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Where to get please

Discussion in 'The Mall (Devices)' started by lockedsteve, Sep 7, 2017.

  1. looks to be custom 3D printed ... where did you find the images?
  2. I just saved the images as a screen dump and did not book mark the place there were Duh Dummy I know!
  3. I tried a google search for them ... but no luck
  4. I have looked for weeks i wouldn't know what to type into google but certainly have tried all the usual words.
  5. ooo in case you did not know ... I meant I used the image it self to try finding it ... and I just used yandax and 2 others ... no luck ... so your only hopes are 1) try using text to describe it and hope you can find it (but obviously the images them selves are NOT indexed) 2) if you can remember the date (maybe the images are date from the day you downloaded them) then you can look at your browser history for that day and see if you can find them
  6. Oh WoW , I am going to try and find this too, that looks awesome and perfect
  7. Hi There thanks for getting back to me Lovely Shoes by the way i know some one who would fall in love with those lololol I have found the original images and post but the person who made it does not want to share so looks like im not going to be able to get one unless we know some one clever with a 3 d printer etc.
  8. If the person is willing to share / sell the 3D fie (usually an stl file) then you can easily send it to be printed many places ... but that would be printed at the size he designed ... you can have the place that printed it scale it up or down, but simple scale resizing does not always work well.

    But if the person is willing to share the file, I'm sure with a little patience you could work out the rest.

    You could also encourage them to post the file to https://www.shapeways.com and then anyone here at Chastity mansion that is interested could then have the possibility to get one.
  9. There not willing to share :-(