15th Annual Chastity Belt Ball!

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    Dommy Mommies and Chastity Belts!
    TJ Ryder

    The 15th Annual Chastity Belt Ball!
    Briarcliff Academy
    Jan 15 7 PM

    Terrence/Terri P stood in the foyer of the
    famous and also notorious feminization school for
    select young males and stared at the announcement on
    the bulletin board.

    "That figures!" he half smiled. Going back up
    to his room since classes were over for the day he
    saw his upperclass roommate doing some sewing wearing
    only panties over his chastity belt.

    "Okay Dorian, I guess you weren't just pulling my
    chain about the DommyMommy Ball!"

    Dorian looked up with amusement, "Is it posted
    already? Well, of course I did warn you!"

    "Ah well, " Terri slipped his feminine sleeveless top
    off and sat on his bunk delicately because his blue swollen
    balls from two weeks of enforced chastity made it
    risky. Once he sat and pinched a testicle.

    "I suppose the good news is we can take these damn
    things off!"

    "Whatever gave you that idea, dear boy?"

    "Well, come on, I mean we can't possibly go meet women
    like this!"

    "Why did you think they put us in chastity, silly boy?"

    "Um, well, not for this dance, are you serious?"

    "Always the fast learner aren't we? Of course, it's called
    the DommyMommy after all. They want to see nice prime teen bloated
    blue balls!"

    "Oh brother, well, I better let my skirt out a little
    in front or I'm going to show a bulge. Maybe add a few pleats!"

    "Oh, don't bother about that for this dance. We will get
    assigned uniforms just before the dance begins, and right after
    the mistresses unlock the chastity belts!"

    "Hmmm, well, that takes care of that! Any idea what they

    "Mmmmm, maybe a few square inches of the sheerest fabric they
    can find. Something like a speedo bathing suit but much more
    flimsy and revealing!"

    Terri gasped, "B-but, I mean without getting off after they
    take the belts off, I mean, I'll look... well!"

    "Yes, the women will be fully clothed of course, many wearing
    leather or bikinis, but it is quite intended for the boys to look like
    walking genitalia. We may also have our hands cuffed in back
    and most likely dog collars and leashes!"

    "B-but, its a dance! How do I dance with a woman like that?"

    "It's a cattle inspection for sissyboys, not really a dance!
    But if its like last year it will be equally divided between
    male choice and ladies choice!"

    Terry laid back on his bunk, "I can't believe it! I suppose
    the women will all be there!"

    "Doubtless, perhaps some youv'e already gone out with from
    previous dances, and they are interested in our progress
    especially for you first year sissies!"

    "And, I suppose, after the dance the chastity belts go
    back on!"

    "That will be up to the women, or more specifically, the woman
    you choose, or pretend to yourself that you actually choose!"

    "Oh, I see, it's like a pairing off thing? Does that mean there
    will be enough women, dommy mommies, to go around?"

    "Maybe more, maybe less!" The goal for this dance for you
    first termers is to get settled with one dommy mommy for the
    second semester!"

    "Hmmmm, but, how do I choose?"

    Dorian looked up with a amused smirk. "Let your balls do the
    walking, sissy!" Terri snorted and picked up a magazine. His
    roommate could be just insufferable at times!


    Later in the week Terri had the chance to go over the possibilities
    for a new relationship. He had been in some temporary ones and
    talking to other 'bois' he realized he was ready for a more long
    term one, but the whole format for this dance was more humiliating
    than he even first thought. He needed to talk to someone who was
    kind of on the outside looking in, and what better person than
    a boy who arrived already a feminine slaveboy.

    "Peter!" he called out as the slim young blonde walked through
    the quadrangle on campus in a cute pink microdress.


    "Peter can I talk to you about this coming dance? I mean you
    are going?"

    "Well Of course, it is mandatory!"

    "Yes, silly me. Okay, well, I hadn't noticed lately but are you
    still going out with your mother?"

    Peter smiled and lowered his voice. "Well, you know the whole
    idea of sending me off to Briarcliff was to wean me off mother,
    and vice versa. But don't spread it around, okay. Mother and
    I talked and we don't think either of us are ready to split up
    quite yet. Perhaps next term! Anyway, she doesn't pick me up
    at the dorm like she used to. When we go out on dates now she
    picks me up in the parking lot!"

    "Wow, youv'e had a date wearing the chastity belt?"

    Peter groaned, "It's just awful, but mother kind of likes it!
    Anyway, there are a few other boys whose mother will be at the dance
    and they will be going home with their boys, so it would be nice
    if she pretended to flirt with you a little, okay?"

    "Oh sure, but I was wondering if you had any suggestions!"

    "Well, just be humble and polite!"

    "Why, do you think I'm pushy?" Peter just smiled
    and arched an eyebrow, and Terri frowned.

    Continued in upcoming story

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    Terrible Tubes!

    "The way this program works, Mr. Jones," the buxom
    nurse showing a lot of cleavage said as she leaned over and
    examined his genitals, "for both court ordered boys like you
    and voluntary chastity training here at Club Mandingo,
    is pretty simple!"

    The naked young male shivered as she lifted up his penis
    and nodded with approval at his bloated, heavy testicles.

    She noted it on the clipboard and smiled. "First all the
    boys must be somewhat deprived,.. you know, blue balls! It helps
    with the treatment. I don't have to worry about you court ordered
    males but sometimes the wives who bring their husbands in cheat
    a little. Now, this," she said, holding up a semi transparent
    tube from rack of different sizes, he noticed it had dozens of
    small holes in it.

    "First this slides over the penis while it is soft, that's
    why I'm choosing the right size for you.
    Now the important thing to know is see this yellow
    button at the end? It has a contact that will fit this
    other tube that will slide over it, and see all the studs
    on this one?" He swallowed and nodded.

    She pointed to a chart on the wall showing how it connects.

    "See, each stud has a spring loaded sterilized pin. When
    you experience a complete erection, your penis knob will reach that pin
    inside the inside tube and then several things will happen,
    as (giggle) you will find out!" He gulped and swallowed,
    knowing he was trapped, his hands cuffed behind him in the

    "First, the ring at the base of your penis will tighten,
    keeping your penis inflated, while the pins will be triggered
    to push through the holes in the inner tube into your phallus
    from all sides. You know this is why we only take circumcised
    males for this, too difficult otherwise to trigger it otherwise!"

    He gasped, and she smiled, nodding. "Now of course, it won't
    happen all at once, since there are 24 pins. It will take about
    half an hour. They push in slowly for two reasons, first, well,
    naturally we want to make this experience painful, and second,
    by pushing slowly, they push the veins out of the way naturally.
    Of course we have occasional accidents but that's why I'm here.
    If it works properly there will be very little blood. After
    your'e fully inflated and (smile) tacked in, shall we say, you will
    be assigned menial work here at Club Mandingo, where I'm sure you'll
    agree there is plenty of continuous stimulation to keep your penis
    nice and stiff.

    She paused as he swallowed, smiling. "Now I'm going to fit
    you with it,.. don't worry, there isn't any pain during this
    phase! Then I'll wheel you into the other room. That's why
    we wait till we have least 6 boys so you'll just have
    to wait until I fit them all and wer'e ready to begin! It won't
    be too long! Question?"

    "Um, y-yes... b-but, what if, well, I don't get a, ah...!"

    "Erection?" she laughed. "Wev'e never had that problem!
    First, after your'e fitted I'm going to give you a nice shot of
    Viagra although we really don't need to! You'll be a walking,
    pin-studded hardon in a little while!"

    "Um, um, but, you said 'we'?

    "Oh yes, I forgot to mention that cute receptionist
    out front is Natasha. She does the teasing and she works
    nights as an exotic dancer so she does an excellent job,
    I assure you. And (giggle) she just loves doing it!
    I think we have six of you today which is
    about right for the size of this room. I'll be on hand to
    observe in case of an accident like a bleeder but it's
    very unlikely. Besides I like to watch anyway!" she
    added with a smirk.

    After both tubes were covering his penis, and clamped
    and locked into place, and his chair was wheeled into
    the other room, he saw two other naked young men with
    tubes attached. He was about to say something when
    a man nodded at a sign. "NO TALKING!"

    When the nurse wheeled the last one in, he was already
    feeling the viagra coursing through his body, looking
    down at the transparent tube, seeing the knob closer to
    that pressure plate at the end. Then the nurse
    came by and checked everyone, and sat down on a comfortable
    chair and crossed her shapely legs, the sight of her smooth
    thighs making everyone suppress a groan.

    Then a young woman came in, that receptionist, with
    glitter in her hair, and wearing a short robe over her obviously
    voluptuous body.

    "Hello gentlemen!" she smiled at the semicircle of
    chairs with naked males with spread legs and tubes on their

    "I'm Natasha and one of the jobs I do to get through
    college is dancing, so I'm going to do a little number just
    for you boys," she giggled. She turned and a spotlight
    showed her body!"

    John was using every mental trick in the book to try
    not to get hard, as he swallowed, knowing everyone else

    "Now, first before we begin, boys, don't be the least concerned
    about making some noise. Pamela and I have heard it all
    and well, it doesn't make any difference because you
    will all have studded erections with pins when you leave
    anyway, and second, we really don't mind the noise at all!"
    She smiled, "Do we Pam?"

    "We love it!" Natasha smiled and nodded.

    "Yes, screaming, crying, pleading, begging, we hear it
    all and I love to hear it because it shows how well your'e
    learning an important lesson. So let's begin, and (giggle)
    enjoy the show!" She turned some music on, turned her back
    and everyone gasped as she slipped off her robe, her white
    voluptuous body, almost naked, moving slowly to the music,
    as he gaped at her big swaying breasts, as she made eye
    contact with a smile at each male. Soon, despite all his
    effort, he knew he was inflating, as she nodded in approval
    as she danced. He heard a groan and a piercing cry from
    one of the others and Natasha laughed.

    "I think that's a new record. Wer'e going to have
    fun today, aren't we boys!" Soon she sighed as a chorus
    of moans and cries filled the small room, her nipples
    getting hard, her pussy becoming swampy, and she thought
    happily, she had just gotten started!


    Continued in complete illustrated, animated story

    Buxom Ballbusters Illustrated Stories
    BlackMasters, femdom cuckolding and humiliation!

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    New stories updated in March, coming attraction for February


    Buxom Ballbusters Illustrated Stories
    BlackMasters, femdom cuckolding and humiliation!

    Club Mandingo Beach! Interracial cheating resort comix
    Illustrated animated cuckold stories!

    Blackowned Wives, Giant Black Bulls and sissified,
    chastity-belted hubbies!

    Creampies, pantypudding, comix.videos. Cuckold creamies!

    Femdom/fm Facesitting Smother Videos.personals.comix
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    Nice to see some relatively new material from you.
    Dare I say even the artwork has improved - My old jab about the art style being "neo-crayon" clearly no longer applies.
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    Where can you read the story of Terrible Tubes? Nowhere I can find (((
    Maybe someone has? I would be extremely grateful for the answer.
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