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Where is everyone from? / Where are you?

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by cnlh, Jun 28, 2014.

  1. Wife and I are from HAmpton roads area Virginia.

    Currently unlocked atm but hey I just came off a 57 day stretch for my wife and will soon be going into a 34 day stretch in honor of my friends 34th bday and she will be my KH
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  2. Locked up in Lithuania
  3. Great state of New Jersey (northern). my Keyholder lives in central New Jersey, about an hour away from me.
  4. South Dakota :) anyone else anywhere close?
  5. Chattanooga TN
  6. Los Angeles, CA.
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  7. We are from the cornfields south of chicago.
  8. Admit that I didn't take the great amount of time to read every answer, but mine to the question "where are you?" strangely is: I'm at home!:D
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  9. Ook Holland hier! Amersfoort!
  10. Foley, Alabama. My wife is my KH
  11. I am located in the Triad region of North Carolina.
  12. hi...we are from Santiago, Chile, South America

    hugs for all
  13. From Michigan!! Anyone near me? I'd love to meet up with someone.
  14. Iran. Tehran
  15. Arizona... I would love to talk to some one local in my area
  16. Edmonton AB, Canada. home everyone's having a great day!
  17. New Braunfels, Texas
  18. Nice to see another Virginian here even if you're across the state!
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  19. Sunny Florida.
  20. Upstate New York where were are getting pounded with snow at the moment. About 20 inches on the ground and the wind is howling like a force chaste virgin!
  21. It's 72 degrees here in the great state of Texas. :cool:
  22. BTW: I love your signature line! :)

    Have a kinky day! :)
  23. Thanks
    Thanks Bob