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Where is everyone from? / Where are you?

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by cnlh, Jun 28, 2014.

  1. todd,Texas is almost 1000 miles across
  2. Colorado
    locked for about 5 years
    pierced/locked 2 years
    this has made us VERY close and is amazing as a cure for boring and ambiguous life...
  3. Virginia is 330 miles from the TN in the southwest to the WV line where VA, WV and MD come together. It's a long trip within one state. I can't imagine driving the western states that are hundreds of miles more than our 300+. The few times I've done any exploring in CA and Texas it was a real eye opener to get a feel of the distance as maps made things seem closer than they are.
  4. Hawaii...anyone else from here?
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  6. hello
  7. Southeastern Mass. :p
  8. Northern Virginia!
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  9. I'm from the UK, Scotland actually
  10. Hello, I am from Scotland..