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Discussion in 'Book and movie reviews' started by Mistress Watchful, Jun 24, 2008.

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    Finally... as promised... my review:

    Handbag sized book, 112 pages, easy to read, cartoon illustrations. Could be read in about an hour and a half.

    Blurb: Fed up with cowering in the corner while people around you are achieving their goals? Is your relationship with the man in your life as fulfilling and enriching as it should be? Do you want to take charge of your career, your home, your finances, your life?

    When you need inspiration to take hold of your life, start with Whip Your Life into Shape. This sassy and saucy guide reveals how you can apply the Dominatrix Principles to every aspect of your life. Real-life dominatrices have spent their lives learning how to get what they want now they tell you how to do the same.

    From bedroom to boardroom, get ready because youre about to transform your life to one where you call the shots!

    As you may deduce from the books Blurb, this isnt a Mistress Manual or kinky in any way, shape or form.

    I think you would need to be mid to late thirties or younger to appreciate the humour, its a bit crass at times, very Sex and the City and Cosmopolitan style.

    The low down:

    Taking Control Of You
    Works on self belief, control and confidence. The book encourages you to create a mental image of the woman you want to be. (Sounds a bit hippy, but works and gives you focus!) Learning to say no something very difficult for women who are born pleasers. Getting rid of negatives negative friends and things you dont like which wear you down.

    Taking Control of Others
    A bit of friend time management and how to deal with those who steal time, steal attention, and steal confidence. It encourages you to purge those friends who are constantly asking you to do errands, etc, avoid those who are over-the-top embarrassing in public and steer clear of those who love to boost their confidence by destroying yours.
    In the section on your partner it advised you do housework together, it can be fun!!!! (No lets go find a sissy to do it!)

    Taking Control of Love
    How to find your perfect man, avoid STDs and not say love too early. Also a section on how to deal with a relationship ending. I didnt rate this section much, maybe because I already have a partner with whom Im besotted!

    Taking Control of Your Life
    Probably my favourite section. Again, contains time management and clearing out the debris that are your bad habits, with a section on being in control at work.

    My favourite quote from the whole book went along the lines of If you try something you have 50% chance of success. If you dont try it, you have 100% chance of failure That really struck a chord with me.

    On the whole Im not sure this would encourage a woman into a kinkier lifestyle or into chastity, but I do think if you are a woman like me who wants to find and release her inner Domme and needs a confidence boost, then its a great book, easy to read and fun.
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    Thanks so much!

    It's already on our wants list.. still have to keep wanting for a little while though :mad:
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