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    My Wife's Party

    It was 2014, my wife and I headed to my daughters house to a party in my wife's honour.
    It was her 45th birthday. My daughter, Stef, 25, was married to Steven.

    We entered the house and was greeted by Steven in the hall. He was totally naked and wearing a tranparant male chastity device. His restricted penis was kept small and in clear view by the device. "Please, leave your clothes in the hall", we were instructed.

    My wife and I stripped. I felt sorry for Steve and his generation of males, being so totally controlled by their women. How things had changed. My wife stripped. and so did I. I let my manhood free and felt rather proud as it dangled freely between my legs. I wandered when the last time Steve had felt such freedom.

    Stef and her friend Gillian were in the lounge. We entered. Gillian was drop dead gorgeous. And my cock raised itself to salute her beauty. She looked on it with scorn. My wife embarassed apologised for my erection.

    "Gillian, where's your husband, Tom?". I asked.
    "We sold him to the seed farm. He was still under 25 so we got a good price. He should produce some good seed for the next year."
    "Then what happens to him?"
    "Whatever the seed farm wants. I think his genitals will be removed and sold for human consumption and the rest of him will be used for animal feed such as dog and cat food"
    I was dumbfoundedly silent.
    "So you're single again" said my wife.
    "No, I'm with Stef, we're partners and lovers."
    "What about Steve?"
    "He's too old for the seed farm, they wont offer us much money for him, so we'll keep him for now."

    "Anyway, here's your present mum", Stef said cheerily, handing her mum a package.
    Anne opened it. It was a male chastity and control device, like the one Steve was wearing.
    "I'm not wearing that", I interjected.
    Stef retorted, my wife retorted, I could call the seed farm people and donate you free of charge old man.
    "You wouldn't" I replied.
    Anne smiled. "I would".
    "Stef, you wouldnt let your mum do that would you. I'm your dad."
    "You may be my dad, but that's irrelevant. You are mum's property. She is your owner. She can do what she wants with her property, its nothing to do with me".
    Gillian passed Anne the phone.
    "OK, OK, I'll put it on."

    I pushed my balls through the cock ring and then pulled my cock through. Anne passed me the cage. I then pushed on the cage. My cock was erect but I pushed the cage on, my cock slowly reduced in size to fit the cage. Anne passed me the padlock. "Click". I was locked up. The 3 women stood and applauded me and congratulated Anne.

    Stef gave Anne a remote control. She pressed a button. I screamed as an electric charge bolted through my cock. "On your knees, and tell me you are inferior and ready to obey me. Tell me that all men are inferior to women."
    I delayed and received a second shock. I quickly obeyed her command.

    Gillian gave Anne her present. It was a state of the art dildo. It was guaranteed to read bio-signs and adjust size and texture based on its readings. In fact it could learn how best to adjust for a particular female to give maximum orgasms.
    "I feel embarassed" said Anne.
    "You shouldnt. Try it out."
    Anne hesitantly penetrated herself with the object. Within seconds she was in bliss. In under 1 minute she had her 1st orgasm, and was progressing at 2 orgasms a minute.
    "OK, mum, later" Stef said, removing the device from Anne's soaking pussy.
    "Wow, the most incredible experience". Anne gasped.
    "We could tell." Stef smiled.
    "I'm glad you like it" chirped Gillian.
    "Poor old daddy" Stef laughed, "What a day! First your cock locked up and now outperformed by a little device. Looks like you wont get to use your old cock again. Well at least you got to use it. Males these days never get it in a woman. So you're lucky really, all those years penetrating pussy."

    "Dinner is served". Gillian presented covered plates to my wife, Stef and herself. Steve and I stood and watched.
    They lifted the lid to reveal, cooked man's penis with testicles.
    "I went to the seed farm today and bought back a bit of Tom. And got you gals something similar too". Gillian whispered.
    The girls were giggling lightly under their heavy breath.

    "How things have changed. 10 years ago we would be dying for a guy with equipment this big getting into our knickers and getting it up our pussies and now look. We would prefer to take his big manhood away from him and devour it". Stef noticed.
    "From the bedroom to the dinner table, the fall of the cock". The girls laughed.

    I sat and watched with Steve in silence.

    The next day, we went home. I wasnt allowed to dress. I was naked from that day till now.
    I continued my life as normal. As normal as it could be.
    I continued gardening for the little old lady next door.
    "Women of today, they know how to treat you lot eh?" was her comment.
    "It looks that way" I retorted and continued with her garden, my cock swaying in its cage between my legs.
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