A One-sided Marriage part 2

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    "Well I think that about finishes the easy part of this, oh wait
    there is one more paper. This is a contract between you and me; it
    is a statement of employment. You are to be employed as my maid.
    You will take all of your instructions, orders for uniforms, work
    schedules, and other services of my choosing. Your salary will be
    room and board. Your medical expenses of my choosing, and an
    allowance of monies, that will be used for the purchase of all the
    items that you need to do your job.
    And it finally states that I will have the power to do the spending
    from your wages and that you will not use any money unless first
    getting permission from me. Sign it!"

    I signed the paper where my name was printed.

    Julie chimed in, "I forgot to show you this one, Shirley, It is a
    legal name change form. It changes his mane from Don Hastings to
    Donna Hastings. This way at the wedding he will be able to take
    your last mane and have a feminine first one."

    "Sign it!"

    I signed the paper where my name was printed.

    There it was my fate all signed sealed and delivered to my new
    Mistress and soon to be wife. Oh what did I do in the name of
    love? I really wonder what it said in all that writing that she
    never let me really look at. What did I agree to? I was worried.

    "Stand up Donna. We are now going to enter my new playroom. I'm
    sure you wondered what was going on in the cellar during the days
    that the construction was going on down there. I have made some
    really nice reconstructions down there and I'm sure you will find
    them especially interesting. This is the room where your
    discipline will take place. Before you get to cum tonight you are
    about to find out just what I mean by discipline. Of course Sara
    and Julie will whiteness and participate in it.

    I was still leashed by my cock and balls by the scarf and Sara
    pulled me along the hallway. We came to the cellar door and
    Mistress Shirley tool a key and opened it. We all walked down the
    stairs with me in the rear. When I got to the bottom of the stairs
    I couldn't believe my eyes. It looked like something out of a
    medieval dungeon. There was an X frame on the wall. A pummel
    horse stood in the open. There was also a table of sorts near it.
    On the walls were some things I couldn't make out but were straps
    of leather and chrome buckles and rings. On one wall were an
    assortment of paddles and crops. To say I was scared at this point
    was an understatement.

    I was brought over to the pummel and strapped down. My ankles had
    leather cuffs on them, also my knees and upper thighs. My panties
    were lowered and I was then cuffed at the wrists, elbows and upper
    arms. I couldn't move. I heard the doorbell ring and Julie went
    to answer it. Meanwhile Mistress Shirley had dressed in a leather
    outfit that would make a dominatrix green with envy. She had on a
    leather bra and panty set, a waist cincher that brought in her
    already slim waist down even smaller. Attached to her cincher was
    a pair of black stockings. They were so shear that you really had
    to look, and only the fact that her legs were darker and you could
    see the seams on the full fashion stockings let you know they were
    on her. On her feet was a pair of the highest heels I had ever
    seen and they shined, I'm sure they were patent leather. Around
    her neck was a very pretty scarf, rolled up and tied so the ends
    were on either side of her shoulder. She walked over to the wall
    and took down a leather slapper. As she walked over to me, Julie
    and a man I had never met entered the room.

    "Hello Shirley." He said. "Is this the sissy boy you told me

    "Yes, I would like you to meet Donna. He, err, a, she has been
    shown my new playroom for the first time tonight. Sara and Julie
    have been invited to see what happens. And as for you, well, you
    are here to show Donna what a real man is like. She is going to be
    cuckold for the second time tonight, but with some discipline
    thrown in for grins."

    "Donna, I am going to give you 10 strokes and when I am finished
    you will either beg me to cuckold you or you will receive more

    With that she started beating my ass. When the first one landed it
    stung, it wasn't as bad as I imagined. By the third stroke my ass
    was on flames. I hadn't thought about how a repetitive stroke
    would add on to each other. By the seventh I started to cry. When
    the final stroke landed I was ready to beg.

    "Please Ma'am, would you make me a cuckold? I beg of you, have
    your way with this man in front of me. I can't take the spanking."

    "You beg nicely, but I don't think your being very sincere. I
    think I should impress you a bit more."

    The girls and their new friend started to laugh. "Watching this is
    great." Stated Greg. 'I have never seen a sissy spanking before."

    Whap, my ass stung again! "Please Mistress!" Smack, smack, whump,
    on it went till I had received another 10.

    Through my tears I pleaded with her again.
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