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What's a PA good for..

Discussion in 'The Play Room' started by Lucy, Jan 21, 2017.

  1. Well a lot of people say it's for locking your chastity device in place, I agree. But if you are lucky enough to be allowed sex with your Mistress/Wife/Partner then the right jewlerey makes all the difference... I had to remove my previous ring today due to an MRI scan so stretched up to 0.5mm today and In the afternoon Mistress told me to take a viargra (first time) and after some gentle teasing we had some amazing sex with Mistress looking very happy and content .. and she said that new ring is amazing...


    So there's the answer to my earlier question...
    Lucy x
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  2. Omg the whole picture of your Mistress enjoying her self will tighten a few cages .
    Enjoy everything both of you xx

    Xx Wendy
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  3. wish i had the balls to get one
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  4. My new device has an integrated prong, so had to take off my ring. I think mistress is going to miss the ring, that is for the few times I am allowed inside.
  5. I LOVE my guy's PA! He is not the piercing type, but we got it for cage security. Took a good 10 months to heal and toughen up, and that was with two stretches and having sex before it was fully healed! His PA hits all the right spots in me and feels so, so, so good! I am not a girl who digs body piercings on herself either, but when he went to go do his last stretch up to a 4g, I decided on a whim to get my clit hood pierced. Healed within a week, was able to have sex the same night, had him service me orally the next day (thats the ONLY time it ever bled, but even then was just a drop!) and I am able to cum by stimulation of the piercing from pegging him! Unfortunately, my piercing stretched on its own, so now I'm on a mission to buy a 12g - the 14g curved barbell likes to move and twist around too much:(
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  6. My boyfriend got a PA some years ago although I don't like piercings with men (and apart from nipple piercings PAs are the worst ;)). Why did weget a PA nevertheless ? Because even if his cb is rather a symbol than a tool for us it seemed quite senseless if it's that easy to pull out.

    And truth to tell the piercing itself isn't that bad at all. I still don't like the look of him wearing a ring, but for us that was only in the first months. Now that everything is healed and properly stretched he doesn't need te ring anymore as his CB with its integrated PA-lock grants more security and prevents his piercings from closing again at the same time - without a ring....

    "All was well" :)
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  7. Hello ma'am. I can't help but completely agree with you that a device intended to aid you in enforcing his chastity is useless if he can pull out. Just curious, did you notice a psychological effect after getting him pierced? Kind of like the reality that it's much more real now and that he can't cheat even if I really wanted to sort of thing. If so, was there any slight increase in his submissiveness or devotion as a result?