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What's the best butt plug for 24/7 wear?

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by samuelcoral202, Jun 29, 2015.

  1. What's the best butt plug for 24/7 wear?

    A lot of people have said the njoy but I really don't like the looks of it.

    I want something that will make me feel full and know that it's there, but thats comfortable at the same time.
  2. I don't have one, but the nJoy actually looks pretty comfy and the stainless is easy to clean and sterilize.

    I make them out of glass if you're interested in going that route. I have one of my own I wear from time to time, but not 24/7 (too much time sitting for work).
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  3. i wore the njoy fir almost a year..
    They ultimately are quite comfortable ..stay in place and if You go fir the large or 2.0 you will know you have a plug up your ass
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  4. Are you talking and Njoy Pure Plug?
    I'v had a number of plugs over years but never steel, didn't like jelly one they smell funny to me.
  5. I didn't buy the njoy for years because I wasn't sure about the handle. After getting one I wish I had sooner. It is the best for long term wear and I have tried a lot of plugs over the years. They are on the small side so I'd go for the large or 2.0. I have the medium and love it but wish it was a tiny bit bigger at times.
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  6. oh I think I will try one of these!!!!
  7. The most often mentioned problem with extended wear is the lube . Almost all seem to dry out .

    Don't know if there are any fresh views on this ?

    Xx Wendy
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  8. My wife's likes me to wear one alot but my job has me sitting at desk for s long time and it's the sitting that becomes uncomfortable so if anybody knows of one that would be comfortable sitting .....
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  9. Hello All.
    Don't get me wrong---I have yet to have tried an anal toy that I have not liked to some degree. I LOVE wearing my strap on harness that is designed to double as a plug harness (STILL waiting to be allowed to use it as a strap on :>( ) and will wear it with a reasonably sized plug for as much as 14 hours. However, I just cannot see how a 24/7 wearer does not quickly end up incontinent. I know I feel very loose back there for a day or so after a long overnight session and have on the occasion of wearing back to back evenings been worried about feeling so loose and worrying about "tightening back up". Are my worries unfounded? Anyway to answer the OP, I would say something with a very small shaft at the sphincter with girth higher up to tantalize and agonize the prostate to leave yourself stuck in gear idling.


  10. Am I right in assuming 24/7 wear would require replacing underwear with a harness?
  11. I've been slowly stretching out with the anal stretching ring from MEO which you can find here:

    I've worked up to the large over 6 months and now about to get the XL.....there is nothing like it for having a wet, loose, swollen boi pussy...great for large strapons and fisting sessions if mistress wants to abuse you! After wearing for 24/7 everything returns to normal and within a day or two the normal tightness is back.

    The intensity of the stretch is enough to make you cum in itself. Once you get to large/XL and with the plug out mistress has a whole new world to explore.....
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  12. You make glass dildos? Let's talk..I want one!
  13. Feel free to PM! I'm a little slow responding this week as I just started a new day gig, so please be patient.

    My shop on Etsy is tksticklers.etsy.com. What's up there is what I currently have in stock, but I also do custom orders.
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  14. @daxxxxxx@daxxxxxx
    Only goes to prove what I have said before bums are very greedy.

    It is amazing how with a bit of patience they can grow to take very large toys and fists but yet still close up again.

    Be interested to see how things go with the very large tunnel plugs , read that however you want !:)

    Will any stay in by themselves and I have not found any that will . Maybe due to the jlube I use which stays very slippery. Or once something goes in the weight alone makes it drop out.
    I was bit disappointed having found a very large tunnel plug the bulge is just not pronounced enough to stay in . So just thinking nothing for it but to start on making a harness but with a shaped aluminium plate to hold it in place bit like the back of some full belts ,obviously with a opening .

    Xx Wendy
  15. As the MEO anal stretching rings are made from metal they don't give so keep their size and keep you stretched out. I practice squatting in them and they still stay in place. Will post an image of my new plug when it arrives.
  16. The Njoy is by far the most comfortable plug for long term wear. One would think the handle would make sitting difficult but it does not interfere at all and is very comfortable to sit with it in. We personally have two small and med and one of the two is usually always in use. A good lube is essential and for long term wear relubes will be needed. If you don't have one get one.http://www.shellystoybox.com/index.php?l=product_detail&p=106
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  17. I wear the small Meo plug and stopper I do have the med size one but I'm unable to make it fit
  18. Pardon my silly question please.
    But if you wear a butt plug 24/7,
    how do you go to the bathroom?
    Do you remove it for a bowel movement
    then put it back in? How do you stay clean?
    Just curios. I have used butt plugs before
    and like them but I know it can get a little
  19. It would have to be removed for defecation unless it had a hollow centre which allowed faeces to pass through
  20. Ugh. that wud make it all smelly and horrible.
  21. My favorite for him is NJOY 2.0
    Really heavy, stays in place, don't have to worry about it poping out
    Mrs, L :spank:
  22. The trouble with but plugs is bottoms tend to grow to accommodate a particular toy then want more .

    Also unless there is a very big difference between the biggest diameter and the neck diameter. Once things have relaxed enough to let the toy and it's associated lube in , the process is fully reverse able and it drops out :(

    So you could get a button plug strap but they are not very good at keeping a plug fully in if you bend or stretch.

    The guys in the full belts have it covered but that is quiet expensive way to go but effective.

    Xx Wendy
  23. Thick diapers with added booster pads work wonders to keep plugs in all day.
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  24. OK
    We have so many different sex toys ,

    BUT I must say last night my wife / Mistress
    introduced me to my new and now my favorite butt plug
    the( Nexus Ace ) WOW!!
    We have 2 other remote control vibrating butt plug but the ACE is great! !
    Slave. L ♡
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  25. With the meo you just remove the stopper there isn't any need to remove the plug

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