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Determined ladies get things done! My superiority over males is innate. It cannot be learned, or acquired through practice. With this ring I thee wed! You are now all my weak bitch husbands.   You will pledge your service, and honour and obey. You will toil in the kitchen until death you do part, or until I have had enough of you. I am completely covered in PVC to ensure none of your vile male germs touch my superior body, even by accident 38128 Perfectly superior Only good boys get to see my face Creating perfection every day 37843 I've invented a new game. 5 male players put these on, then a female player takes turns whacking them. The male who makes least noise wins! But there is no prize. Who wants to play? First the Terminatrix will force you to be encased in metal, and then turn you into a cyborg to serve womankind for all eternity. Half metal, half "man". The Terminatrix Who wishes this was them? Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah, KNEEL It's time for double lockdown Working from home in style
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