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    Be careful who you trust with your Keys

    My wife and I started to go to a local group of similar minded couples. We all had 1 thing in common, our male genitals were under lock and key, and the keys controlled by our female partners. It was strange at first to meet other guys in the same predicament as myself and other women who had total control of the cocks and balls.

    Us guys would be required to be naked below the waste so our devices were always viewable and the women would wear what they wanted. They would usually become more and more naked as the night progessed and the alcohol flowed. We, males, would often sit in awe as often various females in the group seduced each other. Our cocks trying desperately to enlarge as we watched other women enjoying our partners sexuality.

    Mistress Edwina had got agreement, that all the women would leave a spare key for their males with her for safe keeping. The group had been meeting for over 1 year by this point, it was intimate and open so there was full agreement. My wife handed over a spare key to my parts.

    One lunchtime, I bumped into Edwina, outside my workplace. "How would you like some sexual release" she whispered into my ear. "I have your key". I went with her by car to her house.
    She lead me into her bedroom and I stripped. She cuffed my hands and released my cock. She proceeded to give me a blow-job. Wow, it blew my mind, my 1st orgasm in over 1 year. She cleaned me up and put me back into my device. I dressed and she gave me a lift back to work.
    As I was getting out of the car, she said "By the way, I've switched locks, that cock and balls between your legs is mine now. Tell your wife, you are leaving her and come to my house".

    I spent the whole afternoon thinking about my predicament. Edwina was right, she alone had the key, they were hers. She had succeeded in steeling my cock and balls from my wife and with them me. I told my wife the situation on the phone and left for Edwina's house.

    On entry, I stripped naked and was taken out the back to the stable. I was taken to a pen and attached to a peg in the floor. I could see into the next pens. There were 2 other guys from our social group.

    We were kept there for 2 weeks before we were moved one evening to a restaurant. We were naked, cuffed and gagged, and marched into the dining room. Tony, a male from our group and I were lead over to a table. There was seated our wives. Our genital devices were removed and our organs filled with blood. "This better taste good darling, I've paid a lot of money for this" she said flicking my cock with her fork. I gulped.

    A ready heated BBQ was brought to the table. A naked female chef attended to us, brusing sauce onto our male parts and then wrapping our cocks and balls in aluminium foil.
    She then clamped us somehow to the floor and ceiling so we couldnt move and moved the BBQ to our manhoods. Our foil covered maleness was now resting on the hot BBQ and as the foil heated, we started to cook.

    It was a slow build up at first but within 2 minutes, the heat was overwhelming. The pain surged through my body from my cooking cock and balls. My body was sweating profusely. My body weight was now being held from the ceiling. I was bordering on unconsciousness like some surreal nightmare, my body engulfed in pain and heat.

    Out of the haze I heard, "15 minutes are up, dinner is ready". With that the chef, sliced the cooked organs from our body and served them to our wives. We were taken away till the meal had finished, and cleaned up.

    After dinner we were taken back to our wives, Edwina was there. "Well, girls, do you want these cockless wonders back or can I send them to my dog food plant".
    Tonys wife quickly said "He's of no use to me".
    My wife retorted "I'll take him home for now, but if I change me mind I'll let you know".

    I was taken to my wife's car and loaded into the boot.
    Tony was taken to the back of an animal truck with about 6 other guys and that was the last anyone saw of them.
    I am now a house slave, and a very obedient one, after all what are my options.
    My wife always keeps a tin of dogfood in the kitchen and her and Tony's wife often pretend its Tony. They like to tell me that one day, I will have a new tin home just like Tony's.
    They find this very funy, but I'm sure its true. One day, my time will come and I will be used as dog food.

    You guys out there, be careful, who has access to your keys or you could end up as dog food.
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