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Wise words for Chastity

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by BBCSlutRachel, Dec 24, 2016.

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  1. A Mistress just told me to lock my clitty and watch hypnos. I adapted quickly :)

    Within hours of locking, my cunt was much more sensitive to my black dildo. I could ALMOST cum from that alone.
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  2. Practice, practice, practice -- the secret to success with hypno files. The more you listen, the better you will respond.
  3. Good idea, since I've lost my clit, I now usually just grab lotion and lube my dildo and insert it. Once it's in, I casually ride it while watching the hypno. Never much listening.
  4. Any recommendations for hypno files to listen to?
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  5. I'm curious too
  6. I'm newbie so apologize for this stupid question but what is hypno and hypno files? Also, from where I can get them? :D
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  7. It's hypnosis. Listening to audio designed to train/transform the mind subconsciously.
  8. That sounds interesting. This is something I definitely want to try.
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    This thread is being locked as OP is banned. Topic still able to be raised again in new thread if wished.
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