth was agape. Rufus owns us?
    Thanks, Daddy, Rufus said like a child with a new toy.
    At that moment, a micro-skirted Kimberly entered the room wearing her collar and leash and stood next to Rufus with her arm around his waist. She kissed him. Danielles jaw dropped again. Kimberly cleared her throat. I have something to say to you, Danielle, she said. I still love you first. I love your smile and your humor. Youre reliable, dependable, a good provider. But I love Rufie in a different way, honey. She looked up at Rufus, smiling. You know she said, shyly. Hes more intelligent than people give him credit for. Hehe fills up my mind and body, stretches me so wide, opens me up, and touches me so deep in so many ways. His shoulders are so broad, so powerful. Hes so dominant. She lowered her head. Hes a real man, not a sissy like you, hon. He makes me come so fast and soooo many times. I want to have his babies.
    Everyone in the room was silent. Rufus beamed and squeezed Kimberly.
    Kimberlys face brightened. You can still be my hubby and my best girlfriend, hon.
    Danielle was speechless.
    Well, the Warden said, taking control after nearly a minute had passed. I think this is all working out beautifully. He turned to Rufus. Are we going to be grandparents, son?
    Rufus smiled. Kimmie and I are working on it very hard.
    Kimberly looked up at Rufus and smiled, "Very hard," she said.
    Wonderful, the Warden said. He pressed the intercom button. Did you hear that, hon? Were going to be grandparents.
    Julie shrieked and came running into the room. She hugged Rufus and Kimberly. This is so great, she said. Your Daddy would have been so proud.
    Lets not forget about Danielle, the Warden said, talking to Rufus. She has expressed a desire to transition, son. She has these pesky drug charges. She needs re-education. When she has completed the body and behavioral modification program and is released, shes going to need a job.
    I know something, Rufus said. Works easy, pays good. Its a hot spot on Peachtree. Spike can work it out. Maybe release him to watch over Danielle. You know, get her broken in right.
    There you go, Danielle, the Warden said. Your wife Kimberly here is set and youll have a job to go to and a husband to take care of while youre transitioning. If everything goes well, the drug charges will be dropped for lack of evidence. What more could you want?
    Yeah, Danielle thought. Im going to be slob Smittys proxy slave wife and Spikes wanton hooker, and Kimberlys going to be fucked senseless every night by Big Rufus, who wants to make her pregnant, and who just happens to be the Wardens son, who now owns us both. What more could a girl want?

    To be continued...?
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    11:47 AM
  23. dollyanne

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    Georgia on Her Mind--Part XII

    Here is the final part, Mistress Michelle:

    Georgia on Her Mind--Part XII--Epilogue

    It’s midnight. Danielle is standing on the corner near Peachtree and 10th, wearing her whore outfit of pink sheer marabou babydoll, pink butterfly crotchless panties, and Glamour Girl high heel marabou slippers. She’s one of Spike’s best producers. A seasoned whore. Her breast augmentation was successful—perfect 40DDs, Spike wanted to go up a notch—and her clients love to put their fingers through her permanent nipple rings to control and play with her. Her hips and butt are enhanced to perfect feminine curves. She no longer needs the 4-pad panty girdle. Her heart-shaped butt is a perfect invitation. She has four gold studs in her ears, bangles and bracelets on her wrists, a gold necklace with a lock and key.
    She doesn’t need a wig anymore as her own hair has grown out to shoulder length. It’s vanilla blonde and falls in cascading French curls past her shoulders. The corkscrew curls tumble down her cheeks and with the bangs touching her thin arched eyebrows it frames her face in a cute schoolgirl look. The pink bow on the top adds to the effect. It can be styled to match her cute oval face or meet any client’s request: schoolgirl, cheerleader, secretary, model, nurse, executive. Her waist is narrow, having been liposuctioned to 18” and the fat was added to her hips and butt to give her a slim but curvy figure. All the pretty things came in from Fredericks and she’s had a blast trying them on and modeling them for Spike. Especially the stretch mini-dresses.
    Her makeup is easier to apply too, since much of it is now permanent—her lip liner, eyeliner, eye shadow is tattooed on. Her lips are bubblegum pink and are plump and pouty collagen-enhanced perfect cocksucker lips. She has big blue doll’s eyes with long black mascara brushed eyelashes.
    Her Adam’s apple was removed and her vocal cords were shortened to give her a little girl soft feminine soprano voice. Along with her hypnotic bimbo training she sounds like an innocent sweet schoolgirl who rarely speaks in words of more than two syllables.
    Her teeth were also removed and replaced with larger girlie-sized removable soft rubber dentures. Her tendons were shortened making it easier, as well as necessary, to wear 5” heels at all times.
    Her clitty is permanently tucked back with the Price Albert hooked into the guiche silver ring, but her SRS operation is scheduled for next month. She can’t wait to finally reach her goal of being a real woman.
    Her tongue stud has also helped speed up her blow job production and has made her very popular. Especially, when she takes out her girl-size dentures and uses her gums. The guys in the city—from stock brokers to construction workers—love that. She’s a popular girl. Almost all of her earnings—10% of her fees—have gone toward her transitioning expenses. The rest goes to Spike and Rufus.
    Her wardrobe has expanded to include so many beautiful things: sexy minis, micro-minis, billowing petticoats, maid uniforms, floral pattern sundresses, cat suits, thigh-highs, full-fashion hose, and full –body stockings, push-up bras, nighties, camisoles, and of course, babydolls. One section of her closet is devoted to nothing but high-heeled shoes, mules, stilettos, platforms. None of the heels are under 5”.
    She gets up every morning at 5 a.m. to get ready for Smitty. She showers, shaves, and rubs moisturizer cream on her body. Then she applies her makeup the way he likes it—bright red glossy lipstick, with lip plumper, extra red rouge, long mascara-brushed eyelashes, pink and blue eye shadow, then arched eyebrows, a big pink bow in her blonde hair that cascades down her face and shoulders. She puts on a waist cincher with garters and hose, 5” heels, and a fresh pink sheer nightie. Then she sashays in and wakes up Smitty with a sensuous blow job while humming, “I’m just a silly girl, a silly silly girl…”
    Smitty always cums, he’s a prodigious cummer. After she swallows everything and licks him clean, she fixes her makeup and goes to the kitchen to prepare his breakfast of eggs, sausage, pancakes, hashbrowns, toast, and juice. Smitty is also a prodigious eater.
    She takes him breakfast in bed then kneels on all fours, her face pressed to the carpet, her arms extended, and her pantied ass at the ready. She can tell when he’s redy by the loudness of his burps. He fucks her in that position until she cums. She always does. Her legs quiver and turn to jelly.
    While he showers, she cleans herself, fixes her makeup again and puts on her French maid outfit. This is what she wears for the day until she’s ready to go to work. Smitty always gives her a sloppy French kiss before he leaves and paws her ass under the uniform. “Bye, whore,” he says. “Bye, Master,” she replies.
    She stands with her hands folded in front of her until she hears his big police cruiser roar out of the driveway. Then she makes the bed, does the dishes, vacuums, dusts, straightens up, and makes out her grocery list. Since he has no car and has to stay in her maid’s outfit, she walks to the sore in it. Luckily, it’s less than a mile. The grocery boys fight over who will carry her bags home. She always gives them an extra “treat” for their help. Sometimes they take more and she lets them. Grocery boys are always so horny!
    Sometimes Smitty calls and tells her to prepare lunch for him and his partner. Sometimes, two or three squad cars show up. She serves sandwiches and coffee in her French maid outfit to the hungry policemen, gives massages, and performs lap dances for them when requested.
    In the afternoon she attends her re-education class. The class is teaching her how to be a better woman.
    She prepares herself for work with a cleansing enema and puts on her work outfit. She never knows for sure what it will be. Smitty likes to select it. Sometimes it is a schoolgirl’s outfit with Mary Jane shoes, knee socks, and pleated skirt. Sometimes it’s a a prissy little girl’s pink and white petticoat outfit. More often though, it is just a sheer babydoll nightie with matching G-string, thigh-highs, and 5” heels. Smitty likes that. He can send friends to her corner and tell them what she'll be wearing.
    She’s caned “for her own good”, Smitty says, if his friends don’t give her a good report. Since she can never be sure, she treats everyone like a friend of Smittys.
    She calls a cab around 4 p.m. The cabbies all know her, and just like the grocery boys, they fight over who will pick her up. They all know how she will “pay” for her fare.
    She goes home in the early morning and services Smitty’s every horny lascivious need perfectly as his proxy wife, then, after he goes to work, cleans his house, does his laundry, and washes his dishes. She fixes his lunch and cooks for him before her shift starts.
    On Wednesdays, she puts on her banana yellow maid’s uniform and goes to Doris’s house. Doris always has a list of things for her to clean and polish, including Doris, if she’s there, and she usually is.
    Meanwhile, Kimberly and Rufus are keeping house in an upscale neighborhood. Kimberly dances at The Cheetah club around the corner from where Danielle works. Rufus has free passes and brings his friends in to see her. She does a slave girl routine for them. Sometimes Rufus invites them home where they can relax and enjoy more intimate entertainment.
    Kimberly is two months pregnant and will have to stop dancing soon. Spike showed the owners of the club Danielle’s performance in the prison rec room, and has worked out a deal to have Danielle take her place. She loves to dance and tease and is looking forward to it.
    Danielle serves as their part-time maid, fluffer girl, and videographer for their web site on weekends. When Rufus has his friends over for video shoots, Danielle sometimes plays the role of a sissified cuckold husband whose wife lusts after black cock. Danielle and Kimberly are naturals on camera.

    While Danielle’s standing there primping and displaying herself to the world, a long black limo pulls up and the window powers down. It’s Spike. “Get in, Danielle,” he says, and she does. There‘s a moment of silence between them as the limo pulls away from the curb.
    “Right or left?” Spike says.
    Danielle looks at him--puzzled.
    Spike takes out a little black velvet box from his inside coat pocket. He pops it open to reveal a gold ankle chain. There’s a red heart-shaped ruby dangling from it that sparkles in Danielle’s eyes.
    “Right or left ankle?” Spike asks.
    Danielle is speechless. Spike removes the anklet from the box and shows her the gold-plated inscription, “Spike’s #1 Whore.”
    He puts it around her right ankle. “You know you’re my number one,” he says.
    She nods and her French curls bounce in a cute way.
    “I’ve been getting good reports from Smitty and the Warden,” he said. “They say you will make someone a wonderful wife.”
    She looks at him, smiling.
    “I want that someone to be me,” he says.
    Danielle is stunned. Her mouth opens in shock. Spike puts his fingers to her lips. “Shh…don’t say anything.”
    She knows instantly what she wants.
    Pleasing men will be her job; pleasing Spike will be her life. He is her true love. Smitty and the others are just nasty sex. But with Spike there is passion.
    She kisses him long and sensuously and the limo drives around while they make passionate love in the back seat. When they are done and Danielle has straightened herself out, the limo comes to a stop at Danielle’s corner. She looks out and sees all the regular girls there: Precious, Pammy, Crystal, Dolly, Topsey, Bubbles, Yummi. They know her as Bunny. All of these girls are boob-heavy bimbo sexpots who have been trained by Spike. They are giggling at something. Danielle doesn’t understand.
    “Get out,” Spike says.
    She steps out and smooths her babydoll, preparing to go to work. Then she looks up and sees Warden Johnson standing there. Julie is standing next to him and has her arm around his waist. The Warden is holding up something in his hand and gesturing toward her.
    “For you, Danielle,” he says. “A wedding gift.”
    It’s a set of car keys! He nods his head toward the street and she turns and sees it. Parked directly across from them is a Hyundai—in pink! She grabs the keys and prances over in her heels and peeks in. Pink leather upholstery, pink marabou steering wheel cover that matches her nightie. The license plate says, “D-#1-HO.” It’s beautiful. She runs back and hugs the Warden
    “The drug charges have been dropped,” he says, “for lack of evidence. Seems it disappeared. I don’t know what happened to it, but the guys in A-Block had a big party last night in your honor. I hear some of them got pretty happy.”
    She shrieks with joy and hugs the Warden again. “Now, I have to warn you, Danielle, that Smitty and his friends know about the car. They'll probably stop you from time to time. But I’m sure you can sweet talk them out of giving you a ticket.”
    Danielle giggles. She knows exactly how to “sweet talk” them.
    The Warden tells her his plans. There’s going to be a special wedding ceremony and honeymoon treat for Danielle and Kimberly. He explains that it’s a cuckold ceremony. Danielle and Kimberly will technically still be married. But Kimberly will pledge her sexual love to Rufus and his friends. And Danielle will pledge to obey Kimberly and Rufus.
    It’s going to be at the Ritz-Carlton in the Gold Room. It’ll be a double ceremony. His son, Rufus, is marrying his dream girl, Kimberly. They are so much in love, and her annulment for lack of consummation is final. Spike will be the best man for Rufus, and Danielle will be Kimberly’s maid of honor.
    In turn, Rufus will be the best man for Spike, with Doris as Danielle’s maid of honor. Danielle will vow to be his loving wife and number one whore in all the world. Rufus, James, Leon, Manny, Doris, and the guys from Cell Block A will all be there. Her biggest client, Smitty, will also be there. It’ll be a wedding and a honeymoon for all to remember for Danielle, a jail house sissy whore, and Kimberly, a newly converted black cock slut.
    Finally, Danielle and Kimberly will get to make good use of the honeymoon suite at the Ritz-Carlton. It’ll just be different brides and grooms, that’s all. They will share a king size bed with satin sheets like two girlfriends pleasing their men together. Smitty will handcuff their ankles together with pink fur-lined leather cuffs. That way, Spike and Rufus, as well as the invited guests can alternate between them as they wish.
    Spike is giving Danielle the week off. Well…almost. He did sell a honeymoon special to some of the gang who miss her, like Manny and James and Leon from cell block A. They’ve been released and want to get re-acquainted like old times.
    Danielle can’t quite remember what her life was like before she became a girl. But one thing’s for certain—Georgia will always be on her mind.

    -- THE END --​

  24. Mistress Michelle

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    Wow, what an awesome story dollyanne!!
    I absolutly loved it :)
    Such a vivid sissy girl imagination. Please do let Me know if you have any more storys in the works, you know I would so enjoy reading them!
    Mistress Michelle
  25. dollyanne

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    10:47 AM
    Thank You, Mistress Michelle! Dollyanne is so glad You enjoyed it and hopes it helped You in a small way to recovery. Dollyanne will look for more of her writings to post.

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