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What's a jalapeno in the rectum feel like ?

Discussion in 'Other fetishes' started by nikkel, Dec 2, 2017.

  1. I read about ginger root , and how to choose the shape and peel it , but when trying it on myself alone , nothing felt hot or uncomfortable.
    Someone here ( and I cant find the thread) said it doesn't work on everyone .
    A few months ago my Queen didn't blieve me when I told her the peppers in the store were sweet , so to show me she is ALWAYS right , she had me take a big bite and chew it . Wow it was on fire and I spit it out , she waited till I got her home and then made me eat the rest of it .
    I'm wondering if anyone has tried hot peppers in place of ginger ?
    would I split it down the middle and turn it inside out and insert it , or chew it so its juicy and burning then insert it ?
    I know your going to tell me to give it a try and see for my self , but I'm not feeling that into it today . ( although I'm still caged with no relief for about a month and a half or so).
  2. don't try this at home, Kids!
  3. Ok, I don't want to be a stick in the mud, but i'm not sure you are aware. You can get burns on soft tissue like that. Not oooh that burns kind of burn, but a chemical burn. The lining there is very thin and if you get a wound there it would be bad. If you are looking for pepper fun you could try this, I found this out by accident and I know I am very careful with food prep now.

    Cut your pepper, rub it on your hand, touch your penis...wait. I was burning so bad I ended up pouring a cup of milk and trying to dunk my junk into it, and that was just on accident when I went to the bathroom after cutting some peppers.
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    This idea is dangerous. As a professional who worked closely with another Domme who was a nurse for many years, this is not something we would ever do or even suggest.

    This could cause some serious problems and my advice is to avoid at all costs
  5. Thank you both , I will make certain I never attempt trying this out.
  6. I did that by accident once after cooking with (normal) chilies... ouch! This year i grew Carolina Reaper and i'm very careful to not get the juices on my skin, it's like a sunburn...
    I have also tried Finalgon creme... once... i spent the next half hour trying to wash it off somehow... Tried it once more one my shoulder for the intended purpose and even there it was too hot...

    You might want to try this lube: https://www.amazon.com/Anal-Lube-Lubricant-Cinnamon-4-75/dp/B000REW1X8
    I had it a couple of years ago and it was getting quite uncomfortable, so i never endured that for long on my on.
    Might be the right level for being forced to endure it... i'll actually order one again, i know, Lady Helena will love it!
  7. Have you tried ginger only once?

    There is a great difference with how fresh root you get. Unfortunately it is hard to figure that out when you're buying it.
    We played with ginger a lot of times. Once it was burning so much I almost instantly started to beg her to take it out.
    And a couple of times it was obviously not too fresh as I hardly felt a thing.

    So, if you haven't, I suggest you give it a second chance.

    About hot peppers... I love those. I mean, I like to eat all sort of spicy food.
    Using them down there? I have, some mild ones. And it is true what they say. It burns. So if you decide to try I suggest you to be careful about what you use.
  8. I can’t imagine. I did ginger once and it was awful. I was burning like crazy. As others said, some is fresher and hotter than others
  9. Well, if it had been stored in the fridge before hand, i guess it would feel a little chilli? :D
  10. Have experienced this somewhat, but usually by eating an excessively spicy plate of food. lol.... Also have been forced to take ice cubes the same way.
  11. the chemical that makes peppers hot is the same thing they put in mace. It can lead to chemical burns. Ginger is safer.