Chastity fantasy came true last night

Discussion in 'Chastity device discussions and reviews' started by Autoeroticboy, Nov 29, 2008.

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    Monday at 6:30PM Central time I was locked into my CB-3000 and today it has been 5 days.

    Well when I put the device on Monday I had to run an errand and I took the strap-on harness and turned it inside out. Put "Stripes" (yes we name our dildos) which happens to be 6 inches and about an inch thick into my butt so that the harness would keep in place while I go run errands. This was the first anything I've had in my butt in a few months so I was happy it only took about 5 minutes to be inserted.

    Wednesday afternoon my class was canceled due to Thanksgiving and as I waited for Miss to arrive home I put on a diaper and pissed in it only to take it off right after. I laid on my back, legs up and inserted stripes. Then took the Aneros and massages my prostate for about 10 minutes and that felt so wonderful! Then inserted anal beads which the largest bead is a little smaller than an inch. I need to larger beads. I forcefully put all the beads into my butt and then pulled them out as fast as a could. *Pop Pop Pop* Did this a few times and then came "Pinky" who I've taken twice in about 3 years and one time we were on vacation and I was a bit intoxicated.

    Pinky is 7 1/2 inches, vainy and THICK

    I took Pinky like a slut, I took it proudly and pounded myself repeatedly. I was so happy! I also sucked the piss out of my diaper and sucked each and every dildo clean after it was inserted into my ass. (I had never done this before but being in chastity makes me want to do so many things.)

    LAST NIGHT....
    Miss sent me into the bedroom to tidy everything up. I brought Miss Her favorite Riesling wine and She entered the bedroom where I knelled before Her. I was already collared and then blindfolded. I was told to sit on the bed and then I was restrained in tight hemp rope. (Miss is excellent at shibari -rope bondage.) Arms and hands restrained around my back. Metal hooks put into the corners of my mouth and then rope pulled them apart so that my mouth was wide open at all times. Miss then took these small metal clothespins which I hate and put one on each nipple...eeehhh! Put 2 on my cock where the skin pops through the 3 small holes on the CB-3000 and that hurt so much. 3 were placed on my belly button which didn't hurt at first but felt like I was getting pierced. Then Miss probably used about 10 wooden clothes pins on my nipples and swollen balls.

    I was to lay on my left side where my ankles and knees were bound together. Miss put our smallest dildo - 4 inches into my open mouth where I was to hold on to it at all costs. Then Miss penetrated my exposed anus with the Aneros. I love the filling of this toy, I just want to have it in me all day every day. Miss opened me up with it while massaging my prostate. 5-10minutes later I was filled with Stripes. It didn't take long for Miss to start pounding me with it. I had never been pounded so hard in my life. Miss told me She wasn't going to stop and that I didn't have a choice. She wanted me to swallow the dildo and feel it entering my stomach pounding after pounding. Taking sips of Her wine and giggling She closed Her fist and punched the dildo into my butt. After a while I enjoyed it and Miss was please to hear me saying "Yes Yes, Deeper, Deeper." I was proud of myself in that moment as well. Miss getting a kick out of this literally decided well why don't I kick the dildo in. So that's what She did. She sat back as I lay helplessly and She kicked the dildo into my anus as hard as She could. I thought the balls of the dildo were going inside of me. She had great aim but did hit my balls a few times but I was so caught up on the penetration of the dildo I didn't really notice pain in my balls.

    Stripes was taken out, I was untied and Miss said get on the floor and entertain Me. She said She wanted a show and to use Pinky. It slid in, in seconds and before you knew it I was pounding myself with it. In and out, my insides trying to push the dildo out but I just kept slamming it back in with a force. I pulled the 48 hour old diaper out of it's trash containing put in on my head and continued to suck ass much piss out of the old diaper as possible. To my surprise I loved the taste of each drop, or maybe it was the humiliation that I craved as Miss lay on her stomach on the bed drinking wine while she had a smile from ear to ear. I was given 3 minutes to try and make myself cum like so.

    Unfortunately I wasn't able to however I was so so very close and I had a feeling of ecstasy in my "pussy".

    After wards I thanked Miss for allowing me to entertain Her and for Her pleasuring my me. I was hopeful in getting to orgasm when we first started but I was quickly told that it wasn't an option tonight unless I was able to make myself cum from fucking myself. So my cock stayed throbbing in the cage the entire time and today marks 6 days locked up.

    As I was cleaning up and came into the bedroom my pillow and blanket were put in the closet as there laid my bed for the night and I have a feeling that's where my bed will be a lot more often. I did ask Miss if I could put on a diaper for bed and She also allowed me to do so. When I had woke up this mourning it was full of warm piss!

    Also I'm doing some work with a TS next weekend. It will be featured on I have never sucked a real cock but I do think TS women are beautiful especially since I love to be a girl myself. Well she has to come by tomorrow to take care of some real business. Tomorrow is football Sunday and I'm having a friend over. However, I have been informed that my mouth should be ready to service the TS woman when she arrives tomorrow so that I can relieve some stress for her and prep me for next weekend.

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