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Why do you think it is that there are not many female members of CM?

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by L-u-c-y (Partner), Jul 26, 2017.

  1. My wife and I have talked about this recently, she has had the opportunity to talk to a number of ppl and seems to enjoy her time here overall as it has helped us in this adventure. She has attempted to talk to some of the other females, and what she has told me was that some have been good interactions @Mascara^Snake@Mascara^Snake others were not great at all and seemed to be quite detrimental. Just throwing this out there but being negative about members can really put someone off, and down. Each of us seems to have our own way of playing and living this lifestyle. Luckily there are some here that have helped us out a lot, and we hope we have helped them or given them some enjoyment in return!
  2. I'm going to add more Chat rooms or this site attract those types Compare a chat room or this site to a costume party. Most people (excuse me for generalizing) will act differently when face is masked and they think no one will know them. Many people who come here are wearing a MASK and would never approach you in public and talk dirty etc. Nor would they make racist slurs or slam you for your fetish in person. But the mask they wear here makes them "studs or tough guys or Adonis or god's gift to women. or the world. Women will get hit on by those types on the internet. Let me give you some advice-- Next time it happens SAY F off little boy. Bet it ends the conversation and you will feel sooo much better . Let us report all who offend us in some way and have them removed from CM instead of handling it yourself. .Eventually there will only be one person left in CM
  3. I'm on a roll---- to all those who say Let's make a women only chat forum or whatever . How the HELL will that be done? Anyone can create a name and gender to get in here.. If that person is sharp "he ' can talk to your wife as a women and women issues. Is CM going to require a ID like a driver's license or maybe a birth certificate notarized by the pope himself and bearing the seal of the queen mum before you can join? GOOD LUCK It is like the majority of people in here never belonged to any chat rooms-Like AOL, MS, Yahoo or any of the ones that are still alive. Stuff happens in chat rooms Deal with it !
  4. L-u-c-y (Partner)

    L-u-c-y (Partner) Chief Goddess
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    Oct 20, 2015
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    I would love there to be more women here, but I'm not particularly interested in chatting to them privately, I'm not interested in chatting to anyone really. I don't see this as a "chat" site, I see it as a forum where people can post questions and start public discussions.
  5. I found this site by accident. I have always liked strong women and I think a natural progression is to be totally submissive to one.

    Because my fantasy has become an obsession over time I was actively looking for similar, wanting to get advice from people who have and are walking the path I wish to choose.

    From reading on other sites it seems chastity is a male fetish which we can not easily talk about, maybe this reluctance prevents many ladies from researching the subject of chastity therefore not finding sites like CM.
  6. Valid point. I like it when people advocate a positive perception of written words, we tend to do the opposite in many cases. Other people have initiated chats with me and all of them were respectful or genuinely interested. If the "being bothered" element is mentioned over and over again, it might become a selffulfilling prophecy. When I visit developing countries, the best way to avoid being chased is to be friendly, clear and confident and tell that you're not interested. Works all the time.

    On the other hand, women are a minority group and often have a partner who is also a member. I have no idea how often members initiate unwanted chats or send messages, but if it's really a lot, I can understand that it gets annoying. Secondly, it could lead to perceiving every message or chat as negative. However, the criticism about unwanted contacts is shared by many female members and drawing a line in the sand doesn't seem to help.

    I don't share your later posted views about reporting. What I meant was that if it's done in a respectful way it might help. Shaming, blaming or banning members doesn't IMHO. To use a personal example: I got a message from a moderator telling me that my avatar violated the mansion's policy. It was a very friendly message with a link to the rules and a question to upload a new one as the old one was deleted. It's not always about punishment, but about creating awareness.
  7. While you're all busy pontificating, here's an example of a message I received a moment ago from a new member.
    Do bear in mind that this was initial greeting and that there had been no communication prior to this. Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 19.36.08.png .
  8. Ohhhh rick...I almost feel sorry for you.
  9. I think the sad reality is there are a lot of disrespectful children in adult bodies. Their parents never raised them correctly.
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  10. I'm sorry for you. This sucks.

    (If my replies are perceived as pontificating then I have work to do as it is the opposite of my intention. Sorry for that)
  11. I apologise I did not express myself very well. My intention was to state that there is not much chastity related porn which I believe is because there is insufficient demand for it to date.

    I would also add theat there is perhaps not enough of a market for the porn makers to specifically target women as an potential audience as Mistress Lucy points out most wives on here and indeed women generally do not watch porn.

    It was not my intention to dwell in this digression from the main topic of the OP. Somehow I did .. I offer my apologies for that.

    BTW I would not particularly rate myself as even a light user of porn. I won't deny that I have watched it but have done so neither regularly or frequently.