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Whats the deal with eating cum?

Discussion in 'The Medical Suite' started by KaelDB, Aug 9, 2016.

  1. Ok, so general question. There are many things I find erotic in fantasey ( captions, images, dirty talk) but in actull occurancds not so much. That said, What is your opionion on eating your cum or for you doms, haveing your sub eat it?

    For me, I have very mixed feelings. First off I so want my wife to truely use such tactics either verbal or as a tease. But I cant see enjoyment from it unless its wants she wants.

    I know I would be happy doing nearly anything in Kink if its what she wanted, But i sence reservations for her to go any further. Anyway back to my question. I want to try it to see what the hype is about but not sure Why.

    gay fears? dont think so. I have no fantaey eating someone elses.

    asserting dominace? maybe but what does she get from it? just confirmation I would do anything she asked?

    am I missing somthing?

  2. Some people are aroused by the humiliation factor, some by the submission, and others by the idea of doing what might be seen by them as a 'feminine' role. If you're not into it, don't do it. Chastity is whatever you and your wife make it to be.
  3. Yuck.

    But I'd do it if she asked me.
  4. Humiliation thru and thru (at least that is the way i see it.) I am not interested in feeding my Locked Boy his own cum... it does nothing for me. To be turned on, i need to enjoy what i am doing to him, and feeding him his own cum is not one of those things.
  5. The only time I am required to eat it is when She milks me and it is collected in a little bowl and then, as an act of final humiliation, I just do as I;m told and eat it. I love Her and always do as She says. To me, that's just part of being a sissy.
  6. Agreed that there is a huge humiliation factor involved with this. It also will give the sub a feeling of complete submission when required to do such an act. I for one don't really like eating it but the adrenaline rush from her dominance when forced to makes it very sexy and worth it.
  7. As is popular these days everything must be recycled if at all possible !
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  8. I found it a very special way to have my bitch submit to me sexually.
    In the beginning of her training she would fight against it tremendously
    But slowly I would notice how submissive she would become after I forced her to eat
    Her cum...
    Slowly I would see how hard her cock would stay after a full climax and I knew something was right
    Now it's
    become a natural thing she still will fight but she knows whatseems expected to do
  9. If and when I'm allowed to cum, I will be tied down. sometimes she will have me wear a jennings dental gag so I cannot close my mouth. She will then stimulate me for an hour or so, till I'm begging to cum (she usually lets me cum every 2or 3 months). Just before letting me cum she slips on a condom and I shoot my entire load into it. Now, after I've cum all I want is out.... BUT she has different ideas. To absolutely enforce her dominance over me she will take the full condom and slowly drip it into my mouth, and there isn't a damn thing I can do to stop her. Since I've already cum, I have no interest in doing this, but the absolute helplessness in her forcing me to do it makes me just melt.
  10. forcing him to submit to something he hates. the fact that he will do anything i want him to do is what i get out of it
  11. I have to eat my cum nearly any time I cum. It was a nasty fantasy of mine that helped get me to cum, but then once I came I didn't want to do it. Now I don't have much choice as my face is sat on. I love it, but never want to do it. I make her cum again as I clean her, then if I'm not bound, hold her and force her to cum two more times as she begs me to stop, but I don't. That's my payback to her.
  12. It started as humiliation for me. Now I crave to eat cum to show my submission. I lose interest after cumming but once I start licking I enjoy it.
  13. I was told to do it by my wife after a ruined orgsm and now I love it :)
  14. Hello All.
    The sheer condition of having a woman you love and adore forcing, coercing, ordering or making you do something you would normally be disinclined to do sexually is INCREDIBLY hot! ...and for me as long as it is not bathroom related the wetter and stickier or more salty (...have always LOVED tongue bathing a sweaty female) it is the better...it is she who sets my body into overdrive to involuntarily release my fluids of desire...I see consuming them as a thank you and a show of humility....God I wish my Wife/Mistress/Keyholder was into this! You have one lucky sub!

  15. My sub @Eillydray@Eillydray eats his cum each and every time it happens, started in the early days but now he is conditioned and does it with being told to.

    Whether it's from me, off me, out of me of from anywhere else it's deposited he will eat it without question.

    I love it, he loves it and makes him remember who is in charge!!
  16. Never done that MistressG sounds exciting and maybe someone will condition me one day
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  17. I don't like eating my cum, but I do it because she wants me to. She really loves watching me swallowing it.
    The way I see it, the whole point is humiliation. First time she mouth-fed it to me and explained if so many women do it so can I. And then it became a habbit.
    Once she was saving my cum in the freezer for almost a month and ended up with close to 4 oz. I then had to hold it in my mouth until it melted and then 15 minutes more before I was allowed to slowly swallow it.
    I'm glad we are more into chastity now so I don't see something like that repeating any time soon.
  18. big fuss about a few drops...:rolleyes:
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  19. yes it is only a bit.
  20. Yes i agree, same here
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  21. It's just another thing that makes me feel empowered. I can make him do it. I can make him do it while my friends watch. It shows he submits to my Authority.

    It's humiliating, and humiliation is something I use to discipline him. Don't want to be humiliated? Don't look at pornography and don't ejaculate without permission. It's part of being a sissy, and if he's disobedient, part of the penalty is getting turned into a sissy, sometimes in front of my friends. Don't want my friends to see you in lingerie with a tent in your ruffled panties and with ejaculate in your mouth? Don't look at pornography and it won't happen.

    Then there's the table turning that's another disciplinary tool. He likes pornography that has women in frilly lingerie and women performing fellatio. "Now YOU'RE going to experience just what it's like! Let's see how you like getting all dressed up in pretty lingerie and swallowing semen!"

    He doesn't like eating ejaculate, so to humiliate him further and assert my Authority, sometimes we extend his disciplinary sessions. If I spank him without his cage on, he almost always ejaculates at least once. Of course, he immediately must eat it, get a tawsing and the spanking starts all over again until he can make it through without ejaculating. After that, it's corner time.

    Sometimes, I'll buckle up the strapon, call him out of the corner, put him on his knees, handcuff him, raise up his cuffed arms, pull down his panties with my heel (making sure to scrape it across his blazing bottom) and stat swatting his bare bottom with a leather paddle. I'll ask him if he likes sucking cum (asking him if he likes sucking "ejaculate" just doesn't seem to fit in this case). Usually he says 'no, Ma'am', so it takes a couple of gradually harder swats to get him to say 'yes, Ma'am' (sometimes he has to be reminded-with a couple more swats-- to say 'Ma'am' or 'Miss Cecilia'). Then I ask him where cum comes from. Of course, he answers with the proper word, 'penis'. So I ask him if it comes from a cock. He says 'yes, Ma'am'. I ask him, reinforced with a few more swats, if he likes sucking cum. Of course he says 'Yes. Ma'am". "So you'll like sucking cock, then?". He says "No, please, Miss Cecilia' or something like that, so more swats come with the cocksucking question asked again until he says "Yes. Ma'am". Then I make him ask, or beg, me to turn him into a cocksucking sissy. I then instruct him how to fellate the strapon, "lick the sack, put one ball in your mouth, now the other, now lick the sack again, now run your tongue up and down the shaft, that's a good little cocksucking panty boy, now run your tongue around the head, now put it in your mouth....' you get the idea.

    After the fellatio session, I turn him around again and ask him how much he liked being a cocksucking sissy. A few swats with the leather paddle bring out the answers I want. Then a few more swats of the paddle make sure he thanks me sincerely for turning him into a cum sucking panty boy and a cocksucking sissy.

    I like the feeling of being in control and being able to make him do things he normally wouldn't do. He does it because Miss Cecilia said this is the consequence of looking at pornography and masturbating. Don't want to be turned into a cocksucking panty boy? Don't want to have to say how much you like being a cum sucking sissy, especially in front of my friends? Don't look at pornography and don't masturbate. Simple. Why can't you look at pornography or masturbate? Because Miss Cecilia said so, that's why.
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  22. oooh eeeeeeek. well if i was him i wudnt look at it ever ever ever.
  23. I personally don't find it appealing. But that not to say there haven't been times I have made him eat a little bit.
    I don't make him eat it just for something to do but I have used it more as a reward.
    Once he asked me if he could give himself a ruined orgams down. On my pubic hair if he cleaned it up after. And I did say yes to that.
    And the other times if he is allowed to let anything out I will often lick some up and feed it to him with a kiss.
  24. Its kind of like he gets reminded Of how lucky he is to be allowed to release anything. And by delivering it to him it shows him it's not so bad.
  25. As a sexually submissive male I have both eaten the cum of other men and mine but not like you see in porn. My old girlfriend would come home late at night after a date and then sit on my face. After bringing her to an orgasm orally, I could ask for any kind of sex I wanted. She was not dripping cum. She just had a faint taste of it once in a while depending on how well she cleaned up. If she had sex in a car, then she could not clean up as well but most guys do not cum gallons like you see in porn or cum at the very entrance of a vagina.

    Having to eat your own cum is a staple for submissive men. You are not supposed to like it. If you did than all that the domme is doing is doing the stuff you like to do. That puts the submissive in charge, not the domme. Men want women to eat their cum so it is only fair that they are shown how it tastes and feels.

    Best way to do it is to cum in a condom a few times and save it. Then the sex time you are horny, your domme can drain the condom into you mouth or put it on various parts of her body for you to lick up. It is much easier to eat cum when you are sexually aroused. You can also freeze cum into cum ice cubes and during sex, when you are aroused, have one placed in your mouth to slowly melt.

    When my wife had a steady girlfriend, her girlfriend would tell me to masturbate into a condom every night until she came back to stay with us for a weekend. That gave her enough cum to play with to last the weekend. It feels slimy and does not taste good which makes it a good show of submission for a male. :)