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    1. newbb21
      I am selling my black birdlocked mini. If you are interested let me know. It is perfect condition after 2 week use. purchased from the manufacturer.
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    Chastity devices:
    previously had 6K... looking for something else... buying very soon
    I am 24 years old.I have some experience in chastity. I have attempted to wear devices in the past but had little success keeping the devices on and secure. I am currently trying a CB6000s with KSD and it appears to have solved the pull out problem. The biggest problem I have is discreetly securing it. I am very active at a health club and workout with trainers and other people in addition to yoga classes. I dont want my cage showing through my gym clothes. I would love to have a local keyholder from the Midwest, buy would settle for an online keyholder. Im a fit, smart, young, submissive that a mistress would enjoy using and abusing.
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