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Winding up in ER caged

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by imasissytoo, Sep 10, 2017.


How you would feel if you wind up in ER wearing a cage?

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  1. No big deal

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  2. Hope it never happens

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  1. How would you feel winding up in ER caged Tell the TRUTH
  2. Mistress Jules

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    Oct 27, 2013
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    Writing on behalf of @lockit@lockit - After being hit by a car on his motorbike, he was being taken to hospital by ambulance. They were taking his injuries very seriously as he had gone over the bonnet of the car and smashed the screen with his helmet on the way over. At the time he had obviously forgotten all about being locked. At the scene they had put him in the ambulance and started to cut off his clothing. The paramedic stopped proceedings and told his partner to start driving, the driver questioned this but the paramedic insisted so they started moving.

    That is when this lovely Australian sounding paramedic spoke to @lockit@lockit and reminded him he was locked. He stated that he didn't care either way but as @lockit@lockit was about to be taken into the ER with about 10 staff going to be in attendance, would he prefer the lock cut off so the device could be removed. I know that @lockit@lockit was very grateful for this paramedics consideration and agreed he would prefer not to be locked going into the ER. The lock was cut off and the device removed and put in the pocket of his jacket.

    I know that given the option he preferred the device being removed and I totally agree with that. The last thing medics need is something adding to their work when scans and xrays need to be done quickly. If he had been out of it, then it would probably have been a different story.
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  3. Given the choice I would take it off for the sake of simplicity, not shame or embarrassment. If I was unconscious and a team of doctors and nurses found out, I wouldn't be embarrassed after the fact. To me it's just body jewelry.
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  4. This, pretty much. Being caught out is a risk I take, so no need for me to make a fuss. In my case they'd have to snip the base ring to remove it, but if they have things that can handle a padlock then surgical nylon won't be an issue.