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Feb 23, 2011
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Goddess Chris' anal slut

What a wonderful day! An evening of rubber glove wearin', ball-slappin', prostate pokin' stress relief for li'l ol' me! Thank You, Goddess! Feb 19, 2011

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Feb 23, 2011
    1. slave & slut
      slave & slut
      Love your profile pic!!
    2. Slavin4Chris
      What a wonderful day! An evening of rubber glove wearin', ball-slappin', prostate pokin' stress relief for li'l ol' me! Thank You, Goddess!
    3. Slavin4Chris
      I have posted a few pics of "Sam", who inspires Goddess Chris to keep me locked. Sam fits the vac-u-lock harness and lets Goddess get filled up without unlocking the slave. Your comments are welcome!
      1. marchhare
        Heavenly thought!
        Feb 19, 2011
    4. Slavin4Chris
      Day 45 of no orgasms. My next weigh-in is on Day 58. If I have lost 10 pounds, I will get unlocked for a couple hours. If not, the next weigh-in is on Day 93.
    5. Slavin4Chris
      Today is Day 42 of no orgasms. Other than a half hour of supervised unlocking for cleaning, maintenance, and a few "pushups", I have been locked for 6 weeks. Only 16 more days until my next weigh-in, to see if I have lost 10 pounds and get unlocked for a couple hours.
      1. peter7447
        Congratulations on having such a great time. Connecting chastity and weight loss is a great idea. You should be very thankful for your Mistress being so nice to you.
        Feb 15, 2011
    6. Slavin4Chris
      The high point of Day 36 (that's today, brought to you by Captain Obvious) was an exciting session with my face buried between Goddess' soft, silky thighs. Apparently, my shoulders make nice footrests.
    7. Slavin4Chris
      Day 34 has been a horny, frustrating, delicious day! Perfect for wearing anal beads and thong panties to work...
    8. Slavin4Chris
      My diet reward challenge: lose 10 pounds in a month for 2 hours of unlocked time. I lost 2 pounds. Sigh...
      1. Mistress Becca
        Mistress Becca
        Aww, poor thing.. *supressing a giggle*
        One of my subbies is on a diet at the moment, should lose a stone in a week.. worth thinking about?
        Feb 4, 2011
      2. Slavin4Chris
        My conversion thingie says a stone equals 14 pounds. I would like to be on that diet if it works.
        Feb 4, 2011
      3. Mistress Becca
        Mistress Becca
        if you want to go to messages, just say.. do you mind me asking how much your Mistress wants you to lose?
        Feb 4, 2011
    9. Slavin4Chris
      Thinking about the two weeks of crabby mood swings after each orgasm, thinking it isn't worth it. Maybe I should stay locked and never cum again...
      1. Spike's Bitch
        Spike's Bitch
        Try ruined orgasms only. It seems to be helping for me so far.
        Aug 28, 2010
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    January 5, 2011
    After much deliberation, I have decided to become a workaholic.
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