Pamela chapter 1

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    By Pamela (tv)


    I have arranged a meeting with Mistress Sabina and she has ordered me to wear black thigh high stockings with the elastic tops and black panties under my male clothing. After shaving my legs and donning the required garments, I get into the car to begin the journey to our meeting place. When I arrive, I knock three times on the door of her hotel room. She greets me warmly and invites me in. After closing the door, she asks me if I have complied with her orders. I say yes and then she commands me to remove all my clothes except for the feminine undergarments.

    As I strip down to my lingerie, I can feel my cock growing against my silky panties and I am embarrassed to realize that there's nothing I can do to hide my erection from her. After I have stripped, I can see her eyes looking at my crotch as a gentle smile comes to her lips. "Are you ready to begin Pamela? I have some surprises in store for you."

    "Yes Mistress", I answer as she takes my hand and leads me into the bathroom.

    "Your lingerie looks wonderful, but we need to improve your figure before we can go any further. Stand over here and face the bathroom door." I do as she asks as I watch her remove some leather cuffs with ropes attached from a suitcase in the corner of the bathroom. She attaches the cuffs to each of my wrists and throws the ropes over the top of the door. As she pulls on them, I am lifted up and against the door so that my toes are barely touching the ground. She ties off the ends to the door knob and goes back to the suitcase to remove a black hourglass corset and orders me to lift each foot so that she can slide it up my torso. Once it is in the correct position, I can feel her pulling on the laces in back. "Take a deep breath Pamela and hold it until I finish." I do as she asks which allows her to tighten the laces as much as possible. She then ties off the ends and covers them over with a small leather strap and hasp. I can hear the click as the small padlock is put into place.

    She then moves around to the other side of the door and releases the ropes. I can feel the compression on my chest and am now limited to taking very short breaths. After she puts the silicone breast forms in place, she checks my measurements with a tape measure. "Hmmm, 42-28-38. Isn't that a lot better than the 38-34-38 you entered the room with?"

    "Oh yes Mistress. Thank you."

    "Step into these Pamela", as she hands me a pair of black patent leather shoes with 6" heels. I notice that each shoe has an ankle strap with a padlock as she buckles the narrow straps around my ankles and locks them in place. I feel very strange with my new posture and wonder if I will be able to maintain my balance with the extra weight thrusting forward from my chest and the high heels causing the muscles in my legs and buttocks to tighten.

    "Take off your panties Pamela. We need to do something with that appendage between your legs."

    I almost fall down from the uncertain balance caused by the high heels as I slip off the panties. She reaches back into the suitcase and retrieves a strange looking device. She grabs my cock and begins fitting the sheath over it. It has straps that force my balls up into my body and a narrow strap which is pulled back between my legs and tied off to the small hasp at the back of the corset. As I look into the mirror, I see that my maleness has disappeared.

    "Put your panties back on and follow me."

    I am then lead into the sitting room and ordered to sit at the vanity table with a large makeup mirror hanging over it. Over the course of the next 45 minutes, she applies artificial red fingernails, false eyelashes, foundation, eye shadow, eye liner, blusher, and red lipstick. She also plucks my eyebrows into a soft feminine arch. As I gaze into the mirror, I am pleased at the transformation that is taking place.

    "And now for the crowning touch", as she places an ash blond long hair wig on my head and brushes it out so that the hair barely touches my shoulders with its soft curls. I can't believe the reflection staring back from the mirror. No one would guess that I am really a man.

    She then goes over to the closet and takes out the maid's costume. "Put this on Pamela. I think it will look great on you."

    The black dress has a scooped neck, fitted bodice, and a short skirt over two layers of petticoats. The length barely covers the tops of my thigh high stockings.

    Just as I am closing the zipper in the back of the dress, I hear a knock on the door. "Who's that? You didn't tell me that other people were coming to our party."

    "Well really Pamela, I don't think you have any say in the matter considering your present condition. I invited Mistress Kay and her slave Susie to join us. After I told them about your kinky interests, they wanted to meet you."

    Mistress Sabina opens the door allowing them to enter. The taller of the two women who I assume to be Mistress Kay is wearing a skin tight black leather mini-skirted sheath, black seamed stockings and black pumps with 4 1/2" stiletto heels. Her hair and makeup are done perfectly and I realize that I am about to meet one of my fantasies.

    The other woman is about 5'6" tall and wearing a duplicate of my maid's outfit including the locked-on 6" patent leather heels. In addition, she has a black leather collar around her neck with a leash attached, the end of which is in Mistress Kay's hand.

    "Hello Pamela. I've heard a lot about you. I think we have a lot in common. This is my slave Susie. I brought her along to assist Mistress Sabina and myself in today's activities. We have many things planned for you which I'm sure you will find interesting." Susie curtsey's her greeting and sensuously licks her lips.

    Mistress Kay hands the leash to Mistress Sabina and orders me to stand up. With the 6" heels on, I realize that it would be useless to try and get away. Moving around behind me, she grabs my wrists and handcuffs them behind my back being sure to engage the double locking mechanism. She then forces me to my knees as Mistress Sabina slides the 2' x 4' cocktail table in front of me.

    Susie has retrieved a handful of ropes from the suitcase and hands them to her Mistress.

    "Let's get her tied down, Sabina. I have a position in mind that we haven't tried before."

    Mistress Kay takes a long strand of cord, doubles it over and loops it around the links of my handcuffs. She the pulls the rope so that my upper body is forced to lie on the table. My hands are then pulled up between my shoulder blades as the ends are tied to the legs at the opposite end of the table. Taking another rope, she loops it around my left knee and firmly fastens it to the left leg of the table. The process is repeated on my right knee so that my knees are now spread two feet apart.

    "She's pretty helpless Sabina, but let's see what we can do to make her a little less comfortable."

    "Please Mistress! I'm already uncomfortable. Don't you see that I'm helpless enough?" A feeling of panic washes over me as I can't imagine what else she has in mind.

    She then takes another rope, loops it around the high heel of my left foot and pulls it up to join the back part of my upper leg. The rope is wrapped around three times and the ends are then rerouted between my calf and thigh before being tied off in a secure cinch. The process is then repeated on my right leg so that a substantial portion of my weight is now resting on my knees.

    "Well Sabina, what do you think of the bondage I've applied to Pamela? I assure you that she won't be able to get out of it without help."

    "That's obvious Kay, but would you mind if I took over from here? We both know what Susie's favorite pastime is and since she's been such a good little slave, I think she's earned a reward. Susie, go into the bathroom and get me a scissors from the drawer under the sink."

    "Oh goody! Yes Mistress. I'll get it right away." Susie is bubbling with anticipation as she minces off to fetch the scissors.

    "Thank you Susie. Now just be patient while I get Pamela ready for you." Sabina accepts the scissors from Susie and uses it to cut off my black silk panties.

    "Nooooo Mistress. Please stop. I don't want to be exposed any more than I am already."

    "Shut up you slut. You know you love it. Susie, go get the gag from the suitcase in the bathroom. I'm getting tired of listening to Pamela's sniveling. I know she loves what we're doing to her."

    Susie eagerly goes off to the bathroom and returns to hand the gag to Sabina. "Here you go Pamela. This is just what the Mistress ordered, so to speak."

    The gag consists of a leather strap and buckle with a rubber shaped penis attached to the inside. There is also a short tube with a rubber bulb attached to the front. Simultaneously pushing the gag against my lips with one hand and pinching my nostrils closed with the other, she forces me to accept the foul smelling intruder and quickly buckles it tightly behind my head.

    "That's an improvement. I was wondering how long you'd allow her to whine and complain." Kay was obviously pleased with Sabina's work.

    "I'm not finished yet Kay. Susie, go get the dildo harness and the K-Y jelly from the suitcase." Sabina then uses the scissors to cut the strap that has forced my cock between my legs. Susie returns with a plastic dildo attached to an assortment of straps and buckles. After lubricating its 8" length, Sabrina pushes it against my anus and maintains steady pressure until my sphincter muscle relaxes allowing its full length to slide in. She then arranges the straps around my waist and hips and buckles them securely.

    "Oh, I almost forgot. Susie, be a dear and give that bulb a few squeezes."

    Once again, Susie is eager to assist as she grasps the bulb of the gag. As she squeezes the bulb, I can feel the penis growing until it has extended to the back of my mouth.

    My mouth is filled. My "pussy" is filled. My rear end is bare and available. I am tied so tight that I can barely move. I am now more helpless than I have ever been in my life.

    "Well Kay. I think she's ready. Should we let Susie do her thing?"

    "I think we'd better. She's been very patient and helpful."

    Sabina motions to Susie. "She's all yours. I don't think you'll have any trouble with her now."

    Susie immediately lies down on the floor and slides her body under the table so that her head is just below my cock. She reaches up, unlaces the sheath and takes me into her mouth. My cock springs to attention as a result of her ministrations. Because of the way I am tied however, I am capable of only the most limited of movements. My attempts to thrust my hips forward are greeted with frustration. My attempts to speak are reduced to muffled groans. The dildo in my ass has served to heighten each sensation as Susie continues to suck my cock.

    Mistress Kay helps to take the strain from Susie's neck by sliding a pillow under her head. She pauses to adjust the pillow for comfort, thanks her Mistress and immediately returns to the task at hand. Doubts enter my mind as I begin to wonder whether I will be able to reach an orgasm because of my inability to move.

    "Susie's been doing her thing for about fifteen minutes now, Kay. Don't you think we should have her stop. I think Pamela has been in this position too long and I wouldn't want her to suffer any damage from her bondage. Why don't I untie her so she can rest for a while. In the meantime, you can get Susie ready for Pamela's next surprise."

    Sabina grabs each of Susie's legs and pulls her out from under the table. An audible pop can be heard as her mouth slides off of my erection leaving me in a state of total frustration.

    "Oh, Mistress. Why did you make me stop? I was having so much fun, I wanted to finish her off."

    Kay puts her arm around Susie's shoulder to comfort her. "Don't worry. You're not through having fun yet. We have another surprise in store for Pamela, so come with me and I'll get you ready."


    Mistress Kay has left me high and dry by removing Susie from underneath the table. I am so aroused that I am only vaguely aware that Mistress Sabina is untying the ropes that have kept me so helpless. She first releases each of my own legs from those of the table and then unties the rope securing my hands between my shoulder blades. The table is put back into its original position and I am left to lie on the floor until the feeling returns to my legs. All the while, the dildo continues to work its magic in maintaining my raging hard-on and my frustration continues to grow causing muffled groans to emerge from behind my gag. The fake penis in my mouth is a new sensation as I wonder what it would be like to suck on the real thing.

    "Can you stand up yet Pamela?" My Mistress takes me by the left arm and helps me struggle to my feet. Once again, I am perched unsteadily on those wonderful 6" heels. She then moves behind me and unlocks one of the cuffs on my wrists. I feel her unzip the back of my dress and slide it off my arms and down to the floor. My wrists are then once again cuffed behind my back.

    "I think we need some adjustment here Pamela" as she tightens the straps on the dildo harness one more notch driving it farther up my ass.

    Taking one of the ropes, she wraps one end around my balls three times and ties it off. Using the other end as a leash, she gives it a tug and leads me into the bedroom. As we enter the bedroom I can see that Mistress Kay has been busy. She has Susie tied face up to the bed. Her spread legs are hanging over the side and securely fastened to the casters under the bed frame. Her spreadeagled arms are similarly fastened on the other side. She is not gagged but a padded leather blindfold has been strapped over her eyes. A red waspy corset without any bra adorns her torso. Her milky white breasts are heaving from her arousal. She is not wearing any panties and I can see that her pussy has been shaved. A long rope has been tied around her waist and secured to both ends of the bed. She is totally and completely helpless.

    My handcuffs are removed and you lead me to the side of the bed where Susie's head is resting. Taking the leash rope and passing it back between my legs, you command me to get on top of her so that my face is right over her pussy. Even though she is blindfolded, Susie senses that my cock is near her mouth and after a couple of unsuccessful attempts, she finds her target and once again takes me into her mouth and begins to suck.

    Working quickly now, Sabina and Kay tie each of my arms to Susie's ankles. Using a rope about twenty feet long, Kay doubles it over and loops it twice around my left wrist. The two ends are then extended to Susie's left ankle and tied off to the arch of her high heeled foot. At the same time, Sabina has done the same thing with my right arm. After my legs are similarly tied to each of Susie's arms, Sabina adds just a little tension to the leash rope and secures it to the side of the bed frame. I am helpless to remove my cock from Susie's attentions, not that I would really want to if I could.

    "How do you like this position Pamela?"

    "Mmmmffff, urrrg, mmmfff," is all I can manage as a response to my

    Mistress's question.

    "Oh how silly of me. I forgot your mouth was still plugged with that inflated penis. You can't do very much for Susie that way."

    Sabina first releases the valve allowing the rubber intrusion to shrink to manageable proportions, unbuckles the strap and pulls the now deflated fake penis from my mouth.

    "Oh thank you Mistress. I thought you'd never take it off."

    "You're welcome Pamela. I'm sure you can figure out what we want you to do next. Don't you think that you should show Susie how much you appreciate what she's doing?"

    Susie's shaved snatch is right underneath my mouth as I bury my tongue in her moist slit and find my way to her erect clit. The movements of my tongue cause muffled sounds of pleasure to come from Susie's filled mouth. We are both oblivious to the rest of the world around us as we simultaneously erupt in an overwhelming orgasm.

    "Wow Kay, it sure didn't take long for them to get their rocks off once we let Pamela suck on Susie's pussy."

    "There's only one thing that Susie likes more than giving blow jobs, and that's having someone suck on her clit. I think we should let them rest now while we think of what to do next with them."

    "Good idea, Kay. Let's go down to the lobby bar to discuss it."

    Susie and I are only vaguely aware that our Mistresses have left as we slowly recover from our orgasms. Once my senses have returned, a feeling of panic sweeps over me and I futilely try to reach any of the knots securing Susie and me to the bed.

    "Relax Pamela. Kay does this to me all the time. She always comes back in a couple of hours or so. Why don't we do what we can to pass the time," as Susie once again takes me into her mouth. Even though I had just had a tremendous release moments before, my cock springs to attention as a result of Susie's expert sucking. My tongue dives back into Susie's clit as I decide to reciprocate.


    I spent the time alternating between lapping up the love juices in Susie's cunt and trying to get myself loose from the Mistresses' ingenious bondage. I should have known by now that when either of these ladies ties someone up, they will not get loose without help. I kept straining to reach any of the knots that bound us together but our Mistresses had made sure that they were well beyond the reach of my groping fingers. Finally exhausted, I gave up and concentrated on the wonderful sensations caused by Susie's continual sucking of my organ.

    I had completely lost track of time when I heard the door to our room open. Mistress Kay and Mistress Sabina walked into the bedroom and just stood in the doorway surveying the results of their handiwork.

    "Don't they make a cute couple, Sabina?" Kay had an evil grin on her face. "I think we should take them back to my place where we have more toys to play with. Let's untie them so that we can prepare them for travel."

    As the Mistresses began to undo the ropes binding Susie and me to the bed and to each other, I kept asking what Kay meant about traveling somewhere. Surely they didn't intend to take me anywhere dressed as a woman.

    "Sabina and I have decided that you are ready to "go out" for the first time, Pamela. We both think that you'll pass easily as long as you don't speak with anyone. Don't worry. We'll fix you both so that your outfits won't attract attention. Neither of us wants to cause a commotion in the hotel lobby."

    After the last knot was undone, Sabina took the leash rope and led me back to the sitting room. Kay stayed in the bedroom with Susie, presumably to prepare her for our "journey."

    "OK Pamela, let's get you prepared." Sabina first untied the leash rope from around my balls and then replaced the leather sheath that I had worn before. Once again, my testes were forced up into my body cavity and my cock was pulled back between my legs and attached with a cord to the hasp at the back of my still locked-on corset. She then bound my wrists and elbows behind my back. As an added feature, a rope was then doubled over and looped around my waist. The two ends were then pulled down my tummy and back between my legs on either side of my now nearly invisible penis. Sabina then threaded the ends above my wrist bindings pulling down hard and wrapping them three times between my wrists. The ends were then routed back down between my legs and up to meet the front of the waist rope where they were pulled once again and tied off. Still another rope was then doubled over and looped around the bindings between my elbows. Taking the ends, Sabina then wrapped the line under my armpit, over my shoulder, behind my neck, over the shoulder on the other side and finally back down under the other armpit where it was cinched off on the ropes between my elbows. The bondage was completed by passing the remaining length of this last rope across my body underneath my "breasts" where the final knot was applied around the rope between my elbows on the other side. My arms were now completely immobilized.

    "There. That ought to hold you," she said in mock understatement. "Kay! Have you finished with Susie yet? I think we're just about ready in here."

    Kay was holding Susie gently by the arm as she guided her into the sitting room. She was wearing a pair of red panties in addition to the waspy corset. Her six inch heels had been replaced with a pair of very conventional looking black pumps with 3" heels. Her wrists were locked on either side of a 4" wide belt which was buckled around her waist while another leather strap pulled her elbows close together behind her back. Even though her bondage was not as redundant as mine, she was equally as helpless.

    "Sabina, don't you think Pamela should change her shoes? Those 6" heels with the locks will attract too much attention when we leave."

    "You're right Kay. Fortunately, Pamela and I both wear a size 10 B shoe and I can lend her one of my pairs." Sabina rummaged in her suitcase and retrieved a pair of black pumps with 4" heels and red trim. She unlocked the padlocks on my ankle straps and had me slip into the pair she had chosen for me. They fit perfectly and were a good deal more comfortable to stand in.

    Sabina then led me to the bathroom where she deftly touched up the makeup that had been badly smeared as a result of my session on the bed with Susie.

    Meanwhile, Kay had retrieved two coats from the closet and handed one to Sabina. Our Mistresses then draped the coats over our shoulders and tucked the ends of the sleeves into the pockets concealing our bondage. As I glanced in the mirror, I could see that Susie and I were each wearing black mink coats which dropped to mid-calf length. We looked like a pair of ladies ready to go on a shopping trip. No one would guess that we were prisoners of our two female companions.

    Kay and Sabina then put on their own coats, picked up their overnight bags and headed for the door. "Susie, Pamela, you better follow us. I don't think you'd want to stay here to be found by the maid when she cleans the room. If you refuse, I'm going to take away those beautiful coats you're wearing and you will only have your lingerie for clothing." Sabina was right. If we didn't go along, it was unlikely that we would be able to get loose and the maid would discover us in our bondage. Even if we could manage to untie ourselves, we certainly wouldn't be able to leave the room dressed as we were.

    "Pamela, let's follow them. I'm sure they'll have some unusual surprises for us when we get to my Mistress's home. Besides, I really like you and I know you love the way I suck your cock. I'm sure Mistress will let me do it again soon." Susie bubbled with enthusiasm as she anticipated the surprises her Mistress had in store for us.

    Having no other acceptable choices, I joined Susie and our Mistresses as we left the room and headed for the elevator. I was filled with a sense of excitement as I realized I was going out in public for the first time dressed as a woman. As we waited for the elevator, I could feel the hallway's draft of air circulating under my coat and around my stockinged legs. The combination of the high heels on my feet and the dildo up my ass caused my hips to sway and reduced my stride to a feminine gait. I enjoyed these sensations almost as much as the feeling of vulnerability caused by my bondage.

    As we left the elevator and walked through the lobby to the parking garage, I felt as though every eye was on me. How did I look? Did anyone suspect I was a man? Was my walk feminine enough? As we passed people in the lobby, some didn't look at me at all and those that did smiled a greeting as they passed. We made it all the way to Kay's Lincoln without incident. Apparently, I looked convincing enough that no one thought we were anything more than four women going out for a shopping trip.

    Our mistresses opened the rear doors of the Town Car, helped us into our seats and buckled the seat belts across our laps. The seated position added additional tension to the crotch rope and drove the dildo further up my ass. Susie noticed the distressed look on my face as I kept shifting in my seat trying to find a more comfortable position. "You'll be OK Pamela. It's only a short drive to Mistress Kay's home. I think you'll be better off if you don't move around so much."

    We had been driving for about twenty minutes when Kay pulled into the driveway of her large home. I had taken Susie's advice and remained motionless for most of the trip and I realized that she had a good deal more experience with these situations than I did.

    We were helped out of the car and escorted into the house. "I'll hang up the coats Sabina. Why don't you take our playthings to the Toy Room. You remember the way, don't you?"

    "I sure do Kay. Come on you two. It's time to have some more fun."

    Sabina attached two leashes to Susie's collar and my crotch rope and led us down a flight of stairs to what was obviously the "Toy Room." It had all manner of bondage equipment hanging on the walls. Gags, straps, ropes, leather hoods, paddles and whips were hanging everywhere. There were also a variety of metal frames and some metal posts attached to the floor. I could only wonder what they were for and I didn't like most of my guesses as to how they could be used.

    By this time, Kay had joined us and started to collect some of the bondage gear from off the walls. "Sabina and I are going out for the evening but before we do I'm going to make sure you are properly entertained while we're gone."

    With that, Kay tied the end of my leash rope to one of the numerous hooks in the wall while Sabina dragged a wooden platform into the middle of the room. It was about 6" high and had 8 eye bolts fastened to its perimeter. She then released Susie from her bondage and told her to remove her panties. Kay then handed the 6" heels back to Susie and ordered her to put them on. After Susie buckled the second strap, Kay installed the padlocks locking the shoes on her feet.

    "Susie, go over to the platform and stand on it. Sabina, please bring one of those spreader bars over here."

    The bar was about three feet long and had leather cuffs attached to either end. Kay attached the first cuff to Susie's left ankle and locked it in place. She then forced Susie's legs apart to the required distance and locked the second cuff to her right ankle. She really looked gorgeous with her legs spread like that. Kay then took an odd leather pouch-like affair and after folding Susie's arms behind her back, she slipped the pouch over her elbows and upper arms. The two straps that started on one side of the pouch were then taken over her shoulders and across her back where they were attached to the buckles on the outside of the pouch. Susie's arms were now helplessly imprisoned inside the leather bag.

    Meanwhile Sabina was busy attaching a 4" wide leather belt to Susie's waist. I noticed that there was a long 2" wide strap descending from its front and Sabina first took a 6" long dildo and slid the strap through the leather loop on its bottom. She then pressed the artificial cock against Susie's still moist pussy and applied gentle but steady pressure until its entire length disappeared inside her. Sabina next took a 4" butt plug and after lubricating its length with K-Y jelly, forced it against Susie's rosebud. After several seconds, Susie's sphincter muscle relaxed and the plug found its way home. Sabina then threaded the strap through the loop on the end of the plug and up to meet the roller buckle descending from the back of the waist strap. After passing the end through the buckle, she then gave a hard pull to the end and inserted the prong in the buckle through the hole in the strap. She then locked a padlock through a hole on the end of the prong to insure that this unusual chastity belt would remain in place.

    Susie was teetering on her heels and almost lost her balance as a result of the sensations caused by the two intruders. Beads of perspiration broke out all over her upper body as her arousal increased and she tried to retain her balance. Sabina noticed that Susie was having difficulty standing, so she took a long length of rope and knotted it through the padlock at the back of the waist belt. Extending its length, she fastened it to one of the eye bolts on the wall behind Susie. "There, Susie. If you just lean forward a little bit, you be able to stand a little easier."

    Kay then came over to my side and untied the leash rope from its mooring. "Come on Pamela. It's your turn. I know you can't wait to see what we have in store for you." After seeing what these ladies just did to Susie, a panicky feeling swept over me as I wondered what devilish bondage they had in mind for me.

    Kay then started to undo the numerous ropes wrapped around my body. When the last knot was untied, she took off the sheath around my cock and carefully undid the harness holding the dildo up my ass. "Lie on the floor Pamela, and take off your shoes. Sabina just bought some new boots and I want you to wear them for us."

    Sabina brought over an odd looking pair of black patent leather boots with incredible 7" heels. As she slid the first one onto my left foot, I noticed that the sole would not bend because it was permanently shaped into a ballet like arch. After tying off the laces at the ankle, she repeated the process on my right foot. My feet were now imprisoned inside a pair of boots that forced my feet into the en pointe position that ballerinas are famous for. Sabina then ordered me to slide over in front of Susie. Once I was in place, she locked a spreader bar identical to Susie's on my now outstretched ankles. With Kay's help, she lifted me by the arm pits to a standing position facing Susie. "Standing" in this context gentle readers, is a term that needs to be interpreted loosely. Now perched on my toes in the ballet boots with 7" heels, there was no way I could maintain my balance without someone's help.

    With Kay still helping me to maintain my balance, Sabina tied my wrists behind my back with the palms facing each other. She then slipped a single sleeve leather arm binder up my arms and fastened the straps around my shoulders making sure that the laces were properly drawn and securely tied.

    Sabina then brought over a belt similar to the one adorning Susie's middle and buckled it around my waist. The vertical long strap was centered at the back. She then took another butt plug and after lubricating it, patiently slid it home. She then passed the strap through the loop at the bottom of the plug and carefully pulled the end of my cock through a hole which was located in just the right place. The end of the strap was then threaded through the roller buckle descending from the front of the belt. As she pulled down on the strap and locked it to the roller buckle, my testes were once again forced up inside my body. I looked down to see my now fully erect penis emerging from the hole in the strap.

    Sabina then circled my torso with a pair of 2" wide leather straps insuring that my arms were immobilized. She then knotted a length of rope through a ring at the end of the single sleeve and extended it to the wall behind me where it was securely fastened. "Pamela, if you just lean forward a little like Susie, you'll be able to stand a little easier." Kay then gradually withdrew her support until she was confident that I wouldn't fall over.

    Sabina next brought over what appeared to be an unusually wide 8" long rubber dildo. As she approached my crotch with the device, I could see that it was hollow and had a squeeze bulb attached to it by a plastic tube. She then took a glob of K-Y jelly and slowly applied it to my member. She finished just as I reached edge of an orgasm leaving me high and dry once again. The lubrication allowed her to easily slide the dildo over my raging erection and she fastened it to two snaps on the crotch strap which were situated above and below my cock. "I think you're going to like this Pamela," said Sabina as she gave the bulb several slow squeezes. The inside of the rubber phallus inflated applying even pressure to the real penis inside. The sensation was not uncomfortable but rather pleasurable as I realized that the device would serve to maintain my erection.

    "Sabina, let's try out that new gag we had custom made. I think this is just the right situation for it." Kay then buckled a double pear gag first at the back of Susie's neck and then similarly fastened its twin around my own. The gags were attached in front of the mouth section and forced our heads closely together. The combination of the ropes attached to the wall and the union of our gags provided all the support we needed to prevent us from falling.

    Kay and Sabina stood back and surveyed their handiwork. "Well Kay, I think that should hold them until we get back. We better go now or we'll be late for the opera."

    "Just a minute Sabina. We forgot the finishing touch."

    With that, Kay plugged four electrical cords into the outlets on the wall. She then methodically inserted one of the ends into a socket at the base of Susie's butt plug. Susie immediately gasped behind her gag and I could see her eyes nearly bulge from their sockets. Kay repeated the process with a cord attached to the base of Susie's dildo. Beads of perspiration broke out on Susie's forehead as her arousal increased.

    "Oh that's clever, Kay. Give me the other two cords so I can do Pamela."

    Sabina first inserted one of the ends into a socket at the base of the butt plug I was wearing. It instantly began vibrating. She next plugged the last cord end into the socket at the base of my clamped on artificial penis and it too began to vibrate. The feeling was incredible. I was perched on those ridiculous boots with my legs obscenely spread and tied so that I could barely move. The vibrations drove me to ever increasing heights of sexual frustration and I could tell that Susie was suffering the same fate as I. Alternating moans of pleasure and frustration continually emanated from behind her half of the double pear gag.

    "I hope you two have a good time while we're gone. As I'm sure you know by now, those dildos and plugs you're wearing are powered by a/c current. There aren't any batteries to wear out so I'm sure that you will both be adequately entertained. Bye, now."


    "Mmmmfff, urrgg, mmmfffsst," I tried to protest as Kay and Sabina headed up the stairway. I realized they had ignored me when I heard the motor of the Lincoln fire up and fade away as they drove off to the Opera House. Knowing that most operas last at least three hours, I panicked in my bondage and strained desperately to gain any advantage over the rope and leather that bound me. I succeeded only in causing our bodies to sway a little to each side as this was all the movement our bondage would allow. I couldn't even shift my feet due to the combination of the spreader bar and the ballet boots. So intense were my efforts that I became temporarily unaware of the vibrations at my crotch.

    "Mmmrrrgggglll, mmmfff, urrgg!" Susie was trying to get me to stop because my movements were placing an unpleasant strain on her obscenely spread legs. I must have struggled for about ten minutes before I gave up realizing that not only were my efforts ineffectual, but they were also causing additional discomfort to Susie and I really didn't want to do that.

    Once I settled down, Susie's groans of distress gradually changed to groans of pleasure as the two vibrating intruders took over her being. When her eyes were open, there was a blankness to them as though she wasn't focusing on anything. Frequently her eyes would close and her whole body would tremble as each orgasm swept through her body. Fastened as I was, I could do no more than enjoy the view as she continued in her wanton display.

    While the vibrations at my crotch were pleasurable, they were more than offset by the cramping in my leg muscles and the pressure on my toes. I made a mental note to be sure and complain to my Mistress Sabina about the discrimination in our bondage. Here, Susie was having a field day with one orgasm after another washing over her body while I was left to wonder how much more time remained before our Mistresses would return. The EEOC was definitely going to hear about this! While I continued to allow these fanciful ideas to play with my brain, I couldn't help becoming a bit jealous of Susie as she remained lost in her ecstacy.

    It seemed that several days had passed when I once again heard the sound of the Lincoln in the driveway. I immediately tried to think of what I could do to communicate my distress when our Mistresses returned to the "Toy Room."

    "Mmmrrroooh, mmmfff, mmmrrrff!" I tried to make my feelings known as Sabina and Kay came down the stairs. Susie didn't even react to my protestations as still another orgasm swept over her glowing body.

    "Hello slaves, I trust you had a good time while we were gone. Oh my! Look at Susie, Kay. She sure has an insatiable appetite. It makes me hot just to look at her." Sabina was standing next to Susie and took each of her nipples between her fingers and gently manipulated them. Kay stood next to me and grabbed my rubber cock, "Well, I see Con Edison didn't let us down, Sabina. The thing's still vibrating like crazy."

    "You got that right, Kay. I think Susie has lost it completely though. She doesn't even seem to know that we're back. You know the old saying about 'too much of a good thing'? I think we should untie them and get them ready for the night."

    "Definitely, Sabina. Pamela needs to take a load off her feet as well."

    Kay stood behind Susie and put her hands on her shoulders to keep her from falling while Sabina untied the rope bracing me to the wall. With Sabina providing my support, Kay unbuckled the gag at Susie's neck and immediately came over to help as the two Mistresses slowly lowered me to my back. I could hear the "pop" as Susie's half of the pear gag was withdrawn from her mouth. Susie regained enough of her senses to lean forward against her anchoring rope.

    "From the look of things Kay, I don't think that Pamela had much fun while we were gone. Since she's been such a good 'girl', I think we should give her a reward."

    With that, Sabina removed my half of the double pear gag and undid the snaps on my rubber dildo. Using the valve on the squeeze bulb, she let some of the air out of the gadget and began to slowly move the artificial penis up and down over my engorged cock. In a matter of seconds, I erupted in a magnificent orgasm born of hours of denial. After my hips stopped bucking, Sabina placed the rubber cock to my gasping lips and poured its contents into my mouth. Instinctively, I swallowed without realizing that I was drinking my own cum. As I lie there totally spent, Kay took a cloth and gently blotted the excess from my lips.

    "Aaahhh, ooohhh, Mistress that was wonderful," I babbled as they got up to release Susie from her bondage. I was now content to just lie on the floor and savor the feeling of release that had taken over my body.

    I was only vaguely aware of the conversation between Kay and Sabina as they discussed our next bondage position while releasing Susie from all of her bonds except for the locked chastity belt and spreader bar. She was like a rag doll resulting from the exhaustion produced by her multiple orgasms. The electrical cords were still plugged in to her dual invaders causing her body to shudder every few minutes in the continuation of her enforced pleasure. They left Susie stretched out on the platform in a sort of sex induced stupor while they helped me to a sitting position.

    After removing the single sleeve, they helped me to my feet and unlocked the belt around my waist. With Kay holding me up, Sabina then slipped the crotch strap off of my now flaccid member and carefully withdrew the plug from my ass. They both helped lower me back into a sitting position while still wearing the ballet shoes and the spreader bar. Kay went over to her slave and, after unplugging the cords, dragged her by the armpits so that we were now sitting back to back.

    She then took each of Susie's arms and extended them back around my torso where Sabina quickly locked on a pair of handcuffs. They then stretched each of my arms around Susie's waist where they were similarly locked into place.

    "I just know you're going to appreciate your next position, Susie." Kay's voice was full of sarcasm. "Sabina and I think that you've gotten a little selfish and need to develop a better understanding of other people's feelings....especially when it comes to sex. We're going to tie you up so that you will still be able to have an orgasm if you want, but it will be at Pamela's expense."

    Each woman then took a long nylon rope and lashed our upper arms together. Kay then moved around in front of me and tied a double half hitch slip knot at one of its ends. She then cupped my balls in her hand while slipping the loop around them. She then slid the knot into place at the bottom of my sac being careful that it was not too tight but also that it would not slip off. She the ran the rope under one of my outstretched legs and slid it under my cheek by holding a portion of the rope on either side of my leg until it was centered under my ass crack. She then routed the rope under Susie's leg and bottom until it was similarly positioned. She now knelt in front of Susie and gently pulled on the rope removing all of the slack while being careful that the knot around my balls did not get any tighter. I could feel a gentle tension as my balls were pulled back under my body. I could feel one of the women pull down on my handcuff links so that my arms were extended as far as possible down Susie's abdomen. The other woman then wrapped the cord around the links and knotted it off.

    By now, I had recovered from my previous exhaustion. When the cord on my balls was pulled, I started to pay very close attention to what these Mistresses of Bondage were up to. It didn't take long for me to discover that I didn't want to move my arms. Every slightest motion caused the loop around my balls to tighten a little more. Once tightened, the nature of the slip knot meant that it would not get any looser even if the tension on the line were released. I remained perfectly still, while Kay took a even thinner cord and tied an identical loop just behind the head of my penis. Once again, it was tight enough to stay in place but not tight enough to cause discomfort....yet. I could see Sabina pull Susie's handcuffed wrists down my abdomen while Kay knotted the end around the links between them. I was getting a feeling I was not going to enjoy this.

    "Now Susie, just to make sure you know what's going on, that rope that runs under your crotch is firmly attached to a noose around Pamela's balls. Additionally, your handcuffs are now attached to another noose at the end of her penis. Any movement on your part will cause those loops to tighten a little more." Kay was very careful to make sure that Susie knew the results of her getting too wrapped up in her own sexual desires.

    "Yes Mistress. I'll be good. I don't want to hurt Pamela." Susie sounded sincere as she assured Kay that she would remain still. Little did she know that Kay intended to make it still more difficult for her to remain motionless.

    Meanwhile, Sabina had retrieved some more toys from the wall. As she buckled a collar around my neck, the wideness of the leather forced my head into an upright position. She then moved over to Susie and, after removing her regular slave collar, duplicated the treatment. The backs of our heads were now touching. She then took a pair of red ball gags and buckled them together at one end. With Kay's help, the gags were forced into our mouths and buckled tightly together on the sides of our heads. The large intruder popped deep into my mouth and settled behind my teeth. The upright position caused by the collar prevented me from lowering my jaw in order to push the gag out of my mouth. Sabina then took a pair of thickly padded leather blindfolds. After joining them at one end, she buckled them tightly over our eyes plunging us into darkness. Susie and I were now connected together like a pair of Siamese twins joined at the head.

    While Sabina was busy with the gags and blindfolds, Kay fastened a two foot spreader bar above and between Susie's knees. She then knotted a short rope around the center of the bar and threaded it through a ring at the front of Susie's collar. After pulling on the rope until Susie's feet left the floor, she knotted off the other end around the bar.

    "Here, Sabina. Why don't you do the same thing with Pamela." Kay handed the bar's twin to Sabina. As she drew the slack from the rope, my feet were lifted off the floor and I could immediately feel the noose around my balls tighten a little.

    Kay then took four long ropes and after attaching them to the rings at the sides of our collars, extended them to the walls where they were securely fastened. "That ought to keep you two from falling over. If you roll over on your sides, you might hurt yourselves." Kay was always thinking of our safety in her own devilish sort of way.

    "Susie, I've got an extra added attraction for you. We don't want you to have too easy a time of it and I know you love challenges. I'm going to plug your vibrators into the wall again. I think that will provide just the right amount of distraction so you will have a more difficult time remaining motionless."

    I was thinking that Kay couldn't be serious. There was no way Susie would be able to remain still with all those vibrations going on in her crotch. My hopes that she was kidding were dispelled as she plugged two of the electrical cords into the vibrators attached to Susie's waist belt. Her body immediately began to quiver. I could feel the nooses tighten around my penis and testicles as the jerking of her arms continued.

    "Susie! You have to concentrate more intently. You have to try and ignore those sensations in your crotch or else Pamela will have a very bad time of it. Concentrate, Susie! Concentrate!" Kay smiled sarcastically knowing full well that Susie probably wouldn't be able to contend with her vibrating dual invaders.

    "Well Sabina, I don't about you but all of this work has made me sleepy. Let's go to bed and get a good rest so we're fresh for tomorrow's schedule. Susie, if those nooses around Pamela are too tight when we return in the morning, we'll have to punish you severely. Have fun ladies and goodnight."


    Kay and Sabina left the "Toy Room" to go upstairs and do whatever it is that Mistresses do when they're alone together. I only hoped that they would go straight to bed and not sit up all night inventing new ways to tie us up. This last position was especially difficult not only because of my fear that Susie would cause the dual nooses around my organ to tighten, but also because all of my weight was resting on my tail bone. Fortunately, the thick carpeting provided some cushion and kept my rump from going numb.

    I could feel the tension build in Susie's body as she valiantly tried to remain still. Her arms would occasionally stiffen and her back would straighten as the vibrators within her continued their magic. I could feel the wetness on her upper back knowing that her body was drenched in perspiration from her efforts to hold off the orgasms. Just as the upstairs clock chimed three o'clock, it happened. Susie's body began to jerk as much as her bondage would allow. I could feel the two nooses tighten as my organ became the object of a genital tug-of-war. The cord attached to Susie's cuffs kept jerking on the end of my penis with the result that the one way slip knot tightened its grip on my now elongated member. The bucking motion of her torso caused my own arms to move as well and pulled my balls back under my body. Suddenly, her body relaxed. The orgasm must have been so intense that she passed out. I hoped that she would stay asleep for the remainder of the night until our Mistresses returned to release us. In spite of my position, I was able to fall into a fitful sleep induced by the exhaustion from the day's activities. I was awakened by the sounds of conversation coming from the stairway.

    "Well Sabina, it looks like you won the bet. I really thought that I had trained Susie good enough to control herself. Obviously, I was wrong. These nooses on Pamela's organ are as tight as can be." I could feel one of the women untie the cords from my cuffs. As the loops were removed from my cock, I could feel the blood rushing through the tip of my penis. "You'll be fine, Pamela. I'm sure Susie hasn't done any permanent damage. But she will have to be punished. Sabina, help me to get them undone so that we can prepare her for her punishment.

    It must have taken the women ten minutes before I was freed from the complicated bondage they had devised. I was left to stretch out on the floor so that the feeling could return to my limbs. While I sat there rubbing my legs and arms, they hoisted Susie to her now unbound feet and escorted her to the center of the room.

    "Oh Mistress, please. I tried to remain still but there was nothing I could do. Please don't punish me. I'll mop the floors, wash the windows, I'll do any chores you want but please don't tie me up again."

    "I'll have none of that young lady. You should know by now that I mean what I say. I lost a $100 bet because of your lack of self control and now, you are going to pay for it." Kay's displeasure with her young slave was obvious as she bound Susie's hands together behind her back. She then looped another rope around her upper arms and slowly drew in the slack until her elbows were almost touching. Sabina took a doubled up length of rope and wrapped it around Susie's waist. She threaded the two ends through the loop in the front, pulled it as tight as she could and passed it down between the lips of her sex and up to the waist rope in the back where it was given another yank and securely knotted.

    "Oooohhh, Mistress. Not so tight. Your going to cut me in half!"

    "Shut up you slut. You deserve everything you're going to get and you know it."

    Kay then took a two inch wide leather strap and buckled it tightly above Susie's knees locking her legs together. Taking a long length of sash cord, she gathered Susie's long hair into a pony tail at the top of her head and tied the end tightly around it. She threaded the other end through an eyebolt in the ceiling above and brought it back down to her hair where it was tightly wrapped three more times and securely fastened.

    Sabina then took Susie's red panties and stuffed them into her mouth. In order to secure the wadding, she took a three inch wide roll of dermicel tape and wrapped it tightly three times around her lower head insuring that Susie's mouth would remain sealed around the silky material. One of the previously discarded blindfolds was then put back into place over Susie's eyes.

    Kay was now standing in front of Susie and threaded a pair of gold rings through the base of Susie's pierced nipples. She then produced a roll of dental floss and tore off about a two foot length. She knotted one of the ends to the left nipple ring, passed the line through the ring on the right, and slowly drew out all of the slack causing Susie's breasts to be drawn together. After passing the floss twice more through the rings, she knotted it off.

    Sabina knelt in front of Susie and tied the end of a rope around her high heeled instep. She then stood behind her and passed the other end above the bindings on her wrists. Placing one hand around Susie's ankle, she picked up Susie's foot and pulled on the rope until her high heel was almost touching her hands. After tying off this last binding, the two Mistresses stood back and admired their work.

    "How long will she have to stay tied like that, Kay? Her body is stretched as tight as a bowstring and I really like the way you've tied her breasts together. I'm sure that will make her very uncomfortable after a few minutes." Sabina traced small circles with her long red fingernail around Susie's nipples as she spoke.

    "I think a couple of hours ought to do it. What do you say we take Pamela upstairs and get her into her working clothes so that she can start her chores."

    First, the women removed my ballet boots and then assisted me to my feet. Each lady then took one of my arms and escorted me upstairs in my stockinged feet. When we arrived in the master bedroom, Kay unlocked the padlock at the back of my corset. I took a long breath of air as the laces were undone. I had almost forgot what it was like to take a deep breath since I had been wearing the garment for nearly twenty four hours.

    "Don't get too comfortable, Pamela. We have a different corset for you to wear today. Take off your stockings and take a shower. And be careful not to smear your makeup or get your hair wet. We want you to be pretty while you do the housework."

    After nearly a full day's worth of difficult bondage, the shower felt wonderfully refreshing. I slowly toweled myself off and returned to the bedroom. I could see that Kay and Sabina had chosen my clothing for the day and had arranged the feminine articles neatly on the bed.

    "Here. Put these on Pamela." Sabina handed me a pair of black fishnet stockings. As I slid each one onto my hairless legs, I noticed that they had a seam down the back. I adjusted the elastic bands at the top of each thigh and carefully checked to make sure that the seams were straight.

    "That's good, Pamela. Now let me help you with your shoes." Sabina knelt in front of me to slip on a pair of black pumps with the now familiar locking ankle straps. As I balanced on the four inch heels, she clipped the small padlocks into place around each ankle. "I think you'll find this heel height to be a little more practical for housework, Pamela. We wouldn't want you to break an ankle while you're doing your chores." Sabina was right. Compared to the ballet boots and the ridiculous six inch heels I had previously worn, these felt like flats. I knew I wouldn't have any trouble getting around in them.

    "We've got a new corset for you, Pamela. This one will take you to the next level in your figure training." Sabina had me raise my arms over my head as she slid the garment into place around my torso. As she drew in the lacing, I slid my hands over the satiny front panel and felt that the corset was extremely stiff due to the heavy boning. "Kay. Can you give me a hand here. We need to take in Pamela's waist to twenty four inches. Raise your arms, Pamela and take a deep breath." Both women pulled so hard on the laces that I nearly lost my balance. They continued tugging until they were satisfied that my waist had been reduced to the desired circumference. The laces were then wrapped around my waist and tightly knotted in the back to insure that I could not remove it with my long fingernails. I looked in the mirror across the room to see my new wasp waisted figure. Even though I could barely breathe, I couldn't help feeling enthralled with my new feminine curves. Kay put the breast forms back into place and adjusted them to her satisfaction.

    I could see Kay smiling at me as her eyes were pointed at my stiff erection. "We're going to have to do something about that, Pamela. I can see that you haven't learned to control yourself." She then reinstalled the cock sheath I had previously worn and pulled my penis back between my legs where the thin cord was knotted to the back of the corset. I stood with my legs together and looked in the mirror loving the flat smooth look of my lower abdomen and crotch.

    "That's much better, Kay. That raging erection of hers didn't do much to enhance her femininity. Let's get her into her dress." Sabina helped me step into a very small looking black leather dress. As I slid my arms into the short sleeves, I was surprised to see that the garment was open in the back from the waist down. "What sort of dress is this? I'll be exposed in the back from the waist down." "Never mind, Pamela. You'll soon see how this works." Sabina zipped up the back and then knelt down to fasten the back of the skirt portion. As she drew in the slack on the three leather straps, my legs were forced tightly together. They was one positioned just below my ass, another at the middle of my thighs, and a third just behind the knees. When I looked in the mirror, I could see my now prominent and almost bare behind jutting out from the skirt's opening.

    "Oh Mistress, this is awful. I feel so exposed. Please take it off and let me wear something more lady like."

    "Shut up. You're no lady and you know it. You're just my lowly slut slave and you need to be dressed accordingly." Sabina didn't mince any words as she reminded me of my station. "Kay, do you have the hobbles ready for Pamela?"

    "Yes Sabina. Why don't you help me put them on." Kay cuffed my wrists in front while Sabina cuffed my ankles together. There was a one foot long chain between the cuffs on my ankles and wrists with a three and one-half foot chain connecting the wrist cuffs to the ankles. I could now raise my arms to only slightly past waist level. I knew I would not be able to sit due to the stiffness of my corset and the tightness of the hobble skirt.

    "Kay, let's get her gagged so that she can begin her chores." Sabina forced a bright red two and one-half inch ball gag into my mouth until it popped behind my teeth. After tightening the strap securely at the back of my head, she gave me a hard slap on my exposed bottom. "Oooocchmmrrg," I reacted to the stinging blow. "OK Pamela. Let's get to the kitchen." Each Mistress grabbed one of my arms and escorted me from the bedroom. As I minced past the mirror, I was appalled to see that I had been transformed into some sort of leatherized bondage doll.

    After several stumbles on my part, we arrived at the kitchen where Kay instructed me to scrape the dishes from their meal of the previous night and load them into the dishwasher. "You should be able to finish in about fifteen minutes, Pamela. I need to go downstairs to see how Susie is doing. We'll come back in a little while to check on your work." The Mistresses left the room leaving me alone in my toils. Since I was only permitted to raise my arms a little above waist level, I found it very difficult to pick the china up from the sink. As fate would have it, one of the crystal wine glasses slipped from my hand and shattered on the floor. I panicked. What would they do to me. I had seen the results of their displeasure with Susie. I didn't want them to punish me. My hands were shaking as I lifted the last plate from the sink and scraped it off. As I reached down to put it in the dishwasher, it slipped from my hand. Now I was really in for it, I thought. I was certain I would be dealt with severely. What diabolical bondage would they mete out in return for my offense.


    It was very difficult for me to try and pick up the bits of broken glass and china. I thought that if I could clean up the mess before Kay and Sabina returned, they wouldn't notice the missing items. The combined constriction of the corset and the hobble skirt was murder but I was slowly able to bend into a crouch and, after placing my palms on the floor, I slid my feet backwards so that I was resting on my knees. I then fumbled around trying to pick up what seemed like several hundred broken shards and put them in the trash bin. My heart was racing a mile a minute because I feared I would not be able to finish before my Mistresses returned.

    My worst fears were confirmed when I heard the Mistresses voices as they ascended the stairway. Kay's voice was the first I heard. "I'm really lucky to have a slave as good as Susie. She really knows how to take her punishment."

    "You can say that again Kay. I hope I'm lucky enough that Pamela learns to be as good. She shows great promise but she still has a lot to learn. When you applied ten strokes of the cane to Susie's bare bottom, she hardly moved and kept her balance very well. But when you used the nipple whip on her tits, she really put up a fuss. She lost her balance several times and ended up hanging by her hair until she could get her foot back under her. It's too bad her leg cramped up and we had to release her."

    "It's just as well Sabina. It gave us the opportunity to try out the new platform I designed. I think it will provide an appropriate resting place while her body recovers."

    As they reached the top of the stairs, Sabina was the first to see my predicament. "PAMELA! You clumsy slut. You've broken some of Kay's best dinner service. And that crystal glass was part of a set that I gave her as a gift years ago."

    I was terrified and heartbroken at the same time. From my kneeling position I tried to speak. "MMMfff, mmmaahg, gggrrl." I wanted to try and explain. I tried to plead with them not to punish me, but the words came out as useless babble. I really didn't think that breaking the dishes was my fault. The combination of the long fingernails plus the limited range of motion permitted my arms made the job all but impossible to do without mishap. Nevertheless, I was completely ashamed for having let down my wonderful Mistress.

    "SILENCE SLUT!" Sabina grabbed my chin and shook my head. "I am so angry, I don't know what to do with you." As Sabina spun around and left the room, Kay looked at her with an expression that indicated she had never seen Sabina this angry before.

    "Pamela, I think you're really in for it. Sabina is very angry. I don't know what she's going to do to you."

    Sabina returned to the room with a riding crop in her hand and harshly administered ten strokes to my exposed bottom. It hurt like hell but by now, I knew better than to complain.

    "Get the broom and dust pan from the closet and finish cleaning up this mess. When you're finished, lay the broom on the floor and kneel on it until I return." Sabina left the room with Kay walking beside her trying to calm her down.

    I crawled over to the closet to get the broom and dustpan. The corset and hobble skirt were killing me but eventually I succeeded in sweeping up the mess. Gasping for breath from the exertion, I laid the broom down and knelt on it as instructed, waiting for the return of my Mistress. The pain in my knees was incredible, but I dare not move.

    Sabina finally returned to gaze upon her wreck of a worthless slave. My body cramped all over, I was trembling and my knees hurt terribly.

    "Pamela! Kay and I discussed what should be done with you. I wanted to release you from your chains and push you out the door but Kay convinced me that it would cause too much of a stir in her quiet neighborhood. She suggested that I give you another chance but the choice is up to you. You can ask to be released, in which case I will untie you, give you back your regular clothing, and send you out the door. You will never see me again. Or you can beg for forgiveness and promise to accept whatever punishments I have in store for you. I'm not going to describe your punishments but I will tell you this....there will be three separate ordeals for you to endure--one for each of the broken dishes and one for trying to hide them from me." Just then, Kay entered the room with a camcorder to record the event for posterity.

    She was giving me another chance. I knew that I would suffer three terrible unknown torments but I wanted desperately to be Sabina's favorite slave and I would do almost anything to please her. She was the incarnation of one of my wildest fantasies.

    "Mmmfff, fffttt, mmmaarghrl," I tried to speak but the cursed ball gag made it impossible. Seeing that I was trying to respond, Sabina unbuckled the strap and popped the ball free from my mouth.

    "Speak, SLUT! This better be good." Sabina towered over me with her hands on her hips.

    "Please, please, please, oh great and wonderful Mistress Sabina," I sobbed, "I desperately want to be your slave to be used or abused in any way you see fit. I am truly sorry I broke the dishes and I beg for another chance. Please, oh please accept this worthless slut as your property and punish me so I will never again displease you. I promise I will learn to be the best slave ever."

    Sabina listened to my words intently measuring their sincerity. Kay had it all on tape so there would never be any doubt as to the terms of my servitude. "I accept your sincere pleadings Pamela. Now kiss each of my feet to seal the bargain." With tears in my eyes, I gently kissed the toes of each of Sabina's 4" heels. "Welcome to my stable. You will obey me or anyone I designate without reservation. You are mine forever. Now get up."

    I struggled but couldn't get up. The pain in my knees combined with the constriction of the hobble skirt and corset made it impossible for me to get to my feet. Sabina and Kay had to grab me under my armpits and help me up. Kay gave me a kiss on the cheek in congratulations and immediately replaced the ball gag. As she drew the strap extremely tight at the back of my neck she said, "you won't need to be doing any talking for some time to come Pamela. We don't want you changing your mind now, do we. Let's be off to the Toy Room so we can begin the first of your three punishments."

    Sabina went ahead of me down the stairs while Kay assisted from behind. They knew that the short hobble between my ankles combined with the four inch heels and the hobble skirt made it very difficult to walk down the stairs and they didn't want me to fall. When we reached the bottom, I saw that Susie had been released from her hair-raising bondage of before. The red stripes on her breasts were testimony to her earlier punishment. She was now "resting" on a low wooden platform to which a vertical metal pipe had been fastened. The post had two sections, the top one of which had been slid over the bottom and secured by a locking pin through the matching holes. The top end of the device disappeared into Susie's naked pussy. She was wearing the same broad leather collar from the previous night which kept her head up. A pair of handcuffs attached to her collar by means of a leather strap imprisoned her wrists at the small of her back. Her blindfold had been removed but the tape gag remained in place. Her thigh-hi stockings and six inch heels were the only items of clothing that remained. The height of the heels effectively prevented her from lifting herself off of her impalement. Her bondage was exquisite in its simplicity. The three of us stood for a moment looking at the beautiful immobilized form before us.

    "I know you can't see it Pamela, but there's a six inch rubber dildo attached to the top of that pipe. It not only keeps Susie from running off but it also gives her something to think about while she's just standing around. Kay, let's put Pamela under the lacing bar so we can change her attire. She's not wearing the right kind of clothing for the punishments I have in mind." I stared wide-eyed at Susie until the women pulled me over to stand under a hanging two foot long metal bar. After releasing me from the hobbles, Sabina then removed all my clothing and the cock sheath so that my be-wigged, made-up, and gagged naked form stood before her. I was so committed to my self-imposed servitude that I didn't even think of resisting.

    A male breast harness was buckled tightly around my chest. Sabina used her hands to rearrange the fleshy portion of my breasts in the center portion of the cutouts. "It's good you don't have any hair on you chest Pamela, or we would have to use a depilatory on you." A red latex bra with two inch holes for the nipples was fastened over that. It must have been at least two sizes too small as there was nary a ripple in any of the material. My Mistress then adjusted the material until my nipples were poking through the holes. I looked down to see that my male breasts had been sufficiently squeezed to produce a very feminine looking but rather small set of tits--probably an A cup. My nipples and the adjacent tissue were jutting out prominently through the holes. I could only guess as to why she was dressing me in such a manner. No one had ever treated me this way before. Sabina then attached my wrists to the ends of the bar with two broad padded leather straps and cranked on the nearby winch lifting me up until my feet left the floor.

    The red waspy corset that Susie had worn earlier was then positioned on my torso. I was certain it would never fit properly since Susie was so much smaller than me. Both Mistresses pulled the laces with all their strength until I thought I would be cut in two. After reaching the desired closure, Sabina tied off the ends of the laces at the front of my now 23" waist. The constriction of the corset increased the pressure on my chest and made it appear that my breasts and hips were much larger than before. "Well, I see that your figure training is doing some good Pamela. We've managed to take 11" off your original size--and your new 'breasts' are really lovely. I don't think we'll need the silicone breast forms any more." Sabina was obviously pleased with the results as she stood before me and sensuously stroked the sides of my girlish waist with the palms of her hands.

    Kay then snapped a beautiful lacy red garter belt around my waist and attached the garters to a pair of red fishnet stockings which she had slid up my legs. My punishment attire was completed with a pair of red patent leather pumps with the now familiar six inch heels. "Pamela, I think we've found the perfect color for you. It really compliments your red lips and nails." After sliding the six inch high platform under my stretched form, she backed off the winch and unfastened me from the lacing bar.

    Sabina forced my arms behind my back and roped my wrists together with the palms facing. Another rope was looped above my elbows drawing them as close together as her strength would allow. She then removed the lacing bar from the hook and tied a length of cord in its place. After wrapping the other end three times between my bound wrists and tying it off, she cranked on the winch so that I was forced to bend at the waist as my arms were pulled up behind me until they were parallel to the floor. As a finishing touch to my bondage, my high heeled feet were roped apart to two eyebolts in the platform spreading my legs about three feet apart and further increasing the tension on my tractioned arms.

    "Let's get Susie off of her perch so she can give us a hand." Kay walked over to her slave, placed one hand on the top half of the pipe and pulled the pin. She then slowly withdrew the intruder from Susie's pussy and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "I hope you enjoyed your break Susie, but now its time for you to help us with Pamela. She's agreed to be Sabina's faithful slave forever but first, she must be punished for breaking some of my finest dinnerware." She unlocked the handcuffs and removed the leather collar. "I want you to

    go upstairs and fetch a pail of warm water, some shaving cream, a towel and a safety razor with a new blade in it. You may also remove your gag."

    It took Susie several minutes to return. She knelt before her Mistress and offered the requested items to her. "NO Susie. I want YOU to shave all the hair on Pamela's cock and balls. Be careful. If I see any nicks or cuts, you will be dealt with severely." Susie rose from her knees. "Yes Mistress, I'll be verrrry careful. I know I'll do a good job."

    Susie positioned herself under my bent over torso and lathered up my crotch with the shaving cream. "Please try not to move Pamela, I don't want to cut you." She methodically manipulated my genital tissue with one hand and stroked off my hair with the razor in the other. After about five minutes, she lathered me up again and repeated the process. She dipped one end of the towel into the water and washed away the residue of hair and soap. She then carefully toweled the area dry. My genitals felt strangely cool with their newfound nakedness. I wondered why it was necessary to remove my pubic hair. How would I explain it in the locker room?

    Sabina cupped my balls in one hand and gently stroked the area with her other. "Smooth as a baby's bottom Kay, and no cuts. Susie, you did a very good job." Susie curtseyed her acknowledgment of the compliment. "Pamela, I know you're wondering why we shaved your cock and balls. We have some unique punishments in store for you and I wouldn't want all that pubic hair to get in the way. Your hair will grow back in six weeks or so, IF I DECIDE TO LET IT. Susie, you can clean up the shaving equipment and put it back where you found it. When you're done, come back here." The sensations in my groin caused by Sabina's ministrations were intensified due to the lack of hair. My cock once again leaped to attention as a sort of salute to Sabina's control over me.

    Kay then stood in front of me with an evil grin on her face and held up a strange looking device. It looked like an oversized bottle stopper, the kind where you push on a plunger to elongate the stopper before sealing up the bottle. This one was about one inch wide at its base with a two and one-half inch wide mushroom shaped rubber knob at the end. Instead of a push type plunger though, this one had a screw type adjustment to accommodate the much thicker rubber. Without saying a word, Kay turned the small knob at the end of the screw so that I could see the plunger stretch to about eight inches in length narrowing the knob at the end. After lubricating its length with K-Y jelly, she moved around behind me and parted my ass cheeks. It wasn't hard to figure out what she intended to do with this adjustable plug. She pressed the tip of the plunger against my ass hole and patiently applied steady pressure until my sphincter muscle allowed it to slide home. Once it was in place, she began backing off the screw and I could feel the thing grow inside me.

    "MMMFFF, MMMFFF, MMMRRRGGG," the thing felt huge and I protested as much as my gag would allow. "Isn't that an improvement, Pamela? I know how much you love to have your 'pussy'" fucked and we don't need any of those ugly straps to keep this 'cock' in place." Sabina was condescending in her tone as I tested the device by trying to expel it but it did not move one iota. I was helplessly plugged by the intruder. "I've removed the screw from the plunger in your ass--it works like a key. No one can remove your dildo without it." She then tied still another rope around the base of my hairless balls and brought it back between my legs and up to the rope joining my wrists where it was tied off. She didn't put any tension in the line but she didn't need to, as I was soon to find out.

    "Are you finished Sabina?" Kay was standing at the winch with an evil grin on her face. After Sabina nodded her head in agreement, Kay cranked on the winch. My arms were slowly drawn up behind me and my balls were pulled back between my legs. She continued cranking until she heard an audible moan, paused for a moment and gave it two more cranks for good measure. The position was instantly intolerable. My arms were now at a forty-five degree angle to the floor and my balls felt like they were about to be torn from my body. Beads of perspiration formed on my body as the pain assaulted my crotch and shoulders. Muffled sputtering sounds emerged from behind my gag as I tried to protest. I was afraid that my transformation into Pamela was about to become permanent.

    "Ah Susie, I see you're back." Kay greeted her with a hug. "Here, I want you to tie this weight to the end of Pamela's penis."

    "But Mistress, its so heavy and Pamela is suffering enough already. I don't think I can do it." Susie pleaded with Kay. "SUSIE, do what your told! You know the consequences of disobedience." "Yes, Mistress." Susie bowed her head in shame at what she was being forced to do to her friend Pamela. She slowly walked over to kneel in front of me. She tied a slip knot loop in the end of the cord attached to the three pound fishing sinker. After situating the loop just behind the head of my penis, she closed it down and lowered the weight as far as the twelve inch cord would allow.....but she was too slow in removing her support completely.

    "Susie, take your hand away from there---NOW!" Susie snatched her hand away as though she had just touched a hot stove as her Mistress once again intimidated her. Her quick movement caused the weight to swing violently below my outrageously stretched penis. My cock must have been at least nine inches long but was less than an inch wide. I was totally humiliated and began to sob uncontrollably from the embarrassment and pain.

    "There, there Pamela. You'll be all right. This is your punishment for breaking the china dish." Sabina patted me on the head. "You will stay in this position for one hour while Kay and I have a light lunch. Kay, let's leave her to meditate while we get a bite to eat. I'm sure she'll still be here when we get back. Susie, you come along too."

    I continued to struggle for a short time to gain some relief from the pain in my crotch and shoulders. The high heels prevented me from raising myself up to lessen the strain. Every movement of my torso only served to increase the suffering. I soon gave up when I realized that my efforts might result in permanent damage to my doubly stretched organ. The weight dangling below my crotch soon stopped swinging as I remained as motionless as possible. I continued to moan when I saw drops of perspiration drip on the platform below me as my body reacted to the brutal bondage position my Mistress had devised. It seemed like an eternity before I heard a buzzer go off in the kitchen upstairs. My body was so racked with pain that I couldn't even look up to see if someone was coming to release me. I sensed someone was behind me working at the knot that was causing all the distress in my testicles. As the line went slack and dangled below me, I realized that I might survive my ordeal.

    "It's me Pamela. Mistress Sabina said it was time to untie you." Susie had saved me. She knelt on one knee as she released my genitals from their bondage and gently rubbed my bruised organ in sympathy.

    "I don't see any damage Pamela. It looks like you're going to be alright, but just to make sure....."

    Susie took me into her eager mouth and sucked until my organ responded with a typical erection. "There Pamela, that proves you're ok. I'm so relieved for you." She stood up and backed off on the winch. It seemed like years since I had stood up straight. My whole body was stiff and sore from my ordeal. I promised myself that I would never again break another plate. Susie had almost finished releasing me when I saw Kay and Sabina return from upstairs.

    "Is she ok Susie?" Sabina had a tone of concern in her voice as she helped Susie untie my ankles from the platform.

    "Yes Mistress. I'm pretty sure she'll be ok. I didn't find any bruises and I also checked to see if her organ could still function."

    "I'm sure you did", Sabina said knowingly as she inspected the lipstick smeared on my fully erect penis.

    I stood rubbing the feeling back into my numb hands and arms as the last of my fastenings was removed.

    "Good Pamela. Congratulations. You're first punishment is over. Now bend over so I can remove the plunger from your butt. It served its purpose in preparing you for your next punishment. Here Susie, use this key to remove the plug from Pamela's bottom." I bent over and Susie inserted the key and turned it until she could withdraw the dildo from my stretched rectum. I felt like there was a wide tunnel where my rectum used to be. It wasn't painful but it sure felt weird.

    "Susie, take that thing upstairs and clean it up. When you're finished, I want you to take a shower, touch up your makeup and put on the outfit I laid out on the bed." I saw Kay stop Susie and whisper something to her before she left the room. "Pamela, come with me." I continued to rub my arms and shoulders as Sabina led me over to the back of the Toy Room. She pulled out the chair which was facing the wall and turned it around. I had never seen anything like it. Made entirely out of wood, it had a side arms and a straight back with a head rest but it also had a V-shaped section in place of the usual seat. This notched-out portion ended about eight inches from the chair back. A butt plug which tapered to about two inches at its widest point rose up from just behind the bottom of the "V". An electrical cord extended from the bottom of the seat toward one of the outlets in the wall.

    "Now that we've widened your 'pussy' a little, I think you'll easily be able to absorb that artificial cock you're staring at Pamela. But first we need to change your gag. Kay, would you please get that penis shaped gag with a hole through the center from off the wall? I'll take off her ball gag."

    Sabina unbuckled the gag and tossed it aside. "Please Mistress, don't make me sit on that thing. It's too'll tear me apart!"

    "I'm sure it will fit nicely Pamela. That's why we prepared you with the plunger before. Besides, you just finished begging me to punish you and we have the entire episode on video tape. Surely you don't want to back out of our bargain." I hung my head in shame as Sabina took the new gag from Kay and pressed it to my lips. "Open wide piglet. You know we have ways of making you cooperate."

    Resigned to my fate I opened my mouth to receive the intruder. It was so wide that it barely fit between my teeth. As Sabina buckled it tightly behind my head, my hands shot up to my mouth in a reflex action to try and remove it. Sabina was too fast. She had fastened the roller buckle and inserted the tiny padlock before I could pull the thing free. My mouth was now completely filled with a chewy rubber penis.

    Each Mistress grabbed one of my arms and backed me up to the chair. "Now Pamela, this will go a lot easier if we don't have to force you. The plug is already lubricated. We'll support your arms and let you go at your own pace while you seat yourself. Will you cooperate or do we have to use other means of persuasion?"

    I stared at my Mistress for a moment before I realized that I had no other choice. I wanted so desperately to get back into Sabina's good graces that I was committed to endure whatever they had in mind. With a Mistress on each arm, I placed my hands on the chair arms for support and slowly lowered myself on the monstrosity. Air whistled through the hole in the gag as I took as deep a breath as possible. Despite my Mistress's representations to the contrary, the thing was huge. It took nearly a minute of steady pressure on my part before it slid into place. I could feel my sphincter close tightly around the dildo's narrow base as my cheeks made contact with the seat. After my full weight was supported by the chair, I could feel the tip of the plug pressing against my prostate.

    Before I could change my mind and try to get up, both women were busily at work fastening me to the chair. Leather straps at my wrists and elbows secured my arms to the sides of the chair. More straps were buckled around my upper thighs fastening them to the sides of the "V". Ropes pulled my ankles back and up toward the rear where they were secured at the juncture of the arm and back. A pair of long leather straps were fastened above and below my "breasts" and buckled behind the chair back. As an added feature, my six inch heels were tied to the arms of the chair so that the toes of my shoes were pointing to the floor. This last bit of redundant bondage only served to cramp up my helplessly bound legs. Two straps attached behind the head rest were slipped through the roller buckles on either side of my gag. As the straps were tightened, my head was completely immobilized against the head rest. The bondage was now complete and effectively welded me to the chair so I could move my eyes and fingers but nothing else. My cock and balls hung free between my spread legs and were totally available for whatever my Mistress had in mind. With their usual efficiency, the Mistresses checked to make sure that all of the fastenings were out of the way of groping fingers. This done, they stepped back in unison to admire their work.

    "That's marvelous Kay. I think we've outdone ourselves. Pamela can't even twitch and the position is such that she could be kept like that for hours without any physical harm coming to her."

    "I agree Sabina. It's definitely some of our finest work. What do you think is keeping Susie? She should be back by now." Kay yelled up the stairway just seconds before Susie appeared at the top.

    "I'm coming, I wasn't familiar with the clothes you left for me so it took me a while to get dressed." Susie was smiling broadly as she reached the bottom of the stairs...and with good reason. She looked completely different from the slave that left the room before. A black satin Victorian corset with a built-in panty adorned her torso emphasizing her beautiful bare breasts and accentuating her hourglass figure. A pair of high heeled black leather boots extended to just above the knee and almost completely covered the black nylon stockings that were gartered in place. Her black hair was pulled back and done up in a bun atop her head. A pair of sparkling diamond earrings completed the ensemble. As striking as her costume was, her makeup was the most noticeable difference. Her face was a pearlescent porcelain white and made for a stark contrast with her Cat-like eyes and deep red lips. She looked more like a mistress than a slave and I worried about what happened to the shy, submissive looking Susie I had known before.

    "Susie, you're gorgeous." Kay walked slowly around Susie eyeing her up and down. "I know you've always fantasized about what it would be like to be a mistress so I thought I'd let you dress the part and see what you can do."

    "I don't know Mistress. I feel kind of strange. I don't think I'm worthy of such a lofty station." Susie was obviously very uneasy over having one of her favorite fantasies come to life.

    Kay continued. "We'll find that out soon enough. First, we need to 'warm up' Pamela's nipples. I want you to get that nipple whip from off the wall and apply twenty-five strokes to each of Pamela's tits. And I want you to count off as you deliver them. Sabina and I will judge the competence of your work."

    The whip in question had a thin rubber thong with little knots tied along its twelve inch length including one at the very end. As she approached me, I strained uselessly against my bondage. I knew that my nipples were totally exposed and available for the lash.

    "One....." The first stroke was tentative but right on the mark. "Two....." The nipple stung a little as she applied the second stroke more robustly than the first. "Three....." Susie was starting to get the hang of it. "Four....." By the twelfth stroke, she really got into the swing of things. She paused for a moment seeing the distress in my eyes as she fingered my reddening nipple. "Don't fret Pamela, you're doing fine. There's only Thirteen to go....for the right. Then we'll have to repeat the punishment for the left."

    "Susie, it's much too early to show any sympathy for the slave, and your technique is poor. You have to put more snap in your wrist. Here, let me show you."

    Kay took the whip from Susie and administered the next five strokes, pausing each time to see if Susie was watching. I could tell that she had done this before. The sting turned to a stabbing pain as Kay delivered each stroke with a proficiency born of years of practice.

    "Ok, do you think you have the right technique now?" Kay raised her eyebrows as she turned to Susie.

    "Yes.....I think so." Susie's tone was still uncertain as she took the scourge back from her Mistress. She took a few practice strokes in the air to see if her Mistress would approve.

    "That's it. Now try it on Pamela. I think we were through number eighteen."

    "Nineteen....." Susie snapped her wrist smartly as she administered the next blow.

    By the twentieth stroke, my nipple felt like it was on fire. The fire increased with every stroke. I wasn't able to look down, but I was certain that my nipple was fire red. "Twenty-five....." The last of the first batch of strokes hit its mark.

    "How was that Mistress? Am I doing a good job?" Susie looked at Kay for approval.

    "Your doing fine Susie. Your technique got better as you went along. By the way, how do you like making believe you're a Mistress."

    "I don't know. I think I like it, but it seems so weird. There's a certain excitement about it, but I'm not sure....."

    "Well, why don't you go ahead and do twenty-five on Pamela's other tit. Before you continue though, plug in the cord coming from under the chair.

    I can't wait to see Pamela's reaction. The last slave I tried this on wound up babbling for hours after we unplugged him. He was totally incoherent."

    Once again my body tensed as Susie picked up the plug. When she inserted it into the outlet, my gag whistled as I sucked in a big breath of air.

    "WOW! That really got her attention." Susie's eyes widened as she stared at me. "Are you sure this thing is safe Mistress?"

    "Don't worry about that Susie. All of our electrical toys have been tested at Underwriters Laboratory and approved for safety. I assure you no harm will come to Pamela.....well , no permanent harm anyway."

    There must have been a one HP motor attached to the thing. The veins on my head and arms stood out as my body strained involuntarily against the bondage. I could feel the vibrations all the way to my ribcage and the contact of the dildo against my prostate sent my brain to reeling. I couldn't think straight, but then, in my position I didn't have to. After all, I was only a useless piece of slave meat.

    As Susie began the second batch of twenty-five, I started to loose my concentration. I must have blacked out because the next thing I remember was Sabina pulling on my tits and manipulating them between her thumb and forefinger. The vibrating motor had been turned off. When she was sure my nipples were sufficiently erect, she put a pair of nipple clamps on me. As she closed down on the tension adjustment, my senses returned to my scrambled brain. She kept tightening the clamps until she saw a reaction in my eyes, then gave each a couple more turns for good measure. She picked up the connecting chain between them and pulled it up and out away from my chest. The pain in my tits was unbearable. They had to come off immediately.....but I knew they were there to stay until my Mistress removed them.

    "Hello Pamela. Welcome back among the living. You must have lost consciousness as Susie tried to finish your second punishment." Sabina retained her hold on the chain as she stared into my eyes. "When she refused to continue after about the tenth stroke, I ordered her back upstairs to change into her slave's attire. I'm disappointed in her, but she just doesn't have what it takes to be a mistress. By the way, these clamps are only a transition to your third and last punishment. We are going to leave them on with you tied to this chair while we go upstairs to check on Susie." The whistling sound from my gag was nearly continuous as I reacted to the pain. "I know your tits hurt terribly right now, but the pain will subside as your nipples go numb and it will turn to a dull ache. The best part....or worst I suppose from your when they are removed. The pain will increase ten fold and continue for a long time depending on how long they were left in place."

    Sabina released the chain and turned to Kay. "How long do you think it will take to get Susie ready?"

    "No more than thirty minutes....why, what did you have in mind?" "Well, as long as it's no more than thirty minutes, let's plug Pamela back in. It will help to keep her mind off the pain in her tits. She's going to be wearing those clamps for a long time, and I wouldn't want to see her get bored with them." Sabina's voice was filled with sarcasm.

    When she started up the motorized roto-rooter, my brain was once again sent to spinning. The last thing I remembered was the blurred vision of these two women as they ascended the stairs.


    When I came to, I was still seated in the chair. My head and arms were still imprisoned as before but my legs had been released. I was thankful that the motor powering the cursed vibrator had been turned off. As the cobwebs disappeared from my brain, I felt an odd sensation in my penis. With my head still anchored to the chair, I couldn't look down to see what was different, but it felt like there was something inside me. It was a vague burning sensation that I had never experienced before. When the last restraint was removed, I looked down and was horrified at the sight of an eighteen inch plastic tube emerging from the tip of my penis and dangling between my legs. A retaining clip was fastened about half way down its length and the clear plastic revealed a yellow fluid behind the clip. They had put a catheter in me!

    "MMMeow, mmmurgl, ggguuurgl," I was humiliated! As I reached down to grab the thing, Sabina grabbed my wrists and handcuffed them. These were a pair of Smith & Wesson hinged handcuffs that I had heard about but never seen before. If the keyhole is positioned on the forearm side of the hinge, the wearer cannot free himself even if he had the key, because the hinged connection forces the wrists to remain parallel to each other.

    "DON'T PANIC, Pamela. That's only a Foley catheter and you might as well get used to it, because it's part of your third and final punishment. "Sabina reprimanded me as she clicked the cuffs into place. Each woman grabbed me under the arm pits, "we're going to help you get up, Pamela. Go slow, and the plug in your butt will come out fairly easily considering how stretched out you must be."

    I still was in shock over what they had just done to me as they supported me in my effort to stand up. My gag whistled as I drew in a deep breath. Getting the widest part past my sphincter was the hardest, but after several seconds of steady upward pressure, I freed myself from the invader. After the thing was clear of my ass, the weakness in my legs caused me to wobble on the six inch heels. My ass felt like there was a tunnel running through it, compliments of the motorized butt plug.

    They continued to support my upper body until confident I could stand alone. When they released me, I once again grabbed at the thing and tried to pull it out.

    "DON"T PAMELA, you'll only hurt yourself. There's a small balloon inflated inside your bladder which prevents removal and the only way to deflate it is with a syringe. It's not coming out until I SAY SO." Sabina coldly stared into my eyes as I was once again defeated. "Now your last punishment is fairly complex and it'll probably prove to be the most difficult of the three, but I'm sure you will admire its ingenuity."

    Just as Kay placed a metal saw horse shaped frame in front of me, my attention was diverted by the noises coming from the other side of the room. Susie was standing over an oak box on all fours with her hands and feet about two feet apart. Both ends of the box had a set of stocks which effectively confined Susie's hands and feet and forced her into a bent over position. The noises were coming from behind the full harness ball gag fastened securely around her head as she struggled in vain to free herself.

    The clipped Foley inserted inside her bladder swung beneath her crotch. Her beautifully shaped rump was prominently displayed and her milky white breasts hung freely below her. She was totally naked.
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    pamela pt 2

    "I suppose you're wondering why Susie's fastened inside that box. When we went upstairs to check on her, she had taken off all her mistress's clothing and was sitting naked on the bed crying her eyes out. She was very upset that she whipped your nipples. Kay and I comforted her until she calmed down enough to explain that she would never consider trying to be a mistress again. She was much happier being a slave and begged Kay to take her back. Kay is so fond of Susie that it didn't take long for her to agree, but there was one condition. In order to prove her sincerity, she would have to go through slave initiation rites in the form of a punishment identical to your third ordeal. Even though she didn't know what we intended to do, she hugged Kay in gratitude and agreed without hesitation. Now-----spread your legs Pamela," Sabina knelt down to attach a four foot long spreader bar between my ankles, "we need to get along with your punishment." A padlock on the leather cuffs secured each ankle to the ends of the bar and to the legs of the horse.

    As I stood unsteadily before her, she applied a set of thumb cuffs with a short chain dangling from the center portion. I wondered what purpose they could serve as my arms were already locked helplessly together. The answer came quickly as she bent me over the horse by pulling down on my imprisoned thumbs and padlocked the chain to an eye in the center of the spreader bar.

    "Isn't it delightful the way their asses are displayed, Sabina? Wouldn't you just love to give them a paddling?" Kay stood behind Susie while stroking both of her cheeks.

    "There'll be enough time for that later, Kay. It's important that we stick with the game plan." Sabina was busy doing something in front of a cabinet on the wall behind me.

    As Kay continued to take advantage of Susie's helpless condition, Sabina handed her something and wheeled the box over so Susie was positioned directly in front of me.

    "Pamela, Susie, I want you to pay attention. Kay and I each have a double Bardex catheter which we're going to put inside you. It will not harm you in any way, but you will feel some pressure as we inflate the balloons. This device is a necessary part of your punishment as you will see later."

    "Kay, do you remember how to use these?"

    "Yeah, I think so. If I have any difficulty I'll let you know."

    "Perhaps you should tend to Pamela and I'll take care of Susie. It's already lubricated so I think you'll find it very easy to insert, considering how 'prepared' she must be."

    I felt the pressure of the Bardex against my "pussy" as Kay applied the pressure to guide it home. To my embarrassment, it slid home quite easily because of the tunnel created by the butt plug. I heard Susie moan as Sabina performed the more difficult task of insertion into Susie's tight ass hole. "MMMeooowwwff", Susie howled as the balloon inside her inflated and the one on the outside expanded to create a very effective, leak-proof seal at her anus.

    After observing that Sabina had squeezed the bulb a half dozen times, she applied a like number to my own and I whistled through my gag as the thing expanded inside me.

    "Before you remove the bulb Kay, let me check the pressure." Sabina gave a test squeeze to the bulb. "It isn't inflated enough Kay. Pamela's a lot bigger than she used to be down there." After a dozen more squeezes of the bulb, she was satisfied that I was totally filled and incapable of expelling the device. She had Kay give a squeeze so she could feel the back pressure in the bulb and Kay nodded her understanding.

    Kay walked behind Susie to perform the same test. I heard Susie gasp again as she pumped still more air into the balloons.

    "Don't blow it up too much or there won't be enough room later." Sabina and Kay laughed as they detached the bulbs from their ports and put them back in the cabinet.

    "This is an excellent way to keep your subjects under control, even without any other restraints. If the slave doesn't have access to the syringe or the squeeze bulb, it's impossible to remove the catheters. I usually use it on my slaves when they have to leave the house for any length of time so they won't forget who's in control. Evacuation of the bowels is impossible and it's very humiliating for them to have to remove the retaining clip in order to urinate. It allows you to send the slave out alone on errands without fear that they will run away."

    "I'll keep that in mind Sabina. It will be very useful in training some of my more unruly slaves."

    Sabina and Kay picked up two sturdy looking metal frames and set each one down behind Susie and me. Constructed in the shape of an "H" lying on its side, there were numerous leather straps of varying lengths and widths attached along each segment. Working in unison, they tended to Susie first, leaving me spread out over the horse. Kay supported the frame while Sabina released Susie's hands from the box and strapped them tightly to the ends of the top portion of the frame. She then fastened three more straps around each of her arms so that they were now extended straight out along the top section and away from the sides of her body. A six inch wide leather belt with three roller buckles anchored the vertical portion to her slender waist. This segment was contoured to follow the general shape of her spine and was now pressed tightly against it. For additional support, two more straps were buckled firmly above and below her beautiful breasts. A chain was locked to a ring at each end of the top section of the frame, leaving about two feet of slack. Another chain was locked between the center of the bottom section and a ring bolt in the floor.

    Attached to the ceiling immediately above us was a Genie screw drive garage door opener. A fixed ring was installed in place of the usual door bracket fitting and was located at roughly the center point of the track. Two lines were attached to the ring and ran in opposite directions along the length of the drive mechanism, through a pulley, and terminated with a hook at the end of each line. The hook over Susie was suspended about two feet higher than the one which hung above me. After releasing Susie's feet from the box, Sabina pressed the remote control button. As the fixed ring traveled along its track, the hook over Susie descended toward her, while the one over me was lifted toward the ceiling. She hit the button again to stop its downward travel, attached the hook to the chain, and then hit the button once more to reverse directions. Susie was lifted off the floor as Kay withdrew her support of the securely fastened slave. As the drive mechanism encountered the resistance of the frame-to-floor connection, the motor turned off automatically leaving Susie suspended by her arms and torso about two feet off the floor.

    After Kay wheeled the box out of the way, she produced a pair of black patent lace-on shoes with six inch heels, slipped them onto Susie's feet and tied off the laces. Twin leather cuffs were buckled to each of her ankles and padlocked to the ends of the bottom section of the frame. This last bit of confinement forced Susie's legs obscenely apart and displayed all the charms of her hairless pussy lips. Her face flushed with humiliation and embarrassment over the dangling catheter as she whimpered from behind her gag.

    Sabina hit the remote button again lowering Susie to the floor. As soon as her high heeled feet touched the floor, she stopped the motor and mounted a stepladder to adjust the automatic shutoff switch so that Susie's up and down travel would be limited to the two foot range established.

    Susie's Mistress now stood directly in front of her and used her long red fingernails to trace small circles around each of her nipples. "You have such delightfully spongy boobies my dear.....Sabina, you wouldn't happen to have another pair of those nipple clamps, would you? We shouldn't neglect Susie's tits."

    "They're hanging on the wall over there, Kay. I'll get them for you." As Kay removed the gold rings from Susie's pierced nipples, sounds of protest emerged from behind her gag and Susie jerked as much as the bondage would allow. From the looks of her struggles, it was clear that she had worn the clamps before and didn't enjoy the experience one bit. With a well practiced hand, Kay gently manipulated each of Susie's nipples until they stiffened. Susie's eyes were wide above her gag as she anticipated Kay's next move.

    "MMMeowaarrf, oooowww, oooohhh", Susie screamed as the first clamp was tightened in place. "Mmmfff, mmmaaarg, ooohhh", the second didn't feel any better as her moaning continued. Kay gave the connecting chain a gentle tug to test the tension on Susie's distended nipples. "Wwwofff, mmmfff, mmmrrrg", Susie was desperately trying to tell her Mistress to take them off, but Kay casually ignored her, and hit the remote button to raise Susie off the floor once again.

    "Stop fretting Susie. I know your tits are still extremely sensitive from the whipping they got this morning, but after all, you did agree to go through with this initiation. Besides, you've worn them before and you know the pain will diminish as they numb up under the pressure of the clamps. It shouldn't take but a few minutes." Kay stood before her elevated slave and tried to reassure her, all the while caressing Susie's tits and lower abdomen in a sumptuous display. Kay's attentions had no effect on her as she continued to react to the fire in her nipples.

    "I'm sure she'll be alright Kay. Why don't you come over here and help me do Pamela."

    Kay stood on her tiptoes and kissed each of Susie's tormented tits before she reluctantly withdrew to join Sabina.

    It was my turn. I had little doubt as to what they planned for me, since I had continually strained my neck from my bent over position to follow the progress of Susie's immobilization. Working as a team once more, Sabina removed the cuffs from my hands while Kay supported the second frame behind me. The hanging hook was then attached to the chain spanning the length of the top portion of the frame. It was useless for me to resist considering how wide my legs were spread, combined with the uncertain balance contributed by the six inch heels.

    Except for the difference in our gags, my bondage was identical to Susie's. My upper body was welded to the frame. I could feel the constriction caused by the pressure of the straps around my chest and waist compounding the breathing difficulty I was already having with the corset. "Those pumps might fall off, Sabina. Why don't we have her change into another pair."

    Kay unlocked my legs from the horse and used the remote control to raise me off the floor. She stopped the mechanism from completing its cycle with another touch of the control, leaving both Susie and me suspended about one foot from the floor. She then removed the spreader bar and locked my leather cuffs to the ends of the bottom section of the frame. Now totally helpless, it was no problem for her to slip the red patent leather t-strap pumps with six inch heels on my feet and fasten the small buckles. Like Susie, I flushed red with embarrassment when I stared down at the catheter dangling between my legs.

    "Well Sabina, that should just about do it for now. Let's go upstairs and get those other items we talked about." Kay had a broad smile on her face. "Don't go away ladies. We'll be back in a couple of minutes," Sabina said as they both headed up the stairs.

    During the short time they were away, I tested the effectiveness of their restraints. I strained my arms trying to break any of the leather straps that secured them. I pulled my legs trying to break free from the cuffs that kept my legs spread so indecently apart. The leather creaked in response to my efforts, but would not give way. I should have known better. I could see the full extent of my bondage mirrored by Susie right in front of me, and finally realized that it was futile to try and break free. I just hung there and waited, the dull pain in my tits was beginning to throb and I was reminded of the searing pain that would surely occur when the clamps were eventually removed.

    Sabina returned to the Toy Room carrying what appeared to be a one gallon thermos jug and a long rubber tube. Kay followed closely behind carrying an ice bucket with some cords hanging out from underneath the lid as well as two full enema bags. I could make a pretty good guess as to what they planned to do, and I was certain that I wasn't going to like it.

    Without saying a word, Sabina approached me in a businesslike fashion and brought the tube toward my plugged mouth. There was a 1/2" wide enema nozzle fixed to the end which she inserted in the hole of my gag---she had to push a little because of the tight fit. She then looped a large rubber band around the narrower base of the nozzle and pulled the remainder over my head to make sure it wouldn't come out. She used a clothespin to clip off the tube and slipped the remaining end over the spigot at the bottom of the jug. After mounting the stepladder, she hung the jug from a hook in the ceiling and opened the spigot. Kay handed her the enema bags one at a time, and these were also suspended from the ceiling with their clipped tubes dangling to the floor. After descending the ladder, Sabina walked behind Susie and attached one of the enema bag tubes to the fluid port on the outside of the bardex.

    As she walked behind me, my ass cheeks clenched involuntarily when I realized her intentions but, helpless as I was, she had no trouble connecting the second enema bag.

    Kay was busy threading one of the lines from the ice bucket through a pulley in the ceiling. One end of the cord was frozen through the center of a large three inch square ice cube which she placed in Susie's left hand and told her to hold on to it. Susie had a quizzical look in her eyes but did as she was told. Her Mistress then tied the other end of the line to a five pound lead weight, demonstrated its heft to Susie and left it to dangle, supported only by Susie's grip on the ice cube. She then tied the end of another cord to the weight and passed it behind the chain on Susie's nipple clamps, pulled it over toward me and passed it behind my own nipple chain, then back to the weight where it was tied off.

    Susie and I were starting to get the picture. If she lets go of the ice cube, the weight will fall and yank the nipple clamps from our tits. I didn't even want to think about how that would feel. Susie looked anxiously at me and then the ice cube as its purpose became evident to her as well.

    Kay rigged up additional lines, weights and ice cubes so that when she was finished, both Susie and I were holding an ice cube in each of our hands. The one in my left hand supported a weight attached to the tube clip on Susie's enema bag---the one in my right supported a weight attached to the tube clip on my own. Susie's right hand held a cube supporting a weight attached to the tube clip on the thermos jug while the aforementioned cube in her left supported the weight attached to our nipple clamps.

    "There. That just about does it." Sabina was beaming at her own ingenuity. "There's just one more thing to do." I was horrified once again as she picked up a plastic tube and coupled the ends of the two catheters together.

    I heard Susie gasp in shock from behind her gag at the realization of what was being done to us. I pleaded unintelligibly, hoping that they would change their minds.

    "Well Kay, it seems like they understand their situation fully now. Let the fun begin!" She hit the remote button causing Susie to be lifted toward the ceiling while I was lowered to the floor perched on the six inch heels. The jerk at the start of my descent almost caused me to loose my grip on the cubes.

    "Now pay attention slaves. I expect you to hold on to those ice cubes while Kay and I go upstairs to freshen up. I'm sure you understand the consequences if any of them should slip from your hands. Oh, one more thing.....if I catch you holding on to the cord instead of the ice, you will stay in your present positions and receive 50 strokes from my cane. The pain from that will most certainly cause you to let go of them. If you're successful in hanging on, this punishment just might end before any of them melt away." Sabina paced slowly back and forth as she spoke. Turning to Kay she said, "They're ready. Do you want to do the honors or should I."

    "Oh, I think you should Sabina. After all, the catheters were your idea."

    She removed the clips from each of the catheters and I immediately saw the clear plastic of the tube turn to yellow as Susie's urine left her bladder and, due to her higher elevation, force its way into my own. It didn't take long for me to feel the pressure, considering the compression of the waist belt. In spite of the shock I had just experienced, I was able to hold on to the two ice cubes, even though they were very slippery and my fingers were going numb from the cold.

    After the Mistresses went upstairs, I could see that Susie was having a hard time of it. Despite Sabina's warning, she was manipulating the cube in her right hand in an attempt to grab hold of the string and relieve her hands from the cold. "Mmmfff, mmmooo, mmmrrrggg," I tried to caution her. I figured that since I had no feeling left in my fingers, it would be stupid to manipulate the ice. Unfortunately, she paid no heed to my noises. After a few minutes the cube slipped from her hand and one of the five pound weights fell, tearing off the clip on the tube attached to the thermos jug. A slow steady stream of plain water entered my mouth. Even though I was brutally gagged, I had to keep swallowing to avoid choking and stop every few seconds to take a short breath through my nose.

    Susie had apparently learned her lesson. She hung quietly in front of me with a remorseful look in her eyes as she saw the difficulties I was having. She knew it wouldn't take very long for the water to produce additional pressure on my already full bladder. After about fifteen minutes, the distraction was too much. I lost my concentration and released the cube in my left hand. Instantly, another weight fell yanking the clip from the tube on Susie's enema bag. Her eyes widened in horror as the fluid entered her bowels. Her lower abdomen took on a noticeably rounded shape as the pressure in her tummy increased. Miraculously, she managed to hold on to the other cube.

    By the time the thermos jug was drained of its contents, I was really bloated. The fingers in my right hand were painfully numb, and I wondered how much longer I could hang on. I pondered the predicament----put up with the frostbite in my hand or let go of the ice and assimilate the contents of the bag above my head. While I was engrossed by the dilemma of having two unacceptable choices, my attention was diverted by the return of our Mistresses.

    They were stunning. Kay was dressed in the black satin Victorian corset that Susie had borrowed for her "make believe Mistress" escapade earlier in the day. Her firm, well-rounded, magnificent breasts were prominently displayed above the bodice . Her long slender legs were tantalizing, accentuated by the black opera length hose attached to her garters and by the black patent leather pumps with five inch stiletto heels. Her makeup was perfect, taking every advantage of her glorious feminine features. Her long beautiful hair was done up in a sexy looking french twist and a pair of diamond studded shoulder dusters adorned her ears.

    Sabina opted for a very low cut, royal blue leather mini-dress with 3/4 length sleeves. The built in brassiere lifted her splendid breasts to show off her gorgeous suckable nipples above the top line of the bodice. Her perfectly proportioned legs were clad in silky beige stockings which were perfectly complimented by her matching blue pumps with six inch spike heels. Her makeup emphasized the color of her blue eyes and the rich fullness of her glossy, rose colored lips. Her hair was combed out, framing her face to excellent advantage and a pair of large, round lapis earrings were clipped to her ears.

    In spite of my condition, I was temporarily mesmerized at the sight of these two strikingly resplendent women.

    "Oh, I see we have a full tummy now, don't we." Kay was gently rubbing Susie's distended lower abdomen. She bent over and positioned her ear next to Susie's belly. "My, but there's a lot of gurgling going on in there. Seems that Pamela couldn't hang on very long, could she."

    "Well, it looks like Susie didn't do any better. The thermos jug is empty. How do you feel, Pamela?" Sabina cupped my chin in her hand. "Is your hand cold? Do you need to go potty?" She mocked me in my defenseless position. "Don't you think it's time to let Susie stand on the floor for a while?" I was incapable of responding. "I'm SOOOO glad you agree, SLAVE." With that, she hit the button on the remote so quickly, it startled me and I lost control of the ice cube. The weight fell to the floor, ripping the clip free from my enema bag. I gasped in shock. The fluid was ice cold! I howled through my gag as the fluid entered my body. I hadn't realized that the bags were full of ice water, until now. The hoist shut off automatically leaving me suspended two feet off the floor. This change in positions caused the flow of urine to reverse, emptying my bladder and filling Susie's. Since she had already absorbed the frigid contents of the enema bag, I wondered if she would be able to cope with an over-filled bladder as well. Additionally, I had just consumed a gallon of water, and I knew my body would be producing more of the yellow stuff for Susie and me to exchange.

    Kay continued her sensuous petting of Susie's more interesting body parts. She paid particular attention her crotch, using her long nails to trace the area around Susie's hairless pussy. Normally, this attention would make Susie wild with carnal desire. Under these circumstances however, she hardly noticed. She whimpered behind her gag and

    softly sobbed as the unwelcome expansion of her bowels and bladder exhausted her spirit. All things considered, it was remarkable that she was able to hang on to the one last ice cube.

    Sabina devoted all of her attention to me, rubbing the now visibly rounded lower portion of my corset. Occasionally, her hand would drift down to outline my genital area with her long fingernail, or she would massage the area around my clamped tits. Usually, this would be a pleasurable experience for me but, like Susie, my mind was totally occupied with the cramping in my belly.

    "Kay? Do you think they've had enough?" Sabina repeatedly flicked her fingernail across my nipples. I felt nothing.

    "I don't know about Pamela, Sabina, but Susie here is totally incoherent. Normally when I do this to her, she squirms and wriggles with pleasure. I've been trying to get a reaction from her for about fifteen minutes now, but she's so filled up inside that she probably doesn't even know I'm here. She's still hanging on to the ice cube though, but it's almost melted. It will only be a few more minutes before it's gone completely."

    "Ok then, they've suffered enough....let's call it a day. Help me get them undone, and we'll let them use the bathroom to relieve themselves."

    Sabina began by removing the tube from my gag. Then she loosened the clamps on my tits. "Owwwwoooh," the searing pain bit into my chest. Sabina artfully massaged the area until she could tell that the worst of the pain had passed. She gently kissed each of my nipples and gazed into my eyes. "Pamela, welcome to my stable. You endured your punishments beautifully and from now on, you will be my favorite slave..... as long as you obey all my commands, of course. As soon as we get Susie untied, we'll get you down and let you both use the bathroom."

    In spite of my discomfort, Sabina's words thrilled me. I was now her number one slave. Wow! I reveled over my new lofty station. Just as I was thinking how wonderful it will be to serve this extraordinary woman for the rest of my life, another cramp hit my gut. Sensing my distress, my wonderful Mistress turned to help Kay release Susie. It probably only took a couple of minutes, but it seemed like years to me. Susie screamed when the nipple clamps were removed, so Kay spent some time caressing and kissing the sumptuous boobs of her favorite slave while Sabina finished untying her. The cramping in my belly was getting more intense and I needed to use the toilet........IMMEDIATELY!

    As soon as Susie was free of her bonds, she bent slightly at the waist and pressed her hands against her tummy. With tears running down her cheeks, she pleaded, "Oooohhh Mistress, please! I feel like I'm going to burst. These cramps in my gut are killing me. May I use the bathroom.... please?" Well trained as she was, Susie knew she needed Kay's permission.

    "Just wait a minute, Susie. We have to get Pamela undone first." With that, Kay slapped the hinged handcuffs on Susie's wrists as she continued to hold her gut. "We're trying to foster a spirit of cooperation between you two, so we want to be certain that you'll have to help each other remove the enema retention catheters. Sabina will see to the Foleys herself."

    Susie's wrists were now helplessly imprisoned in front of her. There was no way she would be able to reach around to remove the Bardex.

    Kay hit the remote button to lower me to the floor, and turned to assist Sabina who was already busy releasing me from my bondage.

    Finally, I stood there wobbling on my heels, grabbing my gut, and anxiously shifting my weight from one foot to the other, when Sabina manacled my wrists together with another pair of Smith & Wessons. "You heard what Kay said to Susie. You're going to have to remove her Bardex, and she's going to have to remove yours. Here are the squeeze bulbs. You'll have to attach it to the port on the catheter in order to deflate the balloons. Before you go though, let me rid you of those Foleys."

    Sabina clipped the ends of both of the Foleys and, using a syringe to withdraw the saline solution from inside the internal balloon, very carefully pulled it free from my bladder. There was a visible trace of blood on the device resulting from the insertion of the tube past the bladder's sphincter muscle. She immediately turned to Susie and repeated the process.

    "Mistress Sabina? Mistress Kay? Can we go now?" My voice was shaky as I continued to hold my cramping belly.

    "Yes....and from the look of you two, I think you'd better hurry." Sabina motioned for us to leave as Kay smiled behind her.

    We must have been quite a sight as we both hurried to the stairway, bent over and holding our guts, walking unsteadily on six inch high heels, with the clearly visible Bardex balloons poking out of our ass holes.


    The trip to the bathroom felt like the longest journey I had ever taken. The ice water enema had my guts tied up in knots. Without the Bardex, there would have been no way for me to make it without an accident. In my haste, I stumbled several times along the way due to the uncertain gait caused by the six inch heels. Susie seemed to have similar difficulty with the cramping, although she was far more adept at walking in the stiletto heeled shoes our Mistresses made us wear. Susie got to the bathroom first and attempted to attach the Bardex bulb by herself. She squatted and reached down between her legs in an effort to locate the fitting, but the hinged hand cuffs would not allow her to twist her forearms into the proper position. When I arrived, she was already squealing in frustration over her inability to attach the bulb.

    "Oooohhh Pamela, I can't get it connected! These damned hand cuffs are in the way. I can't turn my wrists at all!" Kay was right. The hinged cuffs would force us to help each other in order to gain relief.

    "Susie...calm down. I'm going to help you." While the corset and the cramping made it very difficult, I managed to crouch down and attach the Bardex bulb to the port. I then released the air valve, causing the balloons to deflate so the catheter could be removed. Susie instantly seated herself on the porcelain throne, while I stood anxiously waiting for her to relieve herself.

    It seemed like years, but it was probably only a few minutes before Susie finished and was able to assist me. While I was tending to the compelling business at hand, I heard our Mistresses laughing in the doorway in amusement over the spectacle we were providing for them.

    "You two sure are a sorry lot. Just look at you----all sweaty and pale." Sabina removed the hand cuffs. "Go upstairs and take a hot can both remove your makeup as well, seeing as how it's all messed up from the perspiration. While you're doing that, Kay and I will make something for us to eat. It should be ready by the time you're finished, so just put on the robes we left for you and come back to join us. Then we can all have some dinner and discuss our future plans for the two of you."

    When we got upstairs, Susie gently rubbed her mistreated tits. "God, my nipples hurt. I love my Mistress a lot, but I hate it when she makes me wear those blasted clamps. One time, she made me wear them under my bra while we were at a dinner party. They hurt like hell and I couldn't concentrate on anything else. Even though I wore a shawl to cover their outline on the front of my dress, I felt like everyone was staring at me. My tits were sore for days after she finally took them off." Susie unlaced the six inch heels from her feet. "Here, let me help you get undressed, Pamela. If you're as stiff as I am, you won't be able to undo the laces in the back of your corset."

    "Thanks Susie. I sure am sore. I think we must have been fastened to those frames for over an hour. And those ice cubes made my fingers go numb after just a few minutes. I don't know how you managed it, but we're both lucky that you didn't let go of that last ice cube. I'd hate to think what would have happened if those clamps were yanked from our tits."

    "I can tell you, Pamela. Mistress Kay pulled them off of me once, and I vowed I would do anything to make sure it never happened again. I must admit I almost lost it though, when that ice water filled up my insides. I felt my gut gurgling and cramping at the same time, but there was nothing I could do about it. And when I looked down once and saw the catheter dangling there---I was humiliated! I don't remember Mistress ever making me feel so utterly exposed and helpless."

    I stood there rubbing my own tender nipples as they poked out from the red latex bra, while Susie released me from my waist cincher. I took a long overdue breath of air when I was finally freed from its compression. "Ooohhh, I didn't think it would ever come off-----although I must admit, I really love the womanly curves it gives me." I gazed at my image in the mirror. "And I rather like the bra too. I didn't realize how much tissue I actually had up there."

    "I like it too, Pamela. You should tell Mistress Sabina...maybe she'll let you wear it again." Susie unsnapped the bra and breast harness that had gathered my breast tissue into such a delightfully feminine appearance.

    "There, I think you can take off your own stockings and shoes, Pamela. I'm going to the shower. Why don't you join me when your finished." Susie had a twinkle in her eye as she spoke, and I was pretty sure what was on her mind. In spite of the abuse my body had suffered, my cock sprang to life at the very thought of soaping up her beautiful body. She smiled knowingly at my erection and hurried off to the bathroom.

    I wasted no time in unbuckling my heels and stripping off my stockings and wig in anticipation of taking a shower with Susie. When I got in to the stall, the hot water felt wonderfully soothing on my aching muscles. We stood facing each other as I gently soaped up her beautiful body. Susie paid particular attention to my lower abdomen and crotch, licking her lips at the sight of my raging hard on. After several minutes of sensuous bathing, we used the hand held shower spray to rinse each other. After we got out of the shower, Susie knelt down, took me into her mouth and started sucking until I almost collapsed, so overwhelming was the orgasm that enveloped me. Susie continued sucking and swallowing, until she was sure I was totally spent. After a few moments, I held her and guided her to the floor where we assumed the "69" position. I lovingly tongued her clit and could feel her body tense as the pleasure consumed her. It didn't take very long before she climaxed in ecstacy, while I continued to caress her and lap up the remnants of her love juices.

    We lay there for a few moments enjoying the release of our passion, until I remembered that our Mistresses were expecting us downstairs. I sure didn't want them to come upstairs and find us like this. Once I convinced Susie that we had to stop, we got up and put on the bathrobes that had been laid out for us. Susie put her arms around my neck and gave me a long french kiss. I was pleased, but also somewhat surprised at her reaction. I had no idea she would like my male persona as much as she seemed to like Pamela. I thought her loving attention was merely the result of her Mistress's orders.

    "Ooohhh Susie, I didn't think you'd find me attractive as a...a...a man." I stuttered in disbelief.

    "Ooohhh Pamela, it was wonderful. You should know I like you as a person, and I don't really care if you're dressed as a girl or not. It's really too bad we can't continue though. But you're right. Our Mistresses would punish us again if we got caught. Besides, I'm famished. Let's go eat dinner."

    We both checked in the mirror to make sure all the makeup had been removed as we had been instructed, and proceeded downstairs to join them. Fortunately for me, Susie noticed that I was still wearing the artificial finger nails, so we went back and removed them with the solvent from the bathroom vanity. It took about fifteen minutes for her to pry them loose and wipe away all the remnants of polish and glue. I remember commenting how lucky we were to have such patient Mistresses, as we finally were able to make our grand entrance in the dining room.

    Sabina had replaced the mini-dress with a knee length, royal blue, silk robe which matched the shoes she wore. Kay also looked stunning in her shiny black satin, kimono style robe with a lotus flower design on its back. The black patent pumps still graced her feet. I was very surprised that they had us sit at the table while they served us. After all, we were their slaves. I wondered about this apparent change of attitude toward us, but thought better than to ask about it.

    The dinner was great....a crisp caesar salad and roast duck with wild rice and brown gravy, a bottle of 1979 Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon, followed with a rich dessert of black forest torte and a wonderful bottle of 1975 Chateau Yquem Sauternes. The conversation was basically small talk, with no mention made of our recent ordeal or their acceptance of us as slaves. When dinner was finished, Susie and I helped them clear the table. We all loaded the china and crystal in the dishwasher with me being especially careful, not wanting to have a repeat of my miscue earlier in the day. After the kitchen was cleaned up, Sabina directed all of us to the living room to talk about our future together.

    "I trust you enjoyed the meal?" Susie and I nodded enthusiastically. "Kay and I thought you deserved a treat after completing your initiation so admirably. I know you're both curious about our plans. While you were upstairs, an old friend of mine called. Her name is Mistress Monique, and she wondered if I had added any slaves to my collection recently. When I told her about you Pamela, she just bubbled with excitement and said she couldn't wait to meet you. She has a well equipped home on her large estate in the country, and has invited all of us to visit. I've taken a few select slaves there in the past, and we always had a good time sampling the toys she has accumulated over the years. We'll leave first thing tomorrow morning, so I want you to get a good night's rest. You will both need it, I assure you.

    "Kay, let's take them back to the toy room and get them fixed up, so there won't be any 'fooling around' during the night. You know how horny Susie always is, and I wouldn't want her bothering my new slave all night."

    "Susie can definitely be a problem, I know. It's something I learned to accept over the years because I don't think it's possible for her to change. It's really too bad though, that I can't trust her in situations like this."

    "Please Mistress, I'm still extremely sore from my initiation. You don't have to tie me up again. I'll be good, I promise." Susie knew her Mistress well and pleaded with Kay to intercede, but Kay wouldn't hear of it. She knew that when it came to sex, Susie had an insatiable appetite.

    "Come along, you two. I don't want to hear any more arguments." Sabina grabbed my arm and led us all down the stairs.

    They had us both remove our robes and, after Sabina chained me to the wall with a two inch wide slave collar, they both set to work on Susie. Her forearms were folded behind her back and tied together from elbow to elbow with a length of nylon rope. Kay then stuffed her mouth with a three inch foam rubber ball and sealed it in place with several strips of sticky duct tape. To make certain that Susie wouldn't be able to expel the gag, she applied several wraps of the dermicel tape over the duct tape and around in back of her neck. She tested the effectiveness of the gag by giving a hard pinch to each of Susie's very tender nipples. The resulting scream emerged as a soft sounding hum. Susie wouldn't be making any comments for a while.

    The center of another length of rope was then positioned behind her neck and brought down across the front of her shoulders, under her arm pits and knotted at the center of her back. The ends were passed under the portion behind her neck and pulled down, forming a sort of figure eight harness. The short remaining length of line was then tightly secured to her already immobilized forearms. A rather long rope was then doubled over and looped around her waist at the front. Kay pulled hard on the line and centered the loop at her navel before passing it down between the lips of Susie's bald pussy and back up under the back of the waist rope, where it was left to dangle for the time being.

    After being forced to sit on the floor, her legs were folded so that the ankles and calves were parallel to one another. Starting with a double loop around one ankle, Kay wrapped the line again and again around Susie's lower legs so that she was forced to sit in a modified, yoga type lotus position. This was starting to look very uncomfortable for her, but Kay was by no means finished. Using the figure eight harness for leverage, she lifted Susie enough so that she could be brought forward and lowered to lie face down on the floor. The remaining portion of the doubled over crotch rope was then passed through one of the wraps on her welded calves, and back up under the vertical line descending from the figure eight harness, where it was pulled hard and securely knotted. This last move produced a muffled groan from behind Susie's gag as the full impact of her bondage became clear to her. The way her legs were tied prevented her from bringing her knees together, so any attempt at crawling along the floor would be greeted with frustration. In fact, movement of any kind only caused the crotch rope to dig deeper into her bisected pussy.

    "There Susie, I think that will keep you out of trouble for a while." Kay stroked her slave's hair as she spoke. Susie had a pained look in her eyes due to the stringent hog tie that had been applied to her. Tears began to form as she tried to plead with her Mistress to release her. All that could be heard was a distant sounding hum from her fully packed mouth. "You'll be fine, Susie. Your muscles will adjust to the position in a few minutes and then you'll be able to get some sleep." Kay was reassuring in her tone, but I don't think that Susie believed she would ever get used to the constant strain that the muscles in her legs and the joints in her hips were experiencing.

    While Kay continued to comfort to her slave, Sabina unlocked my collar.

    "It's your turn piglet," she said as she grabbed my cock and led me to sit a few feet from the helplessly bound, and still groaning Susie. I dared not say a word, but I was filled with trepidation in anticipation of the position Sabina had planned for me.

    She bound my wrists in front of me with the palms facing, leaving two unusually long trailing ends. She then commanded that I form both my hands into fists with the thumbs inside and, using a roll of one inch wide electrical tape, she started at my wrists and wrapped the tape around and around, until my fists were covered up to the first knuckles. She then applied several short pieces of the tape to cover over the bare portion of my fingers, after which another few wraps were placed over the exposed ends to make sure they would not come loose. My hands were now cocooned in black plastic.

    "Most people think that a person cannot be made helpless with the wrists bound together in front. I'm going to try and prove them wrong." Sabina's comment was an ominous portend of what was to come.

    She stood up for a moment, turned her back to me and removed the blue silk panties she had been wearing for most of the day. After retying her robe, she knelt back down and stuffed the soiled underwear into my mouth. Their musky scent filled my nostrils. She then forced my arms over my head and positioned my wrists behind my neck. The remaining lengths of rope were then passed several times over the wadding in my mouth, and tightly knotted between my lips. Sabina then tied a slip knot loop at the end of a three foot length of sash cord and placed it around my balls, leaving the end free for the moment. She went over to the wall to retrieve a two inch wide, long leather belt which she passed under my thighs and around my back. Using her spike heeled foot against my back for leverage, she tugged on the end and forced my knees up to meet my chest before fastening the buckle. After tying my ankles together, she brought the end of the sash cord around the cinch between my ankles, gave it a tug and then tied it off. Now any effort on my part to inch my way around the floor would only produce additional tension on the line stretched tightly between my ankles and balls. What little relief was possible could be accomplished only by leaning forward to make sure that the soles of my feet remained on the floor. I decided very quickly that I would try to remain as still as possible. I was helpless to do anything anyway, and if I accidentally fell over, the natural tendency for my lower legs to move outward would only stretch my balls even further.

    "That ought to just about do it, but there's one more thing we need to do Kay. Let's blindfold them to be certain there won't be any distractions to keep them from sleeping." Each of our Mistresses then buckled a thickly padded, black leather blindfold over our eyes, plunging us into darkness. Susie was still groaning into her gag, so in commiseration, I joined her in a kind of funereal chorus.

    "Stop moaning, you two!" Sabina snapped her command like a drill sergeant. "You sound like a couple of cry babies." Our whimpering stopped at once, and Sabina continued. "Now pay attention. I think you'll find it beneficial to remain as still as possible. The consequences of excessive movement should be clear to you both by now. Struggling will only make you more uncomfortable. I want you both to go to sleep, and we'll wake you in the morning so we can get ready for the trip to Monique's."

    Her last statement was followed by silence. I assumed Kay and Sabina went upstairs to bed, although I could not hear them walk across the thickly carpeted floor. After several minutes had passed, I was pretty sure they had left, so I foolishly tried to figure out if there was any way I could relieve the strain on my balled-up body. I first tested the effectiveness of the tape on my fists. My hands were helplessly bundled, making movement of the fingers impossible. I then tried to get free from the rope/gag, but only succeeded in waving my elbows within a very limited range and forcing Sabina's wadded up panties deeper into my mouth. These struggles also caused the muscles in my legs to contract, placing addition- al tension on my already stretched ball sac. My next attempt proved to be a serious mistake. I tried to break the leather belt pressing my knees to my chest and, in the process, my feet lost contact with the floor while, at the same time, the shifting of my elbows altered my center of gravity. I felt myself falling and tried to stop, but it was too late. I fell over toward the right, and my right elbow hit Susie in what seemed to be the center of her back. This caused my body to pitch once again, so that my head and bound up hands ended up on her soft tush. I was now lying on my back with my feet in the air like a helpless turtle, and the strain on my balls increased to the point that I thought they would be ripped from my body. Susie made a soft humming sound and wheezed through her nose at the contact, and I let out with a muffled scream in reaction to the pain caused by the natural tendency of my lower legs to try and stretch away from my body. I continued to moan and groan through Sabina's panties while I tried to relax my legs. After what seemed like several minutes, the pain subsided enough that I could attempt to roll off of Susie, but my splayed out elbows prevented it. Eventually, I gave up in the realization that I was hopelessly stuck in this position until the morning.

    I recall being able to finally relax after accepting my fate, and I remember Susie breathing deeply underneath my head. Her body must have been limber enough to allow her to sleep peacefully for almost the entire night. The rhythm of her breathing must have helped me to fall asleep as well, since the next thing I remember was Sabina removing my blindfold.

    "Isn't that sweet Kay. Look how they managed to cuddle together. Seems we can't keep them apart no matter what we do." She snickered as she lifted me by the shoulders to a most welcome sitting position. "Ooohhh, look at Pamela's balls though. They've turned blue from the rope around them." Acting as if she were surprised, she got on her knees and cupped my ball sac in her hand for as close an inspection as my position would allow. Mercifully, she untied the sash cord first, allowing the flow of blood to return to my strangling organ. Next the leather belt came off, allowing me to extend my legs and get some circulation into them as well. My Mistress then unwrapped the rope/gag and pulled out the now very soggy panties. "I trust you had a good night's rest slave. Looks like these will have to go to the laundry, though." She held the panties between her thumb and forefinger and dangled them in front of my nose. "You slob, you've gotten them all wet with your saliva." I was exercising my jaw trying to regain the power of speech, but was still incapable of responding. Noticing the difficulty I was having, Sabina decided not to pursue the matter.

    It took her a while to find the nearly invisible end of the plastic tape. Once located, she unwound it creating a tangled mound of the stuff on the floor beside me. There must have been at least ten yards of it piled there. I flexed my fingers while she untied my wrists and revealed the indentations in my skin that the tightness had created.

    "You can remove the rest of your bondage by yourself. I'm going to see if Kay needs any help with Susie."

    I decided to wait until my circulation returned before trying to untie my ankles. Susie was standing now, still a little wobbly from the stiff-ness in her legs. The mark of the ropes was clearly visible on her lower legs. There was a red indentation around her waist and down her belly to the point where it disappeared between the lips of her sex. Once her arms were released, she started to rub the feeling back in to them while Kay removed the tape from her gag, being careful not to pull too much hair out along with it. When the Nerf ball was removed, it was dripping wet and placed on a shelf to dry.

    "Oh, Mithtreth," Susie tried to speak but her mouth was too dry. "Pleathe don't tie me like that again, my puthy ith going to be thore for weekth!" She babbled on anyway, sounding a lot like Tweety Bird talking to Sylvester the Cat; all the while using both her hands to massage the affected area, in what I thought was a very erotic display.

    "Stop complaining angel. You'd be amazed how much abuse the female body can withstand. Your pussy will be back to normal in no time." Kay was standing behind her favorite slave, rubbing the marks on her shoulders and back.

    "Come on you dope, you're wasting time." Sabina returned her attention to me. "Can't you get that silly rope untied?" She knew that the sight of Susie had me mesmerized, so I quickly set to undoing the knot at my ankles as she approached. "Good, I see you finally figured it out. Now let's get upstairs and get you dressed for your trip to the country."

    Susie and I were still cramped from the bondage, as we slowly hobbled after our Mistresses, following them up the stairs to get ready. They were both dressed in identical black leather mini-dresses with a deeply scooped neckline. Black hose and black patent five inch heels

    completed the ensemble. As usual, their skills with cosmetics enhanced their natural beauty.

    After first letting us take a hot shower---separately, of course, they tended to our makeup. Susie's natural beauty didn't require much enhancement. A light foundation, a touch of eye shadow, some rouge, a light dusting of powder, some rose colored lip gloss and a styling of the hair and she was gorgeous. My features presented a more difficult challenge, but Sabina was able to work her make over magic once more. The process took her over an hour, but when she finally allowed me to look in the mirror, I was stunned. Staring back at me was a delightfully feminine creature with shoulder length ash blond hair, dramatically wide set eyes, and full persimmon colored lips with matching long artificial fingernails. I was so happy I didn't know what to say, so I just turned on my stool and hugged my Mistress around her waist and rested my head between her well proportioned breasts.

    She was obviously pleased with this sign of affection, and stroked my hair in return. "Welcome back, Pamela." She pressed my head to her breast. "You've been away too long." I suddenly realized that she hadn't called me by that name since I showered off the makeup the day before. My Mistress was truly the woman of my dreams, accepting me for what I always wanted to be. Next to the time that she declared me to be her new slave, this was the happiest moment of my life.

    While Sabina had been making me up, Kay helped Susie with her traveling outfit. Her matching bra, panties and garter belt were a light shade of teal blue. The bra was the demi-cup variety which displayed her perky nipples to full advantage. Even though her breasts were not large in proportion to her frame, the bra pushed them up and together creating a lovely cleavage. Silky beige stockings and a pair of medium brown, lizard pumps with four inch heels completed her outfit. The lingerie was a perfect complement to her fresh and sweet personality.

    Kay tied her wrists together with the palms facing and forced her elbows together with a one inch wide, tan leather strap. Susie expressed concern at how little she was given to wear considering the cold Wisconsin winter, but her Mistress simply smiled as she secured her slave's arms behind her back, and admonished her that she should be thankful that she wasn't forced to wear a crotch rope as well, considering the tenderness in her pussy.

    After Susie was bound, Kay lovingly adjusted her boobs in the cups, and inserted the pair of gold nipple rings into the hole at the base of each nipple. She then took great delight in lightly tracing her long fingernail above the top line of her bra.

    "Oh Mistress, please don't do that. You'll only get me all hot again." Susie squirmed in reaction to this sensuous attention.

    "You be quiet slave, or I'll strap as big a ball gag as I can find in that lovely mouth of yours, and you'll wear it all the way to Monique's." Susie understood that her Mistress was serious and remained silent from that point on. Kay continued to explore the more interesting parts of Susie's body until Sabina asked her to help get me prepared for our journey. Susie just stood there with a far away look in her eyes, the dampness from her crotch clearly visible through the light colored material of her panties.

    "Pamela, is there something special you would like to wear today?" Sabina inquired with a sparkling look in her eyes.

    I was somewhat dumbfounded at the question, but paused for a moment to consider. "Yes Mistress, I'd love to wear that red latex bra again. I just love the way it feels on my skin---and I'd like to wear the red waspy corset with it 'cause it matches so well."

    "Anything else?" my mistress inquired.

    "Ummm, yes ma'am. Could I try a pair of garter stockings like Susie's? I really love the way they look on her. And maybe you have a pair of high heeled red pumps that I could borrow...."

    "Well, you sure have an interesting taste in lingerie Pamela. But I think we can accommodate you since you've been good so far today. We can attach the garters that came with the corset and fix you up just as you asked. But I think you forgot something. What would you have us do to hide that thing between you legs?" She asked rhetorically. "I know just the thing. Kay? Don't you have a pair of red latex panties in the top drawer of your dresser? They'll be the perfect complement to Pamela's ensemble. While you're getting them, I'll gather up the rest of her things."

    After Sabina assembled the requested articles, she had me slip my arms into the male breast harness. This time though, she fastened it much more tightly than before, and then took great care in manipulating my meager breast tissue until she was satisfied that the optimum effect had been achieved.

    The latex bra felt even more fantastic than before. I looked in the mirror and marveled at the full B-cup sized boobs I had. I adjusted the fit so that my nipples were centered in the two inch holes and then turned back to Sabina.

    "Oh Mistress! Thank you. It feels fabulous. I can't wait to put on the rest of my lingerie." My excitement was obvious, as Sabina handed me the corset.

    I stepped into it and adjusted it to the correct position around my midriff so that the laces could be drawn in at the back. Sabina had me grab hold of one of the bed posts, and she pulled with all her might. She wasn't quite satisfied with the closure so she had Kay pull with her, and managed to reduce my waist another inch or so.

    Kay retrieved a cloth tape measure from her dresser and, after measuring my waist, exclaimed, "Twenty-four inches! That's wonderful Pamela. The diet you've been on these last few days has certainly helped your figure. Here's your stockings. While you're putting them on, I'll get the garters."

    The corset didn't feel quite as tight as when I last wore it, perhaps because they didn't put me under the lacing bar, but the compression still made it difficult for me to bend over. I finally managed to slip the stockings up my hairless legs and attach them in place with the garters Kay had handed to me. As I expected, my cock began to rise as I fastened the garters. I always had a passion for the sensual feel of stockings on my legs, and this time was no exception. In addition, I had never worn garters before and the new sensation only added to my arousal. I reveled in the feeling as I stood there rubbing my legs together to enjoy their silky texture.

    "Pamela! Can't you control yourself? We'll never get your panties on with that thing sticking out." Sabina gave my engorged penis several playful slaps, but it had no effect. So she took a firm grip on my clean-shaven balls and squeezed hard. I let out with a yell in answer to the pain, but her action had the desired effect. She maintained her grip until she was satisfied that it had shrunk back to manageable proportions.

    "Works every time, Kay." Sabina was pleased with herself. "A cock is so predictable and easy to control if you know what your doing.

    "Step into these, Pamela. I'll help you put them on." She stretched the latex panties in front of my feet. When I looked down, I was dismayed to see another dildo fastened to the inside of the crotch.

    "Oh Mistress, not another dildo! I'm still stretched out from my punishment session. I don't need one any more." I tried to reason with her.

    "SILENCE! You'll do as you're told. Besides, if we let you go too long without wearing it, all of our efforts will have been wasted."

    At least she tried to explain her reasons, but I wondered nevertheless why it was necessary to keep my rosebud stretched. I didn't like the possible reasons that came to mind, but knew it was useless to argue, so I said nothing. I stepped into the panties and Sabina tugged them up my legs. Even with the silkiness of the stockings, it took a lot of effort to get them up to my hips. At that point, Sabina went around behind me and targeted the head of the invader at my puckered hole. She didn't use any lubrication this time, but it was soon apparent that none was required. She had me bend over as far as the corset would let me, and applied gentle but steady pressure against the device. Somewhat to my surprise, the hard rubber rod slid in quite easily in testimony to the effectiveness of Sabina's training methods. She then reached down inside the pants and under my crotch, pulling the head of my still flaccid cock back to the start of my ass crack.

    The panties were already stretched so tight that Kay had to help her pull them up the rest of the way. They pulled so hard that I was nearly lifted off the floor, until they were satisfied the latex was positioned properly around my loins. The compression was so great that my balls were forced up into my body and, when I looked between my slightly spread legs, I could see no evidence of my manhood. My crotch was smooth and flat under the latex, and its rubbery texture insured that the material would not be shifting around as I moved. While the panties were tighter than anything I had ever worn before, the feeling was not uncomfortable. Even the dildo was not too bothersome, as the events of the last few days had made me accustomed to having something plugging up my ass hole. I didn't want too admit it openly, but overall I really liked how they looked and felt.

    "There, that looks great. Oh, I almost forgot the shoes. It was red that you wanted, wasn't it?" I nodded in response. "Let me go dig in my closet. We're lucky we both wear the same size."

    After rummaging for a bit, she returned with a pair of red kid pumps with spike heels about five inches high. As she slipped them on my feet, she commented, "I know these are higher than you're accustomed to for walking, but it's the best I can do. Besides, you need the practice."

    "Don't worry Mistress. I think they're really sexy looking----and I know I'll be able to get around just fine in them." I was pleased with her choice of these "fuck me" spikes and I took the opportunity to mince around the room in order to get the feel of them. "Ooohhh, don't you just love the way they make my hips sway?" I said to no one in particular.

    "Stop prancing around Pamela, and get back over here. We have to get you secured for our trip." The time for the inevitable had arrived. After seeing what they had done to Susie, I knew that I would be bound in some way as well. But I almost didn't mind any more. I loved the attention Sabina was paying to me and it made the whole experience worthwhile. Besides, I always loved the helpless feeling that came over me when someone tied me up properly, although I had never been bound in one position for more than an hour until I met these women. Their techniques were perfect, no possibility of escape without help combined with the suspense of not knowing when they would release you. I was definitely hooked.

    I emphasized the sway of my hips as I walked back to my Mistress, in what I thought was as feminine a way as I could muster. She seemed amused at my antics and said, "I see you like the heels I gave you. I'm surprised at how quickly you adapted to them, but you don't have to try and sway your hips, Pamela. That happens naturally from the posture caused by the heels. Besides, no real woman ever walks like that and you'll only give yourself away if anyone looks at you. Now, turn around."

    The bondage was simple but effective, like Susie's. Common hand cuffs at the wrists, thumb cuffs to keep me from twisting my arms, and a pair of ankle shackles with about a six inch chain above my elbows. Kay had gotten the minks from the closet and placed them over our shoulders with the sleeves tucked in the pockets, and tied the leather sash in the front. After putting on their own coats, our Mistresses led us out to Kay's Town Car and buckled us safely in the back seat. Then we were on our way to meet Mistress Monique!


    The drive through the countryside was splendid. The rolling landscape with its new covering of freshly fallen snow glistened under the bright sunlight. Once in a while, a deer could be seen browsing on the remnants of the previous season's corn crop. The cross country skiers were out in full force, poling their way across the terrain over some of the many trails that cover the State. Susie and I were less than comfortable, being forced to lean back against our tractioned arms for the entire trip. Susie whispered that the tight rope bondage on her elbows and wrists was causing her fingers to tingle, but she didn't dare to complain loud enough for Kay to hear. The manacles I was wearing were not nearly as severe, but certainly just as effective in insuring that I wouldn't cause any trouble during the ride. Sitting on the dildo was another story, however. I could feel the tip pressing hard against my prostate, but shifting my body to relieve the pressure only made it worse. The seat belt prevented me from lifting my butt so, remembering Susie's advice of two days ago, I resigned myself to staying as still as possible.

    We had been on the Interstate for about two hours before Kay turned off at the Baraboo exit, highway 12. "It won't be long now, ladies. We're almost there." Sabina's voice was full of excitement. "Turn right at the next intersection Kay, and follow the road until you spot the sign that says 'Andersen Manor.' There'll be a large iron gate at the entryway."

    Kay pulled in front of the gate and rang the intercom bell. "Yes? Who is it?" the voice asked.

    "Tell Monique it's Sabina," she answered.

    The gate opened electrically, and Kay proceeded up the long driveway stopping the car on the circle drive in front of the mansion.

    "As you can see from the surroundings, Monique has done quite well for herself. She started her own fashion design business in her twenty's, was very successful, and sold it a few years ago to a New York conglomerate. She built her home here because of the privacy it provides. Her interests would be viewed by many as being, shall we say, a little on the kinky side and this estate allows her to indulge herself without fear of being disturbed. Her entrepreneurial background has made her a stickler for perfection, and she is quite demanding of anyone who works for her. If I were you, I'd make a concerted effort to be on my best behavior." Sabina directed her last comment to Susie and me. She and Kay exited the car, helped us out of the back seat and escorted us to the front door.

    The woman who answered the door presented a bizarre image. She had long straight black hair down to the middle of her back, and her heavily made-up face was almost cat-like in appearance with its dense application of black eye-liner and mascara. The full lips of her wide mouth were painted with a creamy coat of deep red lipstick. Her nails were "dragon- lady" in length and polished with a color to match her lips. She was covered from the neck down in a one-piece, skin-tight, black latex cat suit that was zipped up from the back of her crotch to the base of her neck. Her large breasts were well supported by the built in, underwire bra and the outline of her prominent nipples was clearly visible through the stretched material. She stood in the doorway with her hands on her hips, balancing on a pair of ankle high, black leather boots with heels at least five inches tall.

    "I'm Alex. Come in please. The Mistress is expecting you." I was startled that Alex's voice was so low in register that it seemed unnatural coming from the lips of her womanly looking form. As she led us down a long hallway, she explained that she was Monique's assistant. She met her a little over a year ago when her name was Alexander. After a few days of training, Monique decided that Alexander would be more useful to her if he were a woman. His name was shortened to Alex and Monique began a weekly series of estradiol injections to feminize his appearance. Six months ago, Alex was taken to the local hospital for some plastic surgery. The skin on her forehead was pulled up to eliminate some wrinkles and to give her eyebrows a feminine arch. Collagen injections were administered to fill out her cheeks and lips and she was also given silicone implants to supplement the work of the hormone treatments. Weekly trips to the electrologist eliminated all traces of a male beard. Her Mistress also promised that she would soon have a surgeon shorten the length of her vocal cords to raise the pitch of her voice. Susie and I listened intently as Alex described the details of her transformation.

    "You're beautiful Alex," I said. "Until you spoke, I never would have known you're not a real woman. After your voice has changed, no one will ever be able to tell."

    "Thank you Pamela." He already knew my name. "Mistress and I have heard a lot about you. I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay with us. My Mistress is a very creative person." She put additional emphasis on the word "creative" leaving little doubt as to its implications. "The way I'm dressed for example, is a pretty good indication of Mistress's tastes. Except when I'm permitted to leave the mansion, I'm either buck naked or wearing one of the latex or leather outfits she has designed. Some of them have some rather unusual features as I'm sure you will soon find out."

    At the end of the hall, we entered a room which was obviously the library. With the exception of a corner picture window, the walls consisted of bookshelves from floor to ceiling and were filled with several hundred volumes of books. A woman sat in a richly upholstered, Chippendale chair reading one of them; her platinum blond hair tied back and gathered in a bun on top of her head. She had porcelain fair skin and did not appear to be wearing very much make-up. She didn't have to---she was naturally beautiful like most Scandinavians. Just a touch of pale blue eye shadow, some pink blusher, and a light coat of pink lipstick was all she needed. Her attire was identical to Kay's and Sabina's---must be

    the "mistress uniform" of the day, I thought. Her spike-heeled feet were resting on the back of a young blond girl, no more than twenty years of age, who was kneeling on all fours in front of her.

    She rose from the chair as we entered the room. "Sabina! How good to see you. I'm so glad you could get away to visit me. I trust you've already met Alex?" "Yes ma'am," Alex answered. The woman continued, "This unusual footstool here is Tammy. Stand up, Tammy." She struggled to her feet and the woman took up a position behind her and placed her hands on her shoulders. "She's only been in my service for several weeks and she still has a lot to learn, but I think she has great potential. You'll have to forgive her though, for not saying hello." Tammy curtseyed a greeting but said nothing. She couldn't. Her mouth was covered with a broad, white leather strap which probably held some mouth filling device in place, while a matching white, broad leather collar forced her to keep her chin up. "She needs to be taught the consequences of errant speech. She hasn't quite learned yet that I am always to be addressed as Mistress, Madame, or even Ma'am. She forgot herself this morning, so I've provided her with something to help her remember in the future." Tammy cast her eyes to the floor in chagrin over her infraction.

    Her hands and feet were manacled about twelve inches apart with a short connecting chain between them, permitting her to raise her hands to just below waist level. Her body was almost completely covered below her neck with a skin-tight, white latex garment which zipped up the back like Alex's. The six inch high heels she wore were an integral part of the garment, leaving me to wonder how she could have put the thing on, unless she was liberally sprinkled with talcum powder first. Strategically placed openings in the suit displayed her breasts and crotch for all to see. In relation to her petite frame, the breasts were huge, but nonetheless well supported by her youthful chest muscles. She was easily a D-cup and maybe more. Her large areola surrounded her pierced nipples which were elegantly adorned with gold rings. The tight curls covering her pubic area confirmed that she was indeed a natural blond.

    "Would you take their coats, Alex. They won't be needing them for a while." Alex took our coats and left the room to put them away.

    The woman caught me staring at Tammy's magnificent breasts. "Oh, I see you noticed her most outstanding feature." She smiled broadly. "My name is Monique Andersen," she moved away from Tammy. "You must be Pamela. Nice work, Sabina. She looks very convincing."

    "Thank you, Mistress," I curtseyed as gracefully as my bondage would allow.

    "I love your bra, Pamela. I have a thing for latex you know." She tweaked each of my exposed nipples causing me to flush with embarrassment. "And your panties---oooohhhh, their so nice and tight." She rubbed the flat portion of my lower abdomen. "Does she still have her cock, Sabina? Oh, yes! I can feel it down there." My humiliation increased as her hand slid under my crotch and pressed hard on my tightly confined manhood.

    "Oh, and you must be the sweet, loveable Susie I've heard so much about." She left me blushing and walked over to Susie. "Beautiful rings, you have my dear. Your Mistress is very kind." Monique inspected the jewelry in Susie's nipples and then moved behind her. "Oh, I can see you're very flexible too---your elbows are nearly touching."

    "Yes, Madame Monique. I think I must be double jointed. Mistress Kay ties me like this frequently to maintain my flexibility." Susie curtseyed her greeting and Kay beamed with pride.

    "It's been a long time, Kay. How have you been?" They embraced as Monique spoke.

    "It certainly has, Monique. It's so good to see you again. Tammy and Alex are new since the last time I saw you. What happened to---what was her name?---Oh, Daphne I think. Wasn't it?"

    "She still comes to visit now and then. I gave her to our old friend, Malcolm Chatsworth. He needed another maid, so I gave Daphne to him. I was growing tired of her anyway. Her body wasn't limber enough to tolerate some of the positions I tried to put her in, and Malcolm isn't in to bondage so much as he is in to whipping the nice round buns of beautiful young girls. Daphne was always a little on the chubby side and I thought she would suit his needs very well.

    "Well, let's get started. I know you'll all love the new Play Room I had built. Tammy? Why don't you lead the way? I'm sure Alex is waiting for us."

    As Tammy minced her way to the front of our group, the small padlocks at the back of her collar and gag were clearly visible. No wonder she hadn't tried to take them off. Tammy's heels and hobbles forced her to take very short steps as she led us back down the hall into a room about thirty feet square with a twelve foot high ceiling. There was all manner of curious looking contraptions setting on the floor, while two of the walls were covered with leather and latex hoods, blindfolds, gags of every description, several rolls of tape, an assortment of whips, straps and dildos, a couple of single sleeves, and an array of clamps and harnesses. The ceiling was criss-crossed with a track system to which several hooks had been attached, as well as four electric winches which could be positioned as desired anywhere along the rails.

    Monique turned to face us, "For me, bondage isn't so much a form of punishment as it is a type of recreation; an art form if you will." She looked at Susie and me. "While you're here, you, and sometimes Tammy and Alex, will be the subjects of my somewhat imaginative restraint techniques. I do not intend to harm you in any way, unless you disobey my commands or fail to address me properly. For that, the punishment will be swift and severe, as Tammy would tell you if she were able to speak." Tammy looked at us

    and nodded as best she could considering the restriction of the collar. "If you do as you're told, no harm will come to you, although your bodies may get a little stiff and sore now and then.

    "Has anyone seen Alex?" She looked around the room in surprise. "I bet she's in the kitchen again. The hormones she's been taking have caused her to plump up, and I've put her on a strict diet to control her weight. She's been pretty good about it, but occasionally, I catch her foraging in the pantry." A stern look crossed her face as she explained her suspicion.

    Monique was on her way out of the room when Alex entered. "Where were you?" she asked.
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    pamela pt 3

    "I-I-I was hanging up the coats as you asked, Mistress." Her nervous response was all Monique needed to hear.

    "It couldn't have taken that long. You've been eating again, haven't you? Look at this!" She used her finger to wipe some residue from Alex's lower lip. "Cookies! You've been in the cookie jar again! You'll lose you're girlish figure if you keep eating all that saturated fat, Alex."

    "B-b-but Mistress....." Alex tried to explain.

    "SILENCE!" You know the consequences of breaking the rules. Perhaps a little time in The Chair will teach you a lesson." Monique dragged the item in question away from the wall. It wasn't a chair---it was a chair frame. Constructed of tubular aluminum, it only had crossbeams in place of the normal seat and back.

    Alex panicked. She must have an encounter or two with the thing in the past. "Mistress, please!" She wailed. "Don't put me in The Chair. I'll promise not to...." Alex's sentence was interrupted by a sharp slap to the side of her face.

    "SHUT UP, PIG! Now turn around." Monique reached under Alex's crotch and pulled the zipper tab up to the top of her ass crack. "Now, will you cooperate or do I have to force you? It makes no difference to me, it's your ass hole."

    Monique's reference was to the shiny six inch aluminum prong rising up from the center of the crossbeam seat. Alex looked defeated and grimaced as she gingerly positioned her rosebud over the dildo; slowly lowering herself until its length was buried deep in her ass. She must have been pre-stretched like me, since she easily managed it without lubrication. Monique then set to fastening her arms into the broad leather sleeves attached to the arms and legs of the frame. They were buckled up, anchoring her forearms to the arms of the frame from wrist to elbow. The calves of her legs were similarly bound to the legs of the frame. Another set of broad leather straps positioned at the top section of the chair uprights circled her upper arms from the elbow to the armpit, and were also buckled firmly in place. A seat belt was attached to either side of the crossbeam and was tightly buckled across her hips. There would be no moving around for Alex.

    Monique then retrieved a black punishment hood from the wall, and, ignoring Alex's whimpering protests, forced the attached two inch wide, penis shaped gag into her mouth. The leather material was then fitted over her head and laced up tightly in the back. It encased her entire head so tightly that the indentations of her eye sockets were clearly visible. There were two nose tubes for breathing, which were quickly inserted into Alex's nostrils.

    Monique then threaded a long, one inch wide strap through a d-ring at the top her helmet and extended it through a similar ring on the crossbeam in back of the chair. She pulled the strap achingly tight, forcing a muffled groan from Alex's well-filled mouth. Pausing for a bit to check the tension, she tightened it another inch and secured the buckle, pulling the back of Alex's head into a position which was nearly parallel to the ground. The strain on her neck must have been instantly unbearable, but there wasn't a thing she could do to relieve it. Satisfied that Alex was properly secured, she directed her attention to us.

    "Sorry about that interruption ladies, but I will not tolerate disobedience from my slaves. Alex should have known better." Monique dusted imaginary dust off her hands, indicating a job well done. "I think a couple of hours ought to impress her with the importance of adhering to her diet." Alex let out with an audible groan from the back of her throat when she heard her the term of her sentence.

    "Ok, I think we're all set. Let's begin. Tammy? You're first." Her eyes widened in trepidation as Monique unlocked Tammy's manacles. "Now, get up on the table." Tammy hesitantly positioned herself on the edge of a nearby doctor's examining table. Kay and Sabina looked on intently as Monique tied Tammy's wrists together in front of her with the palms facing. She cinched the rope three times between her wrists leaving about three feet of excess, and pulled her arms back over her head forcing her to lie back with her arms extended to just short of the table's edge. The middle of her upper thighs were resting on the table's edge and her legs were hanging down as Monique tied off the end of the rope at the base of the head of the table. A broad black leather belt with six buckles was slipped under her back and tightly fastened just above her hips. The belt had two rings on either side to which a two foot chain had been connected and left to rest on the table just in front of Tammy's butt. A rope was tied to one of the links at the center of the chain and extended to the anchor point of a hand winch which was located at the bottom of the foot of the table. I heard the leather creaking as Monique cranked all the slack out of the rope until she was satisfied that Tammy was adequately stretched. The tension wasn't too severe, but it was clear that Tammy could no longer shift her upper body. The table supported her from the tips of her outstretched fingers to the uppermost portion of her thighs. Twin leather cuffs, each with a five foot rope knotted to its d-ring, were buckled around the insteps of her high-heeled feet. Monique threaded the end of each rope through rings on the sides of the table which were positioned about one foot from the floor. Tammy's legs were drawn back along the table's sides causing her knees to be spread about two feet apart and her toes to point at the floor. The ropes were cinched off around the rings, leaving Tammy stretched and bowed in place. The strategically placed openings in her suit displayed her extraordinary breasts and blond pussy for all to see. She could turn her head slightly from side to side, but that was all she could move. She was truly well fastened.

    "I really don't like the way your breasts have flopped to the sides Tammy, but I have just the thing to remedy that."

    "Mmmfff, mmmrrrggg, mmmfff." Tammy knew what was coming next. Monique produced a thin, gold, six inch chain and clipped each end to Tammy's nipple rings. This drew her breasts tightly together with the distended nipples pointing at each other.

    "Oh that's lovely, Monique. Don't you think so, Kay? Look at how taut her body is." Sabina stroked Tammy's latex covered thighs, feeling the tension in her muscles.

    "I love the effect of the chain between her nipples. I've done that to Susie frequently in the past, but she isn't nearly as well endowed as Tammy." I saw Susie blush and cast her eyes to the floor as her Mistress made the comparison, but Kay didn't notice. She was busy tracing her fingers over Tammy's bosom, enjoying the exaggerated fullness of her tied- together tits. Tammy "mmmfffed" through her gag in meager protest as Kay's attentions underscored the degree of her exposure and helplessness.

    "Oh my! You're making her moist, Kay." Sabina's fingers had found their way to Susie's uncovered crotch, causing Tammy to blush with embarrassment at the disclosure. "I'm always amazed how slaves can get aroused when they're so utterly defenseless. It's probably the best indication of a true submissive."

    Tammy's breathing rate increased noticeably as Sabina persisted in fingering her clit. The leather creaked and squeaked against the latex as Tammy uselessly tried to thrust her hips in response to the stimulation. Kay remained busy with her breasts, alternating between tweaking her swollen nipples and kneading her magnificent mounds. Tammy's eyelashes fluttered and her eyes rolled back as the first orgasm engulfed her.

    While Sabina and Kay were having fun with the exposed parts of Tammy's anatomy, Monique stood next to Susie playing with her nipple rings. She squirmed in response but did not back away. "You're next, you know my dear. I have a position in mind which will test your flexibility. Are you ready?"

    "Y-y-yes Madame. I th-th-think so." Susie's face flushed and goose bumps rose from her flesh as Monique continued her study of Susie's breasts.

    "Good! Then let's begin. Stay here while I get some equipment." Monique retrieved two spreader bars, some ropes and chains, as well as a gag from the well stocked walls. After dropping the toys, she released Susie's arms from their bondage and allowed her to rub the rope marks on her wrists and upper arms.

    Monique knelt down and locked one of the spreader bars to Susie's ankles, forcing her feet about three feet apart. Susie had to stop rubbing the rope marks when Monique locked an identical bar to Susie's wrists in front of her. She then locked a sort of chastity belt tightly around her waist. It had a one-half inch wide, reinforced leather strap descending from the front. Monique passed it under her crotch, making certain that it was between the lips of her silken covered labia, and buckled it off to the back of the belt. It was so tight that the portion imbedded in her pussy was covered over by the fabric of her panties.

    "Oh Mistress. Not so tight! You're cutting me in two!"

    "Quiet! You'll get used to it....Or should I say that it will soon be the least of your worries when I've finished with you." Monique's ominous tone made me wonder what horrible position she planned for Susie. She then closed the padlock at the back buckle insuring that no one else could remove it.

    She pushed a button on the wall and a cable descended from the electric winch directly above Susie. Monique clipped a heavy duty snap ring to the front of Susie's vertical strap and hooked the end of the cable to it. She hit the winch button once more to draw most of the slack from the cable.

    "Susie? I want you to lean backwards and bend over so your hands and feet are on the floor. Sabina? Kay? Would you hold her ankles and I'll support her shoulders."

    "B-b-but Mistress, I don't think I...." Susie didn't think she could do it.

    "Quiet! And do what you're told," Kay reprimanded. She and Sabina had left Tammy breathing rapidly through her nose and each grabbed one of Susie's ankles so Monique could support her while she bent backwards until her hands met the floor. The cable kept her midsection elevated about two feet from the carpet. As soon as Susie was in position, Monique chained the ends of the two spreader bars together so they were about three feet apart. Susie's body was now bowed backwards but her body from the knees to her breasts was still roughly parallel to the floor. Monique didn't let that last very long as she hit the winch button once again, lifting Susie's middle and further imbedding the strap into her pussy.

    "No, no Mistress! This is awful! I can't stay like this! I'll be cut in half!" Susie wailed her protest. Even with her unusual flexibility, the strain must have been incredible. Anyone else would surely break his back in this position. She was bent into a perfect semi-circle with her hands and high heeled feet on the floor and her midsection three feet off the carpet with the top of her head pointing at the floor. She couldn't shift at all because of the way the spreader bars were attached to each other.

    "I certainly don't want to listen to your complaining for the next couple of hours. Let me take care of that whining mouth of yours." Monique pressed the ball of a full head harness into Susie's mouth. The straps were buckled at the back and top of her head as well as under her chin making it impossible to expel the two and one-half inch, blue ball. As with all the other bondage Susie was wearing, the three harness buckles were padlocked.

    The strap through her pussy was so tight that most of the crotch material had disappeared between the folds of her sex. For the first time, Monique noticed that her pussy had been shaved.

    "Oh, how lovely!" She traced the exposed portion of Susie's bisected pubic area with her long fingernail. Susie didn't seem to notice. Her muffled protests showed that her body was having trouble adjusting to the position. Even though her hands and feet were touching the floor, it appeared that ninety per cent of her weight was supported by the strap through her crotch. The chains connecting the two spreader bars together, effectively prevented her from achieving any relief from her bowed position. The gag stifled her continual protests and I wondered how any one could stay in that position for five minutes---let alone two hours.

    "Pamela? It's your turn now. I know that you just love dressing as a woman and fooling those around you. I'm going to fix you so you'll have a better idea of what a real woman feels like when she's put into bondage." My heart started to race. What did Monique have in mind? I hoped she realized that I wasn't nearly as flexible as Susie or Tammy, but decided to say nothing lest I invite her wrath.

    With Sabina's help, Monique pulled my latex panties down my legs and had me step out of them. The dildo slid out easily. "Lie down on the floor!" she commanded. It was difficult with my elbows and wrists cuffed together, but I managed. She cuffed my ankles to the ends of a three foot long spreader bar and clipped the end of another winch cable to an eye bolt at its center. Then she attached a short chain between the links on my wrist cuffs and a ring in the floor. I heard the winch motor whine as I was lifted and suspended upside down with my arms drawn down and away from my back. I could feel the strain building in my shoulders. The steel cuffs dug deeply into my wrists and I began to get dizzy as the blood rushed to my head.

    She returned and sprayed my crotch with a topical anesthetic. "It's so good you're shaved, Pamela," she mused. What little erection I had left soon disappeared as the xylocaine took effect. "That's better. It's small enough now to proceed." She pulled on my limp, numb cock and slipped a stiff rubber o-ring about one inch in diameter over it. In spite of the anesthetic, I could feel her long nails dig into my flesh as she, bit-by- bit, pulled all the skin of my ball sack through the ring.

    "What are you doing Mistress? It feels so strange!" It took some effort to raise my head so I only caught brief glimpses of what she was doing.

    "Never mind, Pamela. You'll find out soon enough."

    She held the o-ring between two fingers while she pushed on the head of my cock with her thumb until I could feel it pop back through the ring to join my balls in my body cavity. A quick glance revealed that my limp dick had disappeared, but the skin folds of my ball sack remained visible. She then took several short strips of flesh colored tape, spread the folds of my skin and taped them to my hairless crotch. She carefully used some dermablend to cover the edges of tape until they were nearly invisible.

    "There...That looks very convincing, don't you think? You even have a little clit under those lips."

    Monique was pleased with her work and invited Sabina and Kay to make a close inspection. I couldn't feel anything but tingling in my crotch but I could tell that they were playing with my new genitalia.

    "How ingenious!" said Sabina.

    "You can feel the tape, but until you touch it, you're convinced it's the real thing." Kay was equally amazed.

    I didn't know whether to be thrilled or horrified. "Shocked" is probably the best description as I strained to stare at my very female looking crotch. I was speechless even though I wasn't gagged. Monique's technique was truly amazing. I had what appeared to be a woman's labia and vagina. My own penis was the "little clit" she referred to, and indeed, it was trapped beneath the folds of my new sex.

    Mercifully, she lowered the winch and removed the spreader bar. "Can you stand, Pamela? Here, let me help you." She grabbed me under my armpits as I struggled to a standing position, still dizzy from the inversion.

    When she was certain I had recovered my balance, she buckled a red leather belt around my corseted waist. It was about three inches wide and had three narrow leather straps hanging from the back.

    "Now bend over sweetness, and spread your legs. I've got something to put inside you." Still amazed over what Monique had done with my male organ, I didn't protest her intentions. The dildo was about 8" long and 1" wide with a slotted hole through its base. She positioned the tip against my rosebud, pushed its chrome colored length inside me and then threaded the central strap in the back of my belt through the slotted hole. The frequent stretching of my ass hole over the last few days made it easy for Monique to ram it home without any lubrication. She was careful to make sure the strap was positioned between the lips of my remodeled sex before pulling it achingly tight through the roller buckle in the front of the belt. She then took the other two straps and fastened them to the front buckles as well, leaving me with three straps through my crotch---one through my new "pussy" and the others on either side.

    "Mistress, please! Do they have to be so tight? They're cutting me in half!" I had finally gotten up the courage to say something.

    "SILENCE! Here I thought you were going to be a good girl...But I guess we'll have to gag that pretty mouth of yours anyway."

    "Here Monique, I found this hanging on the wall. Let's see how it works on Pamela."

    Sabina handed her a metal contraption consisting of two contoured bars that were hinged together. Monique forced me to open my mouth and inserted the device in back of my teeth. She then pressed the ends together on either side of my head until an audible click was heard. My mouth was jacked open to its limit. My jaws immediately ached and drool began to run down my chin.

    "Aaahhh, aaohhh, aaahhh." I shook my head and groaned in futile protest, knowing I would not be able to expel the metal intruder.

    "You made a good choice, Sabina. It's always been one of my favorites. She's unable to speak and helpless to prevent the insertion of anything into her mouth." Monique inserted her fingers to demonstrate. "These hinges are made of high alloy steel and I assure you she won't be able to break them. Now, let's put this glove on her."

    Sabina unlocked the cuffs from my wrists but left the ones on my upper arms in place. I tried briefly to remove the steel bit in my mouth but the cuffs prevented it. They quickly jerked my arms behind my back and inserted them into a red leather single sleeve up to my elbows. Once the elbow cuffs were removed, Monique pulled the sleeve all the way up and laced it as tight as my arms would allow. Sabina fastened the straps at the top of the sleeve around my shoulders insuring that it could not slip off.

    Meanwhile, Kay appeared with a pair of red patent oxford high heels. She slipped off my conventional pumps and put my left foot into one of the shoes. The sole was contoured into a ballet arch and the heel was at least 7" high. When she was done with the laces, I could

    tell that all of my weight would be concentrated on my toes when the second shoe was in place. Kay knew this as well and, with Sabina's help, lowered me to a sitting position on the carpet before putting on the second shoe.

    I tried my best to keep my weight off the dildo by raising my rump with my imprisoned hands. With my legs stretched out before me, I got a very good look at the severe arch of the ballet shoes. I had hopes they wouldn't make me stand in them but experience told me that wouldn't be very likely.

    Monique had positioned two steel cable winches over me and lowered their hooks to the floor. She passed one of the cables behind the sleeve and hooked it to a ring at the back of my waist belt. The other cable was attached to a ring at the bottom of the single sleeve. Then she put a broad, stiff leather collar around my neck which forced my head up and severely limited my ability to look around.

    While Monique installed the collar, Sabina strapped my legs together at the ankles and just above the knees. She clipped a stout 6" long chain to a ring at the front of my collar and pulled on it until the other end could be clipped to a ring on the strap at my knees. My nylon covered knees were now crushed against my latex covered chest.

    Monique activated the winches one at a time in a series of short lifts until I was perched on the ballet boots in a bent over, squatting position. My arms extended behind me parallel to the floor, putting a great strain on my shoulders. The tension of the cable at my waist further embedded the intruder in my ass and my pointed toes supported most of my weight. When I tried to relieve the tension in my arms, my toes hurt. When I tried to take some weight off my feet, my shoulders hurt and the dildo penetrated deeper. How long would they leave me like this? I remembered Monique telling Alex that she would have to stay in the chair a couple of hours and that was only one-half hour ago. Did they really intend me to stay like this for one and one-half hours? I couldn't! My body wouldn't take it. I wasn't as flexible as Tammy or Susie. Didn't they know that? "Aaahhh, Aaahhh," I groaned. They didn't pay any attention as all three Mistresses left the room turning off the light as they departed. I was left in total darkness and severe discomfort with the steady drip, drip, drip of my drool hitting my knees.


    You can imagine how slowly the time passed. Taking the weight off my feet proved to be the least uncomfortable choice, but even so, I could only tolerate it for several minutes at a time because the crotch strap forced the chrome intruder deeper into my ass. In my bent over position, my lungs were constricted and I had difficulty breathing...especially from the exertion required when I shifted my weight to my feet. I was limited to taking quick short breaths through my wide open mouth to avoid becoming dizzy from the compression of my lungs. I wanted so much to stretch out but, of course, that was impossible. My bondage

    was secure and escape proof. I knew I had to endure until the Mistresses returned to release me. Alex, Tammy and Susie were not managing any better as evidenced by the sounds of their frequent muffled groans.

    When the light was turned on, we all made as much noise as our gags allowed to make sure our Mistresses knew that we had suffered enough. Sabina was the first to speak.

    "Well ladies, I think it's time to release you. You've been tied like this for over an hour and we don't want to risk any permanent damage." Her voice was full of sarcasm. "Who do you think we should release first?"

    Our chorus of groans and gagged sounds filled the room. Everyone wanted to be freed at once. Sabina chuckled with an evil glint in her eye. "Alex? I think it's only fair that we release you first...after all, you were the first to be bound.

    The chair creaked as Alex strained against the leather. Her back must have been in terrible distress with her head forced back as it was. First, Sabina unbuckled the strap on Alex's helmet causing her to let out a long, muffled sigh of relief. When the other fastenings were undone, Alex carefully lifted herself off of the chrome prong and immediately set to removing the latex hood along with its penis-shaped gag. Once her eyes had adjusted to the bright lights of the room, she approached her Mistress Monique and knelt before her.

    "Oh Mistress, I've learned my lesson. I promise I'll stop snacking without permission. I want so much to please you. I'm determined now to lose some weight so I can be the delightfully feminine creature you want me to be."

    "Alex...I'm sure you're sincere in your intentions. But just to make sure, I picked out a special outfit for you to wear which will help in your figure control. Come with me and I'll help you put it on. Ladies...we'll only be gone a short while. Do you think you can tend to things while I take care of Alex?"

    "Certainly, Monique. Don't you worry about a thing. We'll have these three slaves all fixed up by the time you return." Sabina smiled broadly as she reassured her hostess. Even as uncomfortable as I was, I couldn't help but wonder what she meant by "all fixed up."

    Monique assisted Alex to her feet and together, they left the room. Meanwhile, Kay had been toying with Tammy who was still tightly bound to the examining table. She paid particular attention to the area around her tractioned nipples. The touch of her long fingernails had the expected effect on Tammy's breathing rate.

    "She's so beautiful Sabina. Why don't we give her a small reward. I don't think Monique will mind." Kay continued to focus her attention on Tammy's tits while Sabina came over and began to finger Tammy's clit. Slowly and gently at first, but soon she increased the intensity until Tammy was breathing very heavily and straining against the ropes and leather that held her. Lost in a sea of carnal sensations, she came. Not once, but three times before the pair decided to divert their attention elsewhere.

    "Let's see how Susie is doing, Kay. I think Tammy's had enough." Leaving Tammy to recover from her orgasms while still bound, Sabina approached the backward bent Susie and placed the palm of her hand on Susie's divided love mound. "Oh my, that strap is really tight. Would you like me to remove it, Susie?" Sabina was toying with her now. She knew that strap was cutting her in two...or at least that's what Susie thought. "Mmmmrrrfff, mmmrrrggg!" Susie tried to answer.

    "Oh I'm sorry dear. I forgot you were gagged. you have the keys to Susie's gag?" Sabina took the keys that Kay handed her and removed Susie's harness gag.

    "Oh Mistress, please help me. I can't take it anymore. Please get me down." Susie was nearly sobbing now and pleaded with Sabina to release her.

    "We'll release you under one condition, Susie. Using only your tongue, I want you to bring Tammy to orgasm. I think she's in a suitable position for you to have easy access. If you touch her in any other way or fail to make her come, you will be punished. Is that understood?"

    "Oh yes, Mistress. Anything...I'll do anything if you release me."

    "Very well then, darling. Kay...would you lower the winch hook please, while I remove these chains?"

    After the spreader bars were removed, Susie's hands sought her very tender pussy. The offending strap was still dividing her, but most of the tension was relieved when she was released from the winch. Of course, she couldn't remove it since it was still padlocked in place at the small of her back. As Susie continued to massage her aching love mound, Kay interrupted her by buckling a stiff leather posture collar around her neck forcing her to keep her chin up and preventing all but the slightest movements of her head. A pair of handcuffs dangled from the strap descending from the back of the collar to the area between Susie's shoulder blades. Kay hammer locked each of Susie's arms and secured her wrists in the cuffs.

    "There...that should make your task a little more challenging, Susie. Oh, wait...there's one more thing. You wouldn't want Tammy to be the only one having some fun now, would you?" Kay unlocked the central strap dividing Susie's pussy and removed her teal colored panties. She then took a rubber, butterfly shaped vibrator and after parting the naked lips of Susie's sex, inserted the raised portion so that it was resting against her clit. Once she was satisfied that the little helper was in the proper position, Kay rebuckled the strap to keep it in place.

    The collar prevented Susie from looking down, but it was obvious she knew what Kay had done to her. "Mistress, no! I can't possibly take care of Tammy with the way you have me fixed. You're not're, my!"

    Susie was interrupted in mid-sentence by the drone of the vibrator that Kay had just turned on. Her eyes widened and she started to moan as the buzzing contraption started her juices flowing.

    Just as she started to drift off into another world, Kay directed her attention to the task at hand by leading her to the foot of the examining table. The width of the vibrator forced her to change her gait to something akin to that of a bow-legged cowboy in high heels.

    "Ok, have ten minutes." Kay and Sabina were both smiling devilishly now, knowing that Susie's bondage would keep her from bending over far enough to reach Tammy's love button.

    Susie stood wobbling on her heels at the end of the table and made several valiant attempts to put her mouth on Tammy's cunt. It was useless. She could get no closer than about one foot, even when she tried from the side of the table. Tammy even tried to raise her hips to assist in the effort, but it was not enough. Susie was pre-destined to fail. Meanwhile, the little rubber helper kept buzzing away.

    "M-m-mistress, I can't! It'''s...oh my God!" Her knees buckled and she would have fallen if Kay hadn't been nearby to support her. Punishment was the last thing on Susie's mind as she gave in to the orgasm and slumped in her Mistress's embrace.

    Mercifully, Kay turned off the vibrator. After a short tine, Susie regained control of herself and was able to stand without assistance. Kay played with Susie's nipple rings as she spoke.

    "I'm afraid I've been neglecting these too long. Let's see if Monique has any interesting toys we can play with." Kay rummaged through the drawers of a nearby cabinet until she found what she was looking for.

    "Ahhhh, just what I had in mind." She clipped a pair of cylinder shaped metal weights to each of Susie's rings. Susie didn't get a very good look at them due to the posture collar, but she definitely reacted to the pull on her nipples.

    "Oh Mistress, they're heavy. Do I have to wear them?"

    "Don't be such a complainer. This is only the beginning of your punishment."

    Kay guided her slave to the tubular chair frame and positioned her facing the back of the chair. After stretching a condom over the prong, she fastened her ankles to each of the rear chair legs and attached a short chain between a ring on the front of her collar and the horizontal bar which served as the chair seat. As she was pulling down on the chain, Kay guided her slave's mouth over the prong recently vacated by Alex. The chain prevented her from raising her head off the dildo.

    "Aaah...bibill...pfssst." Susie protested to the amusement of her Mistress.

    "I'm not through with you yet, sweetcakes. Look what I have here." Kay held a handful of small circular magnets. "I'm sure you won't find the first few of these too bothersome. They only weigh two ounces each."

    One by one, Kay attached the magnets to the cylinders. After installing four on each, she stood back to observe the effect. With more than eight ounces hanging from each nipple, Susie's breasts assumed a more conical shape.

    "That's interesting...let's see what a few more will do."

    One by one, Kay kept attaching the magnets until there were ten dangling from each breast. Susie's boobs were really stretched now with nearly a pound and one-half of weight hanging from each one. Susie groaned in anguish over the distension of her nipples, afraid that the rings would be torn free. She tried to remain as still as possible to keep the magnets from swinging.

    "There, that should be enough." Kay was pleased with her efforts.

    After retrieving a flexible leather paddle from the well stocked walls, she prepared her target by rubbing Susie's bare ass cheeks.

    "I'm only going to give you ten for starters, my dear. Do try to remain still."

    THWACK! The first stroke found its mark. Susie jerked in her bonds and set the weights to swinging. THWACK! Susie was beginning to cry. She lifted against the tension of the chain but it wasn't long enough to free her mouth from the plug. THWACK! She was sobbing now. Tears dripped from her face and drool ran from her mouth. Her ass was already a bright pink and she still had seven more strokes to endure. Kay varied the time between strokes so Susie wouldn't know when to expect the next blow. After the eighth stroke, she applied pressure to the rubber butterfly which, though turned off, was still strapped to Susie's loins. Kay wanted to remind her it was still there.

    "Only two more darling, and then you can have a small reward. My...but the color is delightful." Kay was rubbing the cheeks again which were now a bright crimson. "Oh...they're nice and warm too."

    THWACK! THWACK! She delivered the last two blows in rapid succession and it was finished. With Susie still sobbing over the chrome plug, Kay turned on the vibrator. The sobs slowly turned into gasps of pleasure. Kay had placed the palm of her hand over it and was slowly massaging it within Susie's cunt.

    "We'll just leave you to savor that for a while. I have to help Sabina with the others. Enjoy!"

    Just as Kay withdrew, Susie began to buck against her bondage in reaction to the orgasm that enveloped her. It was the first in what was to be a long series. Her convulsions became so violent, that she actually managed to throw off several of the magnets. Kay just smiled at her wanton display. Susie was definitely special to her. She had never known such a multi-orgasmic slave.

    Meanwhile, Sabina had been passing the time by keeping Tammy in a constant state of arousal. Her technique was quite different than Kay's however. Every time Tammy was about to come, Sabina would stop...leaving her perched on the edge. After Tammy would calm down, she would start in again on her aching clit bringing her to the edge once more. Well gagged as she was, Tammy's screams of frustration came out as merely soft, wheezing noises through her nose. Her hips bucked against the leather but the release she craved was always denied her. Tammy was one frustrated puppy.

    "Oh Kay, isn't this wonderful? She really wants it but she can't quite get there. I just love teasing her. Do you think Monique would let me borrow her for a few weeks?"

    "It wouldn't hurt to ask. I'm sure Pamela would enjoy the company. Speaking of Pamela, don't you think she's been in that predicament long enough? We probably should change her position so she's ready when Monique returns."

    "Aaahhh, aaaohh, aaahhh," was the only noise I could make. The metal contraption in my mouth hurt like hell. I desperately wanted to get loose. My whole body ached with the tension on my arms, the pain in my toes and the splitting of my crotch. My legs were also cramping with the effort required to try and cope with the diabolical bondage they had imposed on me.

    Finally, Kay activated the winch and lowered me to the floor in a sighing heap of exhausted slave meat. Sabina released the cams on the metal gag and carefully removed it from my aching mouth.

    "Oh, thank you Mistress. Please, don't ever use that on me again. It's the most painful gag I've ever experienced."

    "Well Pamela...thanks for the consumer report. Frankly, that thing looked so brutal, I'm a bit surprised you can still talk. I'll be sure to tell Monique to have some modifications made. Right now though, let's get you undone."

    It turned out that Sabina's definition of "undone" left something to be desired. She detached the winch hooks, removed the chain from my collar and untied my legs but the rest of my bondage remained. Even though my legs were free, she knew I wouldn't be going anywhere in my ballet boots. Worst of all, the crotch strap was left in place over the dildo and between the "lips" of my disguised genitalia. Nevertheless, it felt good to be able to stretch my cramped legs.

    Kay had finished releasing Tammy from the examining table and had left her sitting on the edge to rub her sore nipples and chafed wrists. The ropes, leather belt, nipple chain and collar were removed, but the gag remained locked in place. Just as well, since anything she might have to say at this point would most certainly have gotten her into trouble considering the frustrations Sabina had been putting her through.

    "Sabina...let's get Tammy ready for the night. We can leave Pamela like that for the time being until Monique brings Alex back."

    "But what about Susie. She must be exhausted by now."

    "She'll be know what an insatiable appetite she has. I just know she's loving every minute of it."

    Kay's assessment of Susie's condition was debatable. Her legs had been trembling so much that they were no longer capable of supporting her. In between the waves, her body would just collapse over the back of the chair. Then, every few minutes, another orgasm would envelop her causing her to arch her back and straighten her quivering legs. Yet in spite of all these contortions, her mouth remained well plugged by the latex covered, chrome prong.

    "We've got a special treat in store for you Tammy. I know how frustrated you must be." Kay snickered as she escorted the well gagged blond to a substantial looking steel post configuration. At first, Tammy was reluctant to follow but, when Sabina came over to help, she soon resigned herself to whatever fate was in store.

    The device stood about eight feet high with a four foot long, horizontal piece at its top and another identical one about one foot from the bottom. Padded leather cuffs were locked on each of Tammy's wrists and ankles and joined to cables attached to each of the ends of the horizontal bars. Two electric winches were mounted behind the central portion of the vertical section for the purpose of controlling the cables which now had quite a bit of slack in them to make it easier to attach them to the cuffs.

    Kay started up one of the winches and Tammy's arms were slowly drawn up toward the ends of the cross piece above her lifting her from the floor. With her feet now about two feet off the floor, the second winch was activated stretching Tammy's legs out toward the ends of the cross piece below leaving her suspended in a spread-eagled position. Tammy's eyes widened in distress as her short muffled gasps wheezed through her nose.

    "Don't fuss, Tammy. I don't intend to leave you hanging without any support. We've got a special 'seat' for you to rest on." Kay looked up at Monique's well stretched slave while feeling the tension in her latex covered abdomen.

    "Sabina...would you hand me that contraption over there?" Kay pointed to a small, narrow saddle-like device that had not one, but two rubber dildos rising from its curved center portion. The one in the front was one and one-half inches wide and six inches long and generally resembled an erect male penis. The one in the rear was four inches long and tapered to a maximum width of two inches just above its much narrower base.

    The saddle attached with a hinged circular clamp which fit nicely around the vertical post. Kay tightened the large thumb screws, bolting it to the vertical post about ten inches below Tammy's uncovered crotch with the dildos aiming precisely at their intended targets.

    "Now Sabina... would you make sure Tammy's properly guided while I lower the winch?"

    "I'd be delighted, Kay. Ok, I've got her." Using her thumbs, Sabina spread the labia of the soon-to-be-impaled Tammy.

    Whrrrrr....Tammy was slowly lowered with a look of disbelief as, with Sabina's guidance, the front rubber phallus began to penetrate. After a short length had disappeared, Sabina changed her attention to the rear plug to make sure it also found its home. Kay stopped the winch briefly to wait for Sabina's signal that the intruders were properly positioned. At Sabina's nod, Kay started the winch again until both plugs had disappeared and most of Tammy's weight was supported by the saddle. Kay then stopped the first winch and started up the other to take up the slack in the cables attached to Tammy's ankle cuffs. She made these connections very tight forcing the dildos deeper into Tammy's privates while simultaneously increasing the tension on her arms. Tammy was well stretched indeed. Incredulously, she shook her head violently from side to side and snorted negatives through her gag.

    "Now attention!" Sabina reached up to cup Tammy's chin in her hand. "Since you're going to be here all night, we wouldn't want you to get bored. The saddle you're riding has a pretty powerful A/C powered vibrating motor inside. I'm sure you'll find it most...shall we say, satisfying? Kay...would you do the honors please?"

    Tammy's eyes widened in horror when Kay extended a retractable cord from the lower portion of the saddle and plugged it in to a nearby outlet. The effect was immediate. Tammy's whole body tensed against her bondage. The latex covering her belly rippled as she sucked in her abdomen. Her eyes widened in desperation as the unwelcome intruders began their work. Soon, drops of perspiration appeared on her forehead and her limbs began to quiver. The thought of having to endure this the whole night was frightening. She was starting to panic.

    "Tammy, Tammy, relax. There's no use fighting it. You'll only tire yourself. I'm keeping you like this all night, so you might as well get used to it. you think Monique will approve?"

    "I don't know why not, Sabina. She looks fantastic stretched out like that." Kay stroked the inside of Tammy's taut, latex covered thighs. Then she put the palm of her hand on Tammy's lower abdomen. "Oh my! You can feel the vibrations all the way up to her navel!" Looking up at her, she said "Tammy! Give in to it. Fighting won't do any good. Let yourself go!"

    As Tammy sucked in a deep breath of air through her nose, she closed her eyes, tossed her head back and came...and came...and came... She was ready to stop...but the mindless motor wouldn't let her. It would continue its assault, without respite, until someone turned it off...and that wouldn't be until morning.

    "C'mon Kay. We still have work to do," Sabina reminded. "Let's take care of Susie next."

    Susie was in one of her slumped-over cycles, totally spent, with her mouth still impaled by the awful dildo. The magnets that once hung from her nipple rings were scattered on the floor around her. After turning off the butterfly vibrator and removing the cylinders, they released her from the chair and dragged her limp form over to lie under another of the room's many winches. Kay removed her slave's four inch heels and replaced them with a pair of ballet boots similar to my own, except these were white patent leather. She released the collar and freed her hands from the cuffs so that she could remove Susie's demi-cup bra. The two women were able to handle her like a rag doll after her countless orgasms at the chair. Sabina rolled Susie on her side and pulled both her wrists behind her knees where Kay fastened them together with a pair of Peerless, hinged handcuffs. After hooking the end of the winch cable to a ring at the back of Susie's belt, Sabina started it up, hoisting Susie to a sort of bent over standing position. The suspension helped Susie to regain her senses and she quickly discovered her limited options in this new bondage. She could raise or lower her butt within a range of about six inches giving her a choice, either suffer pain from standing on her toes or support herself by the crotch strap. With her wrists fastened behind her knees, she couldn't straighten up while the cable prevented her from lowering herself to the floor. Satisfied that her slave was properly fixed, Kay turned on the vibrator again.

    "Mistress....NO...NO! I've had ENOUGH! Turn it OFF! I can't stand it any more!" Susie wailed. Apparently, even she had her limits.

    "STOP IT...Pleazth...mmmfff...mmmrrrfff." Kay silenced her with a bright blue, two inch ball gag causing her to slump in defeat, suspended by the cable attached at the back of her waist.

    Kay patted her slave on the head. "Darling, I'm sorry that we don't have an A/C powered version of that butterfly, but don't worry. The batteries should keep your attention for a little while longer. On second thought, I think you deserve a fresh set. I can tell that these have lost most of their power already."

    With Susie sputtering her useless protestations through the gag, Kay unclipped the vibrator control from Susie's waist belt and exchanged the power source for a fresh pair of EVEREADYs. When she turned it on, the hum was quite a bit louder than before insuring that Susie would not get short changed in the orgasm department. After a couple of friendly slaps on Susie's crimson rump, Kay left her slave to hang/stand in abject helplessness.

    "Poor Pamela...she's been so patient. I hope she doesn't think I've been neglecting her." There was a hint of sarcasm in Sabina's tone as she shifted her attention to me.

    "N-n-no Mistress...I'm ok. Y-y-you can just leave me like this if you want." After seeing what they did to Tammy and Susie, I tried to persuade her to leave me alone...but unfortunately, my tone wasn't very convincing.

    "Don't be silly, Pamela. It's no trouble at all. I certainly wouldn't want you to get bored. I think you'll find your new position shall we say...interesting?"

    I didn't bother to respond knowing it wouldn't do any good. My spirits picked up a bit when she removed the crotch straps and dildo. She also unbuckled the shoulder straps on the single sleeve and peeled it down past my elbows. There she stopped and locked two padded leather cuffs on my upper arms, connecting them loosely with an adjustable leather strap. After completing the removal of the single sleeve, she helped me to a kneeling position and buckled a red leather belt around my waist. She then locked each of my wrists in the attached leather cuffs on either side of the belt and exchanged the strap between my elbows for a double quick-link connector forcing my elbows about three inches apart behind my back. It wasn't uncomfortable but my arms were useless.

    Just as I was going to ask how she wanted me to please her, she stuffed Susie's soiled panties into my mouth and sealed them in place with three strips of sticky red duct tape.

    "Were you about to say something, piglet? Oh's too late now. Besides, I'm sure it wasn't important anyway."

    Sabina seductively walked over to the wall for a strange looking device. It was a combination neck and chin harness that is used in physical therapy for traction of patients with ailments in their neck or shoulders, such as a pinched nerve. She fitted the contoured straps under my chin and behind my neck before closing the velcro fasteners being careful not to disturb the position of my beautiful wig. She lowered a winch hook to within a few inches of the top of my head and connected it to the d-rings on two vertical straps which were fastened just behind my ears on either side of the harness.

    "Mmmmmm, mmmmmm, mmmmmm." My protests were nothing more than useless noises which Sabina ignored as she started the winch.

    The cable tightened and the harness held as I was lifted from my knees until the toes of my still aching feet were a few inches from the floor. The stretch imposed on my neck was extreme but, surprisingly, it actually felt good except for the clamping action it imposed on my jaw. I didn't have enough strength to counter the force of the chin strap so there was no way I could attempt to work the tape loose.

    I was helpless to do anything except kick my legs, but Sabina fixed that by cuffing my booted feet to the ends of a three foot spreader bar. Her purpose in this soon became clear when she began to massage my disguised crotch with its hidden penis.

    "Do you like that. Pamela?"

    "Mmmmmm, mmmmm." It did feel pleasant.

    "I thought you might. Monique had a special toy made just for 'girls' like you. I know you'll just love it." Sabina ended her hand massage too quickly as far as I was concerned.

    She attached a leather strap to a vertical buckle on the front of my waist belt and carefully inserted the attached mini-dildo through the folds of my skin that were trapped by the rubber o-ring. The device was only a half inch in diameter and about one-inch long with a battery powered remote control connected to it. She must have lubricated it beforehand as I could feel it easily slide into place. Sabina held it there with one hand while she pressed the head of a much larger rubber dildo against my anus. It also was well lubricated taking little effort on Sabina's part to push it home. She then threaded the crotch strap through a cloth loop on the end of the butt plug and buckled it tightly in place at the back of my waist belt. After she clipped the control to my waist belt, I heard her squeezing a rubber bulb and I could feel the butt plug growing inside me.

    "Mmmmmm," I let her know she had my attention after the first squeeze. "Mmmrrrggg!" It felt quite large after the second squeeze. "MMMMRRRRGGG!" Now it felt huge.

    " you'll have the chance to understand what it feels like for a woman to be completely filled." She turned on the vibrator. "The tip of that little helper is pressed against the head of your, I'm sorry...your clitoris. Doesn't it feel wonderful?" She asked rhetorically.

    MmMMMRRRrggg." I didn't think "wonderful" was the right description. "Weird" would be a better choice. My "clit" was definitely enjoying the feeling but, with the way it was trapped inside me, the usual erection response was denied. On the other hand, the anal intruder had me stretched to the max. I was grateful my Mistress only squeezed the bulb three times.

    "I'll take that as a YES, Pamela. I'm sure you'll have a nice time with your new little friend. Now that I've got you fixed properly, I can remove this." Sabina removed the spreader bar and lowered me until I was left half standing on the ballet boots and half hanging from the winch.

    "My,'ve done a marvelous job, ladies." Monique had returned. "Alex will be along shortly. She somewhat hampered by the outfit I gave her to wear. I know you'll just adore how she looks.

    "Susie, you look very nice." Susie didn't hear Monique's compliment. She was in the middle of her ump-ti-ninth orgasm imposed by the vibrator.

    "Oh, I see you've gotten yourself a spanking. You must have been naughty while I was gone." Monique stroked Susie's crimson butt in admiration.

    "That's right, Monique. We told her to properly service Tammy but she wasn't able to pull it off. I only gave her ten swats though, because the job was pretty difficult the way we had her tied." Kay explained.

    "You two have done an excellent job, but do you mind if I add a few embellishments?"

    "Of course not, Monique. After all, you are the hostess." Kay smiled.

    Susie's predicament took a turn for the worse when Monique buckled leather straps just above her knees and around her ankles. Now she couldn't lessen the strain by shifting her weight from one pointed toe to the other.

    "Mmmmrrrrrgg, mmmfff," Susie groaned. She wasn't looking forward to the long night ahead.

    "As for you Tammy, I know you'll enjoy some attention to your tits." Monique squeezed two rubber, snake bite suction devices into place. They sucked when released and provided Tammy with a constant pulling sensation on her nipples. It didn't appear that Tammy even noticed this latest addition to her torment. She had all she could handle with the vibrating saddle.

    "Well maybe after a few hours of suction, you'll begin to enjoy this. They look so nice that I'm going to leave you with them." Monique was playing with each of the small rubber cups in an effort to get Tammy's attention. It didn't work, as she was pre-occupied with still another enforced orgasm.

    "Oh I understand, Tammy. After all...priorities are priorities." Monique laughed before she left Tammy to approach me with a pair of french nipple clamps in her hand.

    "Pamela, you're titties are so cute poking through the holes in your bra. All they need is a little jewelry to really set them off."

    "Mmmmm, mmmMMMMmmm, mmmmmm." My protests were useless.

    "Oh, you really can't wait...can you." Monique mocked me as she pulled on each of my nipples while clamping the rubber covered jaws tightly over each of my tits.

    "MMMMM, MMMMMMMMMMMM, MMMM." I groaned loudly through the tape.

    "STOP IT! You're such a baby, Pamela. If you think they hurt a lot now, just wait until I take them about eight hours." She walked behind me and noticed the rubber squeeze bulb dangling from my ass. "My...what have we here?" She asked as she held it in her hand. "Let's see what this will do." With a devilish look in her, eye she gave it two more squeezes.

    "MMMMM, MMMMMMMMM." My eyes bulged in reaction to the increased pressure. It felt like I had a blimp inside me. I didn't relish the thought of having to spend the night trussed up like this with the constant feeling that I had to use the bathroom.

    "There...I like that you have something to keep you from getting bored. There's nothing worse than a slave who has lost interest...right ladies?" Sabina and Kay smiled in agreement with Monique's "embellishments."

    "Now where is Alex?" Monique's timing was perfect as Alex entered the room.

    It was no wonder it took so long for her to get back to the playroom. Her long black hair was done up in a braided pony tail that started just behind the top of her head. She wore a pair of black kid, d'orsay pumps which had the ankle straps padlocked in place. She was all laced up in a black leather corset dress that extended to just above her ankles. Its plunging neckline showed off Alex's lovely cleavage, compliments of the built-in push up bra. The garment hugged every contour of Alex's hourglass torso. A matching combination posture collar and gag was laced around her neck and covered the lower half of her face. Her cheeks bulged over the top edge of the gag as the result, no doubt, of some kind of stuffing in her mouth.

    The worst part though, was the way Monique had tied Alex's arms. Her wrists were crossed and tied between her shoulder blades. A leather strap was tightly buckled just above her elbows, forcing her arms in to a "W" configuration behind her back. She must have been very flexible indeed, in order for Monique to be able to bind her like that.

    Alex literally inched her way across the room to stand next to her Mistress. Her eyes were tearful, no doubt as a result of the traction imposed on her arms.

    "Alex won't be doing any snacking for a while, ladies...and the corset will help her figure training. Right now, her measurements are 42-22-38, but I'm sure we can improve on that. I'm going to keep her corseted at all times from now on, until her waist gets to 18 inches. That will give her an incentive to stay with the diet I've tried to put her on.

    "Rrrrrggg," Alex groaned from the back of her throat. Monique was a stern Mistress indeed. The slightest violation of her rules was always dealt with severely.

    Monique clipped a long chain to a ring at the front of Alex's collar and tethered her to a steel post in the center of the room. "I certainly don't want you wandering off somewhere, Alex. Besides, I'm sure the others will enjoy your company." Monique blew a kiss before leaving the room with Kay and Sabina close behind.

    "Goodnight girls. Pleasant dreams!"
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    Wow, great story.
    Do you write more since this story?

    Sorry to bring back an old thread but i believe in giving credit where it is due.
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    fantastic story -very well done and believable .15 years in chastity massive amounts of hormones and severe punishment should i ever become aroused has caused me to become a sissy/girl which makes my Owner very happy..She has a gay boi who serves Her in many ways including maintaining my diet-hormones-daily enemas and whippings. i am 100% hairless including my eyelashes She also had boi pull all my teeth. i have not seen my clit in about 5 years boi has told me that is less than 1 inch an that Owner has a friend that is a surgeon and She has agreed to take my little clit and alter it to resemble a vagina i sometimes ramble on but i will finish by stating that i would love to be in that story
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    Great thank you
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    I agree! A great story!
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