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Whats you fantasy?

Discussion in 'The Play Room' started by Gward, Dec 18, 2016.

  1. I'm curious to find out what other peoples fantasy or fantasy's are. I'll start of with one of my own to get the the ball going.
    I'm not sure if this is the right section for this so if not sorry.

    So for me my biggest fantasy has to be going on a long weekend trip to the Italian alps when there is a lot of snow. Being locked up and plugged and making sure that my partner is happy. I especially like the idea of him making me go outside in the snow and strip down. Letting him fuck me like crazy out in the cold. Where he takes me right to the edge of cumming everywhere and then just stops fucking me, over and over again. He doesn't let me cum for the hole of our trip and he makes sure that my ass is plugged when he is not using it.

    We do own a butt plug which he can control the vibrations with from his phone. Which is very fun however we have not used it a lot sadly.

    I'm thinking about writing a story about my Alps fantasy in the library. Just curious if anyone wold be interested in reading it?
  2. I have lived out all of my sexual fantasies. I am the type of person who likes to bend life to my needs. Most times that works, but not all the time. My wife shared me with her hot girlfriend who lived with us for most of our marriage. We had a few thousand threesomes as a result. I wife swapped and swung. I had sex with up to 5 girls at a time. Did the sex on the beach and back of the limo thing. Did sex in public where we might get caught. I dated other women even though I had two waiting for me at home. My main fantasy was always S&M and just so happens that my wife's girlfriend who shared me with her, is the girl who got me into S&M so we did everything the both of us wanted to do.

    I have been a cuckold and a bull, 25 years cuckolding one husband. My biggest fantasy was what I saw in a few movies where a guy is on a train in a foreign country and meets a mysterious woman on the train and they have sex. Once I did that. It was a train with a beautiful older woman in a private compartment who asked me to join her. We did not have sex on the train but she called me up to take me to dinner and then to her flat in London. She just found out that her husband was dating a younger women and I was to be her revenge sex. It has always amazed me what things women will do as revenge. So that is it for me. I forgot, I even had sex with two males in my younger days. I seem to not only attract women but gay men too. I am not attracted to men but am attracted to new sexual experiences.
  3. My fantasy would be months of continuous chastity . It would consistently of constant tease and denial. I would be expected to wear only panties and my cage at all times . I would receive no orgasoms only ruined ones and edging and only to relock with no orgasom. My wife would be constantly be reminding me of how she is getting so used to me being locked and how much better it is . She would tease me about the wet spots in my panties and remind me to use a panty liner to keep from making a mess. She would walk around the house in only panties and a bra if anything at all constantly teasing about how g[d it would to feel to be inside her but that she isn't ready for penetration yet and may never be again . It making me leaking just thinking about it !!
  4. I would like to get caught using chastity by cute girl and after that she would take control of keys. Like in mall, storeclerk come to ask if the fit is good and then asking "What is that in your pants?" Sorry if my english is bad but it is not my native language. :p
  5. my first Fantasy was to be locked in the cage for a weekend and only allowed to wear the cage and a bow tie and serve drinks and such to my wifes friends at a small party...well my beautiful wife made that happen for me. so My new fantasy is to have my wife lock me in the cage and have her and several friends hook a leash to the cage and take me on some daring public walks!
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  6. I have so many fantasies that it's hard to pick one. I guess at this point it's for this new "chastity thing" to continue to evolve into a full blown FLR and eventually have my wife realize how useless my penis is to her, but her desire for a good fucking leads her to cuckold me. I think it would be so hot to watch her have sex with a man with a big dick while being locked in chastity and wearing nothing but panties. A close second would be similar to what wastlander2002 experienced in serving my wife and her friends, but I'd prefer to be in a revealing maids outfit.
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  7. I've heard people say that they have lived all there sexual experiences before and never believed it. But after reading a lot here at the Mansion. Vinny I totally believe you and are envious of you. You are a very interesting person
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  8. I have many fantasies some are much more detailed than others.
    One very simple one is to have my Wife/Mistress order me to kneel down in front of some man and give him a Blowjob while she watches. I have never given what I enjoy receiving so much.
  9. My desire for chastity has more to do with the symbolism of ownership and control by my wife. I think these are common themes but here are a few things I fantasize about:

    1. going to a clothing-optional beach where I am wearing just my Jailbird but my wife is wearing her full swimsuit.

    2. Having my wife come home from shopping with a friend while I am cleaning house. She has me drop my pants and show her friend my cage and then I serve them both drinks before continuing to clean while they relax and talk.

    3. I am doing the dishes wearing a maids uniform and only my cage on under it. My wife comes home and then comes up behind me, lifts my maid skirt and fucks me with a strap-on right there bend over the kitchen sink.
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  10. That pretty much sums it up for me. Been locked for 3 months so far no end in sight
  11. hmmm if its something more achiveable it would be being a sex slave for several mistresses while being kept chaste in chastity cage that would only be allowed to be removed for cleaning and maintenance purposes.

    My ultimate fantasy thats prob will just remain a fantasy would be to turn into a pretty woman like in the movie The Skin I Live In
  12. I am a worthless, beta submale with a tiny boy-clit and small sensitive nipples and balls. I don't expect to ever have my tiny boy-clit inside a woman, again. I am useful only as a fluffer, as a cum-rag, whipping boy, and for giving women and real men oral attention on demand.

    My fantasy is to pay for the services of a dominatrix. Not for myself to enjoy. I am not anywhere near worthy. No, I wish instead to pay for the services of a dominatrix to have sex with a real man while I am present. I would only be a prop to be used or neglected at the dominatrix's whim.

    I would be locked in steel chastity for at least three months prior to the session and for the entire duration of the session. I wouldn't even have the key with me for the session.

    My tongue would be available for use on demand, wherever my dominatrix wishes it to be used. There is no part of her body off limits from the souls of her feet to her puckered asshole to her heavenly vagina. And if my mistress wishes me to use my tongue on her lover instead, than that would be my duty. I go into this having never have tasted a real man's cock before.

    Similarly, my asshole, or boy-pussy, is also available for use at my mistress's discretion. Either by her via a strap-on dildo or by her lover. Although I have been fucked by a strap on before, I have never been fucked by a real man.

    If my mistress is feeling sadistic, all instruments of torment are available to satisfy her desires. She may whip or spank me, squeeze my small sensitive balls, apply clamps anywhere she desires including my tender nipples, or anything else she desires.

    If my mistress desires nothing from me, than I will just stand in the corner for the entirety of the session. Turned away from her if that is her desire.

    During her lovemaking, I will be available to perform in any desired capacity. I may be ordered to orally service her or her lover during the act, offer encouragement, or hold her hair or legs if asked.

    I would be expected to consume any and all cum from anywhere it my appear, immediately. Including from my mistress's vagina or asshole and including directly from her lover's real cock. I would also be expected to consume my own cum if I were allowed and able to achieve a caged orgasm. I would do this immediately as well.

    Upon completion of the session, I would simply leave.
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  13. I fantasize about being the sub to a couple.
    I'd be kept in chastity, and my only relief would be prostrate milking, pegging and receiving the real thing.
    Otherwise I'd be used as they see fit. Mostly for fluffing, cleanup, and by him when he's horny and she doesn't feel like it.

    What's so funny is I've actually come close to this happening but distance was a problem. So who knows.

    Fantasies aside. I'm just hoping to find someone or a couple who is looking for a submissive guy.
  14. I fantasize about being my partner's secret slave. We're both working professionals, and she keeps me locked up in secret. She texts me to send pictures of my cage to her. On weekends, she fucks me with her strapon. She lets me fuck her too, but only with the strapon - my cock stays locked. Occassonally, I get spanked, hard. I cook, I clean... I am the good, obedient housewife to my beautiful wife, and she fucks me like a slut for it.
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  15. HI Quietsev apart from the texting and sending pictures and locked up in secret parts the rest sounds like my real life with my Mistress , be careful what you wish for it does sometimes become reality , have fun
  16. *some* of my fantasies stay in the realm of reality lol
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  17. I have found my fantasy life has dwindled since starting all of this. Not that my drive has gone down, far from it, but my reality is pretty intense.

    Plus, one of my things I used to do to get to sleep was to create elaborate fantasies until I nodded off. Like counting sheep, it never really had to end, and was a great way to spend the last waking moments of the day. Once caged, it was counterproductive to say the least. It turned into creating pain and frustration, both not good for falling asleep.

    Mostly fantasy life revolves around things that have happened, going over them in my mind, or exploring things that could happen. I rarely think of things that have 0 chance of happening.
  18. I'd love to be locked up by my wife long term while she uses me again and again to lick her delicious pussy to orgasm. Sitting on my face, Queening me to her heart's contentment whilst teasing me with the possibility of release only to deny me as she rises to another orgasm.

    Currently I'm in a ball trap device but would gladly get a PA or a frenum piercing to please my goddess and make it possible to get a more secure device for very long term enforcement of her will.
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    My fantasy is for the Mansion to work at a normal speed and not having to wait an eternity for the selected page to appear. It's dreadful again tonight.
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  20. My fantasy - Wearing a mid thigh summer skirt being locked in panties - My wife walking around in loose sweatpants and flannel skirt. Inside the sweatpants would be a strap-on - She would have suck it anytime or walk up behind me fondle my panties under my skirt. Have me straddle her in the back yard on a chair or blanket. Or she could bend me over the sofa and flip up my skirt and pull my panties down. She would bang me till she orgasmed or got tired.
    I would after get her a full body massage as a thank you
    Yes just typing this made me drip in my cage.
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  21. My fantasy is...

    For my wife to take me, while locked, to one of the 'not so main stream' strip clubs, where there tends to be less rules.
    Have a dancer or two give me private dances as she supervises and tells them about me being locked and that they can tease all they want as long as I don't cum.

    I think it would be humiliating and exciting all at the same time knowing that KH was there to supervise and watch me be teased by someone who's only goal was to make me as excited as possible with no chance of release. And knowing that the dancers would be talking among themselves and telling each other the situation.

    I would assume that a dancer in that position would be determined to push me to my absolute limits. And my KH would be very pleased to know that she had me locked and that I was at her mercy.

    Yes, through my 20's and early 30's, strip clubs were a very frequent trip for me so this probably has something to do with this fantasy. Haha
  22. My fantasy is for my wife to bring the one friend who found out i was my wife's bitch. It happened one night while they were out having drinks and i texted a picture of my little dick in my cage and in her pink panties as my wife had ordered when she left. She only opened the text once at the restaurant and her friend saw it. My wife told me but her friend just said "Good for you, that's what they deserve".

    Anyway, i would love for my Wife to bring her friend home once and order me to strip naked and have me be their maid/butler/slave/toy for a week end.
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  23. I’ve never been asked before! :) Finding this website has made me feel normal and relaxed with my own feelings. Feelings which are now developing and changing for the first time that I can remember. This isn’t very chastity orientated but I hope that’s OK and somebody enjoys reading it!

    I’d be tuned into a rubber sex doll for a fetish party and would be dressed in a one piece latex catsuit. I’d also be laced into a really severe corset and neck posture collar with straps fitted between the two. The corset would attach to a full harness to keep my cock flat and restrained and for further humiliation I’d be fitted with a catheter and bag. I’d also be fitted with a large hollow plug to keep my ass ready for use by anybody and an inflatable plug provided for other times. I’d wear a thick rubber hood with a gasmask built in, complete with rebreathing bag and valves to allow for play, and laced up the back. My nipples would poked though reinforced holes in the latex and clamps would be hung from my collar to allow people to play. Everything would be padlocked on and only removed once everybody had gone home.
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  24. I want to be locked and tied to a chair and watch a sub female submit to my wife/mistress. Then I'm forced to to give pleasure to both of them orally till each of them have had at least 1 orgasm. Then they both have their way with me with Strap-ons till I have first prostate orgasm will being used.
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  25. My fantasy is to by leashed by balls/genitalia by my KH. The collar should be equipped with some sort of spikes or electric training device for her to inflict pain on demand. She would use it either as a means to force something or for her own delight.
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