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    Extract from Mother Nature is a FEMDOM HUMILIATRIX:

    “You make him do what?” Teresa interrupted, squinting with one eye, trying to get her head around what she thought she’d just heard Nikki say.
    “Ha!” Nikki laughed raucously. “I said, I make foofoo collect up our used condoms, at least one in each hand, hands clasped behind his back, and take another one to press with his nose to the wall, so he has to smell me, Brad, the cum, the latex, the sex of it all. And that’s how he stays, under strict instructions not to dare drop the condom, so close yet so far to what he’s always dreamed of until I decide he’s done enough of being up close and personal, breathing in the aromas of what he wants so much but will never have. He stays there while I catch up on the news or my texts, drink my coffee, and as I go through the bathroom. A private bathroom I hasten to add, not one foofoo is allowed in when being utilized by Brad or I, though clearly, he keeps it clean daily. Even when he’s released from the wall, he still has to look after the condoms, so I make him hold them all in his mouth while he freshens up the bedroom and bathroom. It makes him have the funniest hamster cheeks. By then I’ll have checked if anyone is free to pop over and if they have any available supplies of their own to hand, to come over to play a game of ‘Cum Slut’ or if not, eventually I let foofoo swallow the contents and get the taste of latex out of his mouth. He keeps the cleaned-out condom for his cumdump trophy wall in his outhouse as a constant reminder of his ‘conquests’. Most of the ones he collected for his trophy wall belonged to Brad but there’s a growing contingent that have been contributed by others over time.”

    “OMG Nikki, that’s so nasty and yet hilarious that you make him do that and then still swallow!” Teresa howled with laughter at the other end of the call. “Gosh, I love it that he’s so compliant! A compliant cumdump! Keeping a tally of how many used condoms he’s swallowed the contents of over time, a nice twist on notches on a bedpost. Oh my, you’ve only gone and done it Nikki, now I've come all over unnecessary at hearing about his nose to the wall and foofoo’s trophy wall!!"
    “Well, what can I say, hun, I like it, they give character to what otherwise is a rather dreary outhouse, though the poor boy’s somewhat less chuffed about his ‘conquests’ but his opinions on the matter, much like his orgasms, don’t count for much around here,” Nikki stated more than delighted with her friend’s enthusiastic reaction. “While mine, most certainly do!”
    “I love how you have him swallow Nikki!” Teresa enthused. “That rocks!”
    “As do I!” Nikki replied chuckling heartedly. “I’m sure there’s someone nearby me, who wouldn’t say that it rocks but that matters not. In the early days, when Tyler and I first came up with the game of ‘Cum Slut’, when I had him begin to hang up the condoms, building his trophy display, we used to have a right laugh with him, having foofoo recite the story that came with each condom. I would point to a random condom and foofoo had to know whom the condom had come from, and the occasion it had been generated.”
    Pausing to chuckle at the memory, her ear getting hot, Nikki adjusted the phone, changing sides, before continuing, “For example, he had to remember that a certain condom or more often than not set of condoms had come from Amy, or Mistress Amy to him and that these three condoms are from Mistress Amy’s hot and steamy night with her Tinder date one night stand in the summer of whatever year, that her one night stand was called Tony or whatever and he works in the city, or wherever. We made him do this for each set on his wall, mine and Brad’s or Verity’s or Tyler’s sister, and it was such a hoot having him cringe and stumble his way through the back story behind the circumstances of each source and occasion, each serving as a reminder of what everyone else was up to, but that he wasn’t. That was the best and funniest aspect for me, each time, having him recite the origins of someone else’s carnal exploits while he remained steadfastly in chastity and an innocent virgin! He squirms the most when he has to regale me with the history behind one of Brad’s condoms; I’ll point to a different condom and foofoo, of course, has to know it’s one from a specific night Brad and I went out on the town somewhere, like to Alfonso’s, the fancy Italian restaurant downtown, that poor foofoo has only ever heard about and would have been kept at home doing his chores, eating his meal of rabbit or chicken flavored pellets from a cardboard box, while we dined and how that was the night we couldn’t keep our hands off each other and got it on after dinner, right after leaving, in the back of the car in the parking lot! And perhaps, if there’s more than a single condom, how we got it on again back in the bedroom.”
    “Heehee! I’m beginning to think you’re a distant relative of Cruella de Vil, Nikki!” Teresa joked. “Poor foofoo!”
    “Poor foofoo, nothing of the sort!” Nikki laughingly protested. “He loves nothing better than women being horrible to him, that’s what floats his boat. He’s a male submissive, who responds well to his fundament being spanked and his balls being backed up!”
    “Well, as much as that may be, I do love it that he’s so compliant in his nosing to the wall and his swallowing and his memorizing the backstories to each set of trophies!” Teresa expressed. “A compliant cumdump! Just what I would love to see my ex being! Now that would be justice, he would hate it and I would absolutely fucking love it, especially if the condom was from my new lover and I’d just laugh my head off right in his face and then I’d make him do it again!”
    “That I get hun!” Nikki replied. “As to foofoo, his meek compliance, that’s a trait he already had, one which I have been explaining I hope I have only advanced, the natural selection stuff I believe in, at play. It’s a BIG ALPHA COCK versus a tiny beta cocklet thing. But I digress, there are too many trophies on his walls these days to make his background stories work as they once did. These days, I indulge more in tormenting him with constant small penis humiliations and about how much everyone else is getting some action, just not him, and when I’ve had my fill or have to get on with something, I’ll either dismiss him to get on with cleaning the bedroom and then on with the bathrooms and the kitchen and the dishes or if I’ve done it for show, as part of the femdom frolics we have when the girls are over; I’ll parade foofoo around for the girls like a bird of paradise doing a mating dance for our amusement, prancing about until we laugh so much it hurts and then to give us a chance to recover, I’ll send him off to fetch and serve refreshments for the rest of the evening or perform special requests from his various routines such as 'I'm a little teapot' alternated with ‘I’m a happy virgin’ or his latest routine ‘I’m a wannabe wanker’ in the middle of lounge or if warm enough outside, on the patio or up on the garden table. As you might be able to tell, I find it an empowering and rewarding experience to make sure a less endowed male knows his place; the place I like to think of him being, while messing with the well-worn but out of kilter with the modern age, saying of keeping a trophy wife barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen. In foofoo’s case, unluckily for him, my antithetical take, is him as an ornamental male, barefoot, seedless, and in the kitchen.”
    “Oh my,” Teresa managed to say before a fit of giggles kicked it yet again. “You’re doing it again Nikki!”
    “Believe me, they are some fun nights we have!” Nikki exclaimed. “You should really try and make one, the next time you are free and feeling up to it. I promise you, Teresa, you will have such a fun night!”
    “I could definitely do with one,” Teresa admitted.
    “But I wouldn’t want you to get the wrong idea,” Nikki returned to being serious. “I keep foofoo, first and foremost, to do the housework. I haven’t had to lift a single finger around the house for years now.”
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