Chastity Steel CS100 belt instructions

Discussion in 'Full Belts' started by paulp123, Dec 25, 2009.

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    I am a virgin guy that purchased a Chastity Steel full belt to help me stay pure and stop masturbating fir purity reasons. I am also a Christian and trying to quit masturbation as a habit. The belt was purchased to help me get through the night when I often give in to themptation to masturbate when my will power is weak.
    However, I am having trouble getting used to the belt and need some advice or lessons from others with this type of device.
    I can just about wear it all night which is the only time I need help with the temptation to masturbate but it needs to be more comfortable as I wake up a lot and don't sleep well wit some pinching and often too much ball stimulation from the ring.
    Guidance from anyone experienced wit this device would be appreciated.
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    Make sure the belt is really tight and positioned right, ie:- hips not waist......

    Smear the ring with white vaseline before you put it on, that stops any burning of pinching.......

    Other than that you have a great belt, I wore mine 18 hours straight out of the box and was able to go several days within a month or so of slight tweaking of the belt....I just ordered another one as I regretted selling my old one so should be here mid January....

    Good luck with it....
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