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Why do you shave?

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by withpermission, Jul 26, 2017.

  1. I started shaving downstairs last year, just a few months after my wife and I discovered chastity. I did it on a whim one day and we both decided we really liked it. We both like the way it feels, makes me more sensitive and excitable for teasing and edging. Been shaving almost every day since then. I love being clean shaven!

    Enough about me, I'm curious to ask the following...

    Why do you shave? Submissive? Cleanliness? Looks? Because she makes you?

    Do you like to be clean shaven or is it a hassle and you do it to please your SO?

    Does your SO shave herself or does she prefer to go all natural?

    Just curious, thanks for your consideration!
  2. I shave because it makes it all a little more sensitive. Also makes me feel quite submissive and under control. Beautiful wife is generally hairless and tells me it improves sensitivity.
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  3. I have shaved or trimmed since it started growing in...I have issues with body hair, not sure why. But I feel disgusting even having leg hair.

    Of course it's a hassle but, not doing it makes me feel gross so there ya go.

    She's shaven, and has been since we met...I think it's a generation thing, many women do this now.

    She's told me either shaved or very short trimmed. She actually got on me once about not keeping it shaved, I had been busy for a week and hadn't kept up.
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  4. I shave on and off. My choice. I know my wife likes me shaved as she is but sometimes I get ingrown hairs so it is not worth it. It does not affect anything other than appearance. I have lately been using a beard trimmer to keep my hair short without risking razor burns or ingrown hair. Funny that I was just in the shower and had not shaved my pubic area or scrotum in two weeks and was on the fence about shaving. I think I will let it grow out again.
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  5. I have shaved there for probably 12 years would never change back I feel cleaner and it feels natural to me ..don't like body hair much ...my wife asked me to shave my legs over winter which I have done and I love it and don't want the hair back
    Trouble is summer is looming and don't know what to do
    Any suggestions?
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  6. Keep shaving and wear long pants. Hopefully you're not in an area that gets extremely hot in the summer.
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  7. I shave and or wax all the time now.

    I wear shorts almost everyday in the summer. Its really hot here in South Texas.

    No one has ever blinked an eye.....

    Though at a party recently at our house, I was asked by my good friend"s wife " Do you shave your legs?"

    My reply was a quick "Yes I do" and nothing else was said.

    I say, if you do it. Own it.
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  8. I shave my privates and epilate my legs. Why? Because I like it. It makes the device I wear sit better, it makes it easier to keep clean and not having hairs mean less smell gets trapped. As for what other people think about my smooth legs, so what? I honestly couldn't give a monkeys what they think.
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  9. I've shave for decades
    I too hate body hair
    I find shaving feels better, and I don't get rashes like I do when I don't shave
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  10. I started shaving my pubic area shortly after wearing a cage. The hair getting caught and pulled wasn't comfortable. I also like the look and the feel of it cleaned off. I think it makes me look more submisive, my Mistress has me trim hers short but not shaved she doesn't like the stubel feeling. I've also started to use hair removal cream with good success.
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  11. I have shaved my pubic area for years and my partner is also completely shaved. We both feel that oral sex is much better when shaved, no nasty hairs to get in the way.

    As for legs, athletes, swimmers and cyclists all shave their legs so why should it be so noticeable if you do the same?
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  12. I shave because I don't want hairy legs and armpits.
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  13. I started at just shaving my groin. And kept going until I only have arm hair and eyebrows left.
    It started for cleanliness, then I realized that biting bugs left me alone and I tanned better without hair. Looking in the mirror I believe I look better without body hair.
    My wife doesn't want to cuddle with a grizzly bear either as she puts it.
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  14. good reason
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  15. When we started to discover that was I very submissive shortly after we were married my wife started to test if my submissiveness or obedience to her had any limits. One saturday morning my wife said that she had a surprise for me but first I needed to shave off all of my body hair from my chest to the middle of my thighs. Whilst I knew this would be embarrassing I did not object or question why it was necessary. After I had completed the task and had my morning shower my wife gave me a small gift wrapped present which I found contained a pair of ladies frilly silk panties. I was amazed, embarrassed and humiliated that my wife not only expected me to wear them but if they were the right size we would get some more for me to wear later that morning.

    She went on to explain that her Aunt had bought her three pairs of very sexy frilly silk panties for her sixteenth birthday suggesting that if she really wanted to appreciate how good silk feels she should shave off her pubic hair thoughtfully enclosing a pack of ladies safety razors and shaving cream.

    Neither of us have ever considered not shaving since, my wife now allows me the pleasurable task of shaving her when necessary however as hers is very sparse it doesn't take too long to get her skin silky smooth.
  16. I remove all hair because I love the silky smooth feeling all over my body. It makes me feel so very sexy, feminine and submissive :)
  17. I do shave and for a time i shaved and waxed everything including stomach, pubic, shaft, legs, feet, and everywhere else there was bodyhair. Why? Because i personally hate body hair, and it's as simple as that. But as of today i do not shave or wax everything, and kjeep it to private areas. this is because I'm going to start with permanent hair removal for all bodyhair, also on and around the pprivate parts with laser treatments :D hopefully i can start on this before Xmas :D
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  18. I love feeling smooth. shave all over every day
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  19. Unfortunately, I am living proof that man is one of the great apes. My body hair grows at a silly rate so I can wet shave my gear to perfect smoothness but it only lasts a few hours at most. And Mrs G objects to being rasped by the stubble. So I have to indulge in topiary with clippers not shave.
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  20. I am hairless below my eyebrows. I shave my entire body every day. It's a bit of a hassle, but I love the smooth feeling. Very femme and submissive. Most importantly. My Wife loves it and insists on it.
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  21. Mistress Sonia strongly believes chastity slaves or slaves in general should remain submissively emasculated without alpha male hair. This slave is required to remain completely shaven from the neck down.
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  22. i think that folks shave so they don't has hairs. they wudnt shave for other things.
  23. Well said, same here however not on daily basis
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  24. I shave daily from the neck down. It started with just my pubes but my wife liked it and every day I shaved a bit more. Now I am smooth all over.
  25. I've shaved my privates since the hair started growing. I think shaved it just looks better and more natural, that doesn't really make sense.... but it does to me. When my Wife/Mistress got together first she asked me to shave my chest, then a few months later, my underarms, i'm now completely smooth from my eyes down and wouldn't want it any other way.