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cb6000 anti pull out

Discussion in 'CB Range' started by Wishonastar6, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. I was thinking of getting the cb6000s and an anti pullout device but I can't decide which one to get.
    There's the KSD-G3

    and then theres the Security insert for CB-6000 models
    (scroll sown a little)

    but i dont know which one is better. Then theres also the question of if they will even work because i am able to pull out of the birdlocked mini with out problems when im not hard...

    So does anyone know if these would actually work for someone who can pull out of the bird locked mini?
  2. I use the cb-6000s with the ksd-g3 and with alot of adjustment, and patience you will find the right fit. If you use the wrong size you will cause damage to your penis, and if you go too big you will be able to pull out. I have done alot of adjusting and finally found the right fit. It pretty much a combination of rings, spacers, and ksd-g3. I also heated up my kad-g3 in order to be able to mold it to my particular size. Just be patient and you'll find the right fit.
  3. I use the KSD-G3 as well. Recently had to remove it as I got some severe pinching that broke the skin of my scrotum. Mistress allowed me to remove it so as not to get infected. I will try to modify the edge a bit an reinstall in a couple of days.

    I am yet to hear from anyone who had success with the Security Insert. It seem that the rubber rods are hard enough to cause severe discomfort rather quickly. I am too intrigued by this device and would enjoy hearing from anyone who had success with it.
  4. I've tried both, and the lockeduplove insert is better. It's customizable to fit anyone with a cock of less than 1.05" diameter. The KSD-G3 is effective for certain sized men, but is difficult to get on comfortably. The KSD-G3 also only increases friction, making escape possible.
  5. I tried the KSD-G3 with CB6000 and it did make pull-out impossible. But it also did some damage because of too much pressure on the same spot. I went for 6 days non-stop with the KSD and CB6000 and there were some nasty marks on my penis as a result. However it did heal up without any permanent marks.

    I have not yet tried to adjust the KSD-G3 but I beleive it should be possible to find the right fit for me too.
  6. Does anyone have some larger or better quality photos of this insert?
  7. locked up love insert

    I bought the insert from lockeduplove.If you are the least bit big (ie I am 7.5" and 2.5' girth) fitting in a cb6000 is only done when I am super soft. the security is a 1' ring and is very tough to get over the head,let a long sliding it up the shaft. The posts are tight and I can promise you you will not be able to pull out PERIOD!! the tight ring also helps with erection (preventing them)
    I could only last 8 hours with 4 posts. It marked up my shaft a good bit. It was very hard to remove,(lots of lube). I am planning to try it with not posts this weekend.
    Please keep in mind that someone with a smaller cock this security device works completely!!!
  8. If you could only go 8 hours I am not sure I would say it worked.

    I use the loosest G3 to keep things in place. If it is tight enough to prevent pullout, it is tight enough to cause damage. In my experience of course; maybe I am just soft skinned.
    Along with the G3, I use a O-ring behind the gland - With the G3 there, I can not pull out without removing the O-ring and am pretty sure i can not slip back in and get the O-ring back on.

    I am off the belief that a piercing is the only real way to prevent pullout and am thinking about getting one if my wife and I continue for a significant period of time.

  9. for what its worth the folks at the cb-2000 site(the millers) are coming soon with the points of intrigue for the cb-6000 and cb 6000s. they have the prototypes done and are working on the final details from what i have been told. i expect them(so ive been told) that they will be available in about a month or even sooner.

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