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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Hoss, Jul 23, 2008.


Who's got your key, or is under your control?

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  2. Friend

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  1. Hoss

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    Jul 22, 2008
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    Greetings, all.

    I just found this site last night, and it seems to be one of the better chastity websites I've found. In fact I will even break my rule about always lurking ;)

    I am young, even though it was not so long ago that I thought 30 was old, and I am happily locked.

    A couple of months ago I mentioned to a good friend of mine that I was about to get a PA and then make another attempt at a chastity device. I also mentioned that I didn't have a key holder, made the joke "last things, first, you know". She offered to take the keys.

    That not what I was looking for when I told her, I just knew that she shared an interest in things kinky. But I was not going to turn her down.

    So after the PA healed, I fabricated a device out of fiberglass reinforced with stainless steel wire. Took the keys to work Tuesday the first of July, locked the device on that night. I knew that with the keys at work, I couldn't get out until morning, but if there were problems I could easily wait until I could get the keys out of my tool box. Technically, the test run is still under way, because it hasn't been off since then. I handed the keys over to S_, the next day. I have no idea when I'll get out, but she has told me that when she gives me the keys she will also give me a task to do.

    She makes it sound like the tasks will be so bad I won't want to get out. But then again, she me just be playing on my self-destructive streak.

    Before you think she's changing the rules on me, she's not. We didn't bother negotiating them before hand. It would have been the sane thing to do, I know. But, I've always found sanity so boring.

    I know I like this game, and I think I will like this little corner of the web, especially since there's an animal play section(woof woof).

    Thanks for taking the time to read this boring mass of ill composed words,

  2. Mistress Watchful

    Mistress Watchful Dont believe the hype ;oP

    May 11, 2008
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    Ahhh... ramble away, I usually do (constantly!)

    Thank you for a great introduction, I can't wait to hear more... and it's always great to have new people who are into the different areas of D/s play.
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