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Would Love to be a Ponygirl

Discussion in 'The Veterinary Center' started by Courtney Osmond, Jun 22, 2017.

  1. I think ponygirls are bueatiful and would do anything to be one. The trouble is finding a trainer
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  2. I have seen pictures and videos as well as read about it. Some are very beautiful indeed and well trained. It seems to be a dying fetish though. Decades ago it was popular, but now I rarely see anything new about it, other than the fantasy stuff with posed pictures. Decades ago I went horseback riding every month in NYC. Now you would be hard pressed to find a public stable. I happen to live in what some call the horse capital of the world. Many major horse breeders and rich people have huge horse farms. I see lots of horses but they are all animals. :(
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  3. Yes me too and I live in an area where there are real horses. So it doesn't help much
  4. I have most of the harness that you would need if you are interested. I will have to take new pictures or dig back in my old posts and I think that you will find the pictures.
  5. That would be great thanks. Love to see what you have.
  6. Agree, I think pony girl is divine...
  7. I have quite a bit of experience as a ponygirl. I'd be happy to share if anyone is interested. My pony name is Splinter and I'm the lead pony for Team Lightning. We're a two-three pony cart team. We are fixtures here in the SF leather and kink community. We are the first part of the Leather Contingent in the SF Pride Parade, the Creature Cavalcade at the Folsom Street Fair, and so on. We've even been in two weddings!

    I would like to post a pic here, but is that a violation of the rules?
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  8. I do not think it is a violation but you could put it in a photo album

  9. oooh michelle has been train to be that as well. but she has to go in a cage sometimes.
  10. Go on tumblr.. plenty still play
  11. Think a lot of us would of loved to be ponygirls. Would of a few years ago. Too old now!
  12. have to be happy with where we are at
  13. Why would it be a violation???? Unless they don't like orange