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why do we like being caged?

Discussion in 'The Play Room' started by rebeccacd404, Sep 30, 2017.

  1. I am a relative new comer to this lifestyle but I am trying to understand why I like it. I know the excuse I used (to stop my chronic masturbation) but it's not just that...I actually enjoy being caged, restricted, in discomfort....but why?I don't have a kh and since I have removed my device, to let my balls recover from the soreness, I have no desire to masturbate....job done then...but no I want to put it back on. I have seen some of the really short metal devices and I want to try them...can someone explain where this desire or fetish comes from?
    on a slightly different point..do women like to be in chastity like we do???
  2. An interesting and philosophical perspective. Speaking from my own experiences I have long had a desire to participate in enforced chastity as a form of self denial of pleasure for the purpose of mental frustration and enforced orgasm denial. Adding a keyholder intensifies this and also the desire to belong to someone. Masturbation is such a strong desire for sexual relief and denying this release pathway when sexually excited adds to the mental tension and submission to another.
    As I have expressed earlier I also have a desire to dress in womens clothes and this too mentally and sexually excites, so when practised in conjunction with enforced chastity the sub experiences intense sexual frustration as they would have previously masturbated however being denied is exciting and stimulating mentally and for some is more pleasurable to be kept in a heightened state of continual arousal than a 3 min masturbation followed by the low after orgasm.
    To conclude I guess the brain produces endorphins when excited in this way by enforced chastity denial. Its a mind game I would say that is more rewarding than a brief ejaculation. Therefore I opt to be kept dressed as a woman to increase my sexual frustration and to show submission of my masculinity when I have no access to a penis.

  3. Shorter cage the better however then mental reward is enhanced if you really cannot escape from your chastity cage. This is difficult to achieve without serious investigation of methods to make your chastity real. As most if not all cages without a PA penis inside can be defeated. Read a few threads where I describe how we have addressed this concern to make my chastity real.

  4. My Mistress likes to see the subs chaste penis the same size as their testicals, she calls it her 'Pawn'ed symbol or 'Porn' shop sign ;-) you know the three balls they hang outside the 'Pawn shops' she is implying that my chastity is in fact the result of having effectively 'Pawned' my penis into her ownership. ;-)
    The other benefit of this design of cage is that it is very comfortable and very secure as you cannot get your penis back in if you ever managed to pull it out. Therefore chastity in this little cage is real for me.

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  5. Well phrased Michelle. I love your explanation and it matches my situation as well concerning the "Why" I want to be locked. I haven't been unlocked more than 24 hours in more than a year and a half even when Ms K/H gives me the key. If I'm out more than 8 hours, I miss being locked and find myself locking back up and ready to surrender the key.
    Part of it could be a willing submissiveness when you're an alpha personality in necessary life or in a high stress situation in necessary life/work and hate it. It's a surrender/relaxation sort of thing for me as well.
    Make no mistake, the urge for an orgasm is certainly there. I want one. I crave an orgasm. However, as Submissive_Michelle explained, the added tension/anxiety/craving adds to my situation when I'm denied the release. In my case it's a keep me from doing what I want to do sort of situation as well.
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  6. Your little cocklette looks so pretty!
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  7. doesn'
    t such a small device hurt a lot when you become aroused?
  8. . Michelle-I love the look of your balls. So prominently displayed, particularly in contrast to the short-caged cock! I admit I'm not really into feminization, but I did break down and order a short cage similar to this. Hope I can get that look. I know my wife/KH would love it, too. Do you do anything special? Any trick to it?
  9. I like to say that my wife/KH finally "took possession" of her legal property, because we were married for many years before getting into chastity. No "pawning" to it, she just took what was rightfully hers.
  10. For me, chastity fulfils a requirement regarding control, subservience and obedience. This became more prominent for me after transition, as having 'pre-op' genitalia frequently is dismissed as problematic within some segments of the community at large. Submitting to a chastity regimen represents that I have come full circle with respect to my transition, acceptance of my 'original plumbing' and the need for submission. I am thankful that I have a partner that understands this, welcomes it and is excited by all of it.

    And, I am in accord with Dr MBogoDr MBogo, my Keyholder, PrincessKPrincessK has merely taken possession of her legal property. I enjoy being routinely reminded of this.
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  11. There are as many different reasons to enjoy being locked as there are individuals. My wife/KH and I just enjoy knowing that she controls my cock and my sex life. We started just a few months ago after being married for many years. Sex had become boring, unsatisfying and infrequent. I happened on an online discussion of male chastity and showed it to her. She reluctantly said yes, and I got a CB6000, locked up and handed her the key.

    That simple act (handing over the key) made an enormous difference in our relationship. We are much closer and intimate more often. We actually have PIV more often now, because her libido has increased so much. I pleasure her orally and/or by hand and/or vibrator almost every night, and she unlocks me once a week or so for PIV. She's usually more anxious to unlock me and get my cock inside her than I am! It's also made me more devoted and submissive to her, although that wasn't really our intention. We have no interest in feminization, other bondage, humiliation, etc, but we don't criticize anyone who wants to do that. No one beyond the two of us has any idea that we participate in this fetish/kink/whatever you want to call it. I go to work everyday(although I can't wear it to work, for reasons I can't go into) and we got out together regularly. We are completely vanilla by all appearances. I lock up every evening when I get home and she unlocks me when I get up in the m morning. On weekends, I come home early on Friday afternoon to put my cage on, and stay locked until Monday morning.

    Since beginning, she's gotten much more enthusiastic. She (without telling me) ordered a belt-type device which I am wearing now, and which is much more comfortable than the CB6000. Just a couple of days ago, we together ordered a short-cage metal device, because the belt is leather and VERY warm/sweaty/hard to clean, and because she liked the idea of my cock being small enough to fit the cage. (She's always thinking of me like that, LOL) We went shopping together for pink panties which I will wear under my regular clothes for "Locktober." As you can probably tell, we love the whole idea of chastity.

    Hope that helps explain why. Good luck
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  12. I have at times a high stress job and as such I find release in submission and my Cross Dressing fetish reduces my masculinity to match the impotence that being kept in enforced chastity ensures. Chastity and orgasm denial controlled by another is what I find relaxes me. Again it is a mind game that I like. After all pleasure is in the mind.

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  13. Thank you for the reply, it is really nice to hear happy accounts of the Chastity lifestyle, you appear t have found the right balance.
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  14. You really have the beat of both worlds, are you going to fully trans or keep your male bits. I have been dressing for a long time and left it too late to "change", but I have debated with myself just how far I would go if I had my time again. I would love to have soft hairless skin, ling hair, breasts...but not too big....a female figure but although I would remove my testicles I would keep my cocklette. But then again if I were a true trans I would want to fully change....I have perhaps just learned something about myself....but personally I find a situation where a gurl looks like a gurl but still has a penis is so sexy and Loos perfect.
  15. Hi Rebecca. Thank you for your response. My position regarding the final step has waxed and waned. I have always harbored concerns about surgery complications and the lengthy recovery time. More importantly, I've been quite satisfied with the results that HRT has produced. As I've always had a thing for chastity, I'm at a point in my life where I can reconcile all of this without taking unnecessary steps.

    It's a good place to be!
  16. i don't know really why I like being cage but i do. i like Mistress telling me what to do.
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  17. I have a few theories why I enjoy being locked in chastity so much.

    First, My wife and I don't seem to have many of the often cited reasons to "justify" chastity: (bad sex life, excessive masturbation, affair, porn problem, staying out drinking, not paying wife enough sexual attention, etc.) This can actually be a "problem" for me, as I have often had trouble finding big advantages of chastity to her- to justify her taking the trouble to "manage" chastity. So, we just try to make it fun, and I initiate often.

    After many years, our sex life has remained frequent and exciting. I suspect my natural kink interests and my love to experiment sexually and her open-mindedness have helped our sex life stay good. And since I've always known I prefer to be submissive sexually, I've always tended to satisfy her first, and for as long as she wants, and learned a long time ago I prefer to have lots of nice feelings over a long time (an hour?) rather than come and have 3 seconds of wild feelings. (I definitely enjoy tease & denial).

    So why do I love being in chastity?
    1. Enjoy being sexually submissive: I think a lot of it ties into my being authentically submissive, especially in bed, and I find it really hot! So chastity is a very dramatic and tangible way of expressing and experiencing that. It feels exciting and real for me. It is frustrating, taboo, and feels very authentic for me.

    2. Society gender roles are too rigid for me. In many ways society tries to push us into a clear male- female binary. I am very happy being male, and love many adventurous and exciting activities that many "typical males" are attracted to (and fewer females, for some reason). Yet, in business I have a lot of strengths that many associate with typical feminine characteristics: Like facilitating complex discussions, and getting full participation from a group, and encouraging lots of creativity and delaying the tendency to "Just make a decision fast and get to action". I am gentle and sensitive. Anyway, I hate being pushed / forced into a super "Male" gender binary. So being in chastity or wearing some feminine stuff makes me feel more authentic and "non-conforming".

    I notice a lot of posters saying they have "alpha male traits". Are they trying to reassure himself that they conform to some gender binary? But they want to offset that or balance that? If you ARE "performing/ acting" like an alpha male and really are not that, then it seems you would have some balancing to do! Maybe like some super macho movie drill sergeant who is acting out to prove he's so "super male" but turns out he's trying to hide the fact that he's gay. NOTHING wrong with being gay!! But if we try to hide who we are, that must be stressful!.

    Back to me: I don't think I have many "alpha male personality traits", nor do I act that way. I just try to be authentic, be useful, be respectable, be kind, etc..........

    3. Kink and BDSM: I am not saying any of your are kinky or not! But I know I am. I have always loved bondage. I find it fun and fascinating. Later I discovered how fun Dominance & Submission play can be with my wife. When we married I knew we were a bit different in that we both felt we should always be "totally equal" in all respects in our marriage. Years later I realized I was very attracted to her strength/ dominance/ stubbornness?, and often enjoyed her to be in charge. I didn't know I wanted that at the beginning. Anyway, D/S play has been very fun, and finally S&M became an interesting spice to emphasize the D/ S & bondage. Finally, CHASTITY! Talk about bondage!! It's putting one of your most sensitive parts into bondage for as long as you want, even in public, even while doing chores or exercising. So for me it dovetails into my life-long enjoyment of bondage. And clearly it can support any interest in Dominance & submission also.

    Sorry for a long post, but I find chastity supports, fulfills, or dramatises my enjoyment and interest of these things.

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  18. great response, its amazing just how different we all are.
  19. My wife and I were at the gynecologist earlier in the week. One of the questions on the form had to do with sexual relations. My wife must have left it blank as we don't have PIV sex. So the doctor asked her about it, as I sat there locked in my cage. My wife's answer was well, no. Then the doctor asked, "this is your husband?" I twitched in my cage. I'm not sure what the doctor was thinking or imagined, but I didn't feel like we didn't have sex.

    As Rebeccacd said, "we are all different," in our reasons for liking to be caged, and I feel like I get lots of sex even though I'm kept locked in a cage. It just isn't the garden variety PIV.
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