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Will the journey take off ?

Discussion in 'The Boudoir' started by Parkings, Sep 5, 2017.

  1. Just a small introduction,

    I am a male, 50 y old and part of a couple (female 42 y old) we are now already a couple of years playing with chastity. The chastity play was mainly upon my initiative. To explain, I was never forced in chastity or requested to go in chastity by my partner. When I was in chastity, it regularly happened that my partner just left the keys on accessible and visible places mainly in the living room, or in a box in the bathroom.

    Actually I explained her many times, that I preferred her to have the keys inaccessible for me and that I handed over the keys to her means that she is in control and that she is in control of my pleasure. I also told repeatedly her that I would accept that she can find satisfaction unconditionally, and that she may deny mine.

    To be honest, she never complained too much about me in chastity, since we were still intimate orally or using fingers, hands or dildos.

    She mainly unlocked me the point she was begging for cum in her...

    Now something changed, yesterday morning I locked myself, made a nice message to my wife and placed the 3 keys on the note, and took off to work.

    When arrived home yesterday evening, I noticed that the note was gone, and the keys were nowhere to be seen in the living room.

    After diner just before watching some television, the wife asked me why I locked myself. I just answered that I liked being locked.

    Upon that she started texting, just saying that she will go out on wednesday evening.

    Nothing more happened, just a goodnight kiss and the wife who turned her back to me, and letting me hold her.

    In the morning, none of the usual questions came up: whether I am OK? or I need to be unlocked for washing ... just nothing happened.

    When I was showering, she just walked in the bathroom, looked at me, viewed to the Bon4M small and started dressing.

    She showed off, posing in sexy underwear (Marlies Dekkers), actually it was ther first time she wear such lingerie for going to work ?

    After showering, I checked the bathroom box, but again nothing to be found?

    So it seems that she has changed the 'loose' chastity game to a different level, since the keys are gone and, she organised going out on a week day and starts wearing different type of lingerie for going to work?

    So will the journey take off and will we move to the ‘becareful what you wish for lifestyle’ ?

  2. will you be happy if she cuckolds you?
  3. Nice development, good luck!
  4. ... I have indicated that I accepts unconditionally her way to find her pleasure and satisfaction ...
  5. thank you
  6. Can you update us? We would love to know what happened.