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    To mark the midway stage of my maid training, my Mistress surprised me with a change of clothes due to the fact I can now go about my duties without getting dirty. My old Alexander cotton uniforms have been replaced with a selection of gorgeous girlie frilly feminine blouses teamed up with either pencil skirts or short flared skirts with a stiff petticoat, apron and medium heels.

    I love my new look but even more I love my girlie pink Birdlock Mistress introduced me too three months ago. Its now the icing on my submissive cake and has spawned previously undiscovered feelings of pleasure and fulfilment. Whereas before, I went about my duties half heartedly, sneaking the occasional wank in whenever Mistress was out, knowing that at some point, we would end up making love. Now I go about my duties unselfishly knowing that Mistress has total control of my cock and sexual feelings and she decides when I earn a reward for all my hardwork.

    I am now totally and utterly devoted to serving and pleasing my Mistress than ever before and the simple things are wonderful. Brushing and drying her hair after a bath or choosing her clothes for the day. Mistress appointed me the task of organising her wardrobe and I love the fact I am now in charge of her clothes, looking after them, making sure they are washed and ironed and everything in its place in the wardrobe. Mistress hasn't gone near the wardrobe in a month so I must be doing a good job.

    Mistress grants me sexual pleasures whenever she chooses strictly on her terms. After binding, gagging and blindfolding me to my chair, the feelings of her touching my cock, unlocking it and fondling it are unbelievable. Feeling her touching me but being allowed to see her is mindblowing. Sometimes Mistress only allows me a second or two of pleaure, a quick wank before locking me up. Other nights, she allows me to make love, the feeling of me being inside her ; her body next to mine, whispering in my ear while she fucks my brains out is just orgasmic. And then it's all over : Mistress locks me up once agaileaving me bound and gagged while I come back to earth until the next time she rewards me. I've never felt so feminine, so girlie, so submissive and devoted to pleasing and serving her every need. I adore my Birdlock and it's thoroughly recommended!
    Curtsies to all
    Sissy Sebastiana x x
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