A Problem to Be Licked - or I miss hot tales.

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    There is loads of chat going on here. But where are all the writers out there, filled with lust for a good tale....and what about the readers?

    A Problem to be Licked - By ShieldingMatrix

    Everyone wants to get the most out of life, my wife is not alone in
    this. But real life is not you-tube, is it? Oh, forget that I said
    that, don't get me started on tubes....

    You know how things just start out sometimes and then they run away in
    a very different direction than you expect, well, anyway, that's what
    happened to me.

    I really enjoy pictures of beautiful women, sexy, cute, serious, tied
    up... You know how it is.... I definitely think of my wife as all of
    these, though rarely tied up, and she looks great in pictures, but
    she's not into that, so I look at other women in pictures and
    fantisize in private.

    I also discovered a lot of pictures of sexy women in chastity belts,
    and thought that it would be a real turn on to get my wife into one,
    sort intimate bondage, it just made me hot.

    So I shared with my wife, some different sites with women in chastity
    belts, also some stories and forums. I thought I could show her these
    things and get her to see how hot they made me, and that would get her
    interested in expanding our vanilla universe.

    She turned out to be seriously disinterested in Female chastity, and
    Male chastity had never even occurred to her. She looked at the sites
    dutifully but told me that she had no interest in wearing a CB, and
    not to mention it again, and that was it, yet another of my fantasies
    that I have to keep to myself.

    Several months later, I remember we were laying together reading a
    sexy story about a guy with a pierced dick. This was a subject she had
    never been interested in before, but she told me then, that she'd
    really like to get fucked by a guy with a Prince Albert piercing to
    see what it felt like. "Ding!" Oh there's a double header on my list,
    and my imagination promptly ran off with me!

    She had her hands on my dick and balls as I was reading to her. Just
    as she expressed this new and kinky interest to me, I suddenly grew
    super hard beneath her grasp.

    "Oh my, " she said, "does this sudden enthusiastic response mean that
    you too want to get fucked by a guy with a Prince Albert? Or does it
    mean you want to 'be' that guy."

    I am sure I would have totally freaked her out to say, "both," so I
    just said, "be the guy." Kinky stuff was much more my interest than

    * * *

    "Tell Ms. Mountom, the nice piercer, what you want honey."

    I found myself far less of a piercing enthusiast now, even though I
    was standing across the counter staring straight into the tits of a
    stunning blond, a bit butch looking, whose pierced nipples made a
    graphic agrument in favor of nipple show-through. My dick should have
    been raging in my pants, a shaft of desire-- this hot chick was going
    to give me something I always wanted. I mean,"I'" wanted this right,
    it would be fun and sexy, and my wife wanted it even more, she had
    been insatiable for a week since we had read the story, and I had
    declared myself to "be the guy." But here and now, I was having a
    difficult time overcoming my vanilla public persona. It's one thing to
    be into kinky thoughts in your nice safe bedroom, and quite another to
    be "out" and talking to strangers about your darkest desires.

    "An 8 gauge captive bead ring and a Prince Albert piercing to match."
    There, I had said it. I tried to make myself sound casually
    knowledgable, but I am sure I sounded more like a 15 year old teenager
    trying to buy his first three-pack of Trojans at the neighborhood

    Non-plussed by my nerdy performance, the blond looked me up and down
    and said, rather condesendingly, "Sure Hun, just follow me, you too",
    she nodded towards Kaitlinn, "you can hold his hand, he might need
    that, most little boys like him do while I'm perforating their
    pathetic little wieners."

    Oh, shit!

    Considering that I had instantly bristled at Ms. Mountom's jab to my
    masculinity, I walked meekly after our broad shouldered piercer, and
    watched through her clingy yoga pants, as her tight ass cheeks bulged
    with her every step. Meanwhile, my visibly aroused and sexy wife
    walked close behind me, her big tits brushing my shoulder as we tried
    to walk side by side down the narrow hall of the piercing studio. Yet
    despite all of this sexual excitement, my dick felt like it was trying
    to run away and hide.

    "Drop 'um hunney," Ms. Mountom said, quite uncerimoniously to me, as
    soon as we had entered the back room. She grinned wickedly at
    Kaitlinn. They shared their amusement at my growing discomforture in a
    kind of conspiratonal way that only increased my unease.

    "That's all there is, well that's hardly enough to pierce!" God, I was
    taking a major ponding at this girl's hands and as far as I could tell
    my wife was have a great time overseeing my humilliation.

    "My next appointment cancelled just before you arrived, Kaitlinn,
    don't you think that hairy little dick could do with a shave before we
    get down to business?"

    "Oh my yes, it looks so unkempt and, well, hairy and unruley. I'd love
    to see you shave it, I'd like to learn how too. Could you let me help
    you Ms. Mountom."

    By this point I was feeling more than a little awkward, this had not
    been part of the game plan, as far as I knew.

    "Kaitlinn, I'd rather not be shaved really, people would notice at the
    gym, can't we just forget about the piercing and everything and leave?
    I have changed my mind." Even as I said it, the thunderclouds in
    Kaitlinn's eyes were gathering, and Ms. Mountom was manuvering me
    towards the table.

    "She warned me that you might try something like this! Now sit down on
    that table right this minute and stop making such a fuss, your
    embarassing me!"

    My mind seemed to be in complete disagreement with my body. I was
    stunned at my wife's tone of voice, demanding that I behave, and
    furious with her as well but my manhood remained in hiding and I found
    myself hopping up obediently onto the table.

    "Put your head back against the cushion and your arms at your sides,
    you can grab the handles there to steady yourself if you are scared."
    Ms. Mountom was now talking to me differently, speaking to me more
    soothingly than she had treated me before.

    "I want to get up and leave, stop!" I heard my voice saying as I lay
    back and placed my hands at my sides gripping the indicated handles

    Before I had even thought of the posibility, restraints snapped out of
    the table and encircled my wrists.

    As I was noticing the wrist restraints my ankles were similarly caught.

    "Everything is fine now honey, don't struggle, you are going to like
    this," while she crooned this close into my ear, Ms. Mountum pushed
    the gag into my mouth and inflated it to a pallet compressing size.

    "We just need to be certain that you don't distract us during the
    procedure, so hold still now, and don't struggle or you might get
    hurt." There really wasn't much I could do under the circumstances but
    hope for the best.

    Kaitlinn asked Ms. Mountom about the healing time for a Prince Albert
    piercing. "How long will he be out if commission before he can have
    sex again?"

    "Well, normally about a month or so" explained Ms. Mountom, speaking
    with the voice of experience, "depending on the person, and he'll
    still have to wear a condom during sex for at least a month after that
    to keep things in place better, and avoid possible infection,"

    "What will I do, I can't go without sex for a month, this will be a
    terrible thing for me to endure!" The frantic edge to my wife's voice,
    had me gurgling behind my gag, "hey what about me, the one with the
    perferated penis, what do I get?"

    Leaping in to clear the air of Kaitlinn's misconceptions, Ms. Mountom
    was very emphatic, "I didn't say that you would have to abstain for a
    month, just 'meatstick' over there, you can have as much sex as you

    Ah, whatever does she mean by that, no meatstick, no sex for the wife,
    right? I mean she's plum out of meatsticks right?

    My gurgling drew no notice from either of them.

    "Oh, what a relief," my wife said, as she stared off abstractedly for
    a moment into her future with a look of pleasure that I was
    unacustomed to seeing in her eyes.

    Am I missing something?

    The vibe going on here was mighty strange--my wife acting so, well,
    kinky, for one thing. My reaction to the situation was weird too. I
    was still struggling half-heartedly now on the table and with the
    whole situation. What was I doing here?

    Not wanting me to continue to be difficult, I guess, the piercer
    secured my head to the table top with a strap so that I couldn't look
    up and see what they were doing. Still I worried about what this all
    meant and I was still trying to come out of my fantasy life into
    reality, things all seemed so confused, I wanted this and didn't....
    Ms. Mountom interrupted my reverie when she showed me the straight
    razor she planned to use to trim the hair on my balls!

    I tried to relax as shaving creme was applied. It was warm and felt
    kind of good, and then the stroking began, as I felt my skin drawn
    tight and the razor's edge gliding over my nether regions where no
    such sharp instruments had ever been before. Then it was on to my
    balls, the skin stretched expertly, and smoothly carressed by the
    terrifying razor by Ms. Mountom.

    "Can't I have a turn now,"

    "Oh god no!" I twisted and tried to scream through the dam gag. My
    clutzy wife with a knife at my nuts, this was a nightmare!

    "Sorry Kaitlinn, I almost forgot. Well I left you the best part of the
    job, you get to do his cock, just take the hair right off, from the
    low part of the shaft there, to the base." I think Ms. Mountom must
    think my wife is up to this, but I know better.

    I continued to struggle behind my gag.

    "No, no!" I yell, but it's no use, Kaitlinn brings the straight-edge
    razor up into my view and says, "hold really still now," and smiles
    the most sarcastic smile I have ever seen on her face.

    "His dick has shrunk to nothing now Ms. Mountom, how can I possibly
    shave him?"

    It was true, where as before I had been pretty much at least half
    hard, now my cock was in full retreat, hiding under the skin of my
    balls. That's where he always goes when he's scared, and my balls were
    sucked up, trying to flee back where they came from before they

    "I've got just the thing for that, here put this on," said Ms. Mountom.

    I could not hear anything in particular to tell me what was going on
    now. Then I felt a smooth sensation as someone was wiping away all the
    leftover lather with a warm towel. I'm not sure what I was expecting
    at this point, but actually, it felt very nice and safe after my
    shaving ordeal, and then some aftershave emolient, not harsh but
    soothing, my ass, and inner thighs and balls, everywhere I had been
    rendered hairless. With my legs spread wide as they were, all of me
    was in easy reach. The table's gynocological type split at the bottom,
    made all of this front to back access a snap.

    Despite being more relaxed than before, my cock remained in total

    With a minute to work some more of the cream around to soothe my
    irritated assets Kaitlinn paused, and a look of concentration came
    over her beautiful face as she struggled with something I couldn't see.

    An instant more and she had lined up her shot and she took my rectal
    cherry in a single thrust that sent such an unspeakable combination of
    pain, and excitement thru me, that it shocked my dick to stunned
    attention in an instant. Untouched though it was, I throbbed in mind
    altering unison with Kaitlinn's movements as she slowly and
    deliberately pumped in and out of me.

    I would see her face come into view on the thrust and go out on the
    stroke, "Oh god, I'm cumming!" I was screaming behind the gag now, my
    eyes wide and rolling back in my head, but no distinguishable words
    emerged from behind the gag. It was so much pleasure now, heaped on
    the excitement of the night--the satisfaction of ejaculation was at

    "Look out Kaitlinn he's about to cum, you have to stop if you want to
    shave him."

    Just like that, she stopped with her big dick buried in my once
    sacrosanct ass. She waved the razor in my face again and told me to
    hold still. I froze, fighting the almost unbearable need to pump even
    just one more time and to cum. But I knew better, she'd get distracted
    and I'd have a lot more trouble on my hands than a ring through my dick!

    She carefully lathered my totally rigid rod from the base to about the
    middle. My wife's touch with the very wicked looking razor was very
    delicate after all.

    "Use only up strokes on him now and stay away from the head or he's
    likely to squirt and ruin all our fun," Ms. Mountum advised, leaning
    over to demonstrate how to pull down on my balls and squeeze them at
    the same time to tighten the skin of the shaft over my throbbing

    My wife was a fast learner and enthusiastic as well. "This is fun,
    I've never felt so loving and powerful at the same time before, I
    think I could get to like this."

    "We'll be happy to discuss the rest of the program with you when we're
    done here, while he cools down," Ms. Mountom talked idlely now over
    her shoulder to Kaitlinn as she prepared what sounded like metal
    surgical type instruments on a nearby tray.

    "Finish washing him off now, and don't be to rough on him, I need him
    hard for the piercing."

    "Make me cum, let me cum, I have to cum!" Translates to, "Mmm,
    gurrgle, gurrgle, mmmm!"

    "You might as well pull out of him now and take that thing off and
    drop of in the sink over there, you've done well introducing him to
    pleasures he's never known before, I hope you also found it
    stimulating as too."

    "Oh yes, to be the fucker instead of the fuckee was just a revelation,
    the power of a penis between my legs, it was just, well really
    intense. I am just dripping now, I am so horney, now that I think of
    it, I'd just love to fuck his hard dick sticking up there like it is."

    Behind my gag I'm nodding and shaking my head, "yes, fuck me, oh
    please sit on me and slide down my shaft till I explode in your wet
    pussy, fuck me, please...." But of course no words came out and my
    immobile head moved only imperceptibly no matter how hard I tried. If
    eirher of them had noticed anything, they both ignored my wordless

    "You really must restrain yourself for now, get hold of yourself
    Kaitlinn, your're on your way, but don't be so weak of will." Ms.
    Mountom's admonishment of my wife was puzzling, and more than a little
    bit worrisome. I really hate when someone I don't know talks my wife
    out of fucking me while I watch.

    "You want him to ripen and really be ready for your suggestions when
    the time comes, don't you?" Now Ms. Mountom was talking over my head
    to my wife and there seemed to me much more going on here than my mere
    piercing, and everyone was in on it but me.

    The piercing itself was uneventful. Restrained as I was, I had no
    problem remaining still as the piercing needle slid through the flesh
    of my cock, like a fishhook through a finger, and was followed in a
    single thrust by the captive bead ring that ran out of the front of my
    dick around the corona, and in through the piercing hole in the base
    of my shaft.

    Ms. Mountom had stepped over to my side, now that she had finished
    with the procedure and the cleanup, and was instructing me like a good
    nurse talking to her patient.

    "Now you will have a bit of bleeding. You want to keep it wrapped up
    until the bleeding stops and you don't want to exert yourself overmuch
    for the next few days, and then in a month or so you might be healed
    enough for a little masturbation, but I wouldn't rush that or you
    might tear open the piercing and then it takes even longer to heal."

    Though we were all done, she made no move to release any of my
    restraints or my gag. Even though my erection had flagged with the
    initial pain of the piercing, it came back semi-hard and the ache of
    my prior arosal was back with a vengence.

    "I'm really too horny to wait a month Ms Mountom, I've never gone that
    long without an orgasm or a sound fucking, not since I hit puberty
    anyway, what am I supposed to do till then?" Oh my lovely, and now
    hysterical wife, voicing my own very real concerns quite well.

    "That strap-on is yours as my gift, Kaitlinn, it's certainly bigger by
    a mile than 'he' is, and it's hollow. Let him use it on you when he's
    feeling up to it."

    Oh, that was a devilish suggestion indeed. My dick swelled upward,
    drawing the attention of the women, "well, at least one of you seems
    to fancy that idea," Ms. Mountom was saying, as my dick throbbed
    visibly and a bit of blood leaked under the pressure. My own vision of
    my manicled manmeat encased in firm rubber, hard but out of contact as
    it slides in and out with a swish of the wet and thwack of the thrust,
    lit up my pleasure centers like the midday sun. I saw it, the deviltry
    of it, that while i watched all that would ordinarily bring joyus
    release, it would not, at least not for me, not now. A whole month,
    I'll loose my mind.

    "Oh Kaitlinn, its not as bad as all that. For now perhaps he can lend
    you a helping hand, as it were, from right where he is now," so saying
    Ms. Mountom tipped the part of the table supporting my head down so
    that my neck arched and this brought my face and mouth to crotch
    height though my head was almost upside down.

    "Well, I'm sure you can figure something out for now Kaitlinn, don't
    forget to take off the gag, ha, ha, and when your feeling ready come
    and see me in the office at the end of the hall." Ms. Mountom spun on
    her high heels and clicked out and down the hall.

    Even as the door was closing Kaitlinn was fussing with her belt and
    slacks, her breath coming in short gasps as she struggled with her

    "I'm going to take of the gag and you are going to lick me and you are
    not to stop or use your mouth for anything except licking and sucking
    and satisfying me until I have cum, and after that then you may speak,
    is that clear? Just nod."

    Unbuckling the gag and letting out the air, my jaw was sore and my
    throat dry, I couldn't have spoken if I had wanted to.

    "Now lick and don't stop till I tell you to."

    She pushed her lips, dripping with excitement against my downturned
    mouth and mashed her pussy against my immobilied face, and rode my
    chin like a saddle until her bucking became uncontrollable and she
    drenched my face in a squirt of her orgasmic release of girl juices.

    "Be the guy," yes indeed.

    To Be Continued. .....
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    great story, thanks for adding it. i look forward to the continuation
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    Wow! Super hot!
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    Excellent Story!

    What happens next, and when??

    Yes, I am greedy.
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