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    David's Latex Submission - Chapter 2

    Six weeks flew swiftly, and by the 6th week David had completely surrendered his will, with thoughts focused now only on pleasing the Mistress, his Wife. He had received additional training and reprogramming during that time, and was now ready to begin the final stage. Microchips were to be inserted into David's brain in specific locations that control various bodily functions and emotions. Following the implant procedure, a computer will program and then begin to activate the chips. David would not be consciously aware of anything unusual, but once activated the chips would allow Beth to completely have control over the fear, pleasure, pain and libido controlling areas of his mind, permanently completing the slave re-training. Beth was sipping coffee slowly at the Kitchen table that morning, thinking about David's eminent permanent enslavement to her. Once the implanted chips are activated by Beth's computer, the person known as David will disappear. It will be permanent - no going back, she told herself. But the alternative - the hypnotic drug injections 2 or 3 times daily - would make him look like a junkie. Her thoughts of the way he had treated her in the past made her angry. Nope, Beth decided this would all be for the best in the long run, and kept telling herself the same thing.

    It was so wonderful - and he did not even realize the transformation was happening, thanks to the combination of the drugs, hypnosis and the subliminal tapes! He had become so docile, so passive, wanting only to please his mistress - and he submitted so quickly, just as Beth knew he would. He fought it, but she knew that he was a passive individual. He preferred sitting off in a corner, hoping that he would become a part of the woodwork, that no one would see him. Being aware of that fact, we used it to work in our favor in his training. His mind had been prepared for the physiological and psychological adaptations that would occur after the chips had been implanted, but on a subconscious level. He had no awareness that the implantation ever took place, thanks to the bombardment of post-hypnotic suggestions he had received. What shreds of his original personality that were remaining would disappear forever into oblivion after the implantation. Beth hoped that she had made the right decision.

    After using his anchor word to place him in deep trance. Beth ordered him to follow her and started for the door - he followed obediently behind her. She walked out her front door where a black limousine was parked, waiting to pick David up. He followed her obediently again. Beth stopped just short of the car door, and instructed him to get into the car. He mindlessly complied, his empty mind void of any independent thought processes other than those allowed by Mistress. The black catsuit covering his body gave David a very shiny, sleek look. The discipline helmet he wore, which deprived him of any sensory stimulus, just enhanced the overall effect, and Beth started to become moist. Such a beautiful latex slave she thought, but reminded herself that there would be time for that later. She felt like she had just led a lamb to be slaughtered, and feelings of guilt began to overwhelm her thoughts. No, it's for the best, she rationalized, trying very hard to convince herself. It's all for the best. As she watched the limousine drive away, she wondered what type of being would return when she next saw the limo again.

    The limousine which carried its silent passenger passed through the front gates and quickly made its way to the entrance of the clinic. A woman stood in front of the entrance with a wheelchair. When the chauffeur opened the door, she guided the silent black figure before her out of the door and into the wheelchair. The woman looked over at the driver. "We will contact you when you will be able to pick up the patient," she stated flatly. The driver nodded, got back into the long black car, and sped away. The woman turned the wheelchair around and began pushing the limp black figure in the chair towards the entrance. As she neared the doors, they automatically swung open, allowing them to enter. "Where should he go first?" asked the woman of the receptionist at the admissions desk. "Hmmm....let me check," she replied, and glanced down at the page before her. "Take him to the treatment room immediately. They are all ready for him there." "Thanks," the woman replied, and started to push the limp form in the chair once again.

    David was helped out of the chair, and led over to the waiting surgical table, totally oblivious as to what was about to happen. The hood had served its purpose well, the doctor thought to herself. He almost doesn't need anesthesia, she decided. But we had better administer it anyways - I wouldn't want any unforseen problems occurring. She attached the nasal tubing from David's hood to the gas, and turned the valve on. David's hood was then removed, and his entire head was shaved, hair, brows and all. A creamy white substance was massaged all over his bare cue ball of a head, preventing any new hair from growing either on his face or his head ever again. "Shall we begin?" the doctor announced...

    David's eyes slowly opened. He blinked, trying to make himself aware of his surroundings. He was in his new recliner - gee, must have dozed off, he thought to himself. He seemed to have a bit of a headache, and his abdominal area also kind of ached - much like a dull toothache. That seemed strange to him - never noticed this before, he guessed. He flipped on the TV with the remote that had gotten wedged in the seat. As he began to channel surf, he realized that he'd lost it somewhere a week ago, and nearly panicked at the thought! What's happening to me? I've lost track of time again - a whole week! The blackouts were beginning to come more often now, he vaguely remembered through the fog in his mind. Suddenly a wave of terror crossed David's mind, so intense that you could see its effects on him immediately - his whole body seemed to tremble! Am I losing my mind? The wrds sent yet another unexpected wave of sheer terror and flooded his consciousness. I must be losing my mind!!!!! David was nearly hysterical with fear and anxiety...could it be true?

    Beth entered the room and looked over at David. She could see the wild look of fear on his face. "Are you all right, hon?" she asked soothingly. Wow, those chips the doctor installed are pretty powerful, Beth mused. "Here now, what's the problem?" she asked innocently. "I am becoming very frightened by what's happening to me," he stammered, a definite frightened tone in his voice. "I keep on having these blackouts, where I lose large spans of time. And it's happening more often now, for longer periods of time. What's happening to me?" he pleaded. Maybe she knew why this was happening he thought, why he was losing days at a time. "I haven't noticed any personality changes or anything like that. Sorry, honey." Upon hearing that, his fear intensified, and panic clearly showed on his face. "Beth, you've gotta help me!" he begged. Beth had never seen him like this before, and she knew that his mind was hers now!

    "Come on now, David," she said firmly, "It will be all right. You just need to lie back and relax, honey. I'm sure that you're just fine - I will try to do what I can to help you. Would you like me to do that, David?" her voice cooed soothingly. "Oh yes, please help me! I think I'm losing my mind, Beth," his frightened voice searching frantically for signs of hope. Maybe she can help, he thought, relaxing a little more. Yes, Beth will help me." "I will try to help you David, so now just relax." Her voice seemed so soothing as he nestled in her arms, and a wonderful aroma that he was not familiar with began to fill his nostrils. His thoughts were much calmer now, and it was as if the unusual smell caused him to relax.

    A few minutes later, Beth arose, telling David to just continue to relax. "I'm going to slip into something more comfortable, sweetie. I'll be right back," her voice seemed so calming. "Why don't you put on a CD - put a Ramsey Lewis CD on, David," Beth requested, and the anchor sent him into an ever deepening trance. Beth meanwhile slipped off her outer "street clothing", revealing a black catsuit underneath. Looking at herself in the mirror, she admired the sleek look the suit gave to her body. Her dream was finally going to come true!

    The sensations of the skintight suit on her entire body were almost overwhelming! Oh, the feel, the smell of it all! Her thoughts were racing, and she could feel the moistness in her crotch. She would make him love latex as much as she did, begging his mistress to be wrapped in more! An evil smile flashed across her face as she picked up the box lying on the bed, and carried it out to where David sat, eyes staring blankly ahead. "Can you hear me, David? If you can, I want you to raise your left index finger," Beth instructed. Slowly, the left finger lifted up, at first just a bit, then all the way. "Very good, David. Mistress is pleased with her little boy." A slight smile arose on David's lips. "You ARE just a little boy, aren't you David? Answer your Mistress," Beth snarled. "Yes Mistress," David answered meekly. "Admit to me you are my little boy slave!" she demanded. David bowed his head. "Yes Mistress, I am your little boy slave," came the docile reply. "Soon slave, you will have to beg to serve me. "Kneel!" Beth ordered. David knelt down quickly, in fear of what his mistress might do if he didn't comply fast enough. A wave of terror shot through David's body like a knife. Beth could tell that look in his eyes now quite easily. "Feeling frightened, David?" Beth sneered. David, his head still lowered, nodded. "Now David, you know that if you are not a naughty little boy that I will take care of you, don't you?" "Yes Mistress," came the meek reply. "Then you must do whatever I tell you, or risk being punished," Beth ordered. "Now crawl over here on your knees." David complied eagerly. This is almost going to be too easy, Beth decided.

    As she opened the box on the sofa, she announced, "Now David, I will be giving your slave attire to you in a moment. You must wear this attire at all times, or your punishment will be severe and quite permanent. Do you understand?" David again slowly nodded his head. Beth reached into the box, grabbing a package containing a latex catsuit from inside it. There was that wonderful smell again, David thought. He began to notice how erect his penis had become. That smell is so good! Beth handed him the suit, ordered him to strip, and liberally apply the powder in the jar on the table. David immediately responded, fearing punishment for procrastinating. "Now slave, let's slip this on." As Beth slid his legs into the legs of the suit, the sensations of it slinking up and over his skin make his body quiver with excitement, and as she began to zip it up, he started breathing heavily. "You like your new skin? It does cling to you so nicely. The latex feels good on your body, and you don't want it off, do you little boy?" Beth asked mockingly. The latex suit was a perfect fit. Never before had David been so turned on. Now waves of pleasure started flooding his body. The latex! The latex! He had to ask Mistress to wear more! The waves intensified, making his cock harder than he had ever felt it before.

    "Please Mistress," he begged. "I want to wear more! More latex!" The compulsion was overwhelming, and growing by the second! "Oh you do, do you? Who do you think you're talking to?" demanded Beth angrily. With that Beth grabbed the custom made hood that she had purchased out of the box and swiftly yanked it over his head. This one had an inflatable ball gag with breathing tube. Beth shoved the gag in his mouth and pulled down the rear zipper. Beth had measured well - the hood fit like a glove over his newly bare head & neck. The hood had no openings, except for the two tubes inserted in each of David's nostrils. He was breathing loudly, due to the nasal tubes. "This will teach you not to speak to me again," Beth said with a leer, and vigorously pumped up the gag, pumping it so large his cheeks looked as though they would explode. "You won't forget again who's in charge, will you, you naughty latex little slave boy?" she mocked. He shook his head, disoriented from the lack of sensory perception. "Answer me!" Beth demanded. David tried to speak, but his mouth was so full all he could do is moan. "MMppphhhh," came the sound, muffled by the gag. Mixed emotions of terror and desire raced through his mind, and the combination of the two emotions and the latex were intoxicating. He suddenly noticed that his hands were in mittens and restrained behind him, not even aware of the moment they were placed there. His ankles were placed in leather restraints and his legs were drawn up behind him and attached to the mittens, causing him to lie face down. Beth then awakened David from the sleepy, hypnotic trance. He didn't even protest about the restraints which bound him. "I was going to allow you the privilege of licking my pussy, but after that outburst, you can just lie here for a while," retorted Beth in a stern tone. With that, she turned around and left the room.

    Left to himself now, thoughts swirled around in his brain. No longer under the hypnotic spell, he quickly realized his predicament, causing yet another panic attack. This one seemed more intense than the last one, he remembered, the feelings of panic and the distorted thoughts accompanying it were more intense now. He tried to weakly escape his bonds, to no avail. He seemed to feel quite weak and somewhat drained. But for some reason, he didn't mind the bound and gagged state he was in. His mind seemed in a fog. Then, the distinct fragrance of the latex permeated his brain. I love that smell, he thought, and this suit. From deep within his mind, he could hear his own voice say, "I love latex. I want to look at it or wear it all the time. My Mistress allows me to wear latex all the time. I will do anything my Mistress tells me to - I am a weak little boy slave. She will protect me, so I must serve her in gratitude." The words that he was hearing - in his own voice - frightened him. I must be going insane! He panicked, struggling against his bonds. Why am I doing these things, and why can't I fight back? A sense of total panic engulfed his mind, paralyzing him with fear. Then the voice from within started to repeat the words he heard before. Yes, the latex, the latex... then blackness.

    When David regained consciousness he no longer found himself bound and gagged, but still wearing the catsuit and discipline hood. Totally disoriented and unaware of his surroundings he tried to yell, but only managed a muffled moan. Where is my Mistress, he thought, not even realizing the implications that thought had. He was now a slave, wanting to serve his mistress without question. "He's awake, Mistress," came a voice from out of the blackness, one that he was not familiar with. He seemed to be lying face up on a bed with latex sheets covering it. "The chemical transformation process seems almost complete and ready for final processing, " the voice said calmly. "You should be pleased when the process is finished." "I certainly hope so," another voice replied. It was Beth, his mistress. He felt a sense of relief, and sighed. Mistress will protect me, he reassured himself. I am her little latex slave boy-toy.

    Surprisingly, even though the restraints binding his hands and feet were now gone, David could not move. "Soon, latex slave, I will give you permission to lick my pussy. You would like that David, wouldn't you? You want to lick it all over!" He attempted once again to talk, but stopped. It's no use, he decided. "Maybe if you do a good job making me cum, I will allow you the privilege of feeling my tongue on your puny little cock. That makes you real hot, doesn't it? My tongue licking your balls, sucking your worthless slave cock. That is, if I choose to remove your chastity belt! David sensed a pull at his scrotum, then vibrations in his whole genital area. God, he wanted to cum, but realized he would be unable to unless Mistress allowed it, or face punishment! The realization that she had strapped a male chastity belt tightly around his waist and between his now catsuited thighs now sunk in, holding him even more tightly.

    Beth removed the hood and gag, saliva dripping from the gag, as she slowly withdrew the now deflated ball from David's mouth. "I want you ask your mistress if she will allow him to lick her pussy, slave. I know how much you want to dart your tongue all around my clit, you slut. Now ask me....nicely!" his mistress' voice spoke sharply. "Look at me!" Beth pulled up David's chin with a riding crop, one that Beth had been saving for a special occasion. David looked up, and Beth glared directly into David's lust filled eyes. "You do want to lick my pussy, don't you David? You do, David.....if you want that little belt off. Now beg! Beg for what you want so bad! By this time, Beth could feel her sex throbbing, but revealed nothing to David. "Yesss Mistress, please let me lick you. Let me lick your pussy. Please?" David mewled, his voice a bit hoarse from wearing the gag. Beth remained silent, waiting for more. "PLEASE MISTRESS! OH PLEASE LET ME LICK YOU!!!! I am your slave, Mistress! Oh please, I need to lick you! PLEASE?" David pleaded. "That's much better, you naughty little boy. You are my slave, and I am your wife/mistress - forever!!!"

    Beth tried hard to not show her steadily increasing arousal. Cool it a bit, she thought. Don't blow it! Not now!! Beth arose from her seat quickly, and walked towards the cushy sofa in the Study. After she had laid down, she noticed the overstuffed cushions seemed so soft, even against the suit she was wearing. Beth called to David, "Come here David. Lick your Mistress. Kneel and lick your Latex Mistress! Lick me," her voice husky with desire. Beth shoved David's face onto her throbbing labia. He immediately began lapping away at her already wet clit, his tongue seeming to dance all over her sex. He had almost become animal-like - growling, licking harder and faster now. "That's rightt, lick me, suck me! His tongue darting madly now, as Beth began slowly rocking her hips, shoving David's face even tighter against her sex.

    Looking down at David, hungrily licking at her pussy, darting his tongue in lust and obedience, Beth climaxed, her body shuddering with lust. Oh, this little boy certainly knows how to please, she thought. David's transformation was becoming just what she had always hoped for, contentment in her marriage, and a someone who would always need her and care for her. David fell back onto the floor, his mittened hands still bound behind him. I will serve Mistress forever.....she loves me and will protect me. The old David was no longer - his personality reprogrammed for service to his Mistress/Wife, Beth. She replaced the hood, shoving the ball gag back in firmly. Hmmm....should I inflate it again? Maybe just a little.....can always pump it up some more.......hehehe......! Beth squeezed the bulb a few times and stopped, smiling, admiring the sight before her: David's entire body clad in shiny black latex, looking so sleek, the latex gleaming even in the dimly lit room.

    David's Latex Submission - Chapter 3

    Beth continued the indoctrination of David's new-found obsession with all things latex for an additional week, wanting to watch him crave what he once thought was "silly", and to make David even more docile and submissive, unable to function with out her presence, and rapidly descending into insanity, so complete was her control over his will. He was now a mere mindless pawn, a plaything for the satisfaction of Beth's desires and commands. As a finishing touch to her slave's appearance, his nipples were pierced, a chain pulled snugly between the new rings in each of David's nipples, which now were permanently erect as a result of the piercing, and extremely sensitive to touch, and the permanent bonding of his latex outer covering to his anatomy, now making his skin merge and be absorbed by the rubber encapsulation, blending with and transforming his body chemistry to be compatible with the latex.

    Beth enjoyed watching David's intensifying lust for rubber immensely in the coming weeks, along with his deepening submissiveness to Beth. Consciously, David was unaware of his enslavement, but he felt a growing sense of terror anytime that he was not with her now. Going to work every day was becoming more and more difficult these days for him. He was beginning to fear even leaving the house without Beth, and eventually had to leave his job. Beth was thrilled at this prospect, since she didn't really want him to work at all - too many outside distractions to deal with.

    One of those "outside distractions" was standing at the front door, attempting to get a look inside. Suzanne Morgan, David's administrative assistant and the woman Beth suspected of seducing and then having an affair with him, was pounding at the front door. Damn, that Bitch is here, Beth thought worriedly. Suzanne was such a busybody! Beth came to realize that David would have remained faithful, had it not been for her falling all over him like she did! Damn that bitch! Beth's anger intensified. I wish I could get rid of her as easily as it had been to make David my slave, she wished to herself. Suddenly, an almost sadistic grin flashed across Beth's face, her eyes now twinkling with evil glee.

    Why can't I take care of her as easily as I did David, she pondered. Sure! Why not ! This little bitch needed to be taught a lesson, Beth reasoned. Ignoring Suzanne's nosy looks into the house, she waited for the little whore to ring the bell. She was going to be sorry that she did that to me, Beth decided. Beth slowly swung open the door, inviting the girl inside in an almost syrupy friendly voice. Suzanne was totally clueless about what Beth had in mind for her - what fun this will be, Beth chuckled.

    Beth offered Suzanne a Cappuccino, which Suzanne accepted in her usual condescending tone. Beth brought the drink to Suzanne, having slipped some of the drug Beth had used when initiating David's training. Suzanne definitely seems to need some training, too, Beth decided. She might be just the perfect addition - two mindless, worthless slaves, one male & one female. This should be fun to do to this little slut! Beth was surprised to notice how wet her pussy was becoming - could she actually be a bi? The thought of it was unnerving to her, but also very erotic! Maybe I do have a taste for both sexes, she thought nervously to herself, her thoughts returning to the roommate she was sure she had fallen in love with in her Junior year, but was too afraid to admit it to. Beth was dumbfounded at the attitude she had about her possible sexual preference change - so nonchalant!

    She decided that she would now have two playthings for her enjoyment, the thought of which made her just get even more wet! As she chattered on to Suzanne, who was now beginning to fall prey to the strong serum given to her, Beth glared at Suzanne with eyes like cold steel. Suzanne jumped at the strong gaze Beth was giving her, a slight amount of fear on her face. Her eyes were now beginning to flutter, fighting to remain open. Suzanne felt so relaxed, so sleepy......her eyes began to focus on a disc moving in a steadily pulsating wave of movement that had appeared on Beth's computer monitor. "That's right
    Suzanne," Beth intoned soothingly. Look at the moving disc.........watch it pulsate, see the rhythm of it moving..........it is very soothing, very relaxing, isn't it Suzanne? "Yesss it iss........sooo.....soothinggggg....... Suzanne could barely utter the words. She was transfixed on the swirling pulsating disc in front of her. Yessss.....so..soothing...... must look at it ..........Suzanne's eyes went blank, the usually stern glare now a blank stare.

    "Suzanne, you are now in a very deep hypnotic trance......listen only to the sound of my voice...........the voice of the disc pulsating..........the voice makes you feel very safe now Suzanne, doesn't it?" "Yessss," her voice almost a whisper now. "I feel very safe." "You must trust the voice now, and do what ever it tells you, won't you Suzanne?" Beth had to fight to sustain the monotonous tone. "Yesss.....whatever it tells me.........." Suzanne echoed. "The voice now is coming from your Mistress, Suzanne, isn't it?" Beth was really enjoying this!

    "my Mistress........I must trust my Mistress......." Suzanne would be a good subject. "Kneel before your Mistress, you worthless slut!" Beth demanded, yanking on Suzanne's locks and pulling her to her now trembling knees. "Yes Mistress, I am worthless - a whore........."she replied, and Beth could tell she was getting hot! It seemed that the more she said it the more aroused she became! "From this day on, you will be my slave to use and abuse as I see fit! You are such a weak little bitch!" Beth was laying it on thick! "I want you as my weak, helpless slave - my latex slave...........you will soon evolve into your new latex encasement, and become one with the latex. If you choose to resist, your punishment will be severe, and Permanent! Resistance will be punished - you must obey, you will obey your Latex Mistress!" Beth's voice had a chilling evil tone now. "Yessssss...........Mistresssssss..........the latexx........."came Suzanne's blank reply.

    Two days later, after Suzanne had received severe latex bondage training, Beth decided that too much of her will still lingered. She then increased Suzanne's training regimen to include some strong humiliation to truly reprogram her personality. Suzanne was forced to be responsible for the Mistresses' personal hygiene, and was made to lick her Mistresses' ass after defecating to clean it. After the slave was forced into repeating the procedure two or three times, Suzanne became more compliant, and now wanted to please her Mistress without resistance. She wanted nothing more than to be a latex slave, a worthless latex creature obsessed with the pleasure of her Mistress and nothing more. Suzanne was now ready for her permanent transformation, to have the chips that had been placed in David's brain to also be placed in hers, and she would also become Mistress' slave doll.

    The next morning, Suzanne was taken to the clinic, just as David was. She too had been placed in a deep trance, making the events surrounding her procedure also unknown to her. Beth took great pleasure in the fact that this former snobbish and nosy little bitch would now be a weak, submissive latex slave! She relished the thought of Suzanne, begging and pleading on her knees for Beth to allow her the privilege of becoming her slave. She was going to repay Suzanne for her impudence, for her blatant attempts to seduce her husband!

    Suzanne's will had been broken too, just as David's had. There were only faint remnants now of her once strong-willed personality. Like David, they would soon be eliminated, too, leaving only the docile empty shell. It had been just what Suzanne deserved and needed. She was such a compliant slave - an excellent specimen for robotic replacement. Beth noted the recommendation on the slave's file - "Robotic Replacement" - and noted the complete retransformation into subservience. Yes, she would be an excellent candidate. Beth envisioned the way this slave would appear after robotics had been installed - a Suzanne humanoid robot. She should make a good model for the rest of the robotic replacement specimens, a thought that made Beth smile.

    Beth enjoyed having the two slaves bound facing each other, and watching them as she would make Suzanne lick David's cock, now permanently in a shiny black sheath, writhing and begging Beth to have Suzanne lick it more. They were such fun toys, Beth thought with a smile. David especially enjoyed being allowed to watch while Beth would masturbate in front of him, making him beg for her to suck his enslaved cock through a gas mask she would place on him after restraining him tightly to a rack she purchased. When she would finally remove his chastity belt and begin sucking his engorged member, he would thrash about, finally losing consciousness, and explode in a wild orgasm.

    After Suzanne's chips had been installed in her brain, Lorraine and Beth decided that this might be an alternative that other wives were searching for, too, and came upon the idea of providing this as a service to other women. The two women began placing ads online, offering women an opportunity to have their husband or boyfriend learn new ways of communicating with them, ways that would improve their relationships immensely.

    They immediately received a huge response to their advertisement, and scheduled an informative meeting for women only that would introduce them to "the program" and outline for them what training their husbands would receive, and next set up private appointments with their prospective clients to explain in more detail. They kept the informative meeting rather vague, stating that each training course would be individualized to suit each couples' needs, thereby necessitating the need for private appointments.

    When a client would meet with Beth and Lorraine, they would then outline the training program that they felt would best suit both client and their Significant Other, the associated costs involved, the length of the training period, and lastly set an appointment to begin the program. Clients had the option of having a custom program for transformation, or one selected by Beth or Lorraine, which was the least costly alternative. It became a very profitable service, with both David and Suzanne - now being used as a demonstration for the success of the program.

    Some women that requested the services of Beth and Lorraine found their spouse/slaves unacceptable after training, either because their minds were totally destroyed by the harsh training, or their will had not been broken sufficiently. Many of these subjects were also referred for robotic replacement. Robotic replacement was a much more drastic and invasive training program, in which the subject's human characteristics were almost completely removed and replaced with robotic components, essentially transforming the individual into an android, a humanoid being programmed to serve its master.

    Beth enjoyed training the prospective subjects, using her always compliant slaves in the process. Beth and Lorraine had a huge secret dungeon built to use for training. The room opened by a hidden touchpad on the wall in the study, thereby concealing any evidence of what was below. There was also a small surgical suite added, so that all phases of the training process could be completed on site - a nice advantage. The two women were now financially independent, using their service to benefit many others in the coming years. Their husband/slaves had certainly done so..............

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