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Where is everyone from? / Where are you?

Discussion in 'Off topic discussions' started by cnlh, Jun 28, 2014.

  1. Broward County, Florida....anybody out there nearby? anyone???
  2. HI everyone we are in Finland nearby Arctic circle only about 300km from south to that. We have very nice summer and winter is not so nice when is cold it's really cold like -30 celsius
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  3. Pennsylvania
  4. Delaware here......
  5. I'm from Rhode Island
  6. I'm from The Hague, the Netherlands, Europe.
  7. I'm keyholderless in Seattle
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  8. I didn't write much when I joined 2 years ago,
    I'm in Calgary Alberta Canada .
    This is Nov.26 2017,and I'm just getting back to this site .
    I have been getting more into chastity ,and have been wearing my jailbird,with out a break for well over a month.
    My Queen who live on the other side of town is my Owner, She is the one who put those cable marks on my butt in my avatar.
    The more I go without an O, the more I want to be under her control.
    I think after about 4 years of on and off seeing her , I'm ready to be owned totally.
    Today as I cleaned her house naked while only wearing thigh high stayup mesh nylons , I asked her to photograph me .
    I'd been photographed by her before , like in my avatar, you could not identify me .
    Today I stood smiling facing her camera, I asked her to photograph me in a few other positions , like as I vacuumed ,and did the dishes, each time facing the camera.
    I mentioned to her that I was ready to be her sissy bitch,and she would now own me , and the photos were for her to expose me if I ever dipleased her.
    I'm still wound up from the exotic excitement.
    Once I come back to reality I'll hate mysaelf and her too,maybe.
  9. Im from Napier, New Zealand.
  10. Delaware not to far from Philadelphia, PA.
    BTW first post
  11. Las Vegas


    Hello, Fellow Las Vegan
  12. San Francisco Bay Area, California
  13. Alberta, Canada
  14. Warsaw, Poland.
  15. Im from the southern part of Germany
  16. Still in Tampa Bay.....
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  17. central Texas
  18. Currently living near Madison, Wisconsin. If anyone is from the area, I'd love to talk
  19. Safely locked up in England!
  20. Queenstown, New Zealand.

    Kia ora!
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  21. My Goddess and me are from Germany
  22. Hello: I am happily locked away in a new very small, very tight, chastity cage in Ontario Canada with only 4 days until the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year. PS The avitar picture above that timeupalso uses looks very much like my new Chinese knock off, which is the smallest I have been squeezed and locked into. But today I'm feeling very secure and happily controlled! :) :) :) Best wishes of the season to all of you!
  23. Broken Arrow, Oklahoma