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Wife/Keyholder Wants Game Ideas

Discussion in 'The Play Room' started by DoubleMartiniTO, Jan 29, 2014.

  1. Fun game
  2. My wife also likes to play games. We have come up with our own dice game that goes through numerous levels to determine what kind of sex we will have, i.e. Joy (PIV); what type of orgasm I will be allowed (full, ruined or no orgasm/no orgasm); and how long the next lock up period will be before we play again. The game can take a bit to play depending on how the dice rolls. It is an evolving game and the more we paly the more we add or change. It is played similar to craps in that the player must roll to determine the number and player must re roll that number before rolling a seven or eleven. We have been putting the rules and play into a document which I will add to this post. And as always, as a newcomers to this lifestyle (4 months) we are always open to suggestions. What ever game you play... Play and have fun! You will see how much our game is biased towards my Wife/Queen/KH. Last time we played the game I rolled doubles five times and my butt got a bit sore before the game was over, I am not looking forward to the dreaded double six.

    My first uploaded file so I hope it works.

    Attached Files:

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  3. We have played both of these games. we have done the waiter scenario but just her and maybe 2 times with friends of hers having coffee on a Saturday morning.

    We have also done the Key hunt only with hints she has hidden the key in and out of the house and it is always done wearing only the cage.
    bottom line for my wife and I. if the kids are home I am dressed. if they are not home and I am wearing the cage...thats all i am wearing

  4. I know this is a couple or three years old but my wife and I have a marble game that we use on occasion. The beauty of it is that the chance of orgasm (or whatever is desired) can be adjusted up or down at any time. Here is how it works.
    Buy 25 Blue Marbles and 10 or so White Marbles. (we lose our marbles all the time so we have extras)(Sorry...I just had to..:))
    Blue Marbles = No O for joo.
    White Marbles = O for Joo.

    Now just put however many Blue marbles you want in a bag that is opaque then drop in however many White marbles as She wants to allow.
    Draw marble. See Color. Blue = Your next Tease session will end with yup, you guessed it...Blue balls. lol
    White = Come on...do i really need to explain.

    Currently our bag has 30 Blue Marbles and Two White Marbles. Sure we could reduce the total number downward but She likes a full marble sack. (Sorry again.)

  5. [My wife just read my post over my shoulder and made a suggestion I hadn't considered:
    We have a target game as well which can be really wicked.

    We have a 24"x24" size piece of laminated poster board. On that board under the lamination is a picture of a target with circular rings of descending diameter. Sorta like a dart board.
    Using a dry erase marker, my wife writes a numerical value on each ring with the smallest number being the bullseye and the largest number being the outermost ring.

    The game is simple enough and slightly twisted. lol
    Its a orgasm target.
    Any space outside of the rings (basically in the four corners of the board) is not where you want to hit. lol
    A bull's eye = The next denial duration is "X" days.
    Working outward, each successive ring is marked with a increasingly longer denial duration and the entire area outside of the Target rings = You don't want that!!

    At a time of her choosing she will direct me to stand and lock my hands behind my back with our handcuffs. (We have a firm rule that the cage is never off while my mitts are free. Showers not included)
    She will put the target on a chair at a distance away of her choosing. (She can move the chair to wherever she wishes)
    My wife then takes her sweet time building up my pressure to the boiling point.
    Obviously I want to hit the bullseye and definitely do NOT want to miss completely any of the rings.

    The game gets really wicked when I have already been denied for a couple weeks....and then she ruins my O. She knows I am trying to hold back as long as I can to create as much pressure as I can to increase my chance of being a good shot. You can probably imagine the effect when suddenly just as I start to reach the point of no return, she lets go and watches as my shot is a complete failure.

    She likes to incorporate this target game a lot so on days when she leads me to believe I might get to come, when she whips out the target game..it makes my senses whirl a bit as you can probably imagine.

    She has threatened to place a picture of my Ex onto the target. Good lord I sure don't want to hit a bullseye if she does that. lol
    Its a fun little game she enjoys and it helps leave some things up to chance and fate. hehe
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  6. Most ideas so far are simple games of chance, like casino games with orgasms. Nothing wrong with that, but my GF and I are serious tabletop and video gamers. Casino games are a limit for us, LOL. (most gamers recoil at obvious skinner box game design)

    That said... I am an amateur game dev, so this is an interesting problem from a design perspective. How do you make a fun chastity game?

    I am just going to brain storm a bit here...

    Assumption (from the keyholders guide, which I just read yesterday) - Chastity is a game, where the key holder's goal is to keep the man locked and teased as long as possible. The man's goal is to get unlocked and have a full orgasm as often as possible. These are the stakes.

    We can add these stakes to any game that is already fun. For example, in a complex resource and exploration tabletop game like Above And Below, you can give the man X number of days in chastity, where X is determined by how many points he loses by. If he wins, he gets that many orgasms this month. You could also pick one resource, like prestige, and base it off that, which might be more fun, because that would encourage more dungeon crawling... I digress, though...

    Use video games...

    Fighting games - wins shorten your chastity by a day and losses extend your chastity by a day. Best to pick a game that neither of you know well.
    RPG - You can't get unlocked until you finish a game like Final Fantasy
    Achivement whoring - You can't get out until you get a specified steam achivement in a game.

    These all have to to with getting out of the cage. You could play one game to get out, then another game to get an orgasm. The second game might be more quick and simple, like a single hand of 5 card draw poker or one round of a fighting game or something. If the man loses and ends up getting, say, one month in the cage, then maybe repeat the game to give him a chance to win a garunteed full orgasm at the end of that month. If he loses again, he may or may not get the orgasm. Cage release and orgasm are two different things.

    The key holder should also be able to win a special tease. You could play for edging sessions, or ruined orgasms, if she is a cuckoldress, she could play for sessions with her lover. Of course, she could do these things anyway, but the man could also cut off the cage any time he wants. On a certain level, both parties need to buy into the game to make it work.

    Games of chance can easily reframed into board games. The oldest known game in the world is chutes and ladders. It goes back to prehistory. All gaming evolved from that, if you believe that games evolve (I do). Chutes and ladders is pretty deterministic. You roll and move and there isn't much strategy involved. That is why it would be easy to adapt casino chastity games to chutes and ladders. Just replace the squares on the board with results of the casino games as described in the above responses, and you have a custom chastity boardgame. This is a great starting point, because once you have a game you can play it, and experiment with it, to modify it. Want it to be more like life, or monopoly, or risk? It is easier to do that from this starting point. You can have the game cheaply and easily published on web sites like Game Crafter.

    Trivia games might be fun. Jeopardy would be easy to adapt. Just replace dollar amounts with chastity sentences or teasing consequences.

    Guessing games, like battle ship? Lengthen or shorten a chastity sentence by a day for each ship left on the board at the end?

    With cuckolding you could open it up to 3 player games, or you could have the cuck and the bull play for who gets a sexual favor they both enjoy. Magic the gathering could work if they are nerdy. Maybe fantasy football would work better if they are jocks. Maybe just let them arm wrestle for it.

    Any successful game will have small stakes, so it is repeatable. Nobody wants a board game that can result in a year long lockup, because then they can only play once a year if the man loses. Also, the game zhould cater to beginners as well as experienced chastity kinksters. Keep the stakes under a week or two. Maybe even work with hours in the cage

    Thats all I can think of off the top of my head. Its 3 AM and Im on a tablet, so forgive my grammar and spelling.
  7. Rofl. I have played World of Warcraft since the day it released with the same circle of five friends.
    My wife has popped in during raid time and announced that if we wipe (fail) without completing our objective she will do (insert whatever she wants).
    In fact I have won her permission to orgasm on several occasions when we completed a Realm first and even one world's first Kill of a "boss".
    It adds a certain motivation to my gaming and the team thinks it's hilarious. (Yes, most of our good friends know about our chastity lifestyle).
  8. Minutes it takes you to get Her off equals the hours/days/weeks you are locked.

    30 minutes getting pegged or sucking (DT) a dildo gets you 30 seconds of unlocked "free" time. Cum if you can, then it is back in.

    339.jpg CVcEoHzUYAAa_mk.jpg
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  9. The possibilities are endless keep it simple deside on a ratio say 10-1. She receives 10 you receive 1. If you want to have an orgasm you have some work to do to earn it.
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  10. I like this way
  11. I have one of those poker kits with the fancy multi-color chips, so I came up with this one as hybrid of the marble game suggestion -

    The Chip Game

    How to Play –

    On day one KH will tell CM to lock up whenever she’s ready to start. Each day the CM will pick one chip out of a bag. The number of chips to start with and what they mean is shown below. (Note – KH encouraged to increase chip count as she and CM become more advanced at chastity play)

    1 - White Chip – Release and Orgasm (Can be Ruined Orgasm if KH desires) Also signifies game over
    9 - Blue Chips – Blue Balls (Tease and Denial, Red Light/Green Light, Edging, Face Sitting Etc.)
    5 - Green Chips – Mistresses Choice (Chore, Massage, etc. or use wheel to determine)
    3 - Black Chips – Role one die and number shown is number of solid strokes from the riding crop.
    3 - Red Chips – Role one die and number shown is number of chips added to bag. KH picks colors

    Rules –

    1. When a chip is selected it does not go back in the bag. If white chip is selected in first 7 days, it doesn’t count, put it back in bag.

    2. When CM is in chastity for more than 7 days, KH to perform either milking or ruined orgasm to ease pressure. This shouldn’t occur on the 7th day as this would be too predictable. Sometime between 7 and 14 at KH’s discretion. (Note – KH encouraged to extend time or eliminate this rule as she and CM become more advanced at chastity play)

    3. If KH wants to punish CM for any reason, she can tell CM to add chips to the bag. Chip color and quantity are up to KH. For example, failure to clean the Kitchen properly could result in 3 blue chips or 2 green chips and a black chip. Similarly, exemplary behavior can result in added white chip(s), however this should be exceptionally rare.

    4. The KH is in charge and makes all the rules. The only rule that KH must follow is to make sure CM does daily drawing of chips and see that action carried out that same day. The CM is to follow all commands and rules set out by the KH without question.

    5. The CM is locked up and shall have no real orgasms during the game. The KH is not and is encouraged to find sexual pleasure, wherever and however she chooses.
  13. This is a backstory to this game. When my wife hit menopause she also lost most of her sex drive. We discovered that is she became Dominate/Mistress that it does help her get going. Therefore this game has a "reward" for Mistress having extra Orgasms during the game period. The more she is willing to cum, the odds are the slave will stay in chastity longer. An there is sweet irony that the more she cums, the longer it will be for him.

    Chasity Card Game
    Game will be played on the 4th Thursday of the month.

    Mistress will pick a card from a 54 card deck. (includes the Jokers) The table below shows baseline Os for the month

    Mistress Picks a card with value of Number of Mistress Os in the Month
    Aces, Joker, 2 or 3 1
    4,5 2
    6,7 3
    8,9 4
    10,Jack 5
    Oueen, King 6

    Slave must accumulate 50 points to be permitted to cum. (running total month to month)

    The Play:
    Slave’s scoring

    For each O slave provides Mistress (or she has his in presence), Slave picks one card. Aces are 0 points, picture cards are 10 pts and Jokers are -5 points. All other cards are their face value. These points are added or subtracted (if Joker) towards slaves accumulated points to date.

    If Mistress fails to permit slave to attempt required number of Os in the Month, slave may pick 2 cards for each missed O attempt and this will be added to slave’s total.

    Mistress’ Scoring

    If Mistress picks cards, their values are subtracted from Slave’s total. Aces, picture cards and Jokers result in 10 points subtracted from slave’s total. All other cards are their face value.

    If slave eats Mistress for 10 minutes or more, but she does not cum, slave gets no cards, and Mistress picks 1 card to subtract from Slaves Points. Alternatively, she may take away one of slaves previously selected cards.

    If Mistress attempts more Os than required in the month, she is awarded 3 cards for each O attempt--- she may take away 3 of Slaves previously picked cards, or choose to pick 3 cards.

    Mistress may change any of these rule at any times and/or change slaves accumulated points at her discretion.

    It is recommended that Mistress will pick cards because of the added value of Aces and Jokers when Mistress picks vs deleting previous held cards by Slave.

    Slave’s accumulated point totals and Mistress’ monthly O baseline, slave running total and remaining days to next play will be kept on calendar white board in bathroom. (Note: some months have longer duration, as the 4th Thursday in March is actually closer to 5 weeks to 4th Thursday in April).

    This month is the first time we played, Mistress picked a King, which is to slave's advantage. Stay tuned for the outcome.
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  14. Picked my first card, it was a 6. While she was delighted with this outcome, later in the day she awarded me an extra card, an 8, for good behavior. Odds still are looking good for me.
  15. Wife and I are going to start a game with 16 identical chastity keys in small envelopes. One key has a color painted on it signifying I get to cum. Three with a color on there that I get to be unlocked for fun but no orgasm. The rest are no color. Whenever she wants or at least 1 every other week minimum I get to draw a key. After the draw the key is put back in an envelope. So in theory it could be a long time before I am allowed to cum so I will probably regret suggesting the key get put back in after each draw but I love the idea of it. However, I am for her pleasure and she can have me unlocked whenever she wants regardless of me drawing a key. If it is months before I am allowed to cum I will be okay with that as long as she is getting a lot of enjoyment out of it.

    Thinking about making some of the no color keys for punishment keys to keep it even more risk reward type thing.
  16. i have one game i love more than all the rest. i milk him in the morning then again in the afternoon making sure i get him as dry as possible. now it's time for fun. he puts on a collar and leg cuffs. i had him take a 2" wide rod to the lathe and taper the first 3 inches. i call it the penis stick. it was cut to length so that when his feet are 16 inches apart the stick will be in his ass about 1 inch. his collar is attached to the ceiling to give him balance. eye hooks are at each end of the room attached to the wall an inch off the floor. a ratchet rope to each eye hook and to a leg. i pull them tight without moving the legs. for me he is 3 feet from the hope chest facing it. there i can sit to watch and control the show. with the ratchet ropes in my hands and a 15 second timer at my side. i hand him the vaseline and say start. he is allowed to have the best orgasm he can after being drained twice. now for the rules that count. every time the timer goes off i pull one of the ropes two clicks alternating sides each time for the first 3 minutes. after that only one click per 15 seconds. so every click pulls the legs apart little by little which in turn lowers his ass impaling him more and more with the penis stick which is getting wider and wider. my understanding is the discomfort of having to adjust to the increasing width makes ejaculation very difficult.that might explain why it takes him around 10 minutes on a good day to get it. that's 52 clicks 104 for twenty minutes. now he gets to choose 5 lashes for every click or 1 day without an orgasm. he must decide up front and no changing his mind in the middle. 520 lash or 104 days. he could choose 20 lashes and 100 days. it's up to him. just the lashes are given while he remains on the stick . he is let down when the lashes are done........if he gives up he must remain on the stick for 20 more minutes. this game is used as a punishment but i get such a thrill out of watching him so frantically trying to beat the clock. when the clicks go a lot faster you can break your puck in ten minutes and the reward is 4 months no o . he tries so hard he breaks himself for you.
    the sad thing is that it is so effective he will do what ever it takes to avoid this game.......i can always watch the tapes i've made of them.
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  17. Wow interesting setup. I hope it doesn't slip and he goes from 1 inch to totally in all at once Ouch
  18. i caught him once but the collar now gives him balance. now that you mention it maybe a safety belt that only let him sink 4 or 5 inches might not be a bad idea. i will run it by my puck a see what he thinks.
  19. we have been playing with 2 dice for years with 2 throws
    throw 1 = time locked up and length of time free
    so if a 3 and a 2 are thrown I am locked for 6 days (3x2) and free for 5 hrs (3+2) so i can be locked for anywhere between 1 day (1x1) and free for 2hrs (1+1) or locked for 36 days (6x6) and free for 12hrs (6+6)
    throw 2 = outcome, the 2 dice are added together to see what is waiting for me when the time comes to be unlocked
    1= can not happen
    2= sex
    3= sex
    4= sex, must eat cream pie
    5= head job, allowed to cum
    6= ruined orgasm, hand job
    7= bondage on me, cumming is up to KH
    8= bondage on KH
    9= must masturbate in front of KH, allowed to cum but must eat cum off her body
    10=sex, must eat cream pie
    11= sex
    12= sex

    Just before i am locked back up my KH throw's the 2 dice twice to find out my fate

    At the moment I am at day 7, my KH threw a 6 and 4 so i am locked for 24 days with a 10hr release (6x4) and (6+4)
    she then threw a 2 and a 3 = 6 = ruined hand job, NOT HAPPY, but it will be nice to be free for 10hrs
  20. my wife to like to play games. she sets the locking time not my orgasem time. i usely gets 1-14 days out after the time in.

    Last time she used numbning creem in my urin tube and on my dick then a condom. she then warmed upp with a dildo befor i got to fuck her. when i got to go in sha started the clock. when i finely came she stoped the clock every minute was 1 week and every second was 1 day. but if and when i get to cum in the time im locked is all up to her!
  21. This is one of my key holder's favorites. She can go in and update the choices to whatever she is in the mood for. i have to earn the chance for a spin, but she mixes punishments in the mix as well making things a little bit more of a gamble.

    The app is called wheel of what.

    Attached Files:

  22. Here's a game I thought of but have not had a chance to play yet.

    You will need poker chips (or marbles) of 4 colors, and a bag. In this example I will use black, red, yellow and green. The bag begins with 2 black and 8 red chips. You are allowed to "purchase" yellow chips at a cost of 1 day in chastity (to be served after this game) and green chips at a cost of 1 week in chastity. You can purchase as many chips as you want to swing the odds in your favor, but of course that means longer lockup. You should be edged several times before the draw. Once she thinks you are ready, you reach into the bag and pull out a chip. A green chip means you receive a full orgasm, however you want it! A yellow chip means a ruined orgasm, a red chip means you are denied, and a black chip means you are denied and your purchase price is doubled. Enjoy your prize, and then your chastity period to pay for the chips you bought begins. You can play with the number of starter red and black chips and the cost of yellow and green chips to suit your desires.
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  24. We also use a dice game. We use two six sided dice. She rolls once to determine length of lockup. At the end of that time she rolls again. We have assigned different meaning to each number. The represent no release, roll again for next lock up time, full orgasm, ruined orgasm, prostate orgasm and her choice.
  25. For every week or month chastised you will get one minute of intercourse. First you will put numbing cream on your nub wait 15 minutes to work, then two condoms. You will have sex with a fake pussy named after your next door neighbor. She will time and video it . Cum you get to clean up, either way your locked up afterwards for double the previous period then repeat.