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Whats you fantasy?

Discussion in 'The Play Room' started by Gward, Dec 18, 2016.

  1. This is my fantasy.
    I already have both nipples and a navel piercing. I'd love a PA. I'd like to be caged for however long appeals to my wife. I'd like her to take on a dominant role. I already wear panties and the thought of my cock caged and my ass plugged in sexy pink panties waking in town is a massive turn on.
    I'd like her to tell one of her friends about my feminine side and for them both to humiliate me and take turns to fuck me with big strap ons. I fantasise about being forced to have a big girly tattoo.
  2. My goal, fantasy if you will, is to be a chastised service sub for a 30 trial run. Butler, chauffeur, etc. Running errands, cleaning the house, mowing the yard, laundry, whatever to make my Mistresses life easier. Preferably nude except for my cock-cage, as a symble of my place. Perhaps at the end of the day it would be more personal, providing a foot or full body massage, manicure, pedicure, running her bath, etc. Perhaps being her chauffeur as she hits the town on a Saturday night with her girlfriends. She might even bring a man, or women, home and I would help with any sexual activities, fluffing, oral servitude for enhanced pleasure, orally consuming post orgasm.
  3. This is taken from a previous thread on here about fetishes, but it pretty much sums it up for me...

    "Over the years, I've felt comfortable enough to be able to confide in both my best friend and my sister about my submissive side and my bondage and chastity fetishes. However, I don't think there would be any possibility of ever confiding in anyone other than on this forum about the other, more specific, deeper, 'darker' fantasies I have and would one day like to actively take part in.

    Things like bondage/femdom/CP etc are almost on the verge of being mainstream these days. Maybe the whole '50 Shades' thing has made it 'cool' for some people.

    However, I can't imagine ever admitting to anyone that I would like to be kept in permanent chastity as a 24/7 cuckolded sissymaid, spanked, caned etc for the smallest infraction or just for my Mistresses pleasure, made to perform cleanup duties, 'forced' cocksucking, constantly belittled verbally by my Mistress and her lover(s), given a female name, referred to as 'her' and 'she', made to serve at gatherings where males and females enjoy each other sexually and I am available for anyone to use sexually (mouth and bumhole only of course, penis always locked) to have my penis always referred to as a clit, clitty, peanut, babydick etc.. constantly teased about my predicament, how long it is since I've come, the whole mock pity thing- "Poor baby, does your poor little clitty want get hard?" etc..".
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  4. Mine kind of happened when I was in my first long term relationship many years ago now.
    My girlfriend and I lived together and she was a very attractive woman who loved flirting which I actually liked! I suppose I was secretly wanting her to take a lover and after we had been together for a few years she got to know this girl who was a real wild child and they both went out a lot. The sex for us had almost dried up and I was playing with myslef far too much! I think she wanted sex more than I could supply! Sarah her wild friend told me my girlfriend was shagging a guy but it was purely sex and nothing more! My girlfriend never mentioned it and neither did I! All rather strange but thena few moths later I was ill at work and I came home. This was in the 80s and we did not have a phone let alone a mobile phone! I walked in the door and my wife was fast asleep and drunk! She had slept with some guy and was not that upset about it! We slpit up not long after that but I could not get her out of my head for years as I in truth wanted it to carry on as it was! So I was a cuckold to a degree!
  5. I wouldn't call this a fantasy, but I guess it is as finding it is so hard. I say it as it would be my ultimate relationship.

    I'd love to be the sub of a bi couple. My lock ups would be extended until I'm only released for cleaning, inspection, shaving, etc.

    I'd get my PA, scrotal and penis ladders and nipples pierced. The only sex I'd get would be receiving mistresses strap on, masters cock and anyone they have me service. And of course oral service to who I'm instructed.

    The only release I'd have would be via milking.

    As I was getting close in my last relationship, this is so frustrating. But I hope one day it becomes a reality. And yes I'm hoping to suffer the curse of being careful what you wish for.
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  6. My current fantasy ;

    Being caged ...of course. Tied to the bed by my gorgeous wife. Gagged and blindfolded using her tights and stockings. She then leaves me for about half an hour. Eventually she comes back in the room leaving me gagged and blindfolded . I can hear her with a man who fucks her, licks her and she sucks his cock. They are near me and I can hear it all. Every now and again she comes close and tells me exactly what's happening while my cock is bulging to get out.
    Eventually I'm untied. She sits in a chair wearing black stockings , heels and nothing else. She makes me kneel down while I suck the man off and he comes in my mouth while she watches.
    I'm then unclocked and the man stands behind me and wanks me off while she watches.
  7. You are unique
  8. my fantasy would be to serve my wife and her black lover as a maid, he would bring his wife or sister to be in charge of me while they did not need me to fluff or clean.. then i would be dressed as a pet and caged for the nite while i had to listen to them have sex all nite long...
  9. To be abducted and kept bound as a sexual plaything in some beautiful girl's hidden room/dungeon and then teased and tortured mercilessly without ever being allowed to cum.
    @n2toys@n2toys pretty much brings this to reality as much as She can within reason and our real daily lives - at least on Saturday Nights... :D