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Whats the deal with eating cum?

Discussion in 'The Medical Suite' started by KaelDB, Aug 9, 2016.

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    I like it. That I get to eat it doesnt in any way put me in charge. It just means that we're having fun.

    That Wonderful will occasionally top me in various ways doesnt mean that she's a Domme, but she does have dominant tnedancies here and there, just as I have submissive ones - here and there.

    My point is that unlike Vinnie's assertion that Sub's must never 'be in charge' I tend to think that it's ok to just have fun, and to do what you like, without it having to 'mean' things.
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  2. Really random, but I started eating my cum naturally as I began masturbating. For me it was simply a yummy way to end playtime lol. I've never equated eating one's own cum with inclinations in sexuality or submissiveness. But that just me
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  3. I only like to do it if it's from my wife's pussy but she has only let me do 1 time . As long as it has to do with getting to eat her pussy I will do just about anything .
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  4. I never had any desire for it before chastity. Then the longer I've been kept chaste and reading about all the others that do it I found the thought of it to be a major turn on. I'd made comments on wanting to do it in a couple of my blog entries that my mistress reads. A couple of times I sheepishly brought it up to her to try but it was the timing was wrong because she was never wanting sex the times that I brought it up. It's not exactly her cup of tea but when the moment is right she open to many ideas. A few nights ago she let me indulge in this submissive pleasure. We had some very dirty playtime where I was allowed to cum twice. The second time I came was on her breasts and the way we ended the night was her bringing herself to orgasm with her magic wand while I licked my cum off her tits. It was so hot and I am dying to do it again. My ultimate desire is for her to feed it to me out of her pussy but she doesn't use birth control and rarely allows me PIV anymore so we'll see what happens in the future. But now that I've done it, I'm hooked and want her to have me do that every time!
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  5. I explored, trained myself to get used to it - only took a couple of times. So now, sometimes I eat, sometimes not. It is not a big deal for me.
  6. Thats cruel and so hot at the same time.. i wonder though, would viewing this site and getting aroused constitute looking at porn?
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  7. I had such an episode on Saturday after a wedding in New York. I got pretty drunk and we went back to the hotel and made love with the windows open and it was thrilling. Well, it was awesome and my wife was loving that the windows were open but as i stated, I was drunk and forgot that I was not supposed to cum. Wel........Cum I did and then it was so powerful that I fell off the bed and lay on the ground for a few minutes.

    My wife had other ideas. She straddled over me and sank her cum filled pussy down onto my face and told me to start licking. I didn't hesitate and just as I was starting to get into it she stood up and walked away leaving me with cum on my face and wanted more. I got up and tried to give her a kiss and she got all pissed off at me. I didn't realize that I had cum in my beard and she was disgusted with me and told me to shower.

    We had a little disagreement about the whole affair and I know I was wrong. But she insisted that she was mean to me and rode me to another orgasm in the morning. Then she told me this morning that it will be another month before it happens again. I hope so!

    She is just starting to feel comfortable with me eating it. IT is a huge turn on when I think about doing it and after I have done it I am even more turned on than before. But like just about every man here with exception to a few I always want to chicken out and this time she gave me no choice. I only wish I could have licked her clean and to another orgasm herself..
  8. I don't particularly enjoy it. After an orgasm I will try to wiggle out of it.

    I do realize that it is an act of submission and humbles me into getting me back into subbie mode at a very high pace. For me it's not just doing it, it's her telling me to do it. Her giving me an order, an order I don't really want to do, and doing it in spite. Once told, I submit, and it's a fast track back to subbie ville.

    I don't have the same reluctance with ruined orgasms, I am still filled to the brim with high octane subspace. The same subspace that allows paddlings and a willingness to do anything.

    She was not that into it, but after seeing so much of it on Tumblr and the pics sent back and forth it was decided that I should. Ruined orgasms she wipes them up with her fingers and lovingly gives it to me. When it's a full orgasm...well I still try to wiggle out of it, but if she doesn't let me, and tells me to do it, it does get me in a right frame of mind quickly, which I think she has picked up on.

    I don't think it turns her on, but I think the fact that she can control me and impose her will does.
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  9. My wife has made me do it for years, actually she decided that any release would be recycled. When I am milked now, I do it without hesitation. I still hate the taste (smoker and drinker) but I do it. I used to try and wiggle out of it, and years ago she would let me. But no longer, she loves the humiliation it causes me. Telling me how pathetic I am doing such a degrading thing. She likes to video it on her phone and shows me all the time how pathetic it is. Sometimes she collects my milking and freezes them. I get to see the cup everyday in the freezer for months, knowing it will be in my mouth one day. I still fantasize about eating it, but still hate it when I have to do it. Been at least five years now, eating ever single drop. And I still despise it.
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  10. I sucked and licked every bit of my cum out of my wife's pussy this morning. It was so hot and erotic. I didn't make her cum during sex and wanted her to. I didn't say anything , I just slid down and started licking she said what are you doing that's gross. I just kept going until she started moaning and soon had an orgasom. I told her I wanted to make it an everytime occurrence she just said your so weird. I love her so much !!
  11. Sometimes you just have to take matters (your kinks) into your own hands!! Well done buddy! It's even more of a turn on afterwards when you think about it and can still taste it in the back of your throat. Then you know you got a good dose of it! :)

    I actually had a dream this morning that my wife scooped up a ruined orgasm she forced upon me the other day and put it in my mouth. I remember thinking it was salty but couldn't get enough of it. It jus occurred to me why I am feeling so subby and horny this morning....maybe it was that dream!
  12. I've been eating my own cum since I was 12-13. I just think its delicious. Almost like a reward after a reward. Also saves on tissue :)
  13. I have to agree, I expect any boy that makes a mess to clean it up. Including my husband.
  14. Hopefully one day my Mistress/wife will share your thoughts and feelings on it!
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  15. What man has not enjoyed a good blowjob followed by cumimg in his wife or lovers mouth. When I submitted to being locked up and having my wife control my erections and orgasms my penis became her Property to do with as she pleases, that's what submission is giving your self to someone else's control. I do not enjoy eating my own cum but if ordered to do it I don't hesitate to obey. To risk continual pleasure and enjoyment of being submissive to my wife because of a few minutes of a bad taste in my mouth isn't worth not eating it.
    Just before Christmas we were at a fancy restaurant after ordering our meals my wife handed me the key and a small container and said " go to the restroom and get your salad dressing " I followed her orders and was rewarded that night at home with a mind blowing Blowjob. Show you love and comittment and lick it up
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  16. My ex-wife loved giving blowjobs, but hated having to eat the cum. Every time I came in her mouth she would immediately kiss me after, and force it back into mine, holding her lips on mine until I swallowed. I got used to it after a while, and if that was the cost of cumming in her mouth, then it wasn't that bad a deal. I generally clean up my messes now, except the rare times I'm uncaged in the shower.
  17. It's just a matter of kink flavor (pun intended:)) this is going to mostly be a male fantasy that stems from humiliation would be my guess. I think many of us locked up enjoy that kind of humiliation, wearing the cock cage in its self can be humiliating to a degree but we do it because we like it just like eating cum, licking her boots etc... My wife will not eat cum, very, very early in our relationship she was giving me a blowjob and I came in her mouth. I didn't warn her or anything I just did it. She was super pissed and got so so mad, I quickly back peddled saying I couldn't control it. Anyway my wife finds it disgusting and doesnt want to feed it me because the thought of it being eaten in front of her she finds gross like someone eating snot.

    Now if you were to find a woman that doesn't mind or actually enjoys swallowing and ask her to be a KH, I would imagine she would be more apt to make her man eat his own cum because she likes it and would probably get enjoyment out of seeing that or perhaps snowballing with her man. For me it's my fantasy and then when I finally do cum it's not my fantasy any longer lol. There was one time recently where I was left unlocked and unattended and I gave my self an RO with the intentions of eating my own cum which I did. It didn't taste very good at all, but what I did like was the after taste in my mouth because it made me feel so dirty and the only thing that would top that would be my mistress feeding it to me. So yes, for me it's purely humiliation and I crave that feeling. Then again you find some women who are completely indifferent and do it purely for their male partners enjoyment.

    No matter what the female motive is for cum feeding I think it does have a profound psychological effect of the chaste male and realistically if the sub is made to eat it every time he's allowed a release it would have more of a positive impact on his submissive behavior in my opinion.
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  18. When I'm leaking really bad and haven't cum in a few days I cam flex my pelvic floor muscles and produce small amounts of cum . I like to squeeze it out onto my panty crotch and lick it off . Sometimes when we are in a meeting at work I will do it and let it build up in my panties it's so hot to have sticky wet panties and no one else has a clue !! After the morning I had I'm sure it will be taking place today!! I love eating my cum it makes me feel so slutty !!
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  19. The whole process of cleaning up for me began long before chastity or a FLR started, closer to 10 years ago Would have PIV with my wife, we would both have an orgasm together, and then I would go down on her to give her another. At first she was not comfortable with this at all, but I would push myself down there and give her another O just the same. After about 6 to 12 months of this, she learned that cleaning up my mess didn't bother me at all, and she knew there would be a reward for her if she could get past her initial discomfort. No kissing allowed immediately after this event though. lol... I have always shown a very submissive passion to my wife, and now KH, even from the start of our relationship. We have only been trying chastity and FLR since Aug.2016. However, she will not participate in any other form of "feeding" me, although I have suggested it to her from time to time and she is well aware of other scenarios. I am very thankful for what I am able to share with her all the same.
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  20. I do not consider wearing a cage to be humiliation. In fact, I kinda like having that cage on at night. I sleep much better.
  21. Same for me, I don´t like to eat just after a cum, but milked it´s ok. They only thing I like is the humiliation about it!
  22. how are you guys able to get over the feeeling of revulsion right after the orgasms?
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  23. I've never had the "revulsion" as long as I'm eating it out of a woman. I started doing it when I was 19, and although it doesn't always taste all that good, I want it as much as I can get it. I enjoy getting kissed with a mouthful after a blowjob, too, but I haven't had one for many years.
  24. I love the total submissiveness I feel while I do it. Anything from licking it off the floor to cum directly into my mouth. I love the absolute submission it shows
  25. My mistress loves the humiliating aspect of me eating cum. Any time I get a release or a milking, it is automatically recycled. She makes sure I like up every drop before putting the cage back on. I am also required to clean up after her bull because it helps me know my place. Her favorite is watching me lick the cum off her breasts and my chastity key knowing he just came and I am still locked/denied.
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