An ode to Mistress Bella's pathetic painslut (part 1/partial)

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    The following is written in 1st person perspective addressed to the painslut itself as the figurative 'you'-- starring myself as a trans domme/mistress in a scenario crafted originally as a form of 'calibration' to see if a resident painslut of mine's description would align with a spontaneous writing prompt devised by my imagination.

    It is left purposefully incomplete , so that my sad little painslut can re-read and relive some light abuse and punishment and be left wanting more -- indefinitely-- until I deem fit. If ever, at all.

    Perhaps with enough interest from elsewhere I will continue the scene-- it's not exactly what I would consider 'my style' but to pique my own curiosity I decided I would stretch outside of my comfort zone.


    I reach to grab my sweaty glass of flatwater and take a quick sip, marking the rim of the glass with a slight ring of freshly applied cherry pink lipstick. As the chilled water courses across my lips and down my throat, I calmly sit the glass down and turn slowly towards you, as I see you staring back at me, with a blank emotionless stare towards my general direction.

    I lock eyes with you, and notice that your natural instinct is to slowly try to avert your gaze. I employ the one-meter long leather paddle stick gripped in my left hand to slightly tap your falling chin upwards.

    "If I must look at you, I deserve nothing less than full eye contact, is that understood, meat?"

    The rubber ball gag makes it impossible to understand what you replied, and what the words actually were that failed to escape your already soppy, drooling mouth don't actually matter to me at all.

    I see you comply by staring right back at me without breaking eye contact, and somehow blinking only rarely. That is reason enough for me to believe that you answered obediently.

    Regardless of my temporary appeasement, and in order to condition you correctly, I want to make sure you are not just reacting to me, but rather anticipating eagerly what my next move will be.

    I sense this anticipation in your eyes as I continue to stare, giving you an eyebrow flick upwards of my tacit approval in the situation unfolding between us.

    I take a step forward and raise my knee high enough for your ballsack to rest on top of it as I reach around to grab one of your ass cheeks and pull you in, allowing you to be closer to me and feel the warmth radiating from my body for just a moment.

    You see, I had a clear plan of action even well before the moment you stepped foot into my domain, and I wasted no time in binding you at the ankles and wrists, with an additional rope positioned across your midsection and around both sides of your shoulders as if it were some sort of savagely primitive bra for your non-existent tits. I made sure to position the rope so that some rope burn and chafing across your nipples will start rather quickly and passively.

    As I lean you closer to me , you feel my manicured french nails dig harder into your ass cheek , with the pressure causing your skin to feel warm and flush across my hand. I haven't said otherwise and as our eyes still remain locked, as I break that connection and lean towards the side of your head -- my lips adjacent to your ear. I raise my knee ever so slightly to press your balls gradually against the steel cage that 'my cock attached to your body' is incarcerated within.

    I hear you breathing a bit heavier now, and exhale with my breath warmly coating the bare skin along your neckline. After taking a deep breath and in a playful, mocking quiver of a whisper, I continue, " From this moment forward, you are merely existing in this vessel that belongs to ME...."

    I pause momentarily to gauge if you show any type of reaction to my words, which you did not. "... and for tonight, I do not expect to hear any other noise, unless I ask for a specific noise. Now, nod if you understand that this pathetic excuse for a cock between your legs is no longer your property. Your former favorite plaything is now to be referred to as MY cock, or for you to think of it as -- 'Mistresses cock between my legs.' " As I remove my hand from your ass, I take my hand to flick your steel cage 2 times and grip the edge of the nubby bulge so that my nails pinch the head of the lifeless cock from both sides--- just so that things are abundantly clear and I am sure that I have your attention.

    I feel you nod your head firmly as I plant another warm, exhaling breath against your neck and earlobe, biting and pulling with my teeth . I take my free hand that had just tapped your cage and decide to run my nails across your balls roughly before giving each individual ball it's own quick but firm yank.

    I back away from you slowly, and start to walk around your side while giving you a visible inspection as if you were a rental car in an airport parking garage. I lick my lips as my stilleto heels click-clack across the cold tile floor, feeling your blank stare until it isn't possible for you to see me out of the corner of your eye. Without any warning, I extend my leg to press my heel into the back of your leg right behind your knee forcing it to bend. I repeat the same across your other leg to have you hunched over and bent at the knee-- and I take my arm across the width your shoulder, pushing down hard as if I'm shutting the heavy trunk of an old Cadillac-- to finally get you to kneel cleanly on the ground.

    As the room was still and quiet, I take the time to set the scene of what's to come in your mind. "On one hand, I do want to share all of the things I have planned for you tonight-- which I find quite delightful, but I'm afraid I know you haven't quite earned the right to spoil my very special surprise for you. You surely don't want me to waste a good surprise on you, right?"

    I witness you hesitate for a split second, as if you wanted to make sure the wording of my question made sense to you as you shook your head no.

    I take a deep breath and walk over to my glass of water , taking another two sips before sitting it back down.

    "Good, So let's begin , shall we?"

    You see me pick up my phone and you hear it start to ring.

    I simply let the person on the other end hear me say the phrase, "Fresh meat is now on sale"

    There is no conversation, as I hang up the phone swiftly and slide the phone across the metal tabletop.

    As I anticipate the arrival of the first surprise-- I strut over to you as I intend to test how consistent you remain in knowing your place.

    Your eyes lock into my own and I flash you a smirk before pulling aside my panties to reveal an already semi-hard lady cock standing at attention. I knew this was a surprise to you, and I notice you break our eye contact to try and sneak a closer look.

    Within just a split second, I had picked up the leather paddle and swung to strike you across the face violently. Your cheek immediately looks to be flush and turning deep red at and around the impact point of the paddle.

    Despite being clearly surprised at the swiftness of my response, I relent any follow-up strike when I see you immediately return your eyes to my own.
    "You will look directly in my eyes until I tell you otherwise. I know that your wet noodle of a brain just couldn't help but see what a real cock looks like."

    I drop the paddle as if disgusted but immediately replace it with a firm grasp around the base of my cock and balls.

    Clearly needing to be brought back into line and focused, I step close enough to be standing over you.

    I place my cock under your chin to lift your head higher as you are obviously now not sure as to what may be happening, eyes still remaining locked in to my own for now.

    I happen to have just enough spit in my mouth to let it slowly cascade across my lips, falling down to splatter like a loose, watery dribble of cum onto your deeply blushed cheek before rolling off your chin to drip slowly to drape over the ropes bound across your chest.

    " Here, let me make sure you get that closer look." As our eye contact remains locked, I slap my cock across the deep red cheek now coated with my spit. The force of my cockhead's impact against your moist cheek caused an echo through the vacant room to sound more like a hand angrily slapping a fat ass cheek. You remain silent as I slap and then poke at each of your eyes -- one at a time -- with the bellend of my now fully engaged girl cock.

    I let go of my grip around my engorged, veiny shaft to allow it to rest across your face and I reach to loosen your ball gag until the metal chain it is attached to falls loose around your neck like you're some sort of poorly posed adult toy shop mannequin.

    I pry open your mouth with a nail, making sure to be as forceful as possible as I open your mouth just wide enough to slide my cock across your lips until I feel it hit the back of your throat, inducing a reflex gag.


    The contempt in my voice turns my words into a barotone growl.

    " I toldddd YOU to be quiet!"

    I knew what you had wanted since you tried to feast with your eyes, and I was feeling horny enough to instinctively use what is now mine anyway. I thrust and swirl my hips to start fucking your throat as I grip the hair on the back of your head with my nails as I dig them further into your scalp for traction.

    The room remained silent, except for the distinct and unmistakeable 'Ghughh-Ghugggh' noises made with my cock forcibly sliding in and out, and down your throat -- turning your mouth into what could have temporarily been mistaken for a common whore's sloppy community-creampied pussy.

    If you had a mirror to witness the act, likely you would have thought a speculum was being used to pry open your mouth as the girth of my cock spreads your mouth to its limit widthwise-- as the veins of my gurlhood scrape against the corners of your now gaping mouth.

    I start to release my grip on your hair and cover both nostrils instead, thrusting a few more times for fun before releasing and hearing you gasp for air.

    My cock hadn't yet pulled its way entirely out of your mouth by the time the tall steel door in the corner of the room swung open, and ...

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    Nice thank you
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    That was pretty good.
    I would love to read a continuation.
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    That was pretty hot.
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