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Would Love to be a Ponygirl

Discussion in 'The Veterinary Center' started by Courtney Osmond, Jun 22, 2017.

  1. I think ponygirls are bueatiful and would do anything to be one. The trouble is finding a trainer
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  2. I have seen pictures and videos as well as read about it. Some are very beautiful indeed and well trained. It seems to be a dying fetish though. Decades ago it was popular, but now I rarely see anything new about it, other than the fantasy stuff with posed pictures. Decades ago I went horseback riding every month in NYC. Now you would be hard pressed to find a public stable. I happen to live in what some call the horse capital of the world. Many major horse breeders and rich people have huge horse farms. I see lots of horses but they are all animals. :(
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  3. Yes me too and I live in an area where there are real horses. So it doesn't help much
  4. I have most of the harness that you would need if you are interested. I will have to take new pictures or dig back in my old posts and I think that you will find the pictures.
  5. That would be great thanks. Love to see what you have.
  6. Agree, I think pony girl is divine...