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Whats Good for the Gander is Good for the Goose

Discussion in 'The Play Room' started by Miles, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. Okay here's an interesting one? that got me thinking after a comment my Wife made.

    We all know about the time honoured male fantasy of Watching Two Girls Making Out Together

    Now ...

    Do you think Ladies ever fantasise about what it would be like to watch two Males making out together.
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  2. It's not a fantasy here! We aren't monogamous and often watch each other having sex. I enjoy that, but it is a bigger turn on for me when Ian is making out with another man, a man can do things with him that I can't
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  3. In my case absolutely not.
    Though I'm fairly sure your responses with vary.....
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    I certainly don't. But I have had the fantasy of having two males both locked who'd want to make out together so I've ensured they can't.
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  5. One of my friends likes it , she keeps threatening me to do it with me (teasing) but loves watching it .
  6. This is one of the ways women are different than men. Most men fantasize about it but I don't think it's nearly the turn on for women. I know my Mistress isn't very interested in the idea of two guys making out but I'm sure it'll happen some day.
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  7. Mixed responses so far,

    Personally I'm not sure how I would feel with another guy, although honestly I have to admit to finding some guys quite attractive.

  8. Miles that is the beginning of a very slippery slope lol
  9. Like everything's some do some don't.
    I've never understood the male obsession with watching women make out or have sex together. It's just not something that excited me.
    Now a former Domme of mine and my ex both loved watching men have sex with each other. I also have a few other female friends who do so it's not as rare as some would think.
    My experience is that women seem more willing to speak up now than in the past so some are more vocal that they don't like male/male many more are starting to say they're interested.

    Also more men are willing to say they're bi, bi curious or willing to try it so there clearly is a shift yo more acceptance of sex beyond male/ female and the female/female fantasy stuff.
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  10. @tomf_22033@tomf_22033

    Oh come on tomf, there must be two Women you would love to see together


    A Slippery slope could be interesting depending on the slope of course.
  11. Mrs has had me suck a man's cock a few times, and really seemed to enjoy watching. I'm not sure if she fantasizes about watching to men so much as being with two men.

    We've sort of done that (I say sort of, since I don't technically qualify).
  12. I've grown. So yes, there is a lesbian couple I'm friends with, one is an amazingly beautiful brunette I'd love to see nude. I'd also love to see her do anything with a lover. And I would have love to have watched my ex with her female lover. But those are exceptions to the rule.

    I'd rather be a part of a MMF or MMMF or gang bang we're the woman is the focus. To me I prefer seeing a woman as the one enjoying herself. Our needs are secondary.
  13. @tomf_22033@tomf_22033

    You see tomf, there are just some things that are we can't help and I agree Women should always be the main focus.
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  14. I do really enjoy myself when I am watching my husband having sex with another man. It isn't the MM aspect as such, it is watching him have sex in a way that for obvious physiological reasons he can't have with me or any other woman.
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  15. I still think MM sex is still one of the last Taboos.

    People in general will always be more shocked and less accepting to see two Guys Kissing or even walking down the street holding hands.
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  16. Speak for yourself. It's 2017, more and more countries are legislating to allow same sex marriage. As far as I'm concerned if two people love each other nobody should have any issue with that. The notion that it's fine for women but wrong for men is chauvinist
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  17. @thefemdecided@thefemdecided

    I think you misunderstood me Jane, don't get me wrong I have absolutely no problem with it whatsoever.

    Same sex marriage should be embraced and I hope we never return to the dark days of the 1950's and early 60's.

    I apologise if you took offence at my comment, it was not my intention.
  18. Thanks for that. As a community we should all celebrate differences, with the usual caveats about consensuality, youngsters etc
  19. My wife of 45 years is bisexual and had a girlfriend for 30 years plus a few one night stands with other women. Her girlfriend lived with us for 7 years and then part time after she got married. We had over a thousand threesomes in all that time and I can say unequivocally that watching two women make love and then joining in after they are done, is the best sex in the world for me. We are no longer with our girlfriend for the last 7 years and why we are doing chastity. Wife not that interested in males except me or hot young guys which I was once one. Does not want intercourse and low desire for sex with men, so chastity works for us.

    As far as MM. I had sex with two teens my age when I was exploring my sexuality. They are gay so they were not exploring. I would like to try oral sex with a guy before I die but only after a few drinks and my wife taking part. She said no way. Our girlfriend on the other hand kept trying to take me to the local BDSM club to watch me being whipped and used by the men there. I said no. She also talked about bring home one of the gay men she knew and I said no to that too.