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Wife/Keyholder Wants Game Ideas

Discussion in 'The Play Room' started by DoubleMartiniTO, Jan 29, 2014.

  1. This is a game me and the wife came up with.


    Freeze 6 identicle glasses of water with the key in 1 of them. Every night I the chastised get to pick a glass to take to bed. I have to wait until the morning for the glass to defrost to see I have picked the glass with the key. Until I find out she has full control of our sexual adventures.

    If I have not found the key my wife will refreeze the glass and shuffle the glasses in the freezer to make sure I cant work out what glass has the key. If I have found the key I get to remove the device and ravish my wife as much as I want however I want for the whole night.

    As a bonus to the game after 3 days of playing before refreezing the glass of water we will add a dice to it. If I pick the glass with the dice we roll it and depending on what we roll we have set up little bonuses or penalties.

    For example

    rolling a 1. Add a glass of water to the freezer
    rolling a 2. pick a glass the next night but do not re freeze
    rolling a 3. Do not pick a glass that night
    rolling a 4. get to pick 2 glasses but only refreeze 1
    rolling a 5. I get to service the wife however I choose but absolutely do not get to cum (unless she chooses to allow it). device goes back on.
    rolling a 6. I have to find the key twice before I can use it.

    Once the dice has been found it cannot be re froze until a certain day of the week. for example on a wednesday.

    So there it is our idea for a pottentially never ending game. As i say the wife has total control so can choose to end it if she wishes but I cannot.
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  2. We are playing with a fun idea…. new to us anyway… It is called; 'The Traveling Key'!!
    Up till now my key hangs around my beautiful wife's neck as a daily reminder that I belong to her.. and a tease that my freedom is just out of reach 100% in her control. At the same time it is there for her… ready for her use anytime she wants it! Kind of like that fire extinguisher behind the glass just break the glass and ready to use!

    Well now that it has been seven weeks today without being let out for any reason… My Queen says she has always been an 'outie' and gets all she wants and needs from my "sissy face"…. We are thinking about taking this to the next level… Miss Catherine is considering mailing her key to other Key Holders willing to take a photos of it in fun places all over the world!! For instance hanging on a tree limb with Big Ben in the background… our vision are fun artsy photos we can later frame and hang on our desks at work to further enjoy our little secret… and give 'The Vanillas' something to think about! Can you just 'picture' these photos on my Queen's desk?! Big Ben? Eiffel Tower? Leaning Tower of Pisa? Statue of Liberty?

    Anyone want to play? or share fun ideas? PM us!

    In Miss Catherine's Service
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  3. What I did was customized it too my liking, applied wheels settings and bookmarked the Page. After I closed out web browser {FireFox} then returned by bookmark.
  4. What I did was customized it too my liking, applied wheels settings and bookmarked the Page. After I closed out web browser {FireFox} then returned by bookmark.
  5. Get a deck of cards, only use the joker, 4 aces, 4 kings, and all number cards,my wife lets me draw a card when she wants, sometimes more than once a day and sometimes none. The joker means blow job with ejaculation, the Aces mean ruined orgasm, the Kings mean tease and denial, and the number cards mean staying locked up or whatever my wife wants! You can make it harder by adding 2 decks together and removing 2 aces and 2 kings
  6. I love this!
    I am going to get marbles today!!
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  7. This is a good point. In terms of a true FemDomme and holding a key WE are in CONTROL.
    However, the thought of having a possibility of getting out is thrilling, in the same way gambling can be thrilling for some. It adds to the intensity of denial.
    For me games help because this isn't my full time job and sometimes I am tired but I want to keep my subs arousal and frustration high. It's nice to have ideas.
    And, usually I break the rules I set anyway and deny!
  8. Games? Did somebody say games???
    Just read my stories listed below and you might find some ideas for games.
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  9. Just Saw awebsite you can customize, this one is what I did. You can customize the pictures etc.

    3 cage one's 1 week lock up
    3 cage two's 2 week lock up
    3 cage there's 3 week lock up
    Any three cages edge three times lock up
    3 mistress one's orgasm full
    3 mistress two's, ruined o
    3 mistress threes, 2 ruined I'd
    All three mistresses orgasm but must eat it
    Any three mistresses edge 3 times spin again

    Tested it out...there was a lot of edging but few orgasms or even ruined ones, maybe I just have bad luck lol

  10. Does your wife like card games? You might want to checkout the uxorious game I wrote up and posted on my blog. Its just a framework, so you can make a new chastity specific version of the game fairly easily. I think I may have a draft of that version, which I will post when I find it. At a minimum, you, she could use the deed and penance cards to structure what you need to do to earn your next release, and the boon cards to randomly determine how you get that release.

    Boon  Sexual Chance-Beat the Buzzer.png Pledge  Sexual Core-Entrusted Member .png
    Vow  Sexual Devotion-Surrender Control of Marital Sex.png Deed  Sexual Challenge-Key of OGeez .png

    Have fun!
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  11. I love these cards!! that is a great idea. :cool:
  12. DoubleMartini, you haven't mentioned whether your KH has any interest in humiliating you to add to your feelings of submission. Whether or not you or your KH have any interest in your sissification, having you wear panties or a bra for a little while can have quite an effect on a seemingly straight guy like yourself. She can order that as part of a punishment for your failure to comply, as a "reward" in a game or simply to humiliate you for a time - however She chooses. After all, it is Her choice now!
  13. @Eillydray@Eillydray, some thing to think about
  14. I like the sound of that @MistressG@MistressG x
  15. This is an iPhone / IOS app which allows you to customize a wheel of misfortune with whatever penalties or rewards that you want, as many as you like. Link goes to Apple"s App Store.

    Party Wheel (make your own wheel) by Mark van Heck
  16. Make an ice lock and when it's big enough hang it outside and wait.
    Put it in a bowl on floor. You kneel with hands cuffed behind your back. Only your tonge can help you now.
    Your KH can watch, have you service her with a ice cold tonge, pour water from the bowl on you and flog you hope she doesn't put rice on the floor for you to kneel on. It hurts.
  17. I think we all start with games because our KH rather leave the decision to chance rather than feel guilty about denying us. One of our favorites used to be starting with 30 seconds for me to make myself cum. If not, I get locked up again until next time. For us next time was a week. Next time I had 60 seconds with 30 seconds being added each week until I was able to make myself masturbate to an orgasm. I usually was able to do it when I had a minute and a half. You can increase the time ever other day or whatever your normal sex schedule is. We are old folk so one week was normal for us.

    At first I thought it would be easy but my wife would constantly remind me of how much time was left and talk to be by telling me to hurry up because I only have XX seconds left and that she did not think I was going to make it with that limp cock, etc.. I is hard to cum under pressure like that but it was fun.

    Another game, which may not be your cum of tea was to roll three die and whatever number they added up to would be the number of swats by the paddle on my butt that I had to accept to begin our tease/release session. Sometimes when the number was high I decided to pass and wait until next time. My wife does not play at paddling or caning me, she does it full force and after the first 4-5 it really hurts a lot.

    Have fun.
  18. When we were just starting out, Mrs invented a game: we had just bought a house and she decided she wanted to have an orgasm in every room.

    She got a bunch of washers and labeled each one with a room. Every time I made her come in a room, she'd clip that rooms washer to my cage. If I'd already done that room, it didn't count! I'd only be released when I had a token for every room.

    Needless to say, some rooms like our bedroom I was able to get pretty easily. Others (my workshop! o_O) took much longer!

    Also, my cage was starting to get a bit unweildy by the end!
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  19. My Mistress and I play a game with a pack of cards and some small coloured beads called pony beads. We started with placing 90 white beads in a black velvet bag. This would ensure the game would last about three to four months. Next from a pack of cards with the picture cards removed but including the jokers two cards were chosen at random and only seen by my Mistress. She would then add for the first card the number of pink beads corresponding to the rank of the card. Aces count as one and jokers are wild, zero upwards, her choice. Similarly with the second card she would add green beads. Finally she would add white beads to the sum of both cards. The cards are sealed in an envelope and those two cards are never used again.
    Every day I will pick a bead. If a white bead is picked there will be no orgasm. If a green bead then a tease or punishment but no orgasm. However for a pink bead then I will be permitted an orgasm at a mutually convenient time, which may be days or weeks later.
    I am teased often but obviously not permitted to cum without a pink bead. If I do accidentally cum then a blue bead is added which entails a more severe punishment.
    As I don't know how many pink beads there are I never know when I will get to cum again. This time I picked four pink beads early on within two weeks. I now haven't picked a pink bead for about six weeks.
  20. Love this game! Great idea, my wife has told me we are going to do this soon!
  21. Such a fantastic idea! Hope you have lots of nice pictures. Have you been allowed to cum yet or is the key still on its travels?

    A variation could me that your queen writes down a secret number of photos she wants and when you think she has reached it you ask for release. If she has her required number of photos (or more) you get to cum. Of course if you are short you get the difference added to your sentence and maybe the game starts again.
  22. Our game is I get one second of trying to cum for each day. 10 seconds gets added for each orgasm I give her. Every Saturday is "settle up" night. I get unlocked, take care of hygiene requirements (shaving, etc) and get to try for the week. After one week I have 7seconds of regular day time and 40 seconds for 4 orgasms for her. 47 seconds total. I'm sure it won't be enough so next Saturday at the end of the 2nd week, assuming the same, I will be up to 94 seconds.
  23. I've done this, where I have to pick a key that fits to get a release. If it doesn't work then it goes back (I might end up picking it again). Picking the right key wins me a release, but also an additional key or keys, are added to the bowl to pay for my success, making the next time that less likely...
  24. Hows it going?

    First time we played I picked the right glass on only the second night lmao. Wife was not amused.
  25. Kudos on a great idea.

    Sometime around the time of your post I was writing a book I have yet to finish where the Mistress used three decks of cards. One was with punishments for the slave, the second, fun stuff for the Mistress (sexual pleasure or other mischief), and the third, a duration/repetition card. It was simple enough, the person whose turn it is would pull a card which had a picture and description of an activity, along with whether the activity was rep or duration based. After that, they drew the duration/rep card and the two would act out the activity for the prescribed number of times or duration.

    In the story, the slave, who was a noob to BDSM, drew the Latex Breather Hood and Caning card and 3 minutes on his next to last turn. The Mistress tried to talk him into exchanging the the card before showing it to him, but he INSISTED on playing by the rules. The slave panicked badly as soon as the hood was on, and the Mistress kept a very close eye on him and got him through the experience. Regardless, he begins to have second thoughts that the two characters have to work through.

    Anyhow, thanks for sharing!