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Why do you shave?

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by withpermission, Jul 26, 2017.

  1. I started shaving my pubic hair when I was younger because self exploration and it made my look bigger. I Usually keep it short or shaved now. Sometimes I do designs. I started to do the pits and chest because I didnt like the hair(even though naturally not to hairy). Then I started to do the legs since I was getting pimples on my legs from sweating. Now I do the arms because of tattoos.

    So now I really like the hairless look, though I dont shave constantly I do always keep the hair in check.
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  2. I shave for cleanliness and because my wife prefers me to shave. For me it's not a hassle, but the main reason for me is to please my wife.

    On the other hand, my wife stopped shaving and she goes now completely natural.
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  3. My wife is completely natural also! We like how it accentuates her dominance and my shaving is a sign of submission!
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  4. I shave pubs on and off...keep it short if not shaved..like my legs shaved but it's a PA so I don't keep up with it all the time..i do find hairs get caught in the cage now and then so it's better really short or shaved.
    One of my chores(which I love!) Is shaving my queen!
    As far as upper body goes I had electrolysis on chest, back, shoulders and upper arms..makes it easy to keep upper body hairless. Was very hair before. Now I just have to touch things up now and then.
    Looks good in gym stringers(muscle shirts)
    I would be hairless from neck down if it was easier...
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  5. I've been shaving my pubic hair since I've been locked. It's much easier to place the device and it feels better than when I was hairy. My wife and keyholder started shaving and few weeks ago also and we both love it. I seriously doubt we'll ever let the hair grow in again. I may even get laser hair removal. My keyholder has even mentioned having me get a tattoo where my pubic hair used to be.
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  6. Oh yes, I shaved her a few days ago and it was great!
  7. I began shaving at the direction of Mistress, at the start of my feminization process over 5 years ago. Since developing an affinity for breasts, bras, cleavage, etc., I find it really important to shave my chest. (Who wants to see a really nice cleavage with hair on it, anyway?). As I've aged, hair just doesn't grow below my neck as much as it once did, so it is pretty easy to keep trimmed now. But, in answer to the original question of this thread, I shave to feel much more feminine!
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  8. I shave and keep it that way as my k/h likes the look of it but it also give me a more sub feeling .
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  9. besides the way my clothes feel against my skin , it re-enforces my image of myself as being a little sissy gurl.
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  10. I have always felt it was feminine, I couldn't wear sissy clothes with body hair, for me that's a bit weird. My wife likes it too although she didn't always. Having a hell of a time trying to shave round my nips with new nipple piercings though!
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  11. I started shaving 10-12 years ago when my wife first had me wear only panties. I did not like the look of the hair sticking out around the edges. I love the look and smooth feel. I'd never go back to fuzzy. I shave at least every other day. Now that I have started wearing a chastity cage it works out well.
  12. simply, more testosterone = more body hair.
    shaving gives the appearance, and then the mental acceptance, of being more feminine and/or submissive.
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  13. I began taking off and continued doing do so or trimming extremely short as a teenager. My then gf said hey if i'm shaving you should too. I agreed and never looked back.
    It feels cleaner its easier to wash and dry, to spot anything amiss, and allows much more and better sensation. Just Do It
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  14. I first began shaving to make my equipment look bigger when I was visiting bathhouses. Now that my wife is feminizing me ('You love cock so much, you should be a woman!), I shave everything to feel more girlish. I will never have hair again.
  15. Started shaving the majority of my pubic hair a number of years before I even knew what chastity and FLR was about. I did it because I liked the look, it made me feel feminine and submissive, and somehow I believed that my Wife might find me a bit more attractive and would have oral sex with me. Well, I was very wrong about the oral sex. She still wouldn't give me oral, but I kept shaving anyway. I don't find it a chore and I really like shaving. However, in spite of receiving no oral, my Bride said she preferred me with no pubic hair, and she made it clear that I would stay clean shaven when we started chastity last August. This Winter, I also kept my legs, arms, and pits shaved for her as well. I am also required to keep her shaved from the waist down anytime she tells me to, usually once every other week or so. Ironically, she put me back in my cage last night after a timely break from chastity, and informed me today that I must go for a total body waxing before September 15th, and she will let me know how frequent the interval I need to go after that. She was not kidding either.She did joke about buying what is needed to do it at home but said she would prefer to send me out to have it done and she would let me know where to go. It is definitely emasculating for me but I am really looking forward to it. She clearly likes me with no body hair. Wearing a cage, it also helps me stay cleaner longer.
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  18. I love running my hands over smooth skin. I shave my entire body daily and cover myself with moisturizer, especially between the cheeks. No such thing as too much lube there.
  19. I started shaving my legs because I loved the feel of nylons on bare skin. Shaving my pubes came later, enhancing the feel of panties. Never had any hair on my chest and back, and my arm hair is less than some women I've seen. I don't shave during the summer, because I wear shorts a lot, and too many people know I have very thick leg hair naturally. Today I did my end of summer shearing, and my legs are smooth again! :D
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  20. I'm smooth from nose to toes. Shave my legs, underarms, and privates. Get the back and chest waxed.

    Why? I love how it looks, how it feels, and how it makes me feel. Most importantly, She likes it.